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Friedel to be expert analyst for MLS game

11:00 am
Frank Lampard is injured and out of the MLS All-Star game which is going to see Brad Friedel meet some of his old teammates.

Friedel is our US ambassador and is taking part in pre-game events along with Ledley King. He now has a media career after some excellent TV appearances for the World Cup in Brazil summer. He will be commentating on the game as the expert former player for FOX Sports. The game will also see Robbie Keane and Clint Dempsey, both a part of the All-Stars squad, meet old friends.

Monday 6pm: Welcome party at Three Lions Pub. Supporters will be able to meet and share in the excitement of the week ahead.
Tuesday 10am: Open training session at Dick Sporting Goods Park (autograph session following). This will be a surreal experience for fans to get up close and personal with their favorite Tottenham players.
Tuesday 2:30pm: Toy drive for Colorado Children’s Hospital. Supporters can deliver gifts alongside some of the players. This is a unique experience that will allow some fans to give back alongside Tottenham players. This is certainly a very special experience.
Tuesday 7pm: Supporters Club evening. Spurs guests Brad Friedel and Ledley King at the Blake Street Tavern, preceded by a supporter march from Skyline Park. This offers a chance to all Spurs supporters to gather and enjoy a night with two club legends, as well as giving fans the chance to get loud and sing songs on the march to Skyline Park.
Wednesday 9am: 5-a-side soccer tournament at DSG Park. For supporters and partners, brought together by THFC and Under Armour. This is a rare opportunity to play a little soccer on the DSG Park before the main game takes place later that night. If you fancy a kick about before the match, this is the cant-miss event for you.
Wednesday 7:15pm: Kick off of the 2015 MLS All-Star Game. David Villa, Steven Gerrard, Kaka, Andrea Pirlo and many other soccer stars from the MLS will descend on DSG Park Wednesday night to take on Tottenham in what promises to be a match full of excitement.
The game provides Tottenham with another chance to put our name before an American audience again after the recent NLF news.

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Robbie Keane didn't Travel to Portugal with the Team

6:37 pm
I personally didn't see the headline, but Tommy from COYS as well as other colleagues of mine, told me about the Sky Sports News headline this afternoon which read: Robbie Keane not on the plane to Portugal along with the rest of the Spurs team.

The club say that he's picked up a knock and therefore there's no need for him to travel with the squad to face Benfica in tonight's friendly (live on ESPN at 7:45). I say that the Villa he's looking for isn't located in Portugal.

Some of us at work found a spare second and researched various Aston Villa forums. A few of their apparent trusted ITK's said that Robbie Keane had not renewed the tenancy contract he has with a local agent on his penthouse in Coventry as he expects to move back into it fairly shortly. Can there be anything in that?

Other "In The Know" Midlanders were sure that Keane was spotted at the Villa training ground today. Some, dare I say it, said that they have good information in relation to Reo-Coker being a part of the deal.

As is the case this time of year, the lot of it could be a load of rubbish, although there could also be some truth to the matter.

As regards the transfer of players, if Keane is to go to the Midlands club, I expect the Milner to City deal to be nearing completion. Things seem to be hotting up. If online betting is your thing, I would take a punt on two things; 1.) Blackpool getting relegated and; 2.) Roberto Mancini not being the Manchester City boss come the end of the season.

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Jol in for Keane

9:39 am
Even though Big Martin Jol has yet to be named as Fulham's new manager, The Telegraph have our former boss down as already having lined up a bid for Robbie Keane.

If we are to believe all the reports, it looks as though Jol will be Fulham's new manager before the end of this week. I also think The Telegraph may be onto something here.

Jol was always an admirer of Keane and Robbie, on various occasions, spoke highly of Martin. Both Robbo and Keano spoke out about the way Jol was treated by the Spurs Board after that embarrassing affair.

Maybe this is the end of the line for Robbie Keane? If so, I do wish the lad well.

It will feel kind of weird seeing Jol in Fulham's dugout, won't it? It'll also be interesting to see how Martin fares in the Premier League. Ajax are in financial meltdown, so I can see our old boss swooping in for some of his former players.

