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Pritchard reveals his problem at Spurs

9:00 pm

This week Alex Pritchard left for Norwich City. He had an agreement with Brighton & Hove Albion, who had an agreement with Tottenham reveals Chris Hughton in the national press, but he joined Norwich.

He then spoke about how pleased he was to be joining Norwich, as every player does when they join a new team. What he had to say though was possibly very revealing and explains why he has been unable to secure any more than 73 minutes of  Premier League football, 12 minutes at Tottenham and 61 minutes at WBA on loan.

He has talent so why didn't he progress? The answer can possibly be found in his remarks.

"It was a bit disappointing to finally leave Spurs. But in the end I couldn't wait to get out of there. They just never gave me a chance."

He had a chance in training every day, clearly he was expecting charity, to be given game time he didn't warrant. What is it Mouse Dembele said last summer when Mauricio Pochettino had left him out for most of the season? He said it was HIS responsibility, his fault, he will have to do something to change the situation, he didn't make excuses or look to blame other parties in the way Pritchard has.

It may sound minor, but in fact it is major, it is what makes the difference. Talent isn't enough, you have to have the mentality to go with it. Mauricio Pochettino once again confirmed that a winning mentality is a must at Tottenham these days with his remarks after the Inter Milan thrashing.

“The performance was good but in football, you can’t stop, you have to try to improve every day.”

It is a recurring theme from me I know, but it is so true, winners, players who make it to the top, players who become the best they can be, try to improve every day. Gareth Bale invented a new free-kick while training, Harry Kane has tried to do the same.

The I wasn't given a chance type of thinking is excuse making, you earn game time, you force the manager to pick you and you take the opportunity to pick you. First though, you have to force him to do so by the way you train. If you haven't got the mentality to do that, then you are missing the most important part of football at the top level.

The words of Alex Pritchard, Mousa Dembele and Mauricio Pochettino are very revealing.

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Fazio, Pritchard, Edwards, Lloris, Inter Milan game

12:30 pm


Federico Fazio is in Rome finalising the details of a deal after Tottenham turned down the offers being made by Espanyol who couldn't really afford his wages. The Roma deal is a better deal financially for us.

Alex Pritchard - Brighton have reportedly agreed a fee which everyone seems to be guessing about. It is perhaps £5-million plus £3-million add-ons. Everyone is suggesting the fee could rise to the £8-million we are asking. This deal has gone through quickly because Brighton, presumably through former Spurs full-back and now Brighton manager Chris Hughton, had a meeting with Daniel Levy agreeing the outline of a deal.

There are plenty of rumours that Marcus Edwards has signed a new contract which we would surely have ensured prior tp taking him to Australia and giving him game time.

Hugo Lloris is back in training at Tottenham after appearing to injure himself against Portugal in the European Championship Final.
ITV4 will be showing the Inter Milan game from Oslo on Friday before the first game of the season against Everton on 13 August. Tottenham face Inter Milan at the Ullevaal Stadion in Norway with kick-off at 4pm. Coverage will begin at 3.45pm.

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Two clubs negotiating, Brentford say no to Pritchard

5:00 pm


Brentford say no to Pritchard

The 10 clubs interested in Alex Pritchard from the Championship are being dwindled down with three strong players at the moment.

Spurs have rejected the initial QPR offer of a loan move with purchase option at the end of the season. We are not opposed to such a deal as long as the purchase option is a guaranteed one,but the figure were not high enough for our liking.

With so many clubs interested it is though we can get a better deal so can afford to hold out for more money. he is a proven performer at Championship level, a standout performer in fact. The Brentford fans would love him back but such a move has been ruled out by the Brentford co-director of football Rasmus Ankersen in response to fans forum questions. He explained that he was simply too expensive.

Newcastle United are been heavily linked but they haven't actually made a bid yet, just a lot of talk. Middlesbrough and Swansea City have both been linked but again, so far it is just talk. The two clubs actively negotiating are newly promoted Burnley and Brighton, managed by former Spurs full-back (1977-1990) Chris Hughton.

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QPR want Pritchard on loan with a buy option

2:30 pm


QPR want Pritchard on loan with a buy option

Alex Pritchard is not in the plans of Mauricio Pochettino and has to look for a new club. There are over a dozen clubs chasing his signature so we may well be able to get the £8-million asking price or close to it.

Plenty of clubs want to take him on loan, which unless Pochettino is going to change his mind is of no use to Tottenham really. He isn't on high wages so it is not a necessity that he is removed quickly. QPR want to take Pritchard on loan with a buying option next summer.

Former Tottenham player and coach Les Ferdinand, now Director of Football at QPR, worked with Pritchard when he was at Tottenham, as did Chris Ramsey, the Technical Director at the West London club.

