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Champions League To Destroy The Premier League

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Champions League To Destroy The Premier League

The Premier League have come out against the proposed plans to make the UEFA Champions League a closed shop for the top clubs and to stop smaller clubs getting into it.

Sides like Everton, Wolverhampton Wanderers, West Ham United, Leicester City, Newcastle United would all effectively be barred for the premier European competition because entry would be so difficult with only 4 places available in Europe.

If you don't know what the proposals are, take a read at this article, which will open in a new window.

Clubs like West Ham,  Newcastle, Everton to be excluded from the Champions League

Basically, qualification from a 14 game group stage competition into knockout phases, two divisions with promotion and relegation from 2 divisions and the top 21 teams automatically qualifying through Champions League position.

The ramifications of that means it becomes more important than domestic leagues, that first teams will play in Europe, while the squad players will play in the domestic league because it doesn't give qualification to the Champions League.

The Premier League and leagues across Europe and totally against this, it damages their competition, but the rich clubs want guaranteed paydays in Europe and despite the leagues saying the clubs are unanimous, it is the top clubs who are pushing for this and have helped to come up with these proposals.

“The Premier League and our clubs today unanimously reaffirmed our strong opposition to the proposed reform of UEFA club competitions from 2024, which would alter the structure, calendar and competitiveness of league football,” a statement read.

“We believe the proposals – particularly the suggested format and qualification criteria – would be detrimental to domestic leagues across the continent.

“There was unanimous agreement that the domestic game should continue to be the priority for professional clubs, and any changes to the football calendar must respect the requirements of domestic competitions.

“Critically, qualification for the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League must continue to depend on current domestic performance.

“The clubs have asked the Premier League to now work with UEFA, fans and other stakeholders across Europe, to identify constructive proposals which improve European club competitions without harming domestic football."

Daniel Levy has put Tottenham in a position to be among the elite. Unlike journalists and editors who write about the 'real' threat of a breakaway league without understanding players wouldn't be able to play international football which would decimate clubs with players leaving, he understands the football business, which includes looking forward and preparing the club for what is to come.

Let's be clear, the big clubs want guaranteed European football for paydays, they, therefore, want to be playing in the top clubs in Europe, not the smaller clubs.

The UEFA Champions league came about to appease these clubs and thus a tournament was devised to give them what they wanted and keep them within the domestic football competition. Top clubs now are threatening a breakaway league again, which won't happen, thus the Champions League have to come up with proposals that appease them again.

Working in conjunction with the European Clubs Association (ECA), making the European competition more important than any domestic league is their proposal.

If the finishing position in the league becomes irrelevant, then the best players will be saved for Champions League games and the international corporate money that brings.

Tottenham have been built, while the previously 7th richest club in the country, Newcastle, haven't. Spurs are starting to see the benefits of that with other clubs. That should be what any chairman who cares about their football club should and should have been doing.

If you understand the football business then you understand Daniel Levy is the best chairman we have ever had. The bigger picture is more important than the small window fans look through, the same window most journalists look through. It's the wrong one.

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Tottenham Are Not at a Crossroads

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Spurs Trying For Newcastle Striker Pérez Again


Tottenham are said to be 'one step away' from the signing of 25-year-old (26 in July) Newcastle United striker Ayoze Pérez reports

Vincenzo Credenendino writes an exclusive for Calcio Napoli that neither Italian sides Napoli or Inter Milan will be able to sign Aoze Pérez as he is likely to be joining Tottenham in a deal he reports would be worth around £24.71 million (€28m).

Credenendino suggests Arsenal tried to sign the Spanish striker, as did Valencia and Atlético Madrid. He also suggests there is a release clause in his Newcastle United contract of £26.49 million (€30m) and that he would rather join an Italian club where he believes he would score 20 goals a season and take the leap to the next level.

The Italian press speculates every summer that Erik Lamela is leaving and it is always for Italy and he never does. They are suggestion this time is that he hasn't played much, well, he has yet again been injured for long periods again.
Simply because he hasn't played doesn't mean he is leaving and we need an additional player who can attack from wide that can replace Georges-Kevin N'Koudou rather than Lamela.

N'Koudou has been on loan at AS Monaco this season but has a contract at Tottenham until 2021. He would be the first wide man one we would want to offload.

Pérez can play as a striker, secondary striker and wide left attacker so have the versatility that POchettino likes that enables players to cover various positions but more importantly can play in different systems. Poch wants players who can change system during a game with the same players, therefore reacting to what the opposition is doing or does.

The journalist confirms that we tried to sign him 3 years ago, which demonstrates we continue to watch players we are interested in and when circumstances align make further moves. Being a UEFA Champions League finalist will certainly make us an attractive opposition for some players looking to progress their careers.

The fact that we have shown there are plenty of games for everyone to play and that we change system is a bonus and helps a player see they won't be stuck on a bench.

We again have the four major trophies to play next season and if we win the Champions League we will also have the UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup to play. This again is great for worldwide brand exposure which in turn could help our marketing guys to bring in more commercial sponsorship revenue.

Increased income allows increased expenditure in the squad.

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Clubs like West Ham, Newcastle, Everton to be excluded from the Champions League

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The Top 21 Champions League Teams to Qualify For Following Years Competition Making Premier League Finishing Position Irrelevant

The last time the major clubs talked about forming their own breakaway league, the European Cup was restructured to form the Champions League to guarantee them plenty of big European nights and to almost guarantee them entry into the competition.

With recent talk of a breakaway league again so the elite can just play the big money-spinning games, UEFA has had to look at restructuring the Champions League to try and appease them again.

Documents have been leaked and obtained by the New York Times that show how UEFA and the few elite clubs they have hatched a plan with, propose to restructure Europe's premier competition specifically for the elite clubs. The rest are to be left behind.

If you support Everton, Leicester City, West Ham United, Newcastle United and a host of clubs in their position, time is running out to secure Champions League football. If a club doesn't get in in 2024, then they may never get in so being in a financial position to do so is of paramount importance to a clubs future.

The New York Times has obtained documents that show only one proposal, as opposed to the smokescreen of several options that UEFA and the elite clubs suggest there are.

