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Dele Wins The Assist Battle

5:30 pm

Dele Won His Assist Battle With Harry Kane on Wednesday

Dele Alli won the passing assist competition with Harry Kane hands down against Arsenal on Wednesday, capping another quite superb performance.

As you can see from the graphic, he was 10 yards into the Arsenal half and had to think quickly before the Arsenal player made a tackle. Facing to his right he could see Son ready to make a run in behind the Arsenal defence.

Dele's pass had to be into Son's run, which would be angled towards goal and critically at the right pace. If it was played too heavy, the curl of the ball would bring the sweeper keeper into play or it would push Son too wide, depending upon whether the pass was played with curl or not.

Alli, however, played it at the perfect weight and Son didn't have to break his stride or change his angle of run. The curl of the pass was with his run thus making instant control for the receiver easier.

The area Dele had to play it into was small, pace was critical and he had no time to think about it with an Arsenal player immediately on him.

This piece of skill far outweighed the time, space, passing area and level of difficulty than the Harry Kane pass, which one rather OTT hack, has labelled world class.

The ball was cleared to Kane who had acres of space to chest the ball down, get it under control, turn and look up to see Dele Alli making a forward run and pointing to where he wanted the ball.

Still unchallenged and with plenty of time, he had an easy chip over the defence into a large expanse in the general area where Dele was running.

Kane placed curl on the ball, against the run of Alli, thus making ball control for the receiver more difficult. In fact, Dele did miss-control the ball which pushed him wider but allowed him to produce a quite superb finish.

As long as the ball was not overhit, pace and direction were less critical, Alli was free from a static defence and anywhere near his run would have allowed him to score. the actual pass was a pass you would expect most professionals to make, given the time Harry had to play the ball.

Which was the better goal?

Well, the finish of Alli makes the second goal a better goal, but the assist award has to go to Dele Alli simply because of the lack of time, less room for error and a greater degree of difficulty in executing the pass.


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NLD Tactical Analysis and Referee Review

12:30 pm


An excellent Tactical Analysis Article of the recent draw in the North London derby against bitter rivals Arsenal away at the Emirates.

A different article from an Arsenal evaluating Mark Clattenburg in the North London Derby. Who has evealuated them though and are they a qualified referee interpreting the law as it has been defined to them. Almost certainly not, whish rather negates the conclusions, which are probalby liased anyway.
Ref Review

Our defence stood firm under pressure and we only conceded one goal at the Emirates. Over time we have become a very solid unit, as opposed to the pourus one Pochettino inherited. You can't build sustainable success on a porous defence, it simply puts more pressure on the attackers to score more goals than the opposition and is disheartening when you continually have to score another.

How have the Premier League top 6 compared for clean sheets this season therefore?
The Top 6

  1. Liverpool 1 clean sheet
  2. Chelsea 6 clean sheets
  3. Manchester City 2 clean sheets
  4. Arsenal 4 clean sheets
  5. Tottenham Hotspur 5 clean sheets
  6. Manchester United 4 clean sheets

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No reason for panic changes

10:00 am

There seems to be a lot of panic from Spurs fans on Twitter calling for Wimmer to play or changing the formation. Neither solve the issue we have at the moment. There is nothing wrong with the defence so there is no reason to change it.

The issue is the last third and trying to score goals with purpose as opposed to passing and waiting for an opportunity. Call it aggression, call it urgency, the label doesn't matter. The squad is still short of some quality with players like N'Koudou looking learning his trade.

It is understandable fans want things now, while Pochettino is still building for seasons to come, albeit while trying to challenge now. It was only a few weeks ago we beat Manchester City totally outplaying them so there isn't a great deal wrong.

We go into this game with the same feelings as we went into the Manchester City game, nobody saw that performance coming. Mousa Dembele and Harry Kane have both passed fitness tests and are available to take part. It's only a short while to kick-off now and then we'll see what today brings.

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Tough game to call on Sunday

6:00 am

Mauricio Pochettino has admitted the Tottenham squad is not the finished article, that it is still being built. Building is an ongoing process, it is never finished, unlike the new stadium being built.

Right now we are missing the creativity of Erik Lamela and Christian Eriksen seems to have gone into his creative shell, while Vincent Janssen is being starved of opportunities. We have to start providing chances for a centre-forward, not simply expect hi to manufacture goals out of thin air, they come when he has adapted his game. This is after all only his second season of top flight football despite the fact his is the first-choice national striker for Holland.

Against WBA we only had any urgency after we had gone behind with only 8 minutes left. That is the urgency we should be showing earlier in games, but we pass sideways waiting for the non-existent gap to appear.

Form in a North London Derby goes out of the window. We have seem on many occasions how one team raises it's game when they may not be on top form. Most games are close, most games are a battle so while confidence may be dented, the occasion should see a response from the players.

"Arsenal, after 20 years of Arsene Wenger, are one of the most consistent clubs in the world. It's difficult to compare us with Arsenal. We want to be one of the best but we're still building the training ground, the new stadium and our squad. But you put that away when you compete. We need to be aggressive and try to play better than them. 
"We're not in a positive situation, we've struggled to win games after beating Manchester City. We need to work hard and try more than before because we're in a difficult moment. You need to be ready to change the dynamic and we have a very good opportunity on Sunday. 
"It will be an exciting game for us and for them, too. It will be tough for both teams. It's a big challenge for them to beat us and for us to win. I was very disappointed with the performance on Wednesday. We know we were poor and we cannot play that way against Arsenal. But it's a completely different competition and it will be a completely different game."

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