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How a coach would assess Pritchard, Chadli and Trippier/Yedlin situations

7:00 pm


How a coach would assess Pritchard

Swansea City are pondering an £8-million move for Alex Pritchard, who currently has over a dozen clubs to choose from.
Swansea City are also interested in Belgian international Nacer Chadli, as we hear are Stoke City under Mark Hughes.
Southampton are said to be preparing a £5-million move for right-back Kieran Trippier.

Plenty of interest in our players, but only one of that trio has a realistic chance of actually happening.

Alex Pritchard has been a victim of circumstance. While he had an injury and then chose to go on loan to WBA, Tottenham moved forward while he went backwards.

He isn't totally guaranteed to leave, we are listening to offers and if one meets our valuation it will be accepted. Then it will be up to Pritchard with the full knowledge that his game time will be limited. He does really want to make it at Tottenham and has the Australian tour and training to impress Pochettino enough. The pair will have a chat at the end of the tour and decide his future.

Nacer Chadli provides  proven Premier League ability and his sale would leave us with just Lamela, Eriksen and Son plus a bunch of unproven kids. That isn't a situation any coach wants to leave themselves in. Yes, Dele Alli could move out there but then you lose something from the middle so it's not an ideal scenario.

The Chadli stuff is just reporters guessing he must be surplus to requirements and while you could say I'm guessing, I'm doing so with logic, common sense and the experience of coaching myself (I have taken two levels of coaching qualifications). Thinking like a coach, you want to develop players, but you want to do so with minimum risk.

Leaving yourself exposed to failure in the wide areas (important in our system) is not a logical move, you would have to be supremely confident that a youngster could take over full-time in the event of an injury. Then you have another youngster as their understudy who you have to play to give the first youngster a rest. Thus you need two youngsters you think will be guaranteed successes to sell Chadli.

Logically, if Chadli were to be sold, from a coaches point of view, January at the earliest, but more probably next summer would be the time to look at it, if the youngsters have developed over the season.

A similar situation applies to Kieran Trippier. His immediate future will be determined by how much DeAndre Yedlin has improved at Sunderland under Sam Allardyce. He has improved considerably I understand, but has he improved enough for him to be the Tottenham Hotspur right-back. That is the question you have to answer, if not, then Kieran Trippier is required to rotate with Kyle Walker, who will surely play the Champions League games and be rested for the Premier League games, unless Pochettino decides to operate his rotation policy for full-backs the other way around.

You can see that Yedlin has to be good enough to play regularly in the Premier League at the top of the table rather than the bottom to oust Trippier. It is unlikely Trippier will be going anywhere, again I would expect another year of development for Yedlin, presumably with another loan spell, then reassess next summer.

With my coaching head on that's how I would assess the situation of all three.

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Pritchard for sale, he is leaving Spurs this summer

2:30 pm


Pritchard to lave this summer

It would seem Alex Pritchard will be allowed to leave, which may be unfortunate for him, given his desire to make it at Tottenham, but Mauricio Pochettino does not allow passengers and Tottenham are not a players charity.

To say it again football is a ruthless business and if we are to be a top team challenging for trophies then sentiment has no place in squad selection. You either produce the goods on the training ground and thus get yourself picked or you are shown the door.

Clinton Njie hasn't produced enough in training, where Pochettino sees him every day. Federico Fazio knows he has no future and must find another club, which appears to be Espanyol at the moment.

Pritchard has missed out, he needed to be playing last season because now we have gone up a level of football (Europa League to Champions League) and we have a top four position to maintain. That means less time for experimentation, less time to give players a chance as fans put it. He is 23 now and hasn't established himself in the Premier League yet, the clock is ticking.

Few seem to consider what he can do off the ball, of all the comments I have read about him, not one talks about what he does defensively. The word from Brentford fans was that he was great on the ball but poor off it. Juan Mata was sold by Mourinho because he didn't do enough off the ball and Pochettino will see what he does every day in training to tell whether he can perform the 'ugly' side in addition to going forward.

The squad has to be considered, we are only allowed 25 players with 17 non-home grown players and Pritchard is at an age where he has to be named in the 25. The young squad to tour Australia has been announced with none of the England players in it yet there is no room for Pritchard, that speaks volumes, he has no future at The Lane.

Pritchard, I believe, accepts that he needs to leave to play football regularly and Newcastle United are definitely interested, the £8-million (€9.59m - AUS$14.10m - US$10.57m) it is believed we are asking is putting them off at the moment though. Middlesbrough and Swansea City are also interested in him while Italians Napoli have been linked this summer as well.

He simply isn't going to find enough playing time at Tottenham so a move is best for all parties.

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Njie, Pritchard stay or go?

2:30 pm


Njie, Pritchard stay or go?

There is debate raging as to whether we should sell Clinton Njie or not and really it depends upon the level of your ambition.

