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Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson makes it very tough for England now

10:30 am


Rainbow's Bungle could have done a better job that Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson, but then who couldn't, as he helps put England in the toughest half of the draw for the 2016 European Championships. Where you finish in the group stages matters so selecting a squad full of unfit players was madness to start with, now having tried to use them he has come a cropper.

England failed to score against a pitifully weak Slovakia with a group of players who, when it came to it, didn't have any invention or ideas how to consistently break down their defenders, most of whom have not played football in any major league.

On the couple of occasions we did get behind them we fluffed our lines or in Clyne's case chose totally the wrong option, shooting instead of passing to someone with an open goal. That piece of selfishness cost us dear, it must be a Liverpool thing because Daniel Sturridge spent the whole game being selfish. Someone ought to inform them it is a team game.

get to the final third and we simply were not good enough, not bad luck, excuses are for losers, we simply were not good enough and that is down to the wrong team selection from Bungle.

England go into the bottom half of the draw together with Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland and Iceland.

Bungle let Wales win the group so they go into a half that includes Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, and Northern Ireland.

Which half would you rather be in given England don't beat major sides in major tournaments? I'd take the second group all day and let tough teams fight it out and eliminate each other. We are now going to have a horrendously difficult quarter-final, assuming we even get that far, before we even get tp a potential semi-final.

Wales now have an easily winnable game against Northern Ireland followed by a quarter-final against Hungary or Belgium. We have Iceland followed by France or Republic of Ireland, with the other big teams waiting.

England could have had that easy route if it weren't for Bungle being in charge. He gambled and lost, he shouldn't have gambled with the nation's future.

The risk of playing players recovering from injury all together was simply to great, we had to win the group to give ourselves a real good chance, now those chances have all but disappeared. Our defence will now have to play against some decent opposition and centrally we are very weak.

For England to progress Eric Dier is going to have to be sensational in protecting Gary Cahill in particular, but he can't do it all on his own. Bungle should have ensured England won the group by picking his best side and at best resting one or two players.

He selects the team, he made so many changes, it is his error. If you want to rest players you win the game first, then you substitute them off, as Mauricio Pochettino does at Tottenham. You will frequently see us make substitutions after 60 minutes. Bungle bungled it.

Knockout phase structure

In the round of 16, the match-ups are to take place as follows:
  • Match 1: Runner-up Group A (Switzerland) v Runner-up Group C (Poland)
  • Match 2: Winner Group D (Croatia) v 3rd Place Group F (Portugal)
  • Match 3: Winner Group B (Wales) v 3rd Place Group C (Northern Ireland)
  • Match 4: Winner Group F (Hungary) v Runner-up Group E (Belgium
  • Match 5: Winner Group C (Germany) v 3rd Place Group B (Slovakia)
  • Match 6: Winner Group E (Italy) v Runner-up Group D (Spain)
  • Match 7: Winner Group A (France) v 3rd Place Group E (Republic of Ireland)
  • Match 8: Runner-up Group B (England) v Runner-up Group F (Iceland)

The quarter-final match-ups are:
  • Quarter-final 1: Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2
  • Quarter-final 2: Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4
  • Quarter-final 3: Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 6
  • Quarter-final 4: Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8
The semi-final match-ups are:
  • Semi-final 1: Winner Quarter-final 1 v Winner Quarter-final 2
  • Semi-final 2: Winner Quarter-final 3 v Winner Quarter-final 4

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Back to Rainbow Bungle

11:15 am


Presumably Roy Hodgson's favourite TV programme is Rainbow and his bungled another England game and let wales win the Group.

England had no opposition, yet all we could really muster were shots from the edge of the box. Vardy got in and missed his chance, Clyne got in and instead of playing the ball across to an unmarked player with an open goal he shot and let the keeper avert the danger.

daniel Sturridge  did perhaps two things all game. He looked incredibly selfish and kept getting in the way. His movement off the ball was appalling, he wasn't making runs to take players out of position, he was milling around the ball without giving the man on the ball passing options and when he did get the ball, passing was the last resort, by which time there are no openings.

The guy is an impact sub in an England jersey, no more. Wilshere failed his audition, perhaps he was just played to try and get him fit, but again at the moment, he is just an impact sub when the opposition is getting tired.

We had plenty of the ball and didn't do a lot with it quite frankly. Winners don't make excuses and failing to score when you have all the ball isn't anywhere near good enough. That is the problem when you send teams out who you have trained to play for 0-0 at half-time. If you want to change that it isn't simply a question of saying let's try to win from the start. It affects how the midfield, in particular, play. Playing for 0-0 they don't get in the box as often as they could leaving you light on numbers and therefore we have less opportunity to create clear cut chances.

