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Fascinating insight into Baldini type role

11:01 am
All clubs in one form or another have a Director of Football who takes a lead role in the securing of players. It is his role to ensure the scouting network is effective and efficient within the requirements of the individual club.

There are many other aspects, but building an effective squad the main role. For some clubs that may be unearthing talent to sell on, for others building a winning side. Certainly abroad they have more power than they do in the Premier League, here the manager or in our case the head coach has a far greater say. The relationship therefore between Pochettino and the new Technical Director, assuming we give them that title, is just as vital as the relationship between Pochettino and Paul Mitchell.

There are two men we have tried to entice with offers  into the role recently vacated by Franco Baldini, He had his successes and his failures, he didn't achieve what we would have liked on the field, but the club is far more professionally run off the field I'd say. We have upgraded our training facilities, restructured the football side of the club, improved things like diet and medical treatment. 

Regular readers will know about the Kaizen approach, the Japanese philosophy of continual gradual improvements to make significant improvements over time. Those improvements can come anywhere within the organisation, every department should be continually assessing how they can work more effectively and more efficiently. That involves having the right people in the right jobs, people are reluctant to change, having that sort of closed mind in a major decision-making role would hold a club back.

We have seen change, we have seen improvement, we now have to get the hiring of a Technical Director right. The two main men we want are the Sporting Dircetor of Juventus, Fabio Paratic or the Sporting Director of Sevilla, Ramón ‘Monchi’ Rodríguez Verdejo.

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Both men have taken clubs and rebuilt them, Juventus have now won four Italian titles on the trot and been to a UEFA Champions League final whereas Sevilla have won the last the last two UEFA Europa Leagues, the Super and domestic cups.

Juvntus were of course one of the major clubs in Italy, along with traditionally AC and Inter Milan. All three have seen their crown slip, AC Milan are a shadow of their former selves, as are Inter, both mid-table clubs at the moment in need of the rebuilding Juventus have successfully undetaken.

Sevilla are perhaps more identical to Tottenham given they are not the top club in the country and they can't compete financially with the big three, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. When Monchi joined them they were financially crippled, yet now they compete in and win Europe's second tier competition.

Buying and selling players is fact of life in football. Tottenham are not top of the pile so players currently outgrow us just as they outgrow Sevilla. Until we can compete on a more level footing we will continue to lose players and even then there will always be the lure of a Real Madrid or Barcelona. Sevilla found Dani Alves, bought him for £740,000 and sold him to Barcelona for just over £22m.

The key has been the scouting network he has established and understanding the restrictions Sevilla were operating under.

"We are trying to work with a method that helps us find new talent that could benefit us on the field and also generate income. The biggest thing is to show our fans that this is something good for the team, that it's not only about making money. Nobody would defend this model anywhere in the world if the team wasn't winning titles."

The method Monchi is to find cheap players with potential and sell them to bigger clubs at a higher price. It's the basis of all business and he has shown that it doesn't prevent success. Those who talk about a selling club being unable to win things need only look at Sevilla, eigth titles in a decade. They have lifted two Copa del Rey trophies, one Spanish Supercup, one European Supercup, two UEFA Cups and the last two UEFA Europa Leagues.

Now it has to be pointed out at this stage that in both Italy and Spain clubs can buy part of a player and players can be partly third part owned, which is illegal in the Premier League so the playing field is not entirely even. Small clubs can buy high quality player by only having to pay part of a players worth, also the Spanish banks were lending money and not asking for loan repayments in addition to clubs not paying any tax. The tax and loan situation has had to change as a result of the European Union refusing to give Spain any more money until they resolved those issues.

Monchi has achieved success with the simple formula where others haven't and it is this that has attracted to attention of clubs around Europe. Pep Guardiola is a big fan, he had a meeting with him when he was Barcelona boss and rumour has it he is taking charge at Manchester City next season so might he want to take him there.

To find players Mochi put together a network of football specialists and scouts watching football in places where he knows Sevilla will have a competitive edge in the transfer market.

"We go looking for unknown players in places where we know the richer teams won't go because they don't think they will find anyone talented enough for them. We know we can't compete with Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, City, Juventus, Milan ... But we know that we can find these good players. We know our market and we try to take advantage of it."

