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Would you swap Super Pavlyuchenko?

12:20 pm

Would you get rid of Roman Pavlyuchenko? Some media outlets are convinced Harry is attempting to swap Pav for Benayoun.

I personally wouldn't.

Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't get rid of Pav, but to swap him with Yossi Benayoun makes no sense to me. If you're going to move on a striker, then it's normally wise to bring in a replacement. I can't see Keano staying on, therefore, if we do sell on Pavlyuchenko, Robbie Keane and don't make Gudjohnsen's transfer permanent, we'll be left with just Defoe and Crouch. Now that's definitely something I can't see happening.

I have always had a gut feeling that Roman wouldn't last the pace here. Even when he started scoring, you could see that there was something still wrong; something not entirely right with the lad.

We've been linked with a few strikers already and the close-season's only 6 days old. Most Spurs fans can image just how many strikers we're going to be linked with prior to the season kicking off.

Dzeko is the lad that has caught my eye. Since asking the question of who Edin Dzeko was, I have seen a fair few YouTube clips of him in action. Now I know YouTube doesn't paint a fair and accurate picture of any footballer, but it sure does look like Dzeko knows where the onion bag is.

If we are to ship Pav off, let's bring in a player that is determined and talented. Dzeko could just be that player. Benayoun clearly isn't.

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