The plan is to give 28 places to major leagues and 4 to the other 55 national federations, starting in 2024.

The top 21 teams in the UEFA Champions League will automatically qualify for the competition the following year, making their domestic league finishing position totally irrelevant.

The Champions League will effectively become the breakaway European League. It is structured to ensure clubs inclusion.

The elite Spanish clubs and the Italians are pushing this proposal hard suggesting it gives them fiscal security. Of course, this proposal will just deepen the spending power of the elite, guaranteeing them more income than the remainder of their national league teams.

Football has long been all about money, those that have it win trophies, those that don't, don't, except in the rare circumstance. Perhaps Spurs fans can now understand why qualifying for the competition and being at the top table is so important. We have to do all we can to be an elite club, for our own future and for the chance of winning trophies in the future.

Spanish league president Javier Tebas is a vocal critic of the plans and he spoke to the New York Times after the meeting last week when these plans were presented to the national leagues.

“We cannot accept that these are just plans and proposals for an open discussion with stakeholders about the future of professional football. In reality, we were presented with a concrete project developed by UEFA in full cooperation with a small group of rich and powerful European clubs to reform European club competitions after 2024 in a format that could destroy domestic competitions and the sporting and financial sustainability of the vast majority of clubs in Europe.

"We are open for a constructive dialogue to reform European football together with other stakeholders, but if this is the project on the table, then the margins for negotiations are very limited.”

UEFA wants to see 4 groups of 8 teams, thus guaranteeing more money-spinning games. The top 4 in each group would then go through to the next stage.

Dutch teams, Portuguese, Belgian and Eastern European teams would have to play in a second-tier competition. The second division would have 32 teams and the third division 64 teams. There would be promotion and relegation, but the money in the top division would ensure that the financially bigger clubs would have an advantage over those from the second tier. Only 4 places each season would be available for promotion/relegation.

These plans would reduce the importance of domestic leagues and leave the smaller or even medium-sized clubs with little chance of breaking into the elite and competing.

This restructuring are for clubs with money and the corporate business that support them. Football has not been about the football fan since before the start of the Premier League. 

The proposal is to begin the new restructured UEFA Champions League in 2024. 

It would allow the elite clubs to concentrate on the Champions League and it's money and play a second XI in their domestic competitions. You would protect your star players, give them adequate rest and tailor team selection to providing the best team for European nights, anything else becomes secondary. Even winning the league would be pretty meaningless in terms of qualifying for Europe.

Bernard Caiazzo is the owner of the French team St.-Étienne and he has suggested investors are pulling out of potentially investing in clubs because of the uncertainty surrounding these proposals, as well as the potential impact they would have on fans.

“The objective of football is to give happiness to fans, and to give happiness is to have a chance of winning."

He suggested that investors would not want to invest when European competition was a closed shop, understandably so. What would be in it for them if success is unachievable and European competition almost impossible?


We at Spurs have a chairman who has his finger on the pulse and is building the club so it has a future and is not reliant on the now illegal funding of owners, who under FFP cannot fund the purchase of players or their wages. 

Money is the reality of football, anything else is a fantasy. Everything is about increasing income to pay for the best to win trophies regularly and thus building the club to that end is the responsible course to take, anything else could condemn a club to a bleak future.

We have a stadium that is the envy of everyone, why, because it generated around £800,000 a game in catering, hospitality etc. The Sun reported that Manchester United are lucky if they received £150,000 a game.

Of course, they make their money through sponsorship deals, where the lead the way be a country mile in the Premier League.

It has been said often, the new stadium is a game changer for Spurs. Arsenal didn't generate that sort of income when they build theirs, they were not as forward-thinking as our chairman.

Daniel Levy deserves our praise for seeing where football was going and preparing this club to be at the top table. Only when the idiots who complain about him can see that will they realize how their view would send this club backward.

This is why I have no time for these people, they simply don't understand the realities of football today and the future, which any chairman must always have his eye upon.

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2007-2017 Newcastle under Ashley v Spurs under Levy

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2007-2017 Newcastle under Ashley v Spurs under Levy

First there was that superb article from an Aston Villa fan about how the clubs have gone in different directions since Daniel Levy took over and how they wish they had a chairman like Levy, the envy of fans up and down the country.

You can read about that here: Comparing Aston Villa to Spurs under Levy

Now we have the wonderful Swiaa Ramle on Twitter answering a question about the fortunes of the 7th richest club in the country when Mike Ashley took over in 2007 against the 6th richest club in the country at the time, and still, Tottenham Hotspur.

When he took over Newcastle finished in 11th place and Tottenham finished in 12th. We are now regular Top 4 finishers while Newcastle have finished better than 10th on only 1occasionn.

Newcastle United have broken even under Mile Ashley while Tottenham Have made a £215m profit, most of which has been accumulated in the last four seasons when we have had to produce financial results that allow ed us to get the best interest rates for our bank loans to build the new stadium.

Tottenham have made a £188 profit over those 4 fours while Newcastle have made a £47m loss.

Clubs have to be self-sufficient now, what they spend they have to generate, thus increasing income is of paramount importance, especially when you take into account 93% of trophies are won by clubs with a bigger wage bill than Spurs.

Throw in our win and only 5.72% of trophies have been won by clubs with less income and less wage bill than us.

Newcastle United income has fallen by £1m from £87m to £86m, which in real terms over 10 years is a drastic reduction, when to compete Ashley should have been concentrating on building the income base.

Tottenham under Daniel Levy have trippled income in the same period. Is it any wonder the different fortunes of the two clubs on the field now. Money pays for football, football doesn't bring in the money.

Tottenham income in 2007 was £103m and now it is £306m which has brought better players, a rise up the Premier League and now UEFA Champions League football. Spurs have progressed towards winning trophies and Newcastle United have regressed.

Back in 2007 Newcastle received more from broadcasting rights than we did. In 2017 we received £117m more. In 2016 when Newcastle were last in the Premier League we received £38m more.

Spurs have received £231m more than Newcastle from the Premier League, the Toon have been relegated twice of course.