Maybe Luis Suárez will be back on Harry's radar, now that Joe Cole has moved up north (for footballing reasons of course).

Source: The Telegraph

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Harry allows Keane to talk with Villa

10:01 am
Sky Sports News "understands that Tottenham Hotspur have given Robbie Keane permission to speak with Aston Villa".

Don't you just love the "understands" bit?

Now that our Harry has finally tied the knot with Daniel, it looks as though our rebuilding "adding one or two new special players" session will commence.

I know I've said this before and it's looked as though I've gotten egg all over my face, but I think exchanging Keane for Carew would be a decent move.

Harry's been ranting on about us deploying a loan striker this coming season. If the Forlan deal doesn't come off, or even if it does, I do believe that big ole' John can do a job for us.

I have prepared myself for the humiliation that is about to follow.....

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Harry Redknapp interview on his transfer targets

6:42 pm
scott parker to tottenham, thbn
Harry Redknapp was interviewed on talkSPORT earlier today and said that we are no closer to signing Joe Cole as the lad wants to review all his options.

Being totally against us signing Cole when all this fuss first kicked off, I have to say that I have started to take a liking to the idea. If it comes off and he doesn't mind being part of a squad, then great. If not, he can join another side. No one should be guaranteed a starting position and thank God, in Harry, we have a manager that isn't scared to shuffle the pack.

When asked about any other players that he may be interested in, Harry said: "Scotty Parker is a player that I've always admired. He is a massive Tottenham fan and could do a decent job for any club in the Premiership."

I have to agree with him. Parker was West Ham's best player last season. If Harry is to implement a new system, Parker could fit in nicely alongside Palacios or Huddlestone.

I suppose a deal hinges on the price West Ham place on his head. Either way, he's got my vote!

Craig Bellamy to Tottenham Hotspur, THBNHarry also commented on Craig Bellamy by adding "Craig is a fantastic professional. He's the type of player that is needed when things aren't going your way.

"I do like the lad, but he's a City player. If he [Bellamy] was to become available, I would definitely be interested."

Would you mind Parker and Bellamy signing up? I wouldn't. They would add a great deal of steel and depth to our squad in my opinion.

John Carew joining Tottenham Hotspur, THBNAlso, as per the article yesterday, a lot of you said that Defoe isn't the sort of player that can play up top on his own. I have to agree with you. I hate to say it, but Darren Bent is the sort of player that could be deployed in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1 come 4-3-3 formation. He's proved that at Sunderland. Anyway, there's no point crying over spilt milk.

Maybe this is a long shot, but I wouldn't mind seeing big old John Carew at the Lane. Surely Harry could work his magic and do a deal which involved Robbie Keane going in the opposite direction?

We've finally reached that time of year me ole chums.....

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Levy's £40 million Warchest!

10:59 am
In the last few days, I've read that Daniel Levy has told Harry Redknapp that he will have £40 million in which to spend on the right players.

Now, hold on a second; did Daniel Levy publically come out with this information? If so, where was I?

I can understand that for the past few seasons, we've been good at getting our wallet out, but I haven't read that "Tottenham will have an £x million warchest" since Ossie Ardiles was in charge and we went on a little shopping spree, bringing in Klinsmann, Popescu, and Dumitrescu.

It also looks like the papers have sold Robbie Keane and Jermaine Jenas too. Not that I mind of course. Jenas has been on his way to Villa for the past 4 seasons now, so I am sure he'll finally find his way. Not sure who'd take on Robbie Keane though. I think he can still do a job for someone in the Premier League. Whether or not that someone is willing to pay his vast wages, is another matter.

So who is this Edin Dzeko that we've been linked with then? Wiki tells me that he's a fairly tall lad and has scored a lottery of goals for Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. I've never seen him play and so I'm not too sure what type of player he's likened to.

Joe Cole's name has also come up again and again and again. A player we should have nothing to do with in my opinion. If he comes in, he'll either be brought in to replace The Modfather, or he'll have to find a comfy spot on the bench.

Anyway, here's to our Warchest!

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Curtains for our Captain?

