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The Tottenham name is on everyone's lips

11:00 pm
It's a sellout. Tottenham have sold out Wembley for the opening UEFA Champions League group game against Monaco, which will beat the attendances achieved by Arsenal and set a new attendance record for our biggest ever crowd. Our fans were delighted at the ticker prices and have responded for which Daniel Levy is delighted. It all increases media awareness and puts the Tottenham Hotspur name in front to people.

“The response from our fans has been fantastic and is testament to just how big this football club is. This is going to be the best attended Champions League home game in Britain ever – what a way for us to mark our return to the competition.”

A football first business model means generating the income to compete on level terms with the financially richer teams. You can't pay top wages without generating the revenue to do so. Some it seems can't, or more accurately, don't want to grasp that fundamental.

Building a new stadium and new revenue streams is part of that as Sir Alex Ferguson recognised and has spoken about on many occasions. Still we have fans trying to suggest Sir Alex Ferguson is wrong when he says to achieve success on the pitch you have to achieve success off the pitch first. I think Sir Alex has a little more idea of what it takes myself.

Filling Wembley stadium puts our name on the lips of the media, building a state of the art new stadium does the same and is essential to build the Tottenham brand and thus build the income to invest in the football.

Our sustainability approach takes time to build, it has taken a long time to get the stadium off the ground with discussions over an NFL franchise. The suggested spend spend spend business model proposed by others is a model to keep Tottenham below the elite, as we simply don't have the business revenue to support their agenda. It is a model that will hold us back, a model that would not have allowed the stadium to be built. Football isn't building the stadium, business is, commercial revenue is, sponsorship is, partnership deals are.

You can't have one without the other. Where are Newcastle United, the next richest club after us? We finished third in the league and are in the Champions League thanks to our chairman, not because of him, as you all know.

Mauricio Pochettino asked for players, he got players, he insisted he wanted Sissoko when Isco decided to stay at Real Madrid and he got Sissoko. The chairman backed the manager again, but apparently that isn't putting football first

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Recent Eriksen comments signify he isn't leaving

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Recent Eriksen comments signify he isn't leaving

Juventus were said to be watching Christian Eriksen and now the Italian press are trying to make something Inter Milan having a new boss and his old association with Eriksen. The British press and thus websites are trying to make something out of it and the fact that he hasn't signed a new contract yet. WE don't know what points he requires a change is, wages have been speculated but nobody knows what he has been offered and until we do it would be wrong to assume such.

What seems to be clear is that the Dane is happy at Tottenham and has no intention of leaving. That was made clear when it was known he hadn't agreed to sign the offer made to him. That will be negotiated and a new proposal will be put to him. It is all quite common and nothing out of the ordinary.

Eriksen told Sky Sports News recently that Wembley would suit Spurs, hardly the actions of someone about to, or considering jumping ship..

"I think it will be weird the first few times because we have to get used to the pitch, which is much bigger than at the Lane. The atmosphere of course will be different, but we know our fans will probably be even louder when we are Wembley, which will hopefully make us play even better. 
"But it will be a nice experience to play there and hopefully we will do well because how we play, I think a big pitch will suit our game. 
"It will be brand new for us to play in the Champions League, so for the team and everyone it will be a really good year to see how far we have come. We must keep our level. We showed last year we could beat the best and stay near the top and that's where we want to be."

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Wembley almost certain

7:00 pm

Wembley Almost Certain

Wembley is almost certainly our home for the 2017/18 season with a reduced capacity of 50,000. The objections and perceived problems have been overcome by reducing the capacity and closing the top tier.

If that had remained open and the capacity remained the same then they would not be able to house the number of games we require the stadium for so reducing the capacity gets round the restrictions placed upon the stadium by the local council when it was built.

Go to any forum and you'll see arguments rage about Wembley, indeed about any stadium, with some believing we should stay at White Hart Lane and play around building work, which is hardly a viable option. All that would do is delay the building of the new stadium, it would never be finished in one season if that were the case, so that option is simply shooting ourselves in the foot.

Objections are raised about capacity and Arsenal not winning games there. What happened to Arsenal is their affair, we are in a different position than they are, what happened to them isn't an issue. We are not regulars in the UEFA Champions League yet so our games have the rarity factor. The Champions League will be a big pull for our fans so if we have that to offer as I fully expect us to have then the extra capacity will be a bonus.

Quite apart from that Wembley is a bigger pitch than White Hart Lane which will help us create holes in opposition defences and more chances for ourselves. It would be handy if we made a Cup Final and played the game at home!

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A Tottenham news round up

10:30 pm

FA Chief Executive Martin Glenn says he is open to the idea of clubs using Wembley, but in private there seem to be putting a lot of obstacles in the way.