Now we are a top four side, we are a Champion League team and we need to stay at that level, rather than slip back to best of the rest. The teams around us are all buying, which you assume means improvement. We have made purchases, the proven Premier League Vivtor Wanyama and highly promising striker Vincent Janssen.

The question though, surrounds players like Alex Pritchard, Tom Carroll and Clinton Njie. They are all taking squad places so how long to you keep players who haven't yet performed? One school of thought says they haven't been given a chance, but that is nonsense because they train every day and it is on the training ground they have to show Pochettino they are worth a place. That means performing better than those in your spot and taking your chance when you get it, not this I need a run of games rubbish.

If you can't perform when you get a chance then you don't have it mentally and if you don't have that you shouldn't have a future at Tottenham. mentality id the be all and end all, it controls what you do, it controls your motivation, it controls your output.

We have moved on since we signed Erik Lamela and kept hold of him, not that we could have sold him for any fee. Now, if we want to stay where we are, we can not have players in the squad, or at last not too many of them, who take their time to develop. That holds the club back when we need to be pushing on. If we buy a player now, he gets a year to prove his worth, a year to show improvement, a year to say keep me.

If a player can't do that, and that is shown on the training ground, then if a replacement is available at the right price, you change them. Players then know that while we develop youth, you have to perform. To be a top club we have to be ruthless or eventually we will end up with too many players who do not improve, even over time.

Football is a brutal business and we have to be brutal to stay at the top.

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Pritchard to Newcastle would be a step backwards

5:30 pm


Pritchard to Newcastle

Pritchard to Newcastle, that is the latest cry from the Internet so where is the best place to turn for information from a Newcastle perspective? I'd say The Mag, it seems to be written by a guy with a common sense approach and not once of these fanciful types who just repeat everything without giving it any thought, and the site isn't infested with obtrusive advertising.

Graham Porter writes The Mag so it is to he I turn for the story from a Newcastle point of view. last I heard was that Andros Townsend was staying at Newcastle and Porter feels Pritchard could form a nice double act on the other side of the field.

The Sun he reports have suggested Spurs are looking for £8-million for Pritchard who has really missed a season and poerhaps seen his chance disappear. Tottenham have now stepped up into the Champions League and can't afford to drop points while trying to develop Pritchard. We really needed him playing in the second half of the season to get some experience and playing time under his belt.

He starts really where Tom Carroll started this season and you could only see him getting the sort of game time Carroll got with Lamela, Eriksen, Chadli, Njie, Son all ahead of him. Add to that we are looking for a goalscoring wide attacking player and chances will surely be very limited next season.

He is proven at Championship level, whether he wants to drop back down there is another matter. A Premier League loian spell would seem a more sensible option until January with a reassessment then.

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Lloris, Pritchard and Levy Out fan, unbelievable!

10:30 am
Daft isn't it and all so predictable, first we have stories of Hugo Lloris refusing to sign a new contract splashed all over the Internet and two days later he is suddenly going to sign a new contract.

Lloris, Pritchard and Levy Out fan, unbelievable!

A total non-story just as expected. The guy is away with France, h isn't doing any contract negotiations at the moment and he does them all himself. Journalists get paid good money to invent this stuff because papers know people don't think, they just lap it up.

Tottenham are reportedly open to offers for Alex Pritchard and he has been the subject of a £4-million bid from Swansea City. Apparently we are 'rocked' by the bid report the Transfer Tavern. Someone needs to get a grip on reality. There is, as usual, plenty of interest in our fringe players.

In other news some clown on Twitter is calling for Daniel Levy to go because we haven't made a signing yet. Clueless people like this do your head in.

Tottenham are being left behind by nearly every Club. This is getting too much to take. We need to get the Dictator out of our Club ASAP !

He obviously doesn't know we have Michy Batshuayi and Victor Wanyama lined up and wanting to join, that we are talking to Vazquez with just final prices left to agree.

He must be unaware we have players away at the Euros, that we have players away at the Copa America, tthat the transfer window isn't actually open yet, that no new signing can train with his teammates until July at the earliest.

The difference between fans and supporters, one supports the club, one doesn't. Some want the club to go forward, some want to go back to square one and start again.

Lloris, Pritchard and Levy Out fan, unbelievable! Lloris, Pritchard and Levy Out fan, unbelievable! Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Should we let Pritchard go?

9:30 pm
Sky Sports are running a story from the infamous 'Sky Sources' which basically means something they have found on the Internet.

Should we let Pritchard go?

There is some ITK on COYS Forum, arguably the only decent Spurs forum on the net, that says Pritchard can go. The Sky story may well have simply come from that forum post. What do you think?

The story may or may not be true, his WBA loan was a disaster, he didn't fit the Tony Pulis style so why did we send him there? Was it to do them a favour in the hope of building some goodwill? I don't see how that would have worked if they have a manager who isn't interested in creative players. Pulis teams all play the same way and you'd struggle to name a creative player in them, let alone a small one.

