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Naughton, a star?

12:30 pm
Why is everyone who plays football a 'star'? Take a look at the headlines from Football Fancast.Now if you did a poll of Spurs fans, how many do you think would class Kyle Naughton as a star?

Naughton, a star?

He is not the worlds greatest player but he has been a good servant to the club on low wages, covering both full-back positions. Much maligned he has done a job for us, every member of the squad can't be on high wages and you have to have Naughton type players on your books,

I wish him all the best at Swansea and hope we can also get £5 million ($7.49m - €6.67m) for Tom Carroll who in my view isn't good enough to run the midfield for a top four side, which is where we want to be. Sometimes you have to let promising players go and he is one of them, if he flourishes at Swansea so be it, it's highly doubtful he would at Spurs. Reports suggest they only want to pay £3.5 million ($5.25m - €4.67m) but then reports suggested they only wanted to pay £3 million ($4.5m - €4m) for Naughton.

Ryan Mason puts in more tackles than any other Spurs player, you can't see Tom Carroll doing that or taking the place of Nabil Bentaleb so where would he play?

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No signings on the horizon

4:30 pm
The transfer window lumbers on with fans no doubt wanting deals when in reality most deals will be done towards the end of the window.

No signings on the horizon

A purchase will often increase the wage bill so for cash strapped clubs it is business sense to wait until the end of the month to begin paying fresh wages. This year we also have the African Cup of Nations which doesn't start until January 17th so any loan replacements would not be brought in until then, again as they would add to the wage bill.

On the other side of the coin any club selling a player or perhaps loaning a player out may need a replacement so that deal has to be tied up as well. The selling club may wish to hang on to a striker for instance to get the maximum goals from them before allowing him to move at the end of the month. That would mean the buying club not being able to release the striker they are selling until the same time.

Take a player like Kyle Naughton, there are various clubs who would like to take him including Swansea City, who tried to sign him in the summer, and Leicester City. Spurs wouldn't let him leave not because of his ability, but because Kyle Walker hadn't recovered from injury, without a replacement being brought in, Eric Dier was not thought of as a replacement at that stage, Naughton couldn't be released. Has Spurs been able to secure Yedlin to start the season then Naughton would have left.

As it is this window with the arrival of Yedlin Naughton can leave as soon as he negotiates a deal, Swansea and Tottenham are said to have agreed a £4 million deal.

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A player will have various options and his agent will be negotiating with various parties to get his client the best deal, while all those clubs have got to talk to the selling club and agree a financial package with them, which will be different for each club. It can be a swift process, as with Christian Eriksen, but is more often lengthy.

Of course it doesn't confine itself to the transfer window, clubs sound out players and clubs all the time either through agents, player to player or club to club. A transfer window has to be planned for, targets scouted extensively and background checks done, although that is a lot easier these days than it used to be.

Unless an injury forces a clubs hand money seems to rule, whether we agree that it should or not is immaterial, it does and we have to live with it.

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Stoke City, the final straw

12:30 pm
We keep hearing how Tottenham have a big squad but they only have 25 Premier League players the same as everyone else. All we have done is develop youth and given them their chance.

Stoke City, the final straw

Mauricio Pochettino has arrived and just like Tim Sherwood has assessed the players and found those that want to try and those that don't, the only difference is that he hasn't come out publicly and said as much.

Some players have had to learn the hard way that you give 100% all the time or you rot and we are seeing that message come through now with Mousa Dembele being brought back into the fold and now Paulinho being slowly introduced. Both players have something to prove and their performance levels have increased as a result. Other players like Emmanuel Adebayor, Etienne Capoue and Younes Kaboul are not even being played.

Emmanuel Adebayor hasn't played since the Stoke City defeat on 9th November.

Etienne Capoue last appeared in the Premier League in the same game and hasn't played since the League Cup win over Newcastle on 17th December.

Younes Kaboul also played his last Premier League game in the same Stoke City defeat and was last seen against Besiktas in the UEFA Europa League on 11th December.

When did Kyle Naughton last appear in the Premier League? You guessed it Stoke City, he then played against Partizan Belgrade in the UEFA Europa League on 27th November.

Aaron Lennon last played in the Premier League against Crystal Palace on 6th December and then against Besiktas in the UEFA Europa League on 11th December. He hasn't been seen since.

The Stoke City game was not so much a defining game but probably the catalyst for the disagreement between Harry Kane and Emmanuel Adebayor that Pochettino had to investigate and resolve. The three that shall we say had a disagreement with Kane, rumoured to be Adebayor, Kaboul and Capoue, are now out of favour while Harry Kane has gone from strength to strength.

Now we don't know the content of the disagreement, bust-up, call it what you will, but it has been clear that the players that give 100% and follow instructions play and those who for whatever reason prefer not to are not playing. Danny Rose has recently said if you don't give 100% in training every day you won't be picked, simple as that.

When you look at five players there who are not figuring at all then the big squad talk is a bit of a myth. The players Pochettino relies upon is a lot smaller and he uses the others as scraps as and when he needs to give players a rest.

Since we have ditched those with the wrong mentality our results have picked up and as I wrote in the article about Adebayor on 11th November, the right mentality breeds the right mentality in others, as we are beginning to see with Dembele and Paulinho.

Related 11th November Article
Adebayor needs a few games of pool

If anyone ever wanted to know that mentality determines results and not just skill then they only have to look at Tottenham.