"I won’t comment on clubs but if that’s an opportunity then we will follow it," he told reporters at Soccerex in Manchester. 
"We are there to provide help. We can run the FA for less costs and we can raise more.
"There’s a range of things. It’s primarily a football stadium, football matches are more profitable to run than concerts and other things. 
"We are the national stadium and seeking to use it more is what we are all about. We have an obligation to football. I’m not talking specific clubs but it’s in our interest as an association for clubs to redevelop their grounds, make superb facilities and if it’s possible to help them in that transition by using Wembley we are absolutely supportive of that."

Paul Gascoigne has picked his best England XI and explains his choices in the Daily Mail.

Togo manager Tom Saintfiet seems to have the same regard for AWOL striker Emmanuel Adebayor, who didn't bother ti turn up for his country and didn't bother telling them either. He has likened him to a bad date. He has announced that Adebayor will not play for Togo again, so that's his club and country who don't want him, coincidence?

A tear ago I wrote we needed to put together a young squad who would grow together and create a conveyor belt of talent all playing the same system so if a player left we would have a ready-made replacement to take their place.

My view was that we could not compete with the top four on wages so we have to find an alternative route and therefore, building a young side who could stay together and grow together, getting better at the system as they went, seemed the sensible solution. The were many dissenting voices who simply believed we can't compete players, but we unable to come up with an alternative strategy apart from dreaming of a Sugar Daddy.

We have started to build that young squad and we have started to tie players down to long-term contracts. It has been a summer of young players signing new deals and I'm delighted to say we can add to that list the name of Eric Dier, whose new deal lasts until 2020.

His words to the Official Tottenham Hotspur website upon signing his new deal echoed my thoughts.
“If you look at the Training Centre, the young squad, the new stadium coming through - the club is in a great place and as long as we stick together, everything is looking very exciting.”
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Wembley still an option

11:15 pm
Wembley is still an option for Tottenham, but doing a deal is not proving easy.
Officially Licensed Tottenham Products at the

Spurs are still in discussions with the Football Association over Wembley so our decusion  on where to play for a season has not been made yet. Both Wembley and Chelsea are problems to us using that venue and while we have an agreement in principle to use MK Dons, it isn't the first choice option I understand. 

The only other football venue of any size is the Olympic Stadium which we don't want to use and given Karren Brady's comments to the press that they wouldn't agree to a certain side sharing it. She made it perfectly plain she meant us and he words clearly demonstrated she couldn't care less about the taxpayer. 

For those of you thinking the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) would want to do everything possible to have us as tenants for a season after the PR disaster of the highly suspect budding process, let me remind you it isn't the LLDC who make the decision, it is West Ham United.

As part of the rental agreement West Ham have the right of veto to anyone using the stadium for the entire duration of their lease, thus it is West Ham who decide who can use the stadium and who can't, not the London Legacy Development Corporation.

Unless we can make progress with Wembley it is looking like MK Dons and the club know that will not go down well with th supporters.

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Wembley Stadium is the front runner

5:01 pm
The Haringey Independent report that the front runner for the Tottenham home for season 2016/17 is Wembley. You may recall reading my article on Tuesday, Spurs for Wembley suggesting a season long deal might be a good option both on and off the field.

Wembley Stadium is the front runner

Sponsorship, attracting players and a large pitch seems to hold so many benefits. The Olympic Stadium would be cheaper but doesn't have the pull Wembley would have, our games would become occasions and attract even greater worldwide interest, which only promotes the club further.

A Tottenham spokesman has spoken to the local paper to confirm no final decision has yet been made.

"Nothing has ultimately been decided. We will look at all options that will enable us to move into our new stadium in the shortest amount of time possible.”

My doubts were the number of events the stadium was licensed to hold but if the major games used all 3 tiers and the remaining games just 2 tiers, giving a capacity of 50,000 there would be no problem.

Another option would be to stage the major games at Wembley and the lesser games at the Olympic Stadium, which would presumably be cheaper to rent as West Ham are only paying £2 million. Sharing with West Ham would not be ideal and is something the club would have to weigh up but becoming a touring side would significantly reduce revenue at a time when it needs to be generated.

Touring or playing in a reduced capacity stadium with less corporate opportunities and possible press and TV difficulties as well as being a logistical nightmare would seem to be the last option.

Whichever option is chosen, the aim is to get back to White Hart Lane as fast as possible.

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Spurs for Wembley

7:00 pm
Daniel Levy and the Tottenham board are considering all their options ahead of the building of the new stadium. Spurs for Wembley in 2016/17 makes sense.

Spurs for Wembley

It has been reported that an offer to buy West Ham United's old ground to use as a temporary home was made and rejected. Not quite sure playing at Upton Park would have gone down to well with the Spurs faithful, better options exist.