The 23-year-old (24 next May) has a contract until 2019 but is behind everyone else in his development thanks to injury and not playing regularly. He had a Malleolar injury, sat on th bench for a bit and then simply wasn't picked. He was hardly going to fit into a physical side, as all Pulis sides are.

So what should we do with him now? he isn't a proven Premier League player yet and thus, there may not be the opportunity to play him given we need to rest players for the Champions League without severely weakening the Premier League side. Keeping him would, therefore, be a gamble, he needs a season of football and we can't provide that.

Do we sell him or do we loan him out until January so he can prove himself. Would the promoted clubs want him, would Bournemouth want him or Crystal Palace?

Should we let Pritchard go? Should we let Pritchard go? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:30 pm Rating: 5

Pritchard, Mason, Dembele

2:30 pm
Pritchard, Mason, Dembele

Alex Pritchard will be ready for potential selection in a couple of weeks, Ryan Mason is back in training after his injury problems and Mousa Dembele has now signed a new contract until 2019 after finally getting his head in gear this season.

The under performing talent has had to stop going through the motions and start producing to get into the team. Last season he spent much of it on the bench and the message got through to him that what he was producing simply wasn't good enough or consistent enough to be selected.

Fair play to him, his Tottenham future was at a crossroads and he reacted in a positive way, he took it upon himself to show the boss he could produce more. He has been excellent since he returned from injury, importantly producing consistent performances that now have him challenging for a top four slot, if not more.

It is important that he demonstrates the right mental attitude, the winning attitude that produces improvement, not just for his own game, but because he is one of the elder statesmen in this squad. He is 28, he'll be 29 in July, it is up to him to set an example and to give the youngsters the benefit of his experience. They are not going to be impressed if they are hungry and eager to improve if he were just staying in his comfort zone. 

He has to push himself to show them they must push themselves. Both parties work off each other. It's a healthy way to maintain progress and we are seeing the results with Spurs improving faster than is normal suggests another of the more experienced players, captain Hugo Lloris. It all helps to create the right environment.

Ryan Mason has been like a kid in a sweet shop since he forced his way into the team. he has looked as though he has loved every minute and that he wants to give everything he has every game. Players like that can be infectious, they show, perhaps more talented players, the drive and passion they have to emulate. He now has to fight for a place again having moved down the pecking order below Tom Carroll perhaps.

Alex Pritchard is still a bit of an unknown, talented yes, but he still has to produce it in the first team. It's not his fault he hasn't had the chance yet but he will start to get cameos and it will be taken from there. 

Hopefully we get through the FA Cup tie and get a fixture in the next round that will enable us to play some of the squad members again who get less game time. It's a healthy situation we are in with players fighting for a place and knowing they must produce the goods to stay in the side with plenty waiting on the sidelines to take their place.



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Pritchard, Mason, Dembele Pritchard, Mason, Dembele Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

Few months before Pritchard is fit

11:00 am

Alex Pritchard is hoping to be back in contention for the Sunderland fixture write the press and while it's a subject this site has left to the regurgitation websites. Common sense tells us that if a player has been injured for a long period then he has to get fit and we know the fitness levels of Spurs players has to be great. How then, having only just returned from injury is he supposed to be a 'realistic' loan option according to some websites? 

Mauricio Pochettino has brought some sanity to the situation by answering a question at the pre-Leicester City press conference that the youngster has been out for 6 months and that it will now take a few months for him to get fit.

He will re-join the first team group on Monday and start his fitness training. As we know, when a player comes back from injury it is natural to try and protect it and other injuries can occur as a result. Pritchard has already had one setback when he broke down and had to have an operation. That has resulted in him remaining out of action for a further few months and thus, he has been injured since the summer.

Mauricio Pochettino is naturally against loaning him out and no club would want an unfit player, which all goes to show the absurdity of the press and the news regurgitation websites writing such rubbish. Fortunately, fans contain sanity at this website instead of the insanity elsewhere. I have consistently maintained there is no benefit in loaning out first team squad members as you have to have a replacement for them. A couple of injuries and the players not playing are suddenly required and a manager has to have cover for that eventuality.

Some of you will, of course, shout Harry Kane, but it is the views of Mauricio Pochettino that count and he feels he has cover. He has insisted that Tottenham will only bring in a player that fits with our long term plans and that if we can't he is happy to continue with the squad he has. The fact that some supporters disagree is neither here nor there.

He has also let it be known that he is not interested in loaning out the fringe players in the squad. Again this is no surprise as they will learn more about our system training with us. The importance of the group can not be over estimated. We have a very happy group of friends and when you have that situation work is fun. Happy workers produce higher quality work in all forms of life. 