We see it at Tottenham, Cristian Eriksen likes to stay behind the ball, if you have a midfield with that mentality then it is difficult for them to play with a goalscoring instinct.

All the talk of Jamie Vardy and he did nothing all game. Ryan Bertrand showed he is vastly inferior to Danny Rose and you have to ask yet again why Roy Hodgson was persisting with him in the qualifiers. It is plain stupidity to come into a tournament after all that qualifying to suddenly realise you have been playing all the wrong players against weak opposition and now you have to change everything and play players together who now have to learn from scratch.

It is those little things that contribute to losing a goal in the last minutes. Everyone has to know everyone's game and how they are going to react in different situations, that isn't going to happen if a team doesn't play together.

Against Slovakia, he flopped yet again, just as he flopped in Brazil, as expected. You get what you pay for and he is only the England manager because he is cheap and he saves the FA money on wages. He has selected a bunch of unfit players who have had injuries and throws them all on the pitch together. If I were Ross Barkley or John Stones I'd be feeling pretty pissed off right now, especially Barkley who has had to sit and watch a bunch of half-fit players preferred to him.

Hopeless Hodgson does it again. Back to Rainbow Bungle.

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Fingers crossed

4:30 pm
Tottenham Hotspur fans with eleven players at the European Championships and more engaged at the Copa America have our fingers crossed that no injuries occur to keep players out of pre-season training or worse still the opening fixtures. It is always a worry with international breaks , but major tournaments make the matter even worse.

Erik Lamela is in the form of his life, he says, for Argentina and they have made the semi-finals against the ESA, for whom DeAndre Yedlin has not had an inspiring tournament, he was sent off in an earlier game. Playing for Argentina means Lamela goes deep into tournaments thus plays more games with a greater chance of injury.

Harry Kane looks tired and that is when injuries can most occur, with fatigue the body gives way to give itself a rest, hopefully, he will be rested and Jamie Vardy will take his place in attack. This could also be a game to give Walker a rest, especially with the amount of running he does. He has been the best England player in both games and a constant threat.

Eric Dier is another who has played virtually every game and the arrival of Vicor Wanyama, who has his medical today, will take a load off of him. Virtually assured of a passage through England rotation would be good for Spurs.

Mousa Dembele came off with a minor ankle injury and will perhaps get a rest too. He, unfortunately, misses the opening games of the season after receiving a ban for the same offence the FA let Chelsea's Fernando Torres off scot-free.

Jan Vertonghen survived a rough afternoon against Ireland who defended and used some rough house tactics. Before the game our centre-back came out with the usual PR before the game talking up the opposition and the opposition players. Incredibly, some people fall for this PR and actually believe it. I have news for them, Shane Long isn't one of the best or anywhere near it. It is just polite PR, nothing more, it's not real.

There is a long way to go before we can relax and know that all our players have come through unscathed when they would normally be on their holidays.

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Clyne problem solved, just cahill to solve now

5:00 pm
Regular readers will remember several articles in the lead up to the European Championships where I outlined the defence as the weakest part of the England team, particularly at centre-back, where I felt Smalling was the best of a bad bunch and Nathaniel Clyne at right-back.

My beef with Clyne was with the ball at his feet he was easily closed down and constantly finds himself boxed in on the touchline, where he then humps the ball forward often simply giving away possession. At international level, you simply can't do that so I was delighted with the performance of Kyle Walker in the final warm-up game and felt he had easily done enough to prove he was a far better full-back option.

I'm not sure why it has taken Roy Hodgson so long to realise the obvious, but at least he has now done so and martin Keown was eulogising over Walker in game commentary quite rightly. He has been England's best player at the Euros in both games and those who haven't understood his qualities are doing so now. He is a machine, he is the best right-back in the tournament, the best in Europe, perhaps the best in the world Keown was telling us.

You feel far more confident seeing Walker and Rose on the teamsheet, although there is still the centre-back issue. Smalling for me has been our best so far, Cahill just likes to spend too long on the floor, he reminds me of Scotty Parker, always diving into a challenge. That isn't a pop at Scotty, he was excellent for us but defenders now have to stay on their feet, if you are on the floor you are out of the game.

Quite what he was doing in the last game on the edge of our box having won the ball I think or had it passed to him, he just stood there with the ball in front of him so a Wales player just came along and took it away, Cahil didn't even move, he clearly didn't know anyone was around!