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Leicester, Swansea, Palace eye Naughton

6:00 pm
Kyle Naughton is available for £5 million ($7.66m - €6.39m) which seems to me to be a perfectly sensible valuation, if you believe Ben Davies is worth £10 million ($15.33m - €12.77m). Naughton, when playing regularly, is a competent Premier League right-back.

Kyle Naughton
Tottenham Hotspur
Kyle Naughton
Born/Age: 11.11.1988 (26)
Nationality  England
Current club: Tottenham Hotspur
Contract until: 30.06.2016
Position: Right-Back
Market value: £4.40 Million

As ever with Spurs fans, they like to malign their own with all sorts of rubbish. Naughton has been a good servant to the club, filling in at left-back and covering for Kyle Walker last season when his injury struck. The  26-year-old has played in Europe regularly and that is experience that plenty of Premier League players don't have. Most of the time his passing and tackling are good and he has enough pace to get forward as well.

His wages won't be massive for a club, Swansea have had their eye on him for a while, they wanted to sign him during the summer but Walker's injury prevented that. In the recent game against Swansea Bony missed a host of chances, including a few sitters and certainly didn't look anything like a £25 million ($38.32m - €31.93m) player.

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With the arrival of DeAndre Yedlin this month his opportunities would be limited so selling now, which raises funds for purchases, makes sense. Swansea are not the only team interested in him though, Leicester City would like to add his Premier League experience to their survival bid and Crystal Palace have been monitoring his situation as well.

There is plenty of time left during the winter window and I'd expect Naughton to eventually leave, probably for £4 million ($6.13m - €5.11m), less would be giving him away.

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Naughton should be leaving with our best wishes

8:30 pm
Kyle Naughton's days at Tottenham have been numbered for a while and this season has been an unfortunate one for him.

Naughton should be leaving with our best wishes

Swansea were interested in taking him in the summer but as with any transfer, you don't sell until you have a replacement lined up. That was even more important with the position of Kyle Walker, who missed the run-in to the close of the season and still has not played. It would have been foolish to sell him then with DeAndre Yedlin signed but only with the agreement that he finish the USA season first. He is an exciting prospect with pace to burn but will obviously need to get used to a different standard of football.

The American has been obtaining his Latvian passport so he doesn't have to worry about a work permit and Kyle Walker has started training again so Kyle Naugton would probably slip down the pecking order next season.

Ryan Fredericks is on loan at Middlesbrough and is working on his game, specifically his defensive positioning so could well be third choice next season if he remains on Tottenham's books.

Naughton started pre-season well, looked to have improved and was then sent-off, rather harshly, against West Ham in the first game of the season. He was then left with little choice but to trip Victor Moses against Stoke thanks to his fellow defenders so now faces a second ban.

Eric Dier filled in and started well until teams worked out a weakness on his inside. Hardly his fault, he is a centre-back, but he has suffered recently and began to get fatigued playing so many games. He will now have to step in again, while still trying to learn the centre-back role so the club can release Vlad Chiriches.

A January sale will be dependent upon the progress of Walker but if he regains fitness and doesn't pick up the muscle injuries that often follow a long absence then he could leave during the winter transfer window. I would have though though that a summer sale is more likely.

Naughton has been a decent servant to Tottenham, always playing second fiddle to Walker but filling in at left-back on numerous occasions all while still on a low wage and helping our home-grown quota. He receives abuse from the mindless, but then who doesn't. When we sell him he should be leaving with our best wishes.

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Kyle Naughton Performance Report

9:00 am

Kyle Naughton Performance Report

Opponents: Partizan Belgrade
Competition: UEFA Europa League
Venue: Partizan Stadium, Belgrade, Serbia (UEFA Category 3 Stadium)

Kyle Naughton Performance Report

Kyle Naughton had a decent game on his return, he got forward but frequently didn't receive the ball, he however covered his defensive position well. It was one of those performances that you perhaps don't notice.


7 mins Naughton overlapped but the through ball from Paulinho was too slow to put him in.

12 mins Naughton goes down the right to the byline and crosses towards Kane but the ball is cleared.

18 mins Partizan Belgrade have a free-kick on the left taken by Drincic which Naughton heads away.

22 mins A good chip puts Naughton in behind the defence again but his cross loops over Harry Kane at the back post.

25 mins Pantic turns down the left side to beat Naughton but Townsend is there to dispossess him knocking it out for a throw. The ball is thrown long into the box and Fazio darts in front of his man but misses the leaving Lazovic unmarked. Vertonghen lunges in front of him as he turns and shoots from six yards. Lloris is forced to make an excellent block and Bentaleb lunges in a sliding tackle to hook the ball clear.

43 mins After Townsend had collected a pass and turned in space with 10 yards in front of him he inexplicably ran sideways instead and passed backwards. While Townsend then runs into Aaron Lennon the ball moves to Naughton who crosses from the right. It takes a deflection however and loops comfortable in the air for the keeper to easily catch the ball.

Half-time: Naughton has had a good first half supporting the attack and getting down the right frequently. He has got in behind the defence twice and but for a poor pass could have been through in a dangerous area. He has only been slipped past once in defence and has been solid.


67 mins A through ball from Branko Ilic puts Lazovic through but he delays his shot and Naughton gets across to put in a tackle that the ref awards a corner for even though it should be a goal kick. The corner is cleared easily.

While Partizan Belgrade had a sustained spell of pressure at the beginning of the second-half Naughton didn't really have to do anything of note. he did his defending well and they were rarely a threat from his area. He also kept getting up the field well to offer support to our attacks and provide width when he could. He had one of those good games where he is efficient and you don't notice him.

