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Gareth Bale to Manchester United

7:29 pm
Oh, don't be stupid!

Now, I have met Matt Law (Daily Express journo who published the story linking Bale to United) on a few occasions and he seems like a fairly decent guy. He's also normally on the money. Not today sunshine.

Sir Alex Ferguson may want to sign Gareth Bale. I also wouldn't mind being in bed with Cheryl Cole and Beyonce Knowles. It isn't going to happen people; well, the part about Bale going to United definitely won't.

Let me introduce you to the Guardian's David Conn. He is the most respected Sports Finance journalist around. If Conn says something, you'd better listen up.

"Manchester United do not have any money left from the Ronaldo transfer. No matter what Alex Ferguson says to the press, they do not have the funds they once had".

David Conn made the above comment whilst on the Guardian's Football Weekly Podcast in January. He was discussing the bonds deal the Glazer's were trying to put through.

"But that was in January. Man U must have the money to spend on players now?"

I'm afraid not. They've recently balked at the £40 million transfer tag that's been put on David Villa's head. Let's make something clear; Villa is worth every penny, and then some.

I can see them making a few signings and I am not saying that the Red Devils haven't got a pot to pee in. They may even make one £20 million signing (just like they did when they brought in Valencia from Wigan). But to go out full guns on Gareth Bale? No chance!

Let's put this into some sort of perspective. Daniel Levy got over £31 million for Dimitar Berbatov. Levy is the sort of person you really don't want to be seeing around the negotiating table. Hardball; understatement. Do you really think our Chairman's going to let one of the best left-sided players in the Premier League (anyone who says otherwise is a tool), leave for anything less than what he thinks he's worth?

Don't be stupid.

If you're interested in some football financial journalism at its best, you wouldn't go far wrong with David Conn.

Matty Law is also an Aston Villa fan, which could, if you read between the lines, explain a few things.

PS. Anyone got Cheryl's and/or Beyonce's number?

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