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Harry Confirms Possible Signing

12:24 pm
Harry Redknapp has confirmed that we are in the process of signing South Africa international defender Bongani Khumalo.

"We're in the process of doing a deal. We had him over on trial and we like him. He has potential. We've got a tie up with SuperSport, so we've taken him. It will be a great chance for the kid. He's a great lad. He comes from a poor background and he's desperate for a chance and we're going to give him a chance."

Harry has always said that he will only sign a player if he can bring something new to the squad. From what I've heard in relation to Khumalo, the lad is extremely powerful, but can also run a bit to.

I can't remember the last time a trial worked out for both club and player, other than the Eric Cantona case with Leeds, and that turned out to be okay. I am a firm believer in player trials. The management team can assess the players skill, but more importantly, his mental strength. Khumalo obviously fitted into the group well enough for Harry to take the plunge and it will be interesting to see how he does with a move to London.

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Done Deal?

3:00 pm
Has Daniel Levy agreed to sign Wickham?
The news on everyone's lips at the moment is that Daniel Levy has done a deal with Marcus Evans (the Ipswich owner and Chairman) to bring the highly talked about youngster, Connor Wickham to Spurs in the January 2011 transfer window.

Obviously, the club haven't announced anything and aren't likely to any time soon, but the media have jumped on this bandwagon and it's gathering pace.

Some of you know what I think about this lad and my disgust at us taking him away from his football education. I mention the word "disgust" only if the plan is to sign him and loan him to another side, or keep him on the bench.

I'll put on my patriotic hat on for the moment and talk about the England national side. We all know what a mess that squad is in. There aren't many players coming through and if Wickham is a possible future England star, I would prefer him to remain at his club for the time being. I know that many of you couldn't care less about England, but it has come to the point where something needs to be done.

If we do sign him and loan him back to Ipswich, well, that wouldn't be too bad, would it?

News of this possible transfer first came out in the summer and we published the article that it just wasn't right to 1.) spend the reported £10 million on him and 2.) take him away from first-team action and have him try to get into the Tottenham eleven.

The pundits on several podcasts seem to think that Connor Wickham could make it at Premier League level already. I haven't seen him play and so can't make that kind of judgement.

Whatever happens, it will be interesting to see the reaction from Ipswich Town FC on this matter, for it looked as though they did enough to keep him during the summer, preferring to sell Jon Walters to Stoke for £2.75 million instead.

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In for Horseface

9:10 pm
I've just heard the news that it is quite possible that Ruud van Nistelrooy could become our first Winter Sales signing.

Harry has said that he's definitely interested in the Dutch striker, although I'd think we'd have to do something about Pavlyuchenko before bringing in another striker.

I personally feel Ruud could do a job for us, as long as he's comfortable coming off the bench. Would he be happy doing that in the run-up to the World Cup?

We all know Pav's off, but where would the signing of van Nistelrooy leave our captain, Keano?

For those of us that have watched our Irishman in action this season, it's very obvious that he left his form somewhere in White Hart Lane prior to joining his "boyhood club". Either way, I can't see the lad starting in Lilywhite next season. Whether or not he should, is down to him.

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We want his kind at The Lane

The Sun reported that Harry's interested in signing Club Brugge defender Vadis Odjidja. The red-top's article wasn't too enlightening either. Apparently, we're lining up a £5 million bid for him.

The Sun got it wrong in saying that he's a defender. Odjidja is a defensive midfielder. Whenever I've seen him play, he's deployed just in front of the back four and he's fairly adequate at getting stuck into the oppositions face and break up play.

He's strong for his age (20), although his passing could improve and he's quick. From what I've seen of him, he needs to mentally toughen up a bit, but that'll come with time. The lad's built like the proverbial brick-house; the trick is to get him to act like one.

If there's any truth in this story and we do end up bringing Odjidja in, he could become a success. I say 'could', because he's not a great traveller. He moved to Hamburg last year and had a bit of a bad time adjusting to life in Germany. Martin Jol didn't play him either, which, didn't really help the lads confidence.

He's by no means the finished article, but I would value him at £5 million on the few occasions I've seen him play.

If we had the cash, I would go all out for Moussa Sissoko. I've had the pleasure of seeing him in action a lot this season and although his team, Toulouse, aren't playing that well, he's been in great form. If France beat Ireland in the World-Cup play-off, expect this lad to shine at the World Cup.

Last I read, Toulouse wanted £18 million for him. If he does as expected at the World Cup, his fee could rise considerably.
We want his kind at The Lane We want his kind at The Lane Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 7:58 am Rating: 5
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