Twitter reaction

e-Spurs ‏@e_spurs
Always going to be hard but we have too many average players in B team. Townsend, Paulinho, Lennon, Kane, Naughton, Bentaleb - non-existent

e-Spurs USA ‏@e_spurs_usa
Fazio, Verts, Naughton, Bentaleb, Stambouli have all looked very good to me

Kyle Henchie ‏@Kyle_Henchie_
Since when did Naughton become actually quite good?

Nikhil Saglani ‏@Nikhil_Saglani  4h
No longer feel uncomfortable having Naughton at RB but can't wait for Walker to get back. Far superior.

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Squad Assessment: Full-backs

6:30 pm
We have taken a brief look at the goalkeepers so a look at our full-backs next and where we stand.

Squad Assessment: Full-backs

The defence was the major area that Mauricio Pochettino wanted addressed, the existing defence simply wasn't top four standard. Yes we have finished 4th, 5th with it but it was getting older and we now play a high line which requires Ledley King pace, not Michael Dawson pace.

After his appointment and at his first meeting it was agreed that left-back and centre-back would be addressed. The need for a back-up keeper was known and an upgrade for Kyle Naughton, who while not a great player has served us well at both left-back and right-back without any real complaint. When I say served us well I mean he has been there when we needed him, quite frankly we would have been stuck without him at times.

Zeki Fryers played a game at left-back late in the season and hammered the ball into Mousa Dembele a couple of yards away or metres for you newfangled people, if you remember. Naughton has been a better option I would suggest, in that game he was playing at right-back. Fryers failed to progress as we had hoped and has now been sold to Crystal Palace as a result.

We have known the left-back position was a problem for a while and Danny Rose has not been a roaring success there, which to be fair to him has not been all his fault because he has had a lack of help in front of him.

Benoit Assou-Ekotto was our man but he has obviously done something seriously wrong and when Andre Villas-Boas told him he will never play for the club again, that seems to be being backed up by the hierarchy.

His Tweet on August 9th I raised a question about as it had a collision symbol after Spurs, that wasn't there by accident. He is still here and there hasn't been a whisper of him moving even though we offered him for free. Draw your own conclusions.

Con on u spurs com on ade lol

We need players who are English or qualify as home grown through the 3 year rule so improving the players we had was important. We are only allowed 17 non-home grown over the age of 21. Mauricio Pochettino had a look at Rose and decided he was someone he could work with so the club offered him a new 5-year deal which he has signed.

In addition we bought Ben Davies, a young Welsh left-back and quite rightly he has to fight for his place. Rose was superb in the first two Premier League games and then as soon as Liverpool wipe the floor with the whole team they question why he is playing. At the moment he is training with England while Davies is with Wales.

Danny Rose is 24, Ben Davies 21 so we have the left-back position covered for years to come, hopefully they will provide that long-term stability. Without injuries it will mean we don't have to play Jan Vertonghen there. He provides additional cover but as we know he doesn't like it, even if he does do it for his country.

On the right side we now seem to have a wealth of players but at the moment it is the new problem position. Kyle Walker is the number one choice, yet he has been injured for 6 months and has now had an operation so will be out for another 3 months I'd expect with recovery time and returning to fitness.

He is becoming a concern and we are paying the price for over playing him. You will remember our Europa League games where we have had so many injuries he had to play virtually every game with Kyle Naughton filling in at left-back. Walker is a lesson to Spurs that workloads have to be shared around, they catch up with you in the end.

In his absence Kyle Naughton took over and started this season with a sending off, so a centre-back, Eric Dier, plays there and does well, until Liverpool got hold of him. Naughton I'd expect to be around for the whole season now with another new purchase 21-year-old American DeAndre Yedlin not joining us until after the MLS season has finished in January and he has had a rest.

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Coming through we have Ryan Fredericks who is also 21 and has gone on loan to Middlesbrough where he will work on his defensive positioning. For now we have Naughton and Dier but come next season we will have Walker (24), Yedlin (21), Dier (20), Naughton (25) and Fredericks (21) who can all play there.

Walker and Yedlin will be competing for the position with possible cover from Dier and maybe Fredericks getting introduced. Naughton looks to have little future after this season at Spurs but for now he is very much required. Offers came in for him this window and while an upgrade is needed he couldn't really be allowed to leave with Walker still being injured.

Long-term both the right-back and left-back positions are sorted for years to come should players stay which gives us stability on both sides of the field. With the goalkeepers Lloris and Vorm behind them there are three positions we can all feel comfortable with looking ahead.

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Kyle Naughton Performance

4:30 pm

Kyle Naughton

West Ham United 0 Tottenham Hotspur 1

16th August 2014 at 15:00
English Premier League (EPL)
Stadium: Boleyn Ground (London)

Performance Stats

Forward Passes: 9
Backwards Passes: 6
Total Passes: 15
Successful Passes: 13
Pass Completion: 87%
Key Passes: 0
Assists: 0
Chances Created: 0
Average Pass Length: 16m

Goals Conceded: 0
Goals Scored: 0
Goals Left Foot: 0
Goals Right Foot: 0
Goals Headed: 0
Goals Inside Area: 0
Goals Outside Area: 0
Goals Set Piece: 0
Goals Penalty: 0
Goals Direct Free Kick: 0
Goals Crossed Free Kick: 0
Goals Corners: 0