We thankfully took Sterling off who has done nothing apart from missing the target from a couple of yards in keeping with his £45m price tag. Danny Rose has put in better crosses, one was Balesque across the 6-yard box.

Vardy to start up front with Sturridge on the left seems a sensible move. I found Hodgson's comments interesting and they again aligned with what I outlined before the tournament. sides play for 0-0 at half-time.

Roy has been talking about making changes to win a game in the second half, sound like Harry Redknapp stuff, he loved a 0-0 half-time scoreline. Liverpool finished second a couple of years back in the Premier League because they set out to win games in the first-half while everyone else was playing not to be losing at half-time. Roy clearly has the latter mentality, don't lose, before trying to win.

Is Hodgson right? I prefer to try and win a game from the start as opposed to hoping to win the game from the start and depending upon a second half.

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Dele Alli - best midfielder in the world under-20

7:30 am
Morning campers, apologies to overseas folk and youngster not brought up with British TV sitcom Hi-de Hi. The rest will hear the Gladys lilt.

Dele Alli - best midfielder in the world under-20

I am always interested in how countries around the world see our club and our players and I read an article from a Brazilian blog (Globesporte) looking at young players to watch at the UEFA 2016 European Championships starting at the weekend.

Globe Sporte Young Players List

  • Striker - Anthony Martial (Manchester United and France) - Contracted weight in gold for Manchester United, Martial quickly overcome distrust about its potential and scored 11 goals in the Premier League. With Bleus, however, there are already nine matches, and no goal. The Euro is a possible moment of affirmation to the 21 years.
  • Midfield - Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich and France)
  • Striker - Bréel Embolo (FC Basel and Switzerland)
  • Centre-back - Nico Elvedi (Borussia Monchengladbach and Switzerland)
  • Midfield - Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur and England) - One of the hottest young Euro, and perhaps the best midfielder in the world under-20. Alli made ​​him an excellent season at Tottenham, with the right to apply great goal hat, and is fairly in the English selection, in which everything has to steady the midfield. At 20, ooze class with the ball at his feet and can play as a defensive midfielder or a half, depending on the circumstances of the game.
  • Striker - Marcus Rashford (Manchester United and England) - The great sensation in the Manchester United attack in the second half of the Premier League. Scored five goals in 11 games, he showed great talent and won a place at the European Championship, in addition to the admiration of Wayne Rooney, who has publicly praised. At 18, he debuted in the national team now with a goal against Australia.
  • Centre-back - Jonathan Tah (Bayer Leverkusen and Germany)
  • Julian Weigl (Borussia Dortmund and Germany)
  • Midfield - Winger - Leroy Sané (Schalke 04 and Germany)
  • Midfield - Viktor Kovalenko (Shakhtar Donetsk and Ukraine)
  • Midfield - Karol Linetty (Lech Poznań and Poland)
  • Midfield - Bartosz Kapustka (Cracovia and Poland)
  • Right-back - Héctor Bellerín (Arsenal and Spain) A right-side already stated in European football. Holder Arsenal often Bellerín still looking at 21 years, the statement in the Spanish selection. Very fast and offensive, can be a good competitor for Azpilicueta, in theory the owner of the current position.
  • Winger - Emre Mor (Borussia Dortmund and Turkey)
  • Midfield - Ante Coric (Dynamo Zagreb and Croatia)
  • Midfield - Renato Sanches (Bayern Munich and Portugal)

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Plan your European Championship viewing Group B ENGLAND

4:00 pm

Group B


    Matmut Atlantique, BordeauxBBC TV, 5 LIVE

    Stade Vélodrome, MarseilleITV, 5 LIVE

    Stade Pierre-Mauroy, LilleBBC TV, 5 LIVE

    Stade Felix Bollaert-Delelis, LensBBC TV, 5 LIVE

    Stadium Municipal, Toulouse, ToulouseITV, 5 LIVE

    Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-ÉtienneITV, 5 LIVE

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Group B Players to watch

3:00 pm
Well this is England's group so there is no need to highlight the Premier League players of interest in the England squad or the Wales squad. England  will struggle if Roy Hodgson continues to play several players out of position just to accommodate Wayne Rooney.

Who would your England XI be? Hodgson seems to have decided on a diamond with Vardy and Kane pushed wider to accommodate Rooney getting in the box. Alli is showed wide when he's best central and Rose can't overlap because there are too many players wide on the left hand side. We go into another tournament still not knowing what we are doing.


