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Former Players Twitter Reaction

10:30 am
Former players were delighted with the victory and Graham Roberts has a word for all those writing Tottenham off this season.

Yesssssssss!!! 4-1

Great performance from yesterday. Made the best team in the country look really poor..

  1. To all the pundits on & who say spurs can't get in top 4 eat your words as we are on the up .
  2. Well done to poch & the players today it was a great performance from every player and fully deserved.
  3. Great win especially after first twenty minutes and going a goal down

Top class performance and so delighted for well deserved top class player great result

Plenty of negative people in the world who want Spurs to fail, they'll cheer the success, but when a defeat comes or what they expect isn't achieved, regardless of what the club expect, you hear them shouting loud. 

Funny how you never hear them praise when things go right isn't it, almost as if that's not actually what they want, it doesn't validate their opinion to themselves, which is what they want. It's a failure mentality, fortunately, Spurs prefer to adopt a positive mentality and the overwhelming majority of fans want to be optimistic rather than negative.

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Players reactions to Spurs win

8:49 am

  1. The players react on Twitter to an excellent Tottenham win moving us up to fifth in the table, it's a good day to be a Spurs fan.
  2. What a day at the lane! Great result! #4-1 #23 ?
  3. Great to see some old friends in columbus. Stern John made the effort from T&T!!!
  4. The boys are excited for the game! Come on
  5. Huge result today great support at the lane as always!! Let's keep this run going!!
  6. Big win today!
  7. What a performance by the team! Showed what we are capable off! Delighted to get my 1st prem goal of the season
  8. Funny how Twitter works, I always think it's broken when Spurs win as the haters never tweet??? Great result!!!@SpursOfficial
  9. Go on the boys

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Players reactions to Spurs win Players reactions to Spurs win Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:49 am Rating: 5
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