Goal Attempts
Shots: 0
Shot Accuracy: 0
Shots Inside Box: 0
Shots Outside Box: 0

Opponent Duels
Tackles Won: 2
Tackles Lost: 0
Take on Success: 0
Take on Success: 0%
Headers Won: 0
Headers Win: 0%
Duels Success: 60%
Fouls For: 1
Fouls Against: 1

Interceptions: 1
Blocks: 0
Clearances: 2
Errors: 0
Errors Costing Goals: 0

Yellow: 0
Red: 1
Simulation: 0
Verbal Abuse: 0
Bad Tackles: 0

Match Day Squad

Hugo LlorisGK
Brad FriedelGK
Eric DierD
Younes KaboulD(CR)
Etienne CapoueD(C),DM(C)
Nabil BentalebDM(C)
Danny RoseD(L)
Kyle NaughtonD(LR)
Ben DaviesD(L)
Michael DawsonD(C)
Lewis HoltbyM(CLR)
Christian EriksenAM(CL)
Andros TownsendAM(LR)
Erik LamelaAM(CLR),FW
Aaron LennonAM(LR)
Harry KaneFW
Emmanuel AdebayorFW
Roberto SoldadoFW

Player Performance

Kyle Naughton was only on the pitch for 29 minutes and West Ham had got round the back of him a couple of times, once with a dangerous ball across the box. He  covered well as when he was sent off, rather harshly, for hand ball he was at left-back.

He seems to have been a little more solid in pre-season, he has improved and with Kyle Walker injured would have been hoping to make the right-back slot his own, now though he is suspended, giving Mauricio Pochettino a bit of a headache and stretching our resources.

A competent enough performance until he unfortunate departure.

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Yedlin v Walker v Naughton - The Visual Stats

12:30 pm
DeAndre Yedlin will be a player to keep an eye on, he is playing MLS and will be stepping up a grade when he finally joins us after the Major League Soccer season finishes in January.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

Exactly what will happen then isn't yet clear, he may need a rest, he will certainly need time to learn our system and what Mauricio Pochettino wants from him, the club will need to look at him first hand and decide the best method going forward from there.

In the meantime the 21 year-old American is the responsibility of Steffen Freund, our new International Development Co-ordinator.

Squawka provide us with a comparison matrix so let's compare his stats against those of Kyle Walker and Kyle Naughton. They are from different leagues but it gives those that know little about him an idea. America is vast so sooner or later they are going to produce a superstar player and at the moment as there is little to compare them to they are cheap to buy.

First let's take a look at the basic scores they give the three players for attack, defence and possession.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

Next we'll look at passes, how many are forward, how many are made in total and a successful passes percentage figure.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

The next graphic shows us key passes, chances created and average pass length.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

Next we come to what percentage of the time do they successfully take on an opponent, what percentage of aerial duels they win and the percentage of overall duels with an opponent they win.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

Finally the graphic below shows the comparison in defence of interceptions, blocks and clearances.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

Well those are the stats, clearly he has an ability to work with and his performance in the World Cup against Belgium and against Bayern Munich, where he looked at home in both games, suggests we have signed a decent player for the future.

The deal was forged as I hoped when we toured America and Canada in pre-season, playing Seattle Sounders on the first leg. Yedlin got to see and meet us and we had a close look at him. Their minority owner and general manager Adrian Hanauer confirmed that the two sides did discuss Yedlin's future while we were in Seattle and negotiations continued from there. It was a move, he said, that Yedlin wanted, now that is good to hear.

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Pochettino's first dilemma

8:30 pm
Welcome to Tottenham Hotspur Mauricio Pochettino, welcome to a different world of football, a world of football, a world of football where you get a dilemma from day 1, but you still have to win. You are about to start learning what pressure is, Tottenham style.

Pochettino's first dilemma

The season begins with 5 fixtures in 15 days and just one injury to a key player will mean an untried youngster as your first choice with part-timers as back up.

Kyle Walker has two brief appearances on the North American pre-season tour but they have set his recovery back. Kyle Naughton played most games and is now, despite interest from other clubs, essential for the start of the season. The England right-back will miss at least 3 Premier League games, 2 Europa League games and 2 England games, a disappointment after missing out on the World Cup.

Over the last few years Walker has had to play more than most with so many injuries to our centre-backs, Kyle Naughton has had to play left-back and Walker all premier League games as well as virtually all Europa League games. This overuse may have contributed to his injury and we may be a victim of our own lack of forward planning.

The situation means Kyle Naughton will be starting the season as first choice right-back and a chance to stake his claim under the new boss. Walker will be out until at least after the international break at the beginning of September so at this stage his first potential return game could be Sunderland on September 13th.

There is no guarantee of that and we don't need reminding of what happens after long term injuries, Sandro has never recovered form and Kaboul has had injuries and consistently makes mistakes now. Kyle Naughton's fitness suddenly becomes of paramount importance.

Swansea were interested in the 25-year-old who played more minutes than most last season, only five outfield players played more. However with only inexperienced 21-year-old Ryan Fredericks to provide cover Kyle Naughton will not be for sale this window. He'll be first choice right-back at the start of the season, then it will be up to Walker to force his way back in.

When will that be, soon Pochettino tells us which can mean anything, especially if he is still having bad days.

"Kyle still has days when he does not have a good feeling but we believe he’ll recover soon." 

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The first 3 games are against West Ham away on Saturday 16th August, QPR at home on Sunday 24th August and Liverpool at home on Sunday 31st August.

Mixed in with that are the Europa League Qualifying Round Play-off ties against AEL Limassol away on Thursday 21st August and at home on Thursday 28th August.