Under Mike Ashley Newcastle have qualified for the UEFA Europa League once, prior to him they qualified for the UEFA Champions League twice and the Europa League 6 times.

While Newcastle have earned (at today's exchange rate) £4.62m from European competition, Spurs have earned £161.93m.

Match day income for Newcastle has sunk £10m from £34m to £23m while Tottenham's match day income has risen from £35m to £45m and will double when the new stadium is completed.

Commercial income at Newcastle has dropped £13m from £28m down to £15m while during the same period Spurs' commercial income has grown from £34m to £73m, an increase of £39m.

The all important wages bill has seen Spurs triple from £44m to £127m while Newcastle, who had the 5th highest wage bill in the Premier League in 2007 has seen an increase of just £20m.

That statistic tells you everything, wages control football.

Income controls wages.

Fans argue football is about winning trophies, and it is, but simply concentrating on a football team and ignoring the infrastructure that helps generate income to pay the wages to win trophies, hasn't worked for Newcastle.

In 10 years Mike Asley has spent £10m on infrastructure, Tottenham are building a brand new stadium, have built a state-of-the-art training facility and players lodge that England and Brazil have both used. Spurs have currently spent over half a billion on infrastructure.

It should be noted that once stadium expenditure is paid for then money can be diverted to team strengthening. In the meantime, the cost will be at set levels, but there will still be money available to divert to team strengthening. That though is a whole new subject, misunderstood by many a fan.

While trophies look just around the corner for Tottenham and fans can enjoy Champions League nights, the same doesn't look to be on the horizon for Newcastle United.

I guess all those anti-Levy fans want a guy like Mike Ashley running the club!


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How Spurs will get to the next level

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How Spurs will get to the next level

For Tottenham to improve and take the leap to the next level, we have to increase our commercial income to be able to pay the wages of the top players that the fans want and whinge tirelessly that they don't get.

The reality, whether you choose to ignore it or not, is that wages win trophies, there has been a direct correlation between the two for the past 26 years. The Premier League has been won once only by a team with a lower wage bill than the four richest clubs in the Premier League.

Why are they the richest clubs, because they have been playing in the UEFA Champions League almost exclusively so have grown a following and grown commercial appeal.

That is the barrier we must now break, to break the commercial barrier, to break the wages barrier, to break the multiple trophy barrier, to go to the next level.

Man U Commercial Income £276m
Man C Commercial Income £218m
Liverpool Commercial Income £136m
Chelsea Commercial Income £133m
Arsenal Commercial Income £117m
SPURS Commercial Income £76m
West Ham Commercial Income £35m
Everton Commercial Income £27m

Factor in Arsenal, Man U, Man City already have large stadiums paid for and getting income from.

If we look at the increase in revenue, and bear in mind this is the season before last. we beat our rivals and started to close the gap.

SPURS Increased Income £97m
Arsenal Increased Income £72m
Man U Increased Income £66m
Liverpool Increased Income £62m
Man C Increased Income £62m

Fans shout TV money, but every club got TV money and the figures show we only closed the gap by £25m - £35m on our rivals. The stadium will make a difference, going further in the UEFA Champions League will make a difference to TV money.

Continued participation in the Champions League will increase commercial revenue, but we also have a stadium that can host other events to bring in money, we have a 10-year NFL deal which we hope results in us hosting a London-based franchise team.

Thus the stadium has been planned for the future, it has been planned to try and maximise year-round revenue, which will help make up that commercial revenue deficit.

The club is being built to compete at the top table with comparable finances so we can stay at the top table.

Why some fans want to jeopardise that, why they want Levy out because he has a clear vision and plan of our future, where we need to be and how to get there is a mystery. Clearly, they do not want sustained success and don't know how it is achieved.

Yet another guy on Twitter starts talking about Spurs not having a professional business approach simply because we haven't bought anyone, but as soon as someone mentions Joe Lewis his true colours come out.

He is jealous of sugar daddy owners and believes someone should simply spend their money on us. He seems to forget it is Joe Lewis's money, not Spurs money and he can do with it what he likes.

So much for the professional business approach rubbish being spouted. Typical of the anti-Levy followers.

I want lots of trophies and the way Daniel Levy is going about building this club is what he is after achieving.

The spend and hope approach of the anti-Levy crowd has been shown time and time again to be the route to disaster, it couple cripple this club for the next 10 years at least, returning us to 6th place with the financial noose of a stadium to pay for without the income to do it and compete in the transfer market.

Building the club is best left in the hands of people who know how to do it. We have gone from 11th/12th to 2nd/3rd and are still improving, the players we have are still improving, something people seem to forget.

Onward and upward.


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Quite brilliant article comparing Spurs to Villa

8:16 am

Other clubs would love to have Levy as Chairman

Daniel Levy has transformed Tottenham

Daniel Levy, as we all know whether we admit it or not, is the best chairman we have had in living memory and an article from an Aston Villa fan demonstrates why.

Levy has transformed Tottenham while Aston Villa are now in financial difficulties, they can't even bring in free players and are forced to sell assets, as Steve Bruce confirmed to the media recently. As it happens that is Jack Grealish to Spurs.

They remind us that they Aston Villa finished above Tottenham 8 times out of 10 when the Premier League was formed and that they had a bigger stadium than us, so loads of potential to push on, yet it is Spurs who have done so.

I have little time for fools and had a fan complain that Levy was difficult to deal with quoting Sir Alex Ferguson. However, Sir Alex Ferguson's quote was about them trying to steal Dimitar Berbatov who we simply didn't want to sell. Thus the anti-Levy fan was actually complaining about Levy trying to keep one of our best players, that his fellow haters complain about allowing him to leave, not that we had much choice given he simply turned up at Manchester airport in the last few hours of the window.