Other options Spurs are weighing up the pros and cons for are Wembley and Milton Keynes Dons as well as staying at White Hart Lane as long as possible while building work progresses around.

Staying at White Hart Lane with reduced capacity and moving for a small period will appeal to some but do we really want to be playing with a reduced capacity, especially if some of those games were against the top teams? The potential to maximise revenue and take our game to a wider audience should not be missed.

It seems logistically, financially and for speed of building sensible to spend a season away from The Lane. The new stadium build would then have no disturbances and work can carry straight through instead of having to stop and start all the time. A set period for the build with very hefty penalty clauses for failure to meet target dates would mean there should be be no excuses for not being able to come home for the 2017/18 season.

Other options the club are looking at are said to include the Olympic stadium and a roaming role, using several grounds as differing home bases depending upon the size of the opponent, which is a bit of a logistical nightmare.

The recent shareholders statement from the club remind us that we have 47,000 on a ticket waiting list. You add that to the existing 36,000 and we have a potential crowd of 83,000. The big games against Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool would sell out the national stadium.

Wembley stadium holds 90,000 which at £50 per ticket equates to £4.5 million. You can start to see the level of income potential when you consider higher prices and all the potential corporate income, plus the money 90,000 people would spend.

The booking office quoted prices for hiring Wembley for a football match 5 years ago at between £250,000 and £750,000 + around 10% from all receipts. If Wembley were hired for a series of events then naturally there would be scope to negotiate price.

It makes sense to maximise revenue and play games there, if only the big games. In addition there is another added bonus, players, especially oversees players, love to play at Wembley. It's the home of football and is an undoubted draw for them.

The pitch itself is also large which would suit a passing team, exactly what we would be under Louis Van Gaal. White Hart Lane is 110 x 73 yards (100 x 67 m) , Wembley is 115 x 75 yards (105 x 69 m).

The Dutch coach plays a possession based 4-3-3 system continually passing to wear the opposition out and create mistakes as they get tired. The hard working sides, while being up for the game, would get worn out. We would have space to play the ball in behind for a Lennon run or Townsend to bound down a wing. We could stretch a defence, there would be more holes for us to exploit on a wider pitch.

From a playing point of view Wembley would probably suit us but if we were to have a season at Wembley for instance, would we attract better quality players for that season at least? Would it be a draw that no other team could offer? We couldn't offer the wages but we could offer the prestige.

Spurs for Wembley

The club will have to weigh up how many tickets they would sell for ties like Hull City or Stoke City. Would it be more feasible to use a smaller stadium for these games? The Milton Keynes venue will have an increased capacity of 32,000 in time for the 2016/17 season. Is that enough?

If we are to build a 56,000 or 60,000 seat stadium, we would have sold season tickets for these games anyway so why don't we just hire Wembley?

Perhaps the Olympic Stadium is an option again. We had the Stratford debate before and it may raise issues again but instead of a turn up on the day and pay, could Tottenham not issue a one season season ticket to people on the waiting list?

Potentially there are 83,000 fans wanting tickets so why not have a season letting as many of them as possible see the games, they may not get the chance again so I'm sure fans would jump at the chance. The club then get a healthy chunk of revenue guaranteed plus all the match day income, £2 million a game at the atmosphere free Emirates.

I'd prefer to see us playing at Wembley rather than Stratford and any problems that may incur. can't see West Ham fans being too delighted with tens of thousands of Spurs fans constantly turning up. I could envisage trouble and that would be the last thing we need.

Would Wenbley be a draw for our foreign supporters, would they arrange trips, holidays or weekends to come and watch Tottenham play at Wembley? I'm sure they would, you can never guarantee a club getting to Wembley for a Cup Final so it would be a chance to experience us playing there guaranteed.

What do you think, should Spurs be the touring minstrels, or a set home for the season, a big home, at Wembley? Are you a foreign fan, would you make a special trip over for a 'home' game at Wembley?

It would be even better if we qualified for the Champions League for that season as well, just think of the TV revenue we could generate. League games and European games could be sold around the world easily, our share of TV revenue money would be enhanced.

Louis Van Gaal would have a season to turn us into a Champions League team. European nights at Wembley would be huge worldwide, sponsors would lap it up.

West Ham are paying just £2 million for the Olympic Stadium, which is a travesty so we could hardly be charged more. Wembley however has that appeal. Just think of sponsorship though, wouldn't companies flock to become sponsors for that season so they can entertain their clients at Wembley.

The stadium seems to me to have so much potential for us that we should choose that option with all it's associated off field as well as on field benefits.

We already have the songs, no doubt Chas and Dave would write some more!

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