Spurs Season Start

Saturday 16th August West Ham United (a) - Premier League
Thursday 21st August AEL Limassol (a) - Europa League Qualifying Round Play-off 1st Leg
Sunday 24th August QPR (h) - Premier League
Thursday 28th August AEL Limassol (h) - Europa League Qualifying Round Play-off 1st Leg
Sunday 31st August Liverpool (h) - Premier League

Wednesday 3rd September International Break
Saturday 6th Saptember No Fixture
Monday 8th September International Break

Saturday 13th September Sunderland (a) - Premier League

What are Pochettino's options?

1. Does Pochettino play Naughton in all the games, knowing qualification in the Europa League is essential?
2. Does he play Naughton in the Premier League games and risk Fredericks in the Europa League?
3. Does he play Naughton n the Premier League and the away leg of the Europa League tie?

This early in the season does he want to be playing a key player that much in the opening weeks knowing an injury puts us us trouble defensively immediately? Surely he is going to want to rest him ahead of the Liverpool game, after last season's hammerings it takes on extra significance this season.

If you over tire a player early in the season you are making him more susceptible to injury and we can't put ourselves in that position. As it is we have Michael Dawson out with a knock, Mousa Dembele out with a calf/shin injury, Vlad Chiriches with a mystery back injury and Walker out, none of which have been given a specific return date.

So what does Pochettino do, how does he solve the season's first dilemma at Tottenham Hotspur as our soap opera injury saga rumbles on.

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Plenty for sale, none leaving, Spurs struggle again

2:30 pm
As ever in a transfer window Tottenham are having trouble shifting players, we are one step away from the top money clubs and for some players therefore, as high as they are ever going to get.


All players want to play at the highest level they can and earn as much as they can. When we buy them we pit them on contracts far better than they had before and that creates us problems. When we realise the players isn't good enough or isn't what we want any more we try to sell them.

The players then says, hang on a minute any step is going downwards, I'm not interested, I only want to go upwards, but they aren't good enough. Foreign clubs in general, apart from the top teams, can't match our wages. The result is the player sticks around and collects his cheque.

David Bentley and Heurelho Gomes are two prime examples, players more interested in the money than actually playing football. Both refused countless moves. Bentley even left it so late that he had to go and loan and found he had lost it, he ability wasn't there any more. That speaks volumes for what he was doing on the training pitch, going through the motions.

Gomes simply refused to move, the odd loan spell, where we would have still been paying most of his wages, but otherwise happy collecting £50,000 a week. Nobody else was going to pay him that so he simply didn't move.

The main players up for sale now are:
Michael Dawson - Hull City, Sunderland, Crystal Palace, West Ham
Kyle Naughton - Sunderland, Swansea
Younès Kaboul - Lazio, Fiorentina
Vlad Chiriches - Milan, Fiorentina (offered to Southampton)
Nacer Chadli - (offered to Southampton, PSV Eindhoven)
Sandro - Napoli, Roma, Inter

Plenty of interest but why would Michael Dawson want to take a step down to Hull, Sunderland, Palace or West Ham? If you add to that he is due a testimonial in January and has two years left on his contract then his reasons to move diminish.

In pre-season he appears to be first choice over Kaboul to partner Vertonghen so it would appear there could be plenty of game time for him even if the club do sign another experienced right sided centre-back.

Why would Kyle Naughton go to Southampton and Swansea when there are only 5 outfield players who played more than him and Kyle Walker isn't fit? He may have another opportunity to show his worth, should he throw that away?

He looks certain to start against West Ham in just over a week and probably against probably against QPR on the 24th. From his point of view he has a chance to establish himself with the new boss and then decide at the very end of the window how much game time he is going to get.

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Younès Kaboul has a year left on his contract so could leave for free in a year and maximise his wages as a result of their being no transfer fee. he may be hoping for a one-year contract extension and a chance to prove his fitness and with to Pochettino.

I find it unlikely he would sign a one-year deal and Tottenham are not going to offer him longer, at the moment he doesn't deserve it. To compound matters we are asking for a high fee, £6 million for an injury prone player who has had one good season in 2011/12.

Vlad Chiriches failed to adapt to the Premier League and his lack of aerial ability will always be an issue, but we over paid for him and want out money back. His transfer value has reduced rather than increased and nobody wants him at the price we want. Interested parties will be hoping that waiting until late in the transfer window will force us into selling at a loss.

Nacer Chadli we have offered to PSV Eindhoven, why would he go to Dutch football, it's a downward step from the Premier League and the wages are much lower, it's hardly an enticing prospect. PSV may well accept him plus cash for Memphis Depay but Chadli won't!

Southampton would be a possibility but again they can't compete on wages so after a season why would he want to take a big pay cut? He'll be hoping to force the club to keep him and try and prove his worth.

Sandro made it plain he was happy to move to Italy and there are plenty of clubs interested in his services, unsurprisingly, however they want him at half price which is totally unrealistic and unless Morgan Schneiderlin is signed he isn't going anywhere anyway.

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Does Dier signing signal the end for Naughton?

8:30 am
The signing of Eric Dier, an Englishman from Sporting and thus home grown, possibly spells the end of the road for Kyle Naughton.

Does Dier signing signal the end for Naughton?

Naughton has been a good servant to Spurs in my view but will be 26 in November, he is not the youngster some believe. He isn't the greatest but he has covered both right-back and left-back on low wages by today's Premier League standards.

There have been times when we would have been lost without him, two seasons ago Walker had to play virtually every game so short of defenders were we and Naughton was consistently seen at left-back.