12:53 pm
So the news has flooded in that Harry has accepted an offer from Sunderland for our captain, Keano. The £9 million quoted, is a far cry from the £40 million Harry wanted for Robbie, but I suppose it will do for now.

Do I think there's any truth to the story? Yes, I do. The fact that no one has come out to quash the rumour, speaks volumes.

Isn't football a funny game? All this time, we thought Eidur Gudjohnsen was brought in to replace the outbound Pavlyuchenko. Maybe we should have taken stock in what Harry had been saying for ages; "He (Pav) can only go for the right price" and comments like; "He's (Pav) a great player and I don't want to sell him".

Saying that, football could come back and bite us in the unmentionables. Don't rule out Keane and Pavlyuchenko being sold before tomorrow's deadline.

If that happens, should we make a cheeky bid for Beckford?

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Time to keep it shut Harry

2:08 pm
It wasn’t the wisest pre-match interview to give. Criticising the opposition in the build-up to any match is always ill-advised, but when the inflammatory comments come from a Tottenham manager ahead of a trip to Arsenal, you are asking for trouble.

In truth Harry Redknapp did not say anything particularly controversial – he, like the Premier League title betting odds, expect Chelsea or Manchester United to win the league, not the Gunners – but he should have been aware of what the headline writers would seize upon. The complimentary Arsenal comments were ignored.

‘Redknapp doubts Arsenal’s chances’ duly filled the front of the BBC sport web page, allowing as the cliché goes, the opposing manager to cut out and keep his own team talk. Arsene Wenger would have stuck the piece next to the one which detailed how Robbie Keane thinks the Spurs squad is stronger than the Arsenal one.

Having both the manager and captain fire-up your hated rivals ahead of a derby clash reveals a lack of judgment that needs to be addressed. There is a time and a place for inflammatory comments; the day before such a big Premier League game is not one of them.

Spurs of course lost the match due to shocking defending, but our manager should be media-savvy enough to know that his entertaining interviews need to better thought out. His (selective) straight talking is one of his charms, but it should be used to help the team, not hinder it.

Redknapp and Keane were simply trying to be bullish and Spurs fans will loathe the day that a Tottenham boss gushes over Arsenal, but this standing up to the Gunners needs to be done on the pitch as well as in the press room.

Take a peek in Betfairs new Front Room for all the latest football banter.
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Redknapp: "I like Brown"

8:26 am
So then, Harry likes Celtic's combative midfielder, Scott Brown.

Has anyone seen this guy in action? I've been told that he's a Sgt. Wilson type player; the type that wears his heart on his sleeve and takes no prisoners.

I thought Tom Huddlestone had a great game and with a few more games under his belt, could build a great understanding with Wilson Palacios.

If Jenas is to be sold to Villa and by the looks of things, they need him, then bringing in a midfielder in the Palacios mold wouldn't be a bad bit of business.

Brown's definitely on Harry's radar. Could be one to watch?

On another note, wasn't it a shock to see both Keano and Defoe starting the match yesterday?
Redknapp: "I like Brown" Redknapp: "I like Brown" Reviewed by PoshSpur on 8:26 am Rating: 5

Harry's January panic buys cause problems

5:04 pm
The signing of Peter Crouch is an excellent one. He will provide goals, assists and good link-up play. He has the skill and finesse to flourish in Spurs’ passing game and his obvious physical attributes provide the team with something different. He will also form a good strike partnership with Jermain Defoe. And there lies the problem.

It is hard to envisage a regular starting place for Robbie Keane. It is well-known that Keane and Defoe cannot play together and it is obvious from their success at Portsmouth that Crouch and Defoe are natural partners. Keane appears to be little more than back-up to Defoe and that is without putting Roman Pavlyuchenko into the equation.

Crouch, like Defoe, Keane and Pascal Chimbonda is in his second spell at the club and it could well be that we have two ‘misses’ to go with two resigned ‘hits’. The return of Defoe and Crouch feels right; Chimbonda and Keane’s homecoming does not.

The decision to bring back Keane was questionable at the time, largely because of the massive fee. His £20.3m move to Liverpool felt like good business; giving £15m of it back did not. It makes even less sense now.