Paul Mitchell is been building a scouting networl at Tottenham, ity is one area of the club where we have been lagging behind, our recruitment has been very hit and miss with not enough emphasis placed on the mental side of a footballer. Sir Alex Ferguson would look for intelligent players, players with hunger and drive, but players intelligent enough to adapt to different systems or different requirements than they were perhaps filling at their present clubs.

In August Monchi asks his staff of around 15 to name an ideal players XI from each league they wish to operate in. They will all pick an XI from each of the top European leagues and leagues throughout the worldin Asia, South Amrica, Africa etc.

That process last three months so that by December he then is sitting with a list of around 150 players for each position in the side. The evaluation process then begins which will involve statistics, video analysis (any game recorded can be watched and broken down to be watched on a computer anywhere in the world) and live scouting missions.

"It's important to see how each player will react when his team is winning, when it's losing, when it's playing at home, away, in a decisive game. We want to avoid being surprised later on. There is really no secret. We watch a lot of football, we travel a lot, we work hard."

Again we see the importance of mentality, how a player reacts to given situations, it's all part of the mental assessment that quite frankly we have been very average at and that I advocate we make a priority to become world leaders through the use of specialist sports psychologists.

The analysis phase has to be completed by March when Monchi will compile his report ready for the summer transfer market. He grades player A to E, A being the best option. After discussing the list with the manager and finalising the financial side for each player from Sevillas point of view his summer negotiations can begin.

"We may not have the same economic power as some other teams similar to us in Europe, like Fiorentina, Napoli, Hamburg, Lyon, but we have built something very special in the last few years, and that is our brand. When we approach players to come to Sevilla, they know that they will be able to compete for titles, and they also immediately think about Rakitic, Alves, Keita, Ramos ... They know that here they may have a future."

That statement is one I have been writing about Tottenham, to attract players we have to be able to offer them something. Players want to progress, for some that means we are a stepping stone, but if they can do a job while they are here so be it. For other they may want ot be part of a project, for others they may look at us and see youth gets a chance and retains its place if good enough.

We have to have a unique selling point, what is ours? Why should a player come to Spurs instead of say Inter Milan, Roma, Borussia Dortmund or Atletico Madrid?

How Monchi operates will be similar to many mnay sporting directors, directors of football and technical directors around the world. Just as on the field there are different standards of players both technically and mentally, off the field there are also too. 

While Daniel Levy plays a role, depending upon which officials we are talking to and at what club, it is the technical director who is the lynchpin of buying and selling players. Despite Pochettino having the final say the fact that Franco Baldini was relieved of buying duties this summer spoke volumes, he did a very good job selling players to end his time with us though.

The technical director is a key role and we need to ensure we appoint the right man who put the right system in place for us to achieve our objectives in the transfer market. 

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Spurs identify Baldini replacement

12:30 pm
Spurs identify Baldini replacement

Spurs tried last season to lure Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratic and we have tried again in recent weeks with an improved offer. He however keeps turning us down wishing to stay with the Italian giants. 

The Italians decribe him as one of the most respected and courted sports directors from all over Europe. He has helped build a side that has won four consecutive league titles and were runners up in the UEFA Champions League last season. He is the right-hand man to director general Beppe Marotta and has rebuilt Juventus.

Spurs have proposed a contract with carte blanche to team building according to to Italian media which will not be quite as it seems. We have been building the recruitment and scouting divisions while Pochettino decides what type of player he wants and has the final yes or no. 

If Paratic accepted, which seems unlikely given he has turned down a huge wage increase, he would be working with Pochettinio and head up the recruitment among other aspects. While he has embarked on a new three-year project at Juventus both Chelsea and Liverpool are reported to have made offers while Arsenal were reported in March as looking to make an offer to him also.

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Franco Baldini has left the building

10:32 am
Franco Baldini has left the building

Franco has Baldini, it was announced earlier this year, would be leaving Tottenham Hotspur after the Summer Transfer Window had shut and he did arguably his best work during that window.

He was tasked with selling players and we have traditionally struggled, indeed failed to get rid of deadwood. His record this summer in that sense is exceptional compared with what went before. Roberto Soldado, Paulinho, Etienne Capoue, Benjamin Stambouli, Vlad Chiriches, Aaron Lennon, Younes Kaboul all departed, the sale of Lewis Holtby was written into his loan agreement the summer before.