An extract:
"Levy has garnered himself a fearsome reputation. As a boyhood Spurs fan, his business acumen has no doubt been sharpened by a desire to make his club as successful as possible. Sir Alex Ferguson’s displeasure at having to deal with Levy was well known, with the legendary Manchester United manager famously commenting that negotiating a deal for Dimitar Berbatov was more painful than his hip replacement."
That passage speaks volumes. Other clubs would love to have someone like Daniel Levy running them, feared, but fiercely admired. They go on:

"As perhaps the toughest negotiator in the English game, the thought of him up against our rabble in securing a deal for Grealish is almost comical. Levy will pull our pants down, slap us on the backside and make us feel grateful for anything sum of money that we receive. And he will probably wait until it’s ‘Levy Time’; right at the end of the transfer window in order to get the cheapest deal possible."
Basic business is to buy low, sell high and football clubs are businesses so of course, we are going to ant the best deal for the club. Sir Alex Ferguson also said on a documentary on him for the BBC I think it was, that to have a successful side on the pitch, you first had to have a successful business of it. Our business couldn't be in better hands.

Instead of seeing Spurs with rose-tinted glasses, read how we are seen by others and how they feel they should be where we are, if only they were run as brilliantly as we are.

It's an excellent article, full of common sense, take a read and let me know what you think. You might want to share this to remind the anti-Levy crowd they have never had it so good.

How Tottenham became the club Villa should’ve been

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David Moyes Needs A Daniel Levy Type Chairman

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David Moyes Needs A Daniel Levy Type Chairman

I see many Tweets like this and it reminds me that David Moyes did unquestionably a good job at Everton. What he needs is a club with a long-term plan, a club that will allow him to build it into a mid-table Premier League side and take it from there. That may well be a 10-year plan if it is a club coming from the Championship.

He has shown he can build a side with a limited budget so a brave chairman needs to appoint him and let him know he is going to be there for 5-years, if the club are heading in the right direction, and that may mean going backwards before they can go forward.

Daniel Levy had a vision and has built Tottenham into a top 4 side while our rivals when he joined us are nowhere to be seen, some are not even in the Premier League anymore. West Ham have made a mess of their move which puts into perspective the job Daniel levy has done.

A manager like David Moyes needs a chairman with the vision and determination of Daniel Levy because we have seen that he is going to struggle with short term, must have an immediate impact now, type appointments. The trouble is,financially, the Premier League is the be all and end all of football in this country.

Much derided, but his stint at Everton shows in the right circumstances with the right chairman, he can do a decent job.


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Where Levy has taken Spurs since the 2001/01 Premier League table

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Where Levy Has Taken Spurs Since The 2001/01 Premier League Table

Daniel Levy is steering Spurs in the right direction

I know the Premier League started earlier, I'm just showing you a few years before Daniel levy took over to show where we regularly finished in the Premier League table.

Premier League Finishes

1996/97 10th
1997/98 14th
1998/99 11th
2000/01 12th - Daniel Levy becomes Chairman of Spurs Feb 2001
2001/02 9th
2002/03 10th
2003/04 14th
2004/05 9th
2005/06 5th
2006/07 5th
2007/08 11th
2008/09 8th
2009/10 4th - Champions League
2010/11 5th
2011/12 4th
2012/13 5th
2013/14 6th - Pochettino joins Spurs May 2014
2014/15 5th
2015/16 3rd - Champions League
2016/17 2nd - Champions League
2017/18 Top 4 - Champions League (probably)

In addition we have built one of the best training facilities sin the world and are building one of the best stadiums in the world, plus the new players lodge will be ready soon.

To be a successful team then having the infrastructure for success can only help attract the right players. Part of being successful is creating the right environment for success, the facilities help, but the players attitude, happiness helps.

Daniel Levy has just had his previously agreed backdated pay rise and bonuses paid, taking this years amount to £6m. That is not his annual wage from now on as some may and no doubt are assuming.

We are a brilliantly run club, financially stable thanks to Levy's management,as we can all see, even those with an anti-Levy agenda.

He is the one who has driven to get the stadium, he is the one who has driven the NFL deal, the benefits of which we will see in the future. That is potentially a money spinner commercially and gives us a high profile in a major international market.

We now get invited to the International Champions Cup each summer to compete against the top teams. We have played Bayern Munich and this summer we meet Barcelona. Again this helps our exposure.

All this means that we continue to grow our revenue and that puts us in a position where we then have the possibility to win trophies on a regular basis, but we have to get to that position first, a fact a few fans seem to ignore.

When you have a long term goal to reach the top and win trophies regularly, you don't jeopardise that by suddenly changing tack and gambling with the clubs future by smashing a wages budget for instance.

Continued steady growth is the order of the day and when the new stadium money, match day and commercial, kicks in it will still be a period of steady growth, as I doubt there will suddenly be a huge increase.

Just because we are in the top 4 does not mean we have a top 4 income and therefore can't pay top 4 wages. However, the biggest pull for most players is winning trophies. While we are improving young players, playing them and competing for trophies, as we clearly are now,, we have that trump card to play.

Do we need a trophy, yes of course we do,but the long term future of the club will take priority over anything short term.

Daniel Levy is certainly doing a fine job. We are in an immensely better position now than when he took over, yet some fools still want him out, only these people can never offer any alternatives. Every club will have it's plastic fans and it's sugar daddy fans. The majority of us though are only too delighted with the progress we are making and see a bright future for the club.

What has happened to all the clubs that were around us when Levy took over? Look at the 200/01 table and ask yourself where these clubs are now and who is therefore better run?

Premier League Table 200/01

  1. Manchester United
  2. Arsenal
  3. Liverpool
  4. Leeds United - had gambled financially on players and wages, failed to qualify for the Champions League and had therefore to sell players. Never recovered. A lesson to all Spurs fans.
  5. Ipswich Town - Championship
  6. Chelsea
  7. Sunderland - Championship
  8. Aston Villa - Championship
  9. Charlton Athletic - League One
  10. Southampton
  11. Newcastle United
  12. Tottenham Hotspur
  13. Leicester City
  14. Middlesbrough - Championship
  15. West Ham United
  16. Everton
  17. Derby County - Championship
  18. Manchester City
  19. Coventry City - League One with a new stadium
  20. Bradford City - League One

You can see the improvement we have made, you can see how financially sound we are compared to others, you can see we are now pushing for trophies where the others aren't, you can see we are clearly better run and like it or not, that is down to Daniel Levy.


