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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Fan rants

Pochettino has not said Spurs are too big for the domestic cups, that is merely a journalist's interpretation of his comments to get you to read an article for which they get paid for the advertising therin.

We will all use a headline now and then, nothing wrong with that as long as it is honest, but folk should read a full article before passing comments that are then not taking into account the full picture.

The League Cup has for years been the domain of the youth and squad members. They need game time and it provides a manager with the opportunity of playing players who are sitting on a bench and keeping them involved with the group. That also gives them an opportunity to impress the manager.

Players today have to be rotated, game time has to be managed, calls for players like Dembélé to play three games in a week don't take this into account, Pochettino has to, a fan doesn't have that worry, they can simply suggest this or that should have happened without future consequences.

Tottenham will try to win every competition, but to play the first team in every one is foolhardy, yet we have a section of fans who want to do just that, such is their importance for a trophy greater than the importance the future of the club. The two are not necessarily compatible. All the top sides play squad and youth players in the League Cup, why is it an issue that we do?


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  1. Actually, what I've seen on forums, Facebook and on the news tickers are fans calling for Poch to play the likes of Edwards, Boothe and Walker-Peters as well as the fringe players. I think many fans want to see if some of our youngsters could do a better job than that waste of £30m - The Siss.

  2. Exactly what this site does, plus you say things to annoy supporters to get a response.

  3. We should concentrate on getting top 4 bearing in mind we have the new stadium next season and to bring CL football to that would be fantastic. Like the above poster I've only read of playing some of the youngsters in the opening rounds, presumably if we get near a final then the first team is more likely to appear - standard practise for all the top teams.
    We do need a first trophy in the bank though, once that's done I think others will follow.

  4. That's it Clive anti Trophies is the way forward


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