Several players have been muted by the media for loan moves including Harry Winks and Kevin Wimmer, who is wanted bu Stuttgart. He is likely to play against Leicester City in the FA Cup tie today where Pochettino has indicated squad players will get a chance to show him what they can do.

Few months before Pritchard is fit Few months before Pritchard is fit Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:00 am Rating: 5

Pritchard, Alli, Son

9:00 pm

As suspected Alex Pritchard is going to be put for even longer after undergoing ankle surgery. He has been out since injuring himself in the European Under-21 Championships in the summer and has been struggling since. He has had a pain in his foot that won't go away and we have now had to resort to surgery which will keep him out for 3 months. His season won't begin until next year.

A player has to have the right mindset to be the best they can be and not every player has that. Players get to a level and then simply stay in their comfort zone doing what they do and not going to the next level. We see the talented players who go on to become world stars, they stand apart from the average international player.

It is very frustrating when a player with talent fails to utilise it to it's fullest, but all the signs point to Dele Alli having the motivation. His old MK Dons boss Karl Robinson believes he will do all he can to be the best player he can be, report the Daily Mail. That's a phrase regular readers will be familiar with.

As expected we saw Alli come on as a late substitute for England in the European Championship qualifier against Estonia last night which secures him for England and fends off Nigeria who have been courting him.

Son Heung-min was assessed today ahead of returning to training next week with the hope of featuring against Liverpool when the Premier League season continues after the international break.

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Pritchard, Alli, Son Pritchard, Alli, Son Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:00 pm Rating: 5

QPR have no chance of Pritchard on loan

8:30 am
There seems to be plenty of talk, all stemming from one article, that QPR are interested in taking Alex Pritchard on loan in January.

QPR have no chance of Pritchard on loan

The story goes that Tottenham might consider a loan for the 22-year-old if he fails to make the impact that he is expected to make. Let's be clear, there is zero chance of him going to QPR on loan, it isn't an option.

he spent last season on loan in the Championship for Brentford, he now needs to be playing Premier League football to progress so if he were to go out on loan it would be to a Premier League club and there would be a few willing to take him, Norwich City wanted to take him on a season-long loan deal so they may well want him in January, which would arguably be a better option for Pritchard and Spurs.

I know though that Pochettino rates him highly and is expecting him to make an impact. he'll get his chance in the UEFA Europa League and he has to take his chance consistently as Harry Kane did.

QPR have no chance of Pritchard on loan QPR have no chance of Pritchard on loan Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

Lloris & Pritchard step up comebacks at Under 21's win

1:59 pm
Hugo Lloris with only half a game under his belt wasn't ready for Old Trafford at the weekend although he was on the bench in case of emergencies, while Alex Pritchard has recently started training again after an ankle injury.

The type of wrist injury he had takes 6 weeks to heal in an adult and that would have taken him until 6August so it was always cutting it fine to be fit for the season opener. The Development side have played an Under-21 Premier League game this afternoon against Everton with both Hugo Lloris and Alex Pritchard in the starting line-up.

Ugo Ehiogu explained to the official website what he was looking for in the game.
“We’re looking for the boys to put in all the things we’ve talked about and to perform together. We know they might be a little bit rusty at times because it’s the first game of the season, but we’ll be looking for intensity and a willingness to press quickly.”

Spurs U21 XI (v Everton):
Lloris, Walker-Peters, Ogilvie, Lesniak, Ball, Carter-Vickers (c), Azzaoui, Harrison, Coulthirst, A Pritchard, Oduwa

Spurs U21 subs: Maghoma, Amos, Sonupe, McEvoy, Voss (GK)

Lloris made a save at the feet of an Everton attacker after 12 minutes and Pritchard had a free-kick saved after 18 minutes. A minute later though Nathan Oduwa, who is interesting a lot of clubs, was fouled outside the area and Pritchard curled the free-kick into the far corner.

After 26 minutes it was Pritchard again on the score sheet as Coulthirst back-heeled the ball giving Pritchard the space to curl one into the far corner.

Byrne pulled a goal back for Everton after 43 minutes and after 44 minutes 19-year-old Oduwa restored the two goal lead with a goal from the right.

At half-time Pritchard was taken off as he recovers from his recent ankle injury but two goals and 45 minutes under his belt is a good step back.

After 84 minutes Coulthirst made it 4-1 firing in from the left after a Harrison through ball. An excellent win from the opening game of the season and 90 minutes for Hugo Lloris between the sticks.

The game was controlled by the Spurs lads, the foundation of victory laid in the first-half and cemented in the second by possession based football and the high intensity pressing that Ehiogu was looking for.