Goalkeepers: Joe Hart (Manchester City), Fraser Forster (Southampton), Tom Heaton (Burnley).
Defenders: Gary Cahill (Chelsea), Chris Smalling (Manchester United), John Stones (Everton), Kyle Walker (Tottenham Hotspur), Ryan Bertrand (Southampton), Danny Rose (Tottenham Hotspur), Nathaniel Clyne (Liverpool).
Midfielders: Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur), Ross Barkley (Everton), Eric Dier (Tottenham Hotspur), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Adam Lallana (Liverpool), James Milner (Liverpool), Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), Jack Wilshere (Arsenal).
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Harry Kane (Tottenham), Jamie Vardy (Leicester City), Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool), Marcus Rashford (Manchester United).
There is only one player who plays his football outside Russia. We have been linked to Igor Denisov before but there are no strong links to this group.
Goalkeepers: Igor Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow), Yuri Lodygin (Zenit St Petersburg), Guilherme (Lokomotiv Moscow).
Defenders: Aleksei Berezutski (CSKA Moscow), Vasili Berezutski (CSKA Moscow), Sergei Ignashevich (CSKA Moscow), Dmitri Kombarov (Spartak Moscow), Roman Neustadter (Schalke), Georgi Schennikov (CSKA Moscow), Roman Shishkin (Lokomotiv Moscow), Igor Smolnikov (Zenit St Petersburg).
Midfielders: Igor Denisov (Dynamo Moscow), Dmitri Torbinski (Krasnodar), Aleksandr Golovin (CSKA Moscow), Denis Glushakov (Spartak Moscow), Oleg Ivanov (Terek Grozny), Pavel Mamaev (Krasnodar), Aleksandr Samedov (Lokomotiv Moscow), Oleg Shatov (Zenit St Petersburg), Roman Shirokov (CSKA Moscow).
Forwards: Artem Dzyuba (Zenit St Petersburg), Aleksandr Kokorin (Zenit St Petersburg), Fedor Smolov (Krasnodar).
Group B Players to watch


Just one Premier League player, Martin Skrtel from Liverpool and nobody we have been strongly linked to to keep an eye on.

Goalkeepers: Matus Kozacik (Viktoria Plzen), Jan Mucha (Slovan Bratislava), Jan Novota (Rapid Vienna).
Defenders: Peter Pekarik (Hertha Berlin), Milan Skriniar (Sampdoria), Martin Skrtel (Liverpool), Norbert Gyomber (Roma), Jan Durica (Lokomotiv Moscow), Kornel Salata (Slovan Bratislava), Tomas Hubocan (Dinamo Moscow), Dusan Svento (Cologne).
Midfielders: Marek Hamsik (Napoli), Juraj Kucka (AC Milan), Miroslav Stoch (Bursaspor), Vladimir Weiss (Al-Gharafa), Robert Mak (Paok Thessaloniki), Patrik Hrosovsky (Viktoria Plzen), Jan Gregus (Jablonec), Viktor Pecovsky (Zilina), Stanislav Sestak (Ferencvaros), Ondrej Duda (Legia Warsaw).
Forwards: Michal Duris (Viktoria Plzen), Adam Nemec (Willem II).

Goalkeepers: Wayne Hennessey (Crystal Palace), Daniel Ward (Liverpool), Owain Fon Williams (Inverness CT).
Defenders: Ashley Williams (Swansea), James Chester (WBA), Ben Davies (Tottenham Hotspur), James Collins (West Ham United), Chris Gunter (Reading), Neil Taylor (Swansea City), Jazz Richards (Fulham).
Midfielders: Joe Ledley (Crystal Palace), Joe Allen (Liverpool), David Vaughan (Nottingham Forest), Jonathan Williams (Crystal Palace), David Edwards (Wolves), George Williams (Fulham), Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal), Andy King (Leicester City).
Forwards: Gareth Bale (Real Madrid), David Cotterill (Birmingham), Hal Robson-Kanu (Reading), Simon Church (MK Dons), Sam Vokes (Burnley).

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Plan European Championship viewing Group A France

2:30 pm

Group A


    Stade de France, ParisITV, 5 LIVE

    Stade Felix Bollaert-Delelis, LensBBC TV, 5 LIVE

    Parc des Princes, ParisITV, 5 LIVE SPORTS EXTRA

    Stade Vélodrome, MarseilleITV, 5 LIVE

    Parc OL, LyonBBC TV, 5 LIVE

    Stade Pierre-Mauroy, LilleBBC TV, 5 LIVE

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