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Let's give City a real stuffing

5:06 pm
Right then, we're finally here again. Do you remember the Liverpool game, the buzz, the excitement, the passion, the drive?

Having had no real movement in the transfer market, our squad has gelled and is ready for action. Thus far, Harry's been unable to add "that special player", but there are still 18 days left for Redknapp to demonstrate his wheeler-dealer tactics.

Manchester City on the other hand, have drafted in a new batch of prima donnas, with this lot even more intent on earning greater sums per week than the previous mercenaries.

Don't let the blue half of Manchester fool you into thinking that everything is running smoothly. Craig Bellamy's recent outbursts demonstrate that not everything is as it seems up in Moneybags City.

We all forecasted it (well, I did anyway), that you cannot bring in proper professionals into a club that has done nothing for donkey's years and expect them to gel immediately.

Every player that has been purchased with the Abu Dhabi money is there for one thing; money. If you think that players like David Silva, Gareth Barry and Emmanuel Adebayor have signed up for any other reason than money, I advise that you stop deluding yourself. Unfortunately for City, players who are willing to sell their soul to the money-gods, don't often make decent pros.

Think about it. Why does Manchester City need to fork out extortionate transfer fees and wages? Firstly, the selling club doesn't want to lose its player, therefore demands a massive fee. Secondly, the players themselves don't want to join City and would only be tempted if they were to quadruple their wages.

Get-to-the-top-schemes rarely work and it looks as though City, under the stewardship of Cook and Marwood, will fail. Unless those two clowns get it out of their head that you cannot run a real football club like a Football Manager game (I'm talking about taking over a team on FM, only to sell its best players to your original team and sell your naff players, like Taarabt, for £40 million. There's no shame, we've all done it), City will not progress.

So then, we come to the crux of it. Let's not kid ourselves, I think most footballers are prima donnas. It all depends on what PD Level they're at. City players, in my opinion, are at least a few notches above the Spurs players. Should we also take into consideration that most of the City players haven't had longer than a season together? Probably. It all depends on which players have the most drive. I think the Spurs players do.

Tottenham 3-2 Manchester City.

PS. Expect a roller coaster of a match.

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