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Hall of Fame, Hall of Shame, Wages, Veterans

1:44 pm

Spurs roundup with a variety of news, stats and info

Spurs Wages

Daniel Levy reveals that Tottenham pay the biggest bonuses in the Premier League,which goes to show all wages negotiations are not equal. You can't simply equate the basic wage we pay with the basic wage another pays, bonuses need to be taken into consideration as well. There is far more to the Toby Alderweireld wages negotiation than the fan in the street knows.

It's basically performance related pay. If we win, you get a big bonus. What fans need to look at is the overall wage bill against the total income. Our percentage of income wage bill is roughly the same as all the other top four contenders, it's just that our total income is a lot less than theirs.

Burying a head in the sand and pretending that doesn't matter leads to the silly comments about paying a player anything he asks for, which of course leads to every other player then wanting wage increases. Before you know it your wages budget has gone through the roof and other areas of the club suffer, suh as money available for transfer and the ability to borrow money at the best rates.

Thank you to the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust (THST) for publishing details of their meeting with Tottenham Hotspur once again. It is information we don't get in any other way..

Veterans Job Opportunities

Spurs are offering job opportunities to wounded veterans. Details below.

Friday 9 March 2018 10am - 1pm - for further details contact Cherylanne Lowther on


The sides with the top English goalscorers doing their bit to help our nation at the World Cup:

  1. Tottenham Hotspur
  2. Everton
  3. Leicester City
  4. Manchester United
  5. Bournemouth
  6. Manchester City

The Hall of Same and unsurprisingly Arsenal are bottom of the table with Chelsea not far behind.

15. Burnley
16. West Ham United
17. Chelsea
18. Huddersfield Town
19. Stoke City
20. Arsenal


Many of the players who featured were returning from injury. A lot of these players have seen their replacements thrive. Of the players still coming back, only Danny Rose put in a good display. He and new signing Lucas Moura were two of the few bright points for Tottenham. The likes of Victor Wanyama, Kieran Trippier and Fernando Llorente can have no complaints regarding snubs in the next few weeks.

That is an excerpt from a blog I came across on my travels - Last Word on Football

I do like finding new blogs so if anyone wants to list any Spurs blog they visit it would be most helpful.

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New Spurs Stadium News and the Spurs Batlight

10:38 pm

The latest the New Spurs Stadium including Daniel Levy answers and children watching the night sky for the Spurs Batlight


New Spurs Stadium

There will be some decorative tiling on the external walls of the new Spurs stadium with iconic Spurs phrases; 'Tottenham Hotspur', 'Established In 1882', 'London N17', 'The Game Is About Glory'. 'To Dare Is To Do' and 'Audere Est Facere'.

A New Spurs Stadium Tweet from Chris Cowlin who has visited the Spurs new stadium build this weekend to look at progress.


The Spurs football club shop will be the biggest football club shop in Europe. It is another demonstration that Tottenham want to grow as a club and bring in as much revenue as possible from all revenue streams.

Totthenham ticket sales do not pay for players wages,indeed they are only a fraction of the overall club income and that has to rise if Spurs are to compete financially with the top clubs and compete on wages.

It isn't going to happen overnight and we are not there yet so splurging the cash isn't an option just yet either. Just like the stadium, the club shop will have (at least we have applied to have) glass tiling and LED lighting (170 lights) built into the tiling so that the stadium glows in the dark on match days, giving new Spurs stadium a really dramatic and colourful effect. It is all a part of making a visit to the Tottenham Hotspur stadium an experience to remember and thus attract other visitors.

The roof on the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium will begin very shortly, at the beginning of March suggests Chris, although this has been questioned in other quarters.

I'd recommend a visit to the website devoted to the build with live cameras you can watch and plenty of images to give a real understanding of what the new Spurs stadium will look like.

Spurs New Stadium Website

DANIEL LEVY - New Stadium Answers

The following is an exert from the account of the Tottenham Htspur Supporters Trust (THST) with Senior Executives and Directors of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. There is a link lower down where you find answers over a whole host of issues including an update on the progress of ancillary projects and infrastructure, including transport.

Minutes and Report
Tuesday 20 February 2018
Tottenham Hotspur Football & Athletic Co Ltd, Lilywhite House, 6pm

THST Board:
Martin Cloake, Co-chair (MC)
Katrina Law, Co-chair (KL)
Pete Haine, Secretary (PH)
Keith Sharp (KS)
Rachel Martin (RM)
Michael Green (MG)

THFC Board:
Daniel Levy, Chairman (DL)
Donna-Maria Cullen, Executive Director (DMC)
Jonathan Waite, Head of Supporter Services (JW)
Ian Murphy, Head of Ticketing (IM)
Dean Smith, Safety Officer (DS)
Simon Bamber, Commercial Director (SB)
Jon Babbs, Stadium Director (JB)
Simon Felstein, Head of Communications (SF)

3. New stadium build and infrastructure
3.1 PH asked whether the stadium build was on schedule, noting that the roof was a little later than anticipated.
DL explained that the compression ring had been completed last weekend and the roof lift was scheduled to be completed in the next fortnight. Bad weather and high winds had caused the minor delay.
DL said the build was incredibly complex and it was impossible to give an exact date as to when the stadium would be completed. However, everyone is working towards being in the new stadium next season and would be extremely disappointed were this not the case.
Once the roof has been completed, there’s still a significant amount of technical work to do.

3.2 PH asked for contingency plans for any over run.
DL said that although a contingency plan was in place everyone was 100% focused on achieving the budgeted timescale. Certainly no talks had been held with Wembley over extending their residency and that there was no intention of activating any extension clause unless it was absolutely necessary.
DL stated he was confident, as far as was possible, that they would hit the build deadline.
Season ticket sales would open in the next few weeks.
DL thought it was likely they would request to play the first few matches of the 2018-19 season away from home. This had always been the case.

3.3 DL confirmed there was no possibility of opening the stadium at a reduced capacity.
SF reassured that any rumours to the contrary on social media had been clarified and corrected.