Harry must have foreseen a major role for such a big signing, but then he must have done in lavishing a similar amount on Defoe. He is the only man at the club who is not aware of the pair’s unsuccessful attempts to forge a partnership in their first spell at the club.

The signing of Keane was in a way understandable. We were in a relegation battle and the manager was concerned by the lack of leadership on the pitch; he cited this as Keane’s main attribute when bringing him back.

Harry might also have panicked slightly when buying Chimbonda. Vedran Corluka was having a decent season at right back and the manager would surely have overlooked the lack of cover if we were not in such a perilous position, especially as Alan Hutton was on the way back from injury.

Chimbonda can provide cover in other positions (he might well start the season as the first choice centre back) in much the same way Keane can. However, the captain is wasted on the left wing or in central midfield and he is unlikely to relish the prospect of filling in in alien positions.

Darren Bent is on his way out of the club to balance the books. Could it be that Keane will follow him in order to balance the squad? Football betting on that one may well be interesting...
Harry's January panic buys cause problems Harry's January panic buys cause problems Reviewed by PoshSpur on 5:04 pm Rating: 5

Would you sign Michael Turner?

3:54 pm
I personally think all this talk about us being interested in Michael Turner has only circulated because Hull are also playing in the Far East and more importantly, because we need to sign a defender.

Michael Turner is a great centre half. I've seen him play a few times and the lad means business. Whether we can get Hull to part with their star player is another matter as they're having problems of their own in signing anyone decent.

If it was a tussle between us signing Turner or Bassong, I'd definitely go for Turner. He's stronger on the ball and scores a few to.

On another note, it seems that Darren Bent has made his way back down south after Sunderland agreed and then disagreed on the amount we want for him. Depending on what you read, Levy was holding out for around £15 million. That's a decent price for a striker that will most definitely get them 20+ goals a season.

Robbie Keane and Villa have also been mentioned in the same sentence. As I've said before, I cannot see Keano starting many games in the Premier League now that Crouchie has signed. Would I be sad to see the lad go? Probably not.

Oh, and apparently, we're still interested in Huntelaar. Real Madrid need to submit their 25 man squad for the season soon and the talk in Madrid is that he won't be a part of the new-look squad. That will signal a race to sign him at a knock down fee.

If we do end up getting him and he scores a few, expect Defoe to be unhappy. Everyone says that you need four strikers, but no one tells you how you can keep them all happy!
Would you sign Michael Turner? Would you sign Michael Turner? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 3:54 pm Rating: 5

Does Keane know that he'll be warming the bench?

11:12 am
I wonder what Robbie Keane must be thinking at the moment especially with Peter Crouch just having signed up?

It looks as though our captain could be warming the bench for quite a while as it's plain to see that Harry likes using his own tried and trusted players. With Defoe and Crouch, he'll get exactly what he wants.

Unless we're planning on using the 4-3-3 formation, I can't see how Keane is going to fit into Harry's plans. A few mates have said that Keane will play in the hole behind D & C; but where does that leave Modric?

Pavlyuchenko should also start worrying to, for if Defoe and Crouchie strike up a good partnership (and Harry thinks they will), both Robbie Keane and Roman Pavlyuchenko won't get a look in.

I understand that today's football is based on a squad game, but don't fool yourself into thinking that Harry will chop and change the front two every other game. Keane and Pavlyuchenko may get a look in only during our cup-ties.

I suppose Keane could ask for a move up north to his other boyhood team, Celtic?
Does Keane know that he'll be warming the bench? Does Keane know that he'll be warming the bench? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:12 am Rating: 5

Is Keane interested?

8:30 pm
Today's friendly showed me exactly what I had feared; Robbie Keane simply isn't interested anymore.

I know it's only a preseason friendly, but Keane's displaying the same attitude he showed before jumping ship to Liverpool and towards the final few games of last season.

He's not running, not shouting, not pointing and not interested.

Is it time we waved good-bye to him, or am I just being paranoid? I hope that I am wrong and that he can get some of his heart back before the start of the season.

I do fear that if he keeps up this attitude, the majority may turn on him and when that happens, I'd expect him to pack his bags.

On another note, all this talk about Pavlyuchenko needing rest could turn out to be a red herring. I even gave him the benefit of the doubt and said that we lay off him as I am sure he'd come good.

He did show some signs of the £13.8 million player we signed, but his lazy steak is still very much part of the Pav Package.
Is Keane interested? Is Keane interested? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 8:30 pm Rating: 5

Pav is part of the plan

1:41 pm
Our Russian strikers' agent says that he is confident his client will be part of the Redknapp plan this season.

Can anyone shed some light on what this plan entails? I only ask as it looks like we really are linked with every player. Today I read that Beckham will join us or City. Give me a break.

Does this plan state how Crouch (possibly), Defoe, Bent, Keane & Pavlyuchenko will all be vying for a place up front? What about a left winger? We haven't had one of those since Ginola.

A lot of you have said that there will be some definite action in the next two weeks. I'll believe that when I see it!
Pav is part of the plan Pav is part of the plan Reviewed by PoshSpur on 1:41 pm Rating: 5

Why we'll beat Arsenal

8:09 pm
Written by Jaymes Marsh

I may be putting my neck out on the line here, but I am pretty confident that we'll beat Arsenal come Sunday.

The reason; Robbie Keane.

Here's what Harry had to say on our new signing; "You can already see the difference [within the squad when Robbie signed]. Training on his second morning was the best since I arrived. His enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone. That is why I made him skipper."

For me, signing Robbie Keane will prove to be the ultimate master-stroke Harry Redknapp has pulled off since being at the club. His enthusiasm and drive are just the ingredients needed for a relegation dog-fight, and trust me guy's and girl's, we're in one.

Keane will prove to be the player that has been distinctly missing this season. I expect us to win 2-1 with Keane scoring a penalty.
Why we'll beat Arsenal Why we'll beat Arsenal Reviewed by PoshSpur on 8:09 pm Rating: 5

Fill in the blanks

7:33 pm

Honestly, I am lost for words. What are we trying to achieve here? I am actually not too bothered about Robbie Keane coming back, after all, he was the main driving force in the changing room and was known to rally the players together prior to kick-off and at half-time.

I am though, troubled at the "mish-mash" transfer policy that has been installed after the dreadful tenure of Comolli ended.

It looks as though Redknapp had taken a look at Defoe and knew that we needed a goal scorer and so signed him. Then Robbie Keane's agent called Redknapp, informing him that the former Spurs vice-captain had become available and would welcome a move back to Spurs. We know how that turned out.

The problem I have foreseen is that it's clear Harry doesn't know what his best 11 is. How do you play Pavlyuchenko, Defoe and Keane in the same side; a side that will also accommodate the lightweight Modric, Bentley and Lennon?

Please don't use the Palacios card here. He's clearly a good player, but he can't anchor our midfield alone. If we were playing in a fantasy league, then the line-up of;

would look like a tasty one, especially with Cudicini, Bale, Dawson, Jenas, Modric, Dos Santos, & Bent warming the bench. The reality is that the above line-up does not have the steel and grit needed in it to force us out of our current predicament.

Why didn't we sign Reading's, Stephen Hunt? He may not have the flair and pace of Lennon, but he's a fighter.

I really do worry about the lack of determination and drive that is sadly lacking in our current squad.
Fill in the blanks Fill in the blanks Reviewed by PoshSpur on 7:33 pm Rating: 5

Saviola to replace Keane

We've just read on Marca that Saviola is in talks with Liverpool with a view to a 6 to 12 month loan deal, which will pave the way for Robbie Keane to make his comeback after a £15 million bid was tabled just prior to Liverpool's win over Chelsea.

We'll keep all the rumours coming, no matter how silly they are!

PS. John from Grimsby has stated that Lionel Messi's move to Grimsby Town is off due to the difference in opinion over the players' image rights, which unfortunately coincided with Grimsby's.
Saviola to replace Keane Saviola to replace Keane Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 1:17 pm Rating: 5
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