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Lloris & Pritchard step up comebacks at Under 21's win Lloris & Pritchard step up comebacks at Under 21's win Reviewed by THBlogNews on 1:59 pm Rating: 5

Now only a year left on Vertonghen's contract

8:00 pm
With the passing of June 30, another year has expired on players contracts and there are consequent, as of 1 July, a whole host of players entering the final year of their contracts.

Rhe Bosman ruling has now meant that the list of players entering their final year is the single most important piece of information during a summer transfer window. Having only a year left on the players contract deflates his value significantly, thus clubs can pick up players who they wouldn't be able to buy at full market value.

Morgan Schneiderlin is being sold by Southampton with two years left on his contract because he refuses to sign a new deal and the club want to, therefore sell him when his value is high, next summer it would be half what it is now. In the summer of 2014 Jan Vertonghen refused to sign a new contract. The press suggested he had been promised the captaincy, which in the end he wasn't given. Despite there being a two-year option on his contract that can only be exercised if both parties agree, a club can't force a contract on a player who doesn't want it and a player can't force a club to employ if they choose not to exercise the option.

I took a lot of stick from Everton fans yelling about an option in his contract which is entirely irrelevant if the player or club refuse to agree to exercise the option. His value does not increase by having an option because in effect it is meaningless until it's signed. He like Jan Vertonghen, Younes Kaboul, Emmanuel Adebayor, Tom Carroll, Alex Pritchard and Aaron Lennon are in the final year of their contracts and their market value to other clubs is thus diminished.

Agents, players and clubs all know a player's value is deflated and use it to snap up a perceived bargain while for some individuals it is a way a club demonstrates they are not wanted, they don't offer an extension.

Spurs are discussing new contracts with Jan Vertonghen and Alex Pritchard, the future of Tom Carroll remains unclear while the club want Emmanuel Adebayor, Younes Kaboul and Aaron Lennon to leave. Will some sign, will some go, it's a waiting game, we'll see.

Now only a year left on Vertonghen's contract Now only a year left on Vertonghen's contract Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

Who's breakthrough year will thisbe?

1:00 pm
Will this be the breakthrough year for Tom Carroll, Alex Pritchard, DeAndre Yedlin or perhaps new signing Deli Alli?

Fans go over the top over players they have hardly seen, they read a match report of how a player plays well, hears constant praise and next thing they are demanding he is given a chance when back from loan.

As with any loan spell you have to take account of the opposition, performing brilliantly in League One doesn't suddenly mean you are ready for the Premier League, although there are exceptions to the rule as Ryan Mason has shown. Equally performing in the Championship doesn't mean you can do it in the Premier League, Louis Saha has shown things can come too early for a player.

Alex Pritchard for me is a case in point, there is an awful lot of hype surrounding him, he undoubtedly has talent but there is more to football than. Fair play to him he has taken everything that has been thrown at him and come through with flying colours, he has been a marked man and dealt with it. His attitude thus far is what we require in our footballers at White Hart Lane, a desire to overcome obstacles.

The UEFA Europa League is surely calling for Pritchard with cameos in the Premier League at selected times, I doubt he is ready for anything more yet. I'm keen to see him in action in our system in Europe and in the cups to see what he can do, then we may know a little more about what we have got.

Former Tottenham and England winger Peter Taylor has his doubts whether he is top four material, the standard by which we have to judge a player, as he revealed to Sky Sports recently.

“Thankfully for him, size won’t matter. He’s that good. He’s not afraid to take the ball in tight areas and he’s not afraid of a tackle. I’ve been doing some scouting this season and watching him play so I’ve seen quite a lot of him. 
“He’s a very intelligent footballer, honestly. He a terrific player with a terrific touch and a footballing brain. He will make goals. Is he a top-four player? I’m not sure.”

Érik Lamela has his limitations have been exposed in the Premier League thus far and you could throw him into a list of players who could have a breakthrough season. The Argentinian is only young we must remember, he won't be 24 until next March.

It took Nacer Chadli a season of playing before he started to show what he could do, perhaps the system with an interchanging front four helped him. When he was tied to a wing he was less threatening and popped up all over the place for his goals. He had a breakthrough season last year along with the obvious names of Harry Kane and Ryan Mason.

I advocated bringing a young group of players together and letting them grow as a team, it happens in other leagues, where success breeds happiness. Having a happy squad is vital and the camp at Spurs is a happy one, it breeds a bond where you don't want to let your teammates down and success is all that much sweeter when it is with your friends.

If we are to adopt that policy then we need to weed out those with the wrong mental attitude and bring in those who, if they are older will want to help the youngsters, and if they are younger have a burning desire to develop. A will won't get you anywhere, a burning desire will.

Lamela has been at the club a couple of seasons now, one blighted by injury, so we are still really waiting for his breakthrough, he was after-all supposed to be the all singing all dancing replacement for Garth Bale. That burden has to be put to one side and extensive work put in on the training ground to develop his game. Key to that will be his decision making and adding variety, at the moment everyone knows exactly what he is going to do, just as we do with Andros Townsend.