"Franco joined us as Technical Director in June 2013 from AS Roma where he was General Director. He leaves us now to spend time outside of club football.
"We wish him all the best for the future."
That is the entirety of te club statement, it doesn't say a lot about his performance during his time at the club, but then he is an off the field figure so they rarely do.

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The brainless are slagging odd Son Heung-min already!

1:00 pm
The mentality of some fans is incredible, dipping into forums I have seen some slagging off Son Heung-min in very derogatory terms and asking why on earth have we bought him.

The guy hasn't even played a game yet! It's totally brainless, no doub these people have never actually seem him play, but determined that because he comes from South Korea he can't be any good. Our beloved plastic fans that think we should be buying all the superstars who we can't afford the wages for and who don't want to come to us anyway.

Thies Blemeister, agent to Son Heung-min.
"The coach was important for our decision. He is a fantastic coach and it is not easy to find a coach with a good character. We think Tottenham have a great coach and a good young team, and we believe they will play in the Champions League. With Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen there, it should be a good combination with Son."
Former midfielder, the highly reveered Rafael van der Vaart says Son has the attributes to succeed at Spurs.
"Spurs is not a bad move for Son, I think he has everything to be a success at Tottenham Hotspur. He was a great talent when I was playing with him at Hamburg."
Then someone asks the question why has Franco Baldini escpaed blame for nor buying Berahino. He has nothing to do with it, he was tasked with selling players this window, not buying them, we have a new team doing that, besides, what's so special about Berahino?

He is just a decent youngster, no more, he isn't some superstar thta is suddenly going to turn us into world beaters and personally I have yet to be convinced that he has changed his mentality, there being two ways to read his refusal to play for Peace again Tweet.

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The Variety Morning, Carroll, Lamela, Baldini & more

8:30 am
Good morning, variety is the spice of life they say so we'll start this morning with some variety for you including Tom Carroll, Érik Lamela, Franco Baldini and more..

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Different people have different views on a season preview so it's always good to read another opinion
Stats Bomb, a site you may not have come across, give their assessment, Pressure On Pochettino? EPL 2015-16 Preview: Tottenham

Female Tottenham blogger Sarah Bassett has taken a look at the academy products like Tom Carroll coming through in her piece for the Hackney Gazette.
Hackney Gazette

The Evening Standard will have touched a nerve with a large sction of Spurs fans who love to have someone to blame with a story about Franco Baldini wanting to take a break from football when he leaves Spurs after the transfer window shuts. For now he is charged with selling players we don't want and he has has a very successful summer doing so.
Evening Standard

The Western Morning News have come up with a list of players they say are facing a make or break season, Jack Wilshere, Erik Lamela, Jack Butland, Andrej Kramaric, Callum McManaman, Jack Rodwell, Phil Jones, Roberto Martinez and they have thrown Steve McClaren into the mix.
Western Morning News

I agree with Premier League managers that the transfer window should shut before the season starts, it ludicrous the way it is and makes a managers job even harder than it should be. Everton boss Martinez has spoken about it as reported by a blog aimed at the American market.
SB Nation

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Baldini leaving Spurs

5:00 pm
Many fans will rejoice and there will be an outpouring of abuse on Twitter with news that Franco Baldini is to leave Spurs.

For two years now the press have been telling us he is about to be fired, he is on his last legs, he is clinging one, he is going any day now and two years later he is still here. Why? Because the assumption of what he does isn't actually what he does do.

The Telegraph is now suggesting the Tottenham technical football will be leaving at the end of the transfer window, which seems far more credible than the stories we have read in the last two years.

The article points out Baldini was not solely responsible for transfers and this summer has been our sales department for the players we have wanted off the books, in that respect he has had a very successful summer.

When Paul Mitchell was brought in it was reported that he would work with Franco Baldini to learn the ropes of the football director role. The newspaper suggest the role may disappear and be engulfed by others. Perhaps Mitchell's stock is rising at Tottenham and much of the role will come under his remit.

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Spurs could/should be doing more with the loan system

9:00 pm
I try not to use the rose tinted spectacles and assess in a more cold light of day frame of mind, perhaps that is my coaching training coming to the fore, but people sometimes lose sight of the fact that football is a harsh business where passengers are a luxury Tottenham can't afford.

