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"Signing a centre-half is our priority"

11:25 am
Hmm. So said the Evening Standard last night. Apparently Harry's been on about us needing a central defender. Can I ask why though?

We've all heard the news that Woodgate hasn't been included in the final 25-man squad and Ledley's got a dodgy knee, but we've still got Michael Dawson, Seb Bassong and Younes Kaboul. Charlie is a natural centre-half, although I, like most, don't fancy him in that position.

Is this another Harry ploy? I think we all know Harry well enough to understand the psychology of his comments. "Signing a centre-half is our top priority" can also read as "Dan, I want to add players to this squad, so hurry up and get your cheque book out!".

I had personally hoped that our signing of the "special one/two/three" would have been done and dusted by now. With the season fast approaching, it would have been better to have had a settled squad.

Hopefully Harry can get a few players in prior to our Champion's League qualifiers.


Our mate, Melsey, was in the same hotel along with the Manchester City squad in the States. He asked Bellamy if he would be joining Spurs and Bellamy replied "I can't keep moving clubs, although I do like and respect Harry a lot".

Melsey then asked one of the waitresses to ask Shay Given if his name was Joe Hart. Very funny indeed, he apparently looked furious.

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