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Spurs fans win YID case

9:30 am
The Spurs fans who recently won a victory over the Metropolitan Police will celebrated and the chants of Yid Army will ring around Stamford Bridge today.

Spurs fans can use the Yid word
Spurs fans can use the Yid word

Three Spurs fans had been arrested over their use of the word but the case has now been dropped.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the words could not legally be counted as “threatening, abusive or insulting” in the circumstances. Where Spurs fans have been saying look at the use of the word in context, the Police and FA took a different view, they simply tried to ban any use of the word.

As I maintained at the time, if Roy Hodgson is let off by the Football Association over his inappropriate Andros Townsend joke, when he referenced him as a monkey, because of the context it was used in then the Yid word has to be viewed in context. Anything else is simply double standards, don't do as we do, do as we say.

Strangely not everyone agreed with that view but now the Crown Prosecution Service have backed it up, as did David Cameron at the time saying he did think the Spurs fans should charged because the use of the word was not "motivated by hate," which is the common sense view.

Quite frankly in football talk the word Yid simply means Spurs fan, we are all called Yids by our mates, everyone knows that is what they are saying, "here comes the Yid" is "here come the Spurs fan."

The CPS had to reluctantly agree when a spokesman said, "In accordance with our duty to keep all cases under review we have conducted a senior level review of this case.

"It has now been concluded that, according to the Code for Crown Prosecutors, there is insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction, and that the cases against Peter Ditchman, Gary Whybrow and Sam Parsons should be discontinued.

"In considering whether a criminal offence could be proved we have to look objectively at the words used, and the context in which they were used. As part of the review, the context of the use of the words alleged in this case was reconsidered, and we have decided that, although the same words used in other contexts could in theory satisfy the criteria for 'threatening, abusive or insulting', it is unlikely that a court would find that they were in the context of the three particular cases in question.

"We have therefore concluded that there is insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction. This decision has no bearing on any other cases that may be brought to our attention and all cases will be considered on their own facts and merits."

The case was ludicrous to begin with when you consider that the West Ham United fans who hissed to simulate the gas chamber got away scott free as did West Ham themselves. Neither the police nor the FA did anything about it so the case against 'The Spurs Three' smacked of the police trying to invent a crime to get easy convictions, boost crime rates and earn themselves easy bonuses.

It's quite daft that if you solve enough crime you receive a bonus, all that does is make people pick on easy targets, like Spurs fans.

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