Last season with an injury to first choice right-back Kyle Walker, who joined Spurs at the same time as Naughton, he was able to get plenty of game time.

Eric Dier is a 20-year-old centre-back who can also play defensive midfield, but at 1.88m (6' 2") he future looks to lie at the heart of our defence. He can also though play right-back so together with 21-year-old Ryan Fredericks he can probably cover the right-back position too.

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Playing Fredericks in some European ties and domestic Cup games would give Walker a rest and if Fredericks gets injured then Dier could step into the breach. At 20 he will need to be played to develop but also at that age will need to be protected and brought along carefully to avoid burn out.

With Ben Davies and Danny Rose at left-back Naughton is not really needed any more to provide cover there as 21-year-old Zeki Fryers has played there in both the Premier League and n Europe.

If we are to bring along Fredericks it would appear there is no place for Naughton and the interest from Swansea could see us doing business with them again. If he is made available though Swansea won't be the only one after him, with regular playing he would be a competent right-back for someone.

£5 million, who'll give me £5 million.

Does Dier signing signal the end for Naughton? Does Dier signing signal the end for Naughton? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

Is Lopes a viable right-back option?

2:30 pm
There are suggestions that Tottenham are set to hold talks with Sporting defender, Miguel Lopes amid Kyle Naughton interest from Swansea.

Is Lopes a viable right-back option?

Depending upon the account you choose to believe, Swansea made made an enquiry which is some quarters is deemed to be an official bid. That leads sensationalist sites to claim he is 'on the verge' of a move, in which case 90% of playing in the game are 'on the verge' of a move.

Sporting, formerly know as Sporting Lisbon have more than one player we are interested in, Spurs have been tracking the progress of England U21 international Eric Dier for a couple of years now. The suggestion is we will be talking to his representatives tomorrow so who is Migel Lopes and could there be anything to these stories?

Firstly he is 27 and we normally look for players with a longer shelf life than that, secondly his contract runs until 2018 which suggests a permanent transfer would be unlikely, we prefer to source players with a year or two left on their contract as they are cheaper.

He is not home grown and a club can only have 17 non home grown players over 21 in a Premier League squad of 25. Currently we have 19 so buying a back up right-back as a non home grown player to sit on a bench makes little sense. Simply makes it more difficult to buy and play other overseas players like Wilfried Bony or Loïc Rémy, it would entail more sales.

Simply loaning the player as has been suggested make no difference either, we still have too many non home grown players, remember we have just signed Michel Vorm, Dutch.

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On the plus side he is a right-back who can play left-back, much in the same way as Naughton can. Also Ryan Fredericks is coming through and as I suggested in my earlier Naughton article, he is perhaps a season away from being the reserve right-back. If that is the case then a season loan from an experienced right-back may be beneficial for his development and should Walker continue to struggle with his groin then experience is on hand to take over.

Walker may be more of a concern than the club are letting on,certainly at the moment he is being eased back gently but we are trying to buy players with Premier League experience and Lopes has none, would we take that risk with our defence?

His strengths are listed as keeping possession, passing and heading with his main weakness crossing. In our new system crossing from a full-back is essential. As we have seen on the North American tour the 'wide' men are playing as inverted, they tuck in and attack the channel rather than go outside. It is the full-backs job to support the attack and provide the width so the better they are at crossing the ball the better. Crossing as a weakness doesn't shout to me buy buy buy, neither does the quick comparison graphic with Naughton above.

It seems a very strange purchase or loan move, unless of course their are behind the scenes moves to sell or loan out some of the non home grown players we have.

Is Lopes a viable right-back option? Is Lopes a viable right-back option? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

Is Naughton more valuable to Spurs than Rose?

10:30 am
So Swansea have made an enquiry for, although some quarters suggest an official bid for, Kyle Naughton, while West Ham, Crystal Palace and Hull City have enquired about Danny Rose.

Is Naughton more valuable to Spurs than Rose?

Spurs need two players in every position but of course some players don't want to be a back up or to have to fight for a position, they want an easy life of guaranteed football. These people lack a winners mentality, they are happy in a world of mediocrity and expect everyone to come down to their level, they have a losers mentality.

Both Kyle Walker and Danny Rose have made noises, Rose a year ago and Naughton late February, about wanting first team football. Noises and actions though are two different things.

After Naughton's comments Walker was injured and he had a long run in the side playing more minutes than all but five outfield players. He has featured on the US & Canada tour with Kyle Walker only now returning to training and starting to work on his fitness.

Where does a fit Walker leave Naughton and is Fredericks a back up right-back yet? Fredericks has pace and offers an option going forward but without game time lacks experience so it's probably a season too early for him to fulfil that role.

Tottenham played 54 games last season, more than any other Premier League club, a run in the Europa League and that number could increase especially if we go further than the third round of the FA Cup. Walker, you would assume will play all Premier League games barring injury. That leaves FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League ties, so perhaps 20 games for Naughton to play.

With an injury to Walker that number would increase and Fredericks would get cameos, maybe even the odd game or two with a view to preparing him for right-back understudy role next season. There are plenty of games, it's just a question of mentality. Do you accept second choice status and know you are going to play 15+ games a season, with the chance or more with injuries, or do you leave for a smaller club and regular Premier League football?

There is no right or wrong answer, it has to be individual choice. Personally I would have tried to sign 21-year-old American right-back DeAndre Yedlin from Seattle Sounders but then I have not seen enough of Fredericks to know his potential.