The complete document (and it's lengthy) can be found here: THST Meeting with Spurs

Now over on Skyscraper City where the nerds love to talk construction, I spotted an idea we could embellish upon.


BillericaySpurs (Billericay is a place in Essex for those who don't know) jests he would love to see a Batman style searchlight flitting above the stadium.

I immediately think it could light up the night sky with an image of Moussa 'The Beast' Dembele when he was honing in on an opponent, or of Harry Kane when he scores another goal. Folk could hear the cheer and children could look out of their windows to see who scored.

Those children would all turn into our next generation of supporters and the Gooners support would diminish. Long term planning, come on Daniel, put it in place.

Harry Kane, the Caped Crusader, I can see it now. Another merchandising revenue stream with his own weekly comic strip for the kids. In fact that's not a bad idea, why don't Spurs have their own comic with club news aimed at the children,no reason all players can't feature in it and it's another weekly revenue stream I'm sure would be popular.

Who would you have light up the night air?


Further Reading

New Spurs Stadium News and the Spurs Batlight New Spurs Stadium News and the Spurs Batlight Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:38 pm Rating: 5

Levy misquoted, Foyth and Under-21 squad

7:24 pm


A Tottenham Hotspur Under-21's squad are heading off to Ploufragan (Ploufragan is a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor department of Brittany in northwestern France.) for a tournament this weekend. The lads will be up against fellow Premier League side Leicester City, French giants Paris Saint-Germain and Belgian side Standard Liege. Good luck boys.

Argentine newspaper El Dia are claiming that young central defender Juan Foyth is still trying to convince his club Estuidantes to come to a deal with Tottenham Hotspur so he can join fellow Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino as the 19-year-old (20 next January) sees more opportunity for him at Spurs than he does at French clib PSG.

Daniel Levy was asked many a question at the Nasdaq event. He and Ledley King answered everything and saw the US market as an important one.

"The players would come to the US every year if they could. We have been to the US 5 times in the last 7 years. The US market is very important to us. We want to make sure we are the most supported team in the US."

"We were the club who proposed the rule change from 5 substitutes to 7 a few years ago so more youth players could get their chance."

"It is the fastest growing sport in the US and the number one sport in the rest of the world. It is impossible for the US not to be involved in the number one sport in the world."

Mischievous journalists are trying to create a story that Pochettino and Levy are not on the same page and of course the ant-Levy agenda folk have tried to make something of it, but it's all quite innocent. First here is what Daniel Levy said.

"At the same time the academy is important because we can produce our own players. We don't have to go and spend £20, £30m, £40m on a player and obviously that homegrown player has an affinity with the club that a player we buy doesn't. That's what the fans want to see. They want to have that passion. That's what you get with a homegrown player and that's why people love Harry Kane and sing that he's one of our own."

The reporter put it too Mauricio Pochettino that Daniel Levy had said Spurs don't need to sign players and will use the academy instead.

"I didn't hear that. When was this? This morning?

"I didn't hear because I wasn't at the Nasdaq. I arrived late. I didn't hear him. Then you know for me it's so difficult to read in English. Only my assistant Jesus sometimes explains what happens in the media.. But I didn't hear and I don't know.

"It's better if you ask him, if you have the possibility, or I will ask him tomorrow, if I have the possibility, if it's true or not.

"I think it's important to speak about context. I don't know how was the interview from him, whether it's true or not. I did not hear that from him in private."

What Levy said and what was put to Pochettino were actually two different things.

Levy misquoted, Foyth and Under-21 squad Levy misquoted, Foyth and Under-21 squad Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:24 pm Rating: 5

The unbelievable logic of an anti-Levy follower

10:30 am

Spurs should spend more on wages than we actually get in income!

I appreciate your wish for Tottenham to be successful but this comment left on the article 'This Deserves A Wider Audience' is unbelievable. The suggestion is pay out more in wages than we actually earn in a year!

The blind agenda is there for all to see.

Yet another self-justificational idiot who's Stockholm Syndrome'd himself into believing the spin Daniel Levy has pushed out. We're a FOOTBALL TEAM. Yes we're also a business, but the reality is ( aside from one horrific Sissoko signing) Spurs are the only EPL to turn a profit over the last 6 years. That's great, if you win championship / cups with frugality. If your aspirations are at the highest level, you need to SPEND like that accordingly.

Every single one of European football's elite SPENDS like they're elite. Why? Because you need to speculate to accumulate. No-one is saying Spurs need to increase their wage bill 100% or throw around £150M. But this team's revenue stream has jumped hundreds of percent in the last ten years. It's about time that revenue was pushed back into the team. It's time we spent like Chelsea, instead of like Southampton.

You apologists make me sick. You seem to forget that Daniel Levy owns about 25% of this team. He's motivated to increase his asset base ( squad, stadium, business ties) while minimizing debt. Because from the first day he became Chairman, his eyes were on selling this team to make a profit.

Our payroll was around £120M before we sold Walker, the top 5 above us are around £200-300M. If you think adding a world class player at £250K a week would break our 'structure' or the bank, then you're an idiot. Our failure to spend is entirely on Levy's personal greed. This team deserves BETTER.

We turned a profit to obtain the best credit to build a new stadium, Is that too difficult to understand?

I'm afraid you are wrong. You can only spend what you can afford to spend or you do a Leeds, QPR, Wolves etc. That is basic common sense. You DO NOT gamble with a clubs financial future, the downside is too great.

You spend like a top club when you have the revenue to support it, we don't, Arsenal revenue is £100m more than us, Man U £200m - we can't spent to their levels, again that is common sense.
You won't have any decent football to watch if you adopt your approach, as failure to achieve then mans the club is financially screwed, which means selling all the best players and arresting a decline.

Your lack of common sense makes me sick, your desire to put the club at risk makes me sick, very few gamblers succeed, gambling with Sours is not a common sense option.

Your fixation on one man is an embarrassment to the fans who support the club.

Your last paragraph shows why you are so wrong.

The top 5 have a £300m wage budget you tell us and demand we pay the same, yet the club doesn't have £300m income!