I am a critic of Lamela yes, because I'm not yet convinced of his mentality, another Tom Huddlestone, who will be joining Aston Villa incidentally, ability but he always laves you feeling he could give more, Mousa Dembélé the same. Andre Villas-Boas was charged with changing the mentality at the club, Tim Sherwood pointed out the poor mentality at the club, Hugo Lloris has mentioned it, Pochettino has often spoken it.

Football is a ruthless business and sometimes you have to do things that may be painful, we can't play everyone so those that play have to mentally in the right frame of mind to produce. Only a player can determine his motivation because only a player can make his own mental decisions, if he doesn't feel a game against Stoke is important enough he won't produce. We have stated we want young hungry players because a hungry player has motivation. It is up to the youngsters to turn that hunger into performances.

Personally I have never seen Tom Carroll as a playmaking defensive midfielder, it's a waste of the ability he has in my view, I'd be concerned with the defensive side of his game. I was pleased to see him playing the central attacking midfielder role in the three behind Harry Kane for England at the Under-21 European Championships. It's there that I'd like to see him given a role in the UEFA Europa League, it would give Christian Eriksen some much needed rest.

What little I have seen of him in that role suggests he has the vision for a pass, the eye to thread a ball through the defence. It's an area we are often looking as if we are struggling in. Would you think Mousa Dembélé or Tom Carroll would be more threatening in that role, the Belgians poor stats suggest Carroll and I would have to agree.

Like Pritchard the UEFA Europa League is going to be key for Carroll. Harry Kane has suddenly shown everyone that if you perform in that competition then you can get your chance in the Premier League, it's up to you to then take that chance and not expect a charity run of games to see what you can do, there is a training ground for that.

What Kane did just gives every youngster a boost, if he can do it I can do it, hopefully this coming season we'll see that.

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Harry Kane & the U21 boys begin vs Portugal tonight -- Berahino Out

4:30 pm
The 2015 UEFA European Under-21 Championship starts for England tonight when all Spurs fans can watch the exploits of Harry Kane, Tom Carroll and Alex Pritchard.

The tournament is the 20th staging of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship, a biennial football competition and on this occasion it is being staged in the Czech Republic.

England have appeared in the tournament 11 times before this one, in 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013. The rest of the Europe take these tournaments seriously, sending their best teams but England unfortunately haven't and then we wonder why we are useless at tournament football at senior level.

Clubs have had a far too greater influence on their players playing in the past, Arsene Wenger has notoriously tried to stop his players being used, speaking out against them being included in squads and some it seems think Undre-21 football is beneath them if they have represented the senior side.

Once again it demonstrates the problem with football in their country and the poor mental attitude some players have. The Spurs boys want to be there, Kane has publicly stated he wanted to be there, even though he could have angled for a summer off.

Every player should want to play for his country, it's a disgrace that Jamie Carragher didn't want to and felt it got in the way of his club football. If your country want you, clubs should be powerless to do anything about it. I for one fully support our boys being there, even if it does mean Kane misses the start of the season with needing a rest.

You can cheer on Harry Kane and the boys on BT Sport in the UK, 7.45pm. At lasy some football to watch as a sensible hour.

BREAKING NEWS: Saido Berahino, the WBA striker has been ruled out of the entire Championships with a knee injury, Benik Afobé of Wolverhampton Wanderers has been brought in to replace him.

Group A

Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Serbia

20 June: Serbia v Czech Republic, Germany v Denmark
23 June: Czech Republic v Germany, Denmark v Serbia

Czech Republic 1 (Kaderabek 35), Denmark 2 (Vestergaard 56, Sisto 84)
Germany 1 (Can 17), Serbia 1 (Djuricic 8)

Group B

Italy, Sweden, England, Portugal

18 June: Italy v Sweden; Andrův stadion, Olomouc;
18 June: England v Portugal; Stadion Miroslava Valenty, Uherské Hradiště;
Referee: Danny Makkelie (Netherlands)
21 June: Sweden v England; Andrův stadion, Olomouc
21 June: Italy v Portugal; Stadion Miroslava Valenty, Uherské Hradiště
24 June: England v Italy; Andrův stadion, Olomouc
24 June: Portugal v Sweden; Stadion Miroslava Valenty, Uherské Hradiště

Knock-out Stage
In the knockout stage (and the possible Olympic play-off), extra time and penalty shoot-out are used to decide the winner if necessary.