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Football finances play their part in decisions, we don't have an infinite wages budget. There has to be some squad members not on great wages and these players are going to be lesser players. Naughton may well have suffered from a lack of games but to counter that he didn't cover himself in glory with a run of games. I am not his greatest fan but appreciate he fulfils a role covering right and left-back positions.

He can be poor but he is probably not as bad as sometimes painted and how will he get on in Pochettino's system, if it suited him then maybe he would improve. I'm rather I don't mind if he goes, I don't mind if he stays at the moment.

Danny Rose is more of a concern for me and his future may affect Naughtos's future. Rose last summer said he doesn't want to return to Spurs to sit on a bench and noises coming out of the camp are that he is not happy with Ben Davies being signed.

That suggests he wants guaranteed Premier League football and thinks Davies is better than him, not exactly the mindset of a winner. He has a hot headed streak, against Stoke he should have been sent off, against Chicago Fire he petulantly pushed their right-back in the back when the ball and player were out of play to earn himself a booking.

His challenges were designed to win the ball but take the man as well, I leave you to figure out why. He gets sent off every season and is learning his trade, but how long do you give him to learn? He could actually develop into a decent left-back I believe, he has lots to improve yes, but he has the essential pace needed in today's full-backs, especially those in our system.

Work with an experienced left-back coach would do him wonders and he is a player Pochettino could improve but, can his brain be improved, can his mental approach be improved?

To me that is the key for him, will he be happy paying 20 games a year with the potential foe more? He has to answer the same question as Naughton. Zeki Fryers will get more games but is he a left-back or centre-back, we have to decide at some point and develop a specialist position, even if he can play both. Does that further limit the number of games available to Rose to play?

I guess we'll find out soon enough, it's only just over a month until the window shuts but while Rose has the potential to be the better player, Naughton may actually be more valuable to the club right now.

P.S. There are further links to the latest articles in the right hand menu bar.
Is Naughton more valuable to Spurs than Rose? Is Naughton more valuable to Spurs than Rose? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Naughton - an undervalued resource

6:30 pm
Kyle Naughton takes a lot of stick but when you consider the job he does, covering for Kyle Walker and the left-back slot, he is under pressure all the time.

Naughton - an undervalued resource

He sits on a bench and trains and over the last few years you would have expected him to play more than he has with Europa League football and the domestic cups. He had spells a few years ago where he was a reasonable right-back, vulnerable to a tricky winger yes, but reasonable none the less.

The trouble he has had though is that our centre-backs seem to have been permanently injured and there have been time when Walker has had to play every game, Naughton has had to be shunted to play out of position on the left. Playing left-back is harder for a right footer, it.s easier for a winger to wrong foot you and attack your weaker side.

Being under that pressure and receiving the ball near the touchline with nobody to pass to gives him few options. Maribor I think it was springs to mind, in such a position he played it back to Lloris who promptly made a howler and they scored.

Not Naughton's fault but it can't do his confidence any good, neither can filling in and knowing no matter how good you do you will be dropped. Unhappy with his lot he complained he may have to leave to get regular football, coincidence struck and Walker was out for the remainder of the season and Naughton had a run in the side, eventually having only 5 outfield play more minutes than him throughout the season.

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It wasn't brilliant, there were mistakes but having someone who can do a job and sometimes do it well on low wages helps the squad. Spurs can only afford so much on our wage bill, we can't have two world class players in every position so the Kyle Naughton's of this world are valuable.

The run he had will have given him confidence, reaffirmed his importance not only to the squad but to himself as well. There have been no noises, no suggestions he may leave, there are no stories that anyone has come in for him. Football agents know who is moving, who can move , who may move and who won't move, maybe this summer Naughton is in the last category and agents know he is going nowhere.

If we can sort out our centre-backs, get some fit and get some decent ones, then perhaps with all the games we now have to play he will get his fair share. FA Cup and League Cup are the obvious ones but resting Walker and playing Naughton in the Europa League is surely a sensible move. Leave Walker at home and let Naughton have all the away trips in the group stages gives him game time and keeps Walker fresh for the Premier League.

The same needs to happen with a few positions. If we get a left-back in then Rose can have the cups and Europa League as well as shuffling the pack at centre-back. Harry Kane can get a few more games, we have to find the right mix, the squad should be big enough and the players good enough.

"When you get a new manager you can't really get used to playing his style unless it's in a realistic game situation, so that will be one of the main things to get out of the tour.
"You can really put the style of play that he wants into practise and that's obviously one of the main things the friendlies are about.
"Fitness is another big thing that you can get out of these games, and also team spirit."

The World Cup has shown that you don't have to be a star to play at the highest level, you need to be a team, you need to do your job within the team. If your team mates are letting you down then it can mentally affect you. I remember a game last season where Paulinho scored and promptly missed a tackle in midfield from which the opposition scored, it may have been the Southampton game at White Hart Lane with the Naughton non header!

It will be an important season for Naughton, a new head coach, a new style, one that calls for attacking full-backs with the pace to get back. Keeping him involved early before Christmas will have long term benefits later in the season with Walker being fresher.

I hope he can now kick on and eradicate some of the errors.

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Kyle Naughton

10:30 am
Every club has to have it's back-up players and keeping them happy is not always easy.

Kyle Naughton

If a player is happy sitting on a bench then he is admitting the guy in the team is better than him and he'll accept what game time he can get. Tottenham have to keep an eye on their wages budget and therefore need back-up players who are on reasonable wages.

Such players are either young development players making their way into the first team squad or lesser players and with either fans have to expect mistakes. For Spurs it is not really possible to have two first team players in every position and it is in defence where this weakness shows.