So we have to spend more in ages than we actually earn every year, brilliant logic, that's really going to put the club on the map and return us to bankruptcy!

Remember ENIC are not allowed to pay player ages.

Your post simply defies belief, common sense totally out of the window.

PSG vs SPURS Full Match Video

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Pochettino: I have a very good relationship with Daniel Levy

The unbelievable logic of an anti-Levy follower The unbelievable logic of an anti-Levy follower Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Pochettino "I’ve a very good relationship with Daniel Levy"

8:52 am


Tottenham, as you all know, are on our pre-season trip to the USA which includes not just playing football, but open training sessions and coaching for youngsters as well as the usual PR work from our ambassadors. The Tottenham family pitch in to promote the club and it's values to build our name in what is still an emerging market.

Mauricio Pochettino was asked about the transfer window and was very calm, h didn't really see a problem.

“We are so calm, we believe in our squad and our academy players, we will add maybe a few players. Most important thing is the team, philosophy comes from the board, Pochettino "I’ve a very good relationship with Daniel Levy". We know what we need to do”.

The club are pursuing the strategy set out and were conducting the business in a way that was beneficial for our long-term future. Our policy has been successful so far in improving the standards at the club, a policy that, with a new stadium being built, we need and will be continuing to implement.

To deviate would be to put the whole Tottenham project at risk, gambling is not a sound business strategy and could have disastrous effects on the on-field performance levels. If you want to tell me that is in our best interests then get yourself along to the nearest funny farm.

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Wages dictating Spurs transfer window

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Juventus NOT signing Spurs striker target Schick
Sissoko fee not an issue
Spurs game boosting MLS franchise application
Neymar, Barkley and the US Tour Squad
New Dele valuation miles adrift
Barkley terms agreed

Pochettino "I’ve a very good relationship with Daniel Levy" Pochettino "I’ve a very good relationship with Daniel Levy" Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:52 am Rating: 5

Pochettino thinks Levy is the right man for the job

5:00 pm

Tottenham are growing into a club where players want to stay and a club players want to join rather than leave or use as a stepping stone club Mauricio Pochettino has told a press conference.

When I look back to that Basel game, where a young side ran rings around us at White Hart Lane and we somehow escaped with a draw, I remember conveying we needed a young side that would stay together and grow together.

That vision wasn't shared by other fans who said we would never be able to keep players, we would simply develop them for other clubs. It is exactly that thinking that keeps people in the same place in their own lives so to transfer that principle to the football club you support doesn't make sense.

What we were doing wasn't working, fighting a financial game with our resources meant we would always be falling short, always picking up players who hadn't signed for a UEFA Champions League club.

That didn't offer a future, it didn't offer a sustainable future, another way had to be sought and to me there was only one way, a way we have now adopted, rather successfully to date. That has allowed us to build the infrastructure that top professionals expect. We have built the club off the field to be a top club, the next step is building the club on the field to be a top club and we are well underway with that.

Our Argentinian boss explained where we are in the grand scheme of things.

"We want to move the club to the last level. At the moment if we are capable of moving the club in the next few years to the last level you will see maybe the rumours will stop because when you compare Tottenham to - I don't know I want to be very respectful - to Manchester United or this type of club, you do not see the same sort of rumours as down here. 
"Why? I think you know and we know, it is not a moment to talk but that is the situation. The real situation is we are working so hard. I try to explain to you that there is a lot of pride because he (Daniel Levy) is the first who is creating a massive club for us and the fans because he is thinking to move - in the next few years - the club into the last level. 
"And then of course in our signings we are creating a new team that in the new stadium - and with the new facilities - Tottenham will be one of the best teams in the world."

You would expect a manager to big up a chairman, but he is telling those short-sighted fans who winge about him all the time that Daniel Levy is light years ahead when it comes to building a major business. The knowledgeable fans who support Daniel Levy can see how the club has slowly been built, not gambled with in the hope of success, a tactic many fans have shouted for but one that could ruin the club for 20 years or more.

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Pochettino thinks Levy is the right man for the job Pochettino thinks Levy is the right man for the job Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

A club that generates emotion and passion

5:00 pm

"It is a club that generates emotion and passion and that is the most important thing."

Those were the words of Argentinian manager Mauricio Pochettino and thinking back through the last 57 years, well as far as I can remember back, passion has always been there. In the late 70's and early 80's I was there every week, a scarf tied around each wrist going through the joy and heartache of following my team.

I had no idea then I'd one day be writing about them as a fan to thousands of fellow supporters young and old. I have seen a lot in that time, I have seen the glory years, experienced the joy of winning trophies and then despair at our first ever Wembley loss and also our relegation season.

We have been peering over the edge as a bankrupt club and then along came Daniel Levy. While the rest stood still or even went backwards, Levy has built Tottenham into the sixth richest club in the land, but still he wants more.

The aim is to compete on level terms with the biggest and there isn't a Tottenham fan who can wait for that to happen. Nothing, nothing can jeopardise that, it is central to our future. Within that Mauricio Pochettino has been a talented and youthful team that is not the finished article. Still there are squad members who need upgrading within our current means.

While I'm going to enjoy the remainder of the season, I also can't wait to see who we are going to buy and let go this summer. It won't be a window like the last one where none of the top clubs made any changes to their squads.

The Premier League title already looks to be in the hands of Chelsea, leaving us with a top four spot and the FA Cup to aim for. There must be no mistake against Millwall and then the first eleven fielded for the semi-final.

Plenty to play for yet this season.

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A club that generates emotion and passion A club that generates emotion and passion Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

Is Mourinho's pursuit of Alli the reason for the Levy's Jorge Mendes ban?

2:30 pm

Is Mendes working for Mourinho to unsettle Dele Alli?

I reported a piece of ITK from a Tottenham forum about Daniel Levy's edict that we will no longer deal with super agent Jorge Mendes. Clearly he has upset the hierarchy of the club which leads you to wonder how.

Jose Mourinho is a client of Jorge Mendes and there have been constant stories in the press speculating on Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Manchester United. One assumes that a call has been made to Daniel Levy about the availability of the pair and an emphatic they are not for sale at any price answer given. That all seems fairly obvious, standard practice, happens all the time at every club.