27 June: Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group A; Andrův stadion, Olomouc
27 June: Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group B; Generali Arena, Prague

Possible Olympic Play-off
If England (who are ineligible for the Olympics) advance to the semi-finals, a play-off match will be played between the two group third-placed teams to decide the final Olympic spot.[4] Otherwise, this match is not played.
28 June: Third Place Group A vs Third Place Group B; Stadion Miroslava Valenty, Uherské Hradiště

30 June: Winner Semi-final 1 vs Winner Semi-final 2; Eden Arena, Prague

Harry Kane & the U21 boys begin vs Portugal tonight -- Berahino Out Harry Kane & the U21 boys begin vs Portugal tonight -- Berahino Out Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:30 pm Rating: 5

Europa League important for Carroll & Pritchard

8:30 pm
Mousa Dembele recently told reporters he felt finishing fifth was important for Spurs, that mentally it is good for the players and when asked felt it would attract players this summer.

I find it inexplicable that some fans have been calling for failure as if not being in the Europa League guaranteed a Champions League place the following season, it doesn't. If Tottenham can't handle the Europa League, with squad players playing and the Premier League then there is no way we can handle the Champions League, where first choice players will have to play and the Premier League.

Failure to qualify for the Europa League should never be an option, it's promoting failure and Europe attracts players. It's only in England the Europa League isn't taken seriously, it is in Spain, which is why they win it so often. Would you say Dnipro are a better side than Tottenham? No, so there is no reason Tottenham could not get into the Champions League through the Europa League, even with playing squad players for a lot of games.

Harry Kane developed by playing Europa League football, it could be an excellent vehicle for Tom Carroll and Alex Pritchard next season. Miloš Veljković is hoping next season will be his breakthrough season, not in the way Kane has broken through this season but more like last season when Kane was gaining experience.

Carroll impressed against the Malaysian XI and demonstrated an advanced role may be better suited to him that a defensive one. Tottenham play with Bentaleb defending and Mason with licence to go forward. Carroll looks as though that role or even central of the attacking three could be an option. He has an eye for a pass which is invaluable further up the pitch, with another good display against Sydney FC he may well have secured his place in the squad for next season.

Alex Pritchard has to step up from the Championship so throwing him into European games and the League Cup will give him the chance to gain valuable game time in a Spurs shirt. Both have got to learn the Pochettino system and with the England Under-21 side for the European Championships, may well miss the start of the season.

Miloš Veljković is with the Serbian squad for the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup in New Zealand with games set to be played from June 19th to July 11th. This is another tournament England don't take seriously, quite how we expect to win anything at international when so much seems beneath us is a mystery.

With new signing Kevin Wimmer looking forward to the Europa League I would expect to see Veljković on the bench and getting substitute appearances together with game time in the League Cup. He is only 19, he'll be 20 in September, and has time on his side but he is mature for his age so taking him to away games particularly will benefit him. Different countries, different cultures, different training facilities, different fans, hostile atmospheres, poor pitches, it's all experience and develops a player.

For these three in particular the Europa League is important, let alone for the likes of Ben Davies who would hardly play otherwise with Rose fit and performing well.

Europa League important for Carroll & Pritchard Europa League important for Carroll & Pritchard Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 pm Rating: 5

6 Spurs players to miss the start of next season

8:30 am
Tottenham look set to be without leading goalscorer Harry Kane and Erik Lamela for the start of next season.

The poster boy of Tottenham Hotspur and the player all the fans want to see in Malaysia and Australia is Harry Kane. He of course didn't disappoint when scoring both goals in Spurs 2-1. After the Sydney FC game which will no doubt see him play 45 minutes on Saturday, he will have a short break before teaming up with the England Under-21 squad for the European Championships in the Czech Republic from the 15th to the 30th of June.

He will then need another break before he begins pre-season training and like players returning from the World Cup last season will be eased back into action.

Tom Carroll, Alex Pritchard and Eric Dier will be in the same boat, all also with the England Under-21's.

They will be joined by Erik Lamela who has been selected by Argentina for the 12 team Copa America tournament which takes place in Chile from 11 June to 4 July. He will also need a holiday before beginning training so will be a month behind the main part of the squad.

DeAndre Yedlin is in the USA squad for their next game and they have four matches in July. The MNT (Mens National Team) as they call themselves play Guatemala on July 3rd in Nashville, Texas, Honduras on the 7th in Frisco, Texas, Haiti on the 10th on Foxborough, Massachusetts and Panama on the 13th in Kansas City, Kansas.

If Yedlin is taking part in any of those he will also miss the start of the season although with Pochettino looking to sign Kieran Trippier from Burnley, it may well be that Yedlin has not impressed thus far. They are the whispers but in fairness to him it is a big step up to make from the MLS to the Premier League, it may well take time to progress him.

Pre-season training starts at the beginning of July so all six are not going to be ready for the start of the season, scheduled for 8th August. After having their holidays for a couple of weeks they will be behind in their fitness levels suggesting they will miss the start of next season.

6 Spurs players to miss the start of next season 6 Spurs players to miss the start of next season Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5
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