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Is this the beginning of the end of Arsenal?

8:00 pm
Cesc Fabregas Leaving Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur Blog NewsI've just heard an interview on talkSPORT with the Spanish football pundit, Guillem Balague. It's basically curtains for Cesc Fabregas' 7 year stint with Arsenal as it looks like he has told Wenger that he wants to leave now, rather than later, with Barcelona being his preferred choice.

Now, if this report is true, and I presume it is, it looks as though Cesc has finally given up on the Wenger Project. In fact, it's a slap in the face for the entire establish at Arsenal.


Because the belief that doing things Wenger's way, is no longer there.

How long is Fabregas supposed to stick around while the "young players" develop? How many times do you think the lad can sit by and watch the British media drool over another one of Walcott's runs that simply have no end product? How many times has he had to place his head in his hands because every Arsenal keeper has just fluffed another howler?

If he does go, it may leave a dent so large in Arsenal's heart, that filling it, may prove to be an impossible feat. He is their captain, their talisman. Make no bones about it; Fabregas is the player that makes their setup tick along.

How does all of this play on the mind of van Persie? Does the Dutchman still believe in Wenger's Project? Does Wenger himself believe in it any more? I suppose we'll have to wait and see how this pans out.

If Arsenal can't find an adequate replacement, how long before their time is up? I suppose they could recall Jack Wilshere from Bolton, and wait for him to develop? What's another few years, eh?

Some have said that the club just doesn't have the funds to go out and buy the players needed. Is Wenger covering for his Board? I think the truth will out this summer.

The sustained success of a football club cannot go on forever. Oh, what am I saying? Arsenal's last success came 5 years ago!

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