Kyle Naughton takes a lot of stick, he gets skinned by a decent winger and his howler against Southampton when running forward to allow the ball to bounce over his head did him no favours in fans eyes.

His versatility has made him valuable to the squad in the last couple of seasons. a £25,000 a week player sitting on the bench and having to do his best whether he is played out of position or not.

We have had problems in defence, it seems permanently. Naughton is a right-back but has spent much of his time playing at left-back as well as filling in the League Cup or certain Europa League games. Yes he makes mistakes but players like him are needed, we would have been lost last season without him.

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Kyle Walker has played in most games and has had to on many occasions. He appreciates the qualities of his friend and rival for the right-back slot.

They both came up through the ranks at Sheffield United before making the move to White Hart Lane in 2009.

“Of everyone here, I know better than most what Kyle can do. He doesn’t panic on the ball, he’s very talented.

“I always say the biggest thing about football is confidence and if you can play with confidence, you can do anything. We speak a lot and I’m happy he’s done well.

“I want to play all the time but at the same time, I’m pleased for Kyle that he’s got a good run in the team to show what he can do.”

At the end of February 25 year-old Naughton felt he would have to leave White Hart Lane in search of regular football and only a few weeks later Kyle Walker was out for the remainder of the season.

"I am 25 and there is a stage that you reach when you think, 'Well, am I going to be No 1?'

"That is what I am looking for. I want to be playing every single week. I want to be playing regularly.

"I am not sure what is going to happen, but if I can't hold down a first-team spot then I do have to look elsewhere.

"I am not going to lie - I am a right-back. That is the position I want to play in, but it has been difficult with Kyle Walker doing so well."

In the end he played 1,745 minutes in 22 Premier League appearances, which equates to 19.39 full games. He also played in 11 complete Europa League games and 67 minutes of a League Cup tie. In total he played 2,802 minutes. Only 6 players played more and one of those was Hugo Lloris.

The outfield players who played more were Dawson 3,464, Walker 2,990, Paulinho 2,868, Dembele 2,827 and Vertonghen 2,826.

The former England Under 21 international is under contract until 2016and there has been no rumours this time around of him leaving or of clubs being interested in signing him.

Kyle Naughton Kyle Naughton Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Janmaat to challenge Walker

6:30 pm
Tottenham have no experienced back up right back with Kyle Naughton expected to be sold.
Janmaat to challenge Walker

Kyle Walker plays most games and that may well have contributed to the groin injury that saw him miss the World Cup. He is always keen to play and towards the end of the season was still offering to play even if it meant jeopardising his World Cup place.

Kyle Naughton is now 25, he will be 26 in November and isn't rated at all by the majority of Spurs fans. He has done a job for the club covering both full-back positions and had a run in the team towards the end of the season, however he has made some glaring errors.

The farcical moment at White Hart lane against Southampton where he ran forward and allowed the ball to bounce over his head from which that scored springs to mind. Which other side challenging for top 4 would make such an error?

Back in February he told the press he wants to be first choice or he may have to leave Tottenham.

“I am 25 and there is a stage that you reach when you think, ‘Well, am I going to be No 1?’

"That is what I am looking for. I want to be playing every single week. I want to be playing regularly. I am not sure what is going to happen, but if I can’t hold down a first-team spot then I do have to look elsewhere.

“I am not going to lie - I am a right-back. That is the position I want to play in, but it has been difficult with Kyle Walker doing so well.”

If Naughton leaves the only back up is inexperienced 21 year-old Ryan Fredericks who went on loan to Millwall in January. He needs further development before he is ready to take over the back up slot to Walker so Tottenham have been looking around to see who may be available.

One option is Micah Richards who has told Man City he is leaving and would cost around £15 million (€18.46m). Another option, according to The Daily Mail, is 24 year old Dutch right back Daryl Janmaat.

They claim Sours have contacted Feyenoord regarding his availability and have been quoted a figure of £6m (€7.39m) for him. The Dutch side confirmed on their official website in April that Janmaat would be leaving the club after contract negotiations broke down. The powerful right-back has made no secret of his desire to play in the Premier League.

Spurs would face competition from North London rivals Arsenal who have been tracking Janmaat for months as a replacement for Bacary Sagna. He only has a year left on his contract and is valued around £7 million (€8.62m). Napoli are also trying to buy him and have made an offer of £4.87 million (€6m) which has been turned down.

Janmaat can also play left-back so could provide the cover Kyle Naughton provides at the moment allowing Jan Vertonghen to stay at the heart of the defence. in 35 appearance for Feyenoord he scored twice and provided six assists which are decent figures for a full-back.

He would provide stiff competition for Kyle Walker being strong in the tackle and is a good crosser of the ball. He plays under Louis Van Gaal for Holland and plays good through balls, has sound concentration as well as being a good passer of the ball.

A player of his calibre would stop any complacency from Walker and with Tottenham playing more games than their Champions League rivals providing game time for them both shouldn't be a problem. It is essential we learn that the players who play on a Thursday are too tired to play on a Sunday, especially if we are going to now be playing a high energy pressing game.

Having two quality players in each position is becoming even more essential. Keeping everyone happy will be a test for new Head Coach Mauricio Pochettino as there were rumblings at Southampton that he had his favourites and if you weren't one of them you had little chance.

Premier League and Europa League games as well as the two cups should help to ensure that doesn't happen at Spurs.

Janmaat to challenge Walker Janmaat to challenge Walker Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:30 pm Rating: 5
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