However, that doesn't appear to have been the end of it does it. Yesterday we had the story from an agent who is said to have worked with Jorge Mendes before spreading a story about Dele Alli being available for £100 million, which undoubtedly isn't true. If a player is not for sale you don't put a price on his head, they come from reporters inventions and stories spread by agents, buying clubs to the media.

We have seen the unsettling tactics before, Gareth Bale and Luka Modric spring to mind in recent years. We seem to be having the same constant flow from sources that allow Mendes client, Jose Mourinho, to keep his distance and look as if he isn't involved. Collusion between the pair seems logical in relation to the stories, especially when you have unassociated agents, who just happen to have worked with Mendes before, dispensing a story they should have no connection with.

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Is Mourinho's pursuit of Alli the reason for the Levy's Jorge Mendes ban? Is Mourinho's pursuit of Alli the reason for the Levy's Jorge Mendes ban? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

Levy edict, Spurs will no longer deal with super agent

10:30 am


Daniel Levy won't deal with Jorge Mendes

Grey Fox on Spurs Community informs us that we won't be buying players from super agent Jorge Mendes which knocks a couple of players off our transfer targets list, at least until they change agents or we resolve our differences.

"We won't be buying anyone from Jorge Mendes stable, Levy has given a dictate not to deal with him again."

We have been linked with André Silva (Porto), Wallace (Lazio), Anwar El Ghazi (Ajax) and
Pepe (Real Madrid) over the last two windows. Jorge Mendes list of clients can be found at transfermarkt, which you can see below. The esrimated player values are transfrmakt valuations.

Player, age, club, contract length, approx value
Cristiano Ronaldo - 31 Real Madrid 2021 £93.50m
James Rodríguez - 25 Real Madrid 2020 £59.50m
Ángel Di María - 28 Paris Saint-Germain 2019 £42.50m
Diego Costa - 28 Chelsea FC 2019 £38.25m
William Carvalho - 24 Sporting CP 2020 £25.50m
André Gomes - 23 FC Barcelona 2021 £25.50m
Renato Sanches - 19 Bayern Munich 2021 £25.50m
Bernardo Silva - 22 AS Monaco 2020 £21.25m
Eliaquim Mangala - 25 Valencia CF 2017 £19.55m
Ezequiel Garay - 30 Valencia CF 2020 £17.00m
Carlos Vela - 27 Real Sociedad 2018 £12.75m
Falcao - 30 AS Monaco 2018 £12.75m
Pizzi - 27 SL Benfica 2022 £11.05m
Rúben Neves - 19 FC Porto 2019 £9.35m
Fábio Coentrão - 28 Real Madrid 2019 £8.50m
André Silva - 21 FC Porto 2021 £8.50m
Andre Gray - 25 Burnley FC 2018 £8.50m
Gonçalo Guedes - 20 SL Benfica 2021 £7.65m
Wallace - 22 SS Lazio 2021 £6.80m
Ivan Cavaleiro - 23 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2021 £6.38m
Danilo - 20 SL Benfica 2017 £5.95m
Ederson - 23 SL Benfica 2023 £5.95m
Nélson Semedo - 23 SL Benfica 2021 £5.95m
Diogo Jota - 20 FC Porto 2017 £5.95m
Anwar El Ghazi - 21 Ajax Amsterdam 2019 £5.53m
Pepe - 33 Real Madrid 2017 £5.10m
Miguel Veloso - 30 Genoa CFC 2017 £5.10m
Sidnei - 27 Deportivo de La Coruña 2020 £5.10m
Nélson Oliveira - 25 Norwich City 2020 £3.83m
Ahmed Hassan - 23 SC Braga 2020 £3.83m
Ricardo Quaresma - 33 Besiktas JK 2017 £3.40m
Anderson - 28 Sport Club Internacional 2018 £2.98m
Hélder Costa - 23 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2017 £2.55m
Bebé - 26 SD Eibar 2020 £2.55m
Tiago - 35 Atlético Madrid 2017 £1.70m
Bruno Gama - 29 Deportivo de La Coruña 2018 £1.70m
José Sá - 24 FC Porto 2020 £1.06m
Burgui - 23 Sporting Gijón 2017 £850k
Danny - 33 Zenit St. Petersburg 2017 £850k
Bruno Alves - 35 Cagliari Calcio 2018 £850k
André Geraldes - 25 Vitória Setúbal FC 2017 £850k
João Carvalho - 19 SL Benfica B 2021 £850k
Diogo Gonçalves - 19 SL Benfica B 2021 £765k
Rafael Márquez 37 Atlas Guadalajara 2017 £680k
Rúben Dias - 19 SL Benfica B 2017 £680k
Vítor Gomes - 29 CF Belenenses 2018 £510k
Hélder Postiga - 34 Free agent 2016 £425k
Ricardo Carvalho - 38 Free agent - £425k
Duda - 36 Málaga CF 2017 £425k
Tiago Sá - 22 SC Braga 2018 £425k
Filipe Oliveira - 32 Videoton FC 2017 £340k
João Gamboa - 20 SC Braga B 2021 £340k
Ença Fati - 23 Leixões SC 2017 £340k
Júlio Alves - 25 Free agent - £213k
Marcão - 40 Paraná Clube 2016 £170k
Guga - 19 SL Benfica B 2021 £128k
Lucas Ferrugem - 20 SC Braga B 2020 £85k
Mário Sérgio - 35 Apollon Limassol 2017 £85k
Vitó - 19 Rio Ave FC 2021 £64k
Xadas - 19 SC Braga B 2019 £43k
Rafa - 21 Vilaverdense FC 2017 £43k
Tiago Alves - 20 Varzim SC - £43k
Ricardo Carvalho - 20 Vitória Guimarães SC B 2020 £43k
César Peixoto - 36 Free agent - £43k
Jorge Ribeiro - 35 Atlético CP 2016 £43k
Walter Patrick - 24 THOI Lakatamias 2017 £21k

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