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New Years Wish

12:28 pm
A happy new year and a happy new style of football with goals being scored, yes we are taking risks so can concede but football is a risk reward business.

Two unacceptable thrashings and a refusal to integrate Emmanuel Adebayor saw the end of Andre Villas-Boas and his over complicated approach. Players no longer spend more time abdicating responsibility than actually doing anything creative.

Previously it seemed they were passing to each other in front of a tight defence, created by the system we were playing, as if they were thinking I've done my bit successfully, the boss won't be able to complain.

For several seasons I have been talking about the need to score goals and be clinical when we are winning 3-0 for instance. Being clinical, instead of wasteful and not seeming to care, to record 4-0, 5-0, 6-0 wins is essential when you are faced with a tight game that needs a goal. Then, used to being clinical, chances are more likely to be taken than spurned.

The Tim Sherwood approach is to attack, is to take risks. Three goal against Southampton and Stoke are a world away from trying to scrape together a chance let alone a goal. Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal all score goals for fun, regularly smashing in four, those are the ranks we need to join, which will happen with clinical finishing.

So my wish for 2014 is for Soldado and Paulinho to find their shooting boots, too many of Paulinho's efforts end up in the stands for a player of his quality and for Ade to continue with this attitude.

My wish is that we become a clinical finishing side, if we do there can be treasures ahead.

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