I am all for developing youth, understanding and supporting what we are aiming to achieve at Tottenham. Money wins trophies now, that's a proven fact, it's pie in the sky stuff thinking a club or a manager can simply build a side, without money the chances of success are as minimal as they can get. We have an edge on most clubs, but the trophy winners have a massive edge on us. Football is a business, you gave to win the business battle off the field to build a squad to win trophies on the field.

Being unable to compete for the finished players we would want we have turned to an alternative route. Whether you support our faith in youth or not the club do have a strategy to prepare for the building of a new stadium and beyond. That is better than no strategy at all.

With a youth based strategy comes ups and downs, mistakes will be made, they are learning, but you have to look ahead and ask where are we going, are the youngsters on the right track to get us there. Surrounding them are the experienced players, it is their job to perform consistently and help the youth. I recently wrote about Fernando Llorente and how he uses his experience in a positive way to help the young players both on and off the field. If you make conditions perfect off the field you are giving a player every opportunity to perform on the field. It all matters.

At what point does a player become experienced though? There is no set timeframe and sometimes players don't help themselves. Again I have written before that more English players should go abroad if the opportunity emerges and that we should be sending youth abroad to gain first-team football, as well as learning in a different footballing environment.

Tom Carroll had the opportunity to go to Ajax as part of the Christian Eriksen deal that brought him to White Hart Lane. Surely at his age you would want to go to one of the clubs in Europe with a history of developing quality players and who have UEFA Champions League football. Not Tom Carroll, he turned down a loan move to Ajax and went on loan to Championship side QPR, where their fans will tell you he flopped.

Since then he has struggled to move on with his career, a loan spell at Swansea last season started to reignite it but it's hardly burning bright. He does seem a bit in no-mans land at the moment and his size will always count against him in a defensive midfield role where he is vulnerable in the air. Manchester United targeted Ryan Mason successfully with that ploy so Carroll would be subjected to that too, it would give teams an aerial route to our defence. Scott Parker had the physicality to be able to compete, Carroll doesn't have that.

Tottenham Hotspur is a business, the product is football and in the football landscape today you have to run the club as a going concern. Stamping ones feet and crying to Mummy that Joe Lewis isn't putting his own money in just because two other clubs had sugar daddies build them isn't going to change the situation one bit. Jealousy has never been a positive trait.

Going out on a loan is one thing, but going to the right place is quite another. Chelsea buys players and loan them out to develop elsewhere, often abroad, coming back to the club when they are ready. Some make it, some don't, Manchester City do the same, the Italian champions for the last 4 seasons Juventus had 58 players out on loan last season.

Italian clubs can part own a players registration, in effect part own the player. In Spain recently Atlético Madrid just bought 75% of Yannick Ferreira Carrasco from Monaco. We can't do that in the Premier League, our rules do not allow third party ownership to protect the integrity of results.

Spurs have greatly increased our use of the loan system to develop players and where it within our financial means, I can see the club continuing to buy young talent, loan them out and have a pool of players to either use or sell. Harry Winks is perhaps the next for a loan spell, DeAndre Yedlin to follow perhaps.

2012/13 - 13 loans out
2013/14 - 24 loans out

Once a club have bought a player the club taking that player on loan usually pays a percentage of their wages, in some cases all of it, obviously it depends on what the players wages are. Mohamad Salah is a player Chelsea have bought, it hasn't worked out for him there so he was loaned out and Chelsea want a profit to sell him. We can not deal in that market in that way with players of that quality. Buying and loaning out players are beyond our transfer and wages budget unless they are youth and inexpensive.

If we concentrate on 17-year-olds to 20-year-old players with potential who haven't broken through yet then we can pick them up relatively cheaply. In addition, we are looking to buy players who are expected to develop into top bracket players. We have actively targeted them this window, Atlético Madrid and other Spanish clubs particularly take this approach. Using the loan system, not just as we do now in this country, but increasingly abroad, we can develop these players over a period to the point where they are worth a good deal more than we have paid for them.

Real Madrid run their academy as a going concern, it has to pay for itself through player sales. Tottenham should be doing the same thing, but we don't hear of too many Jake Livermore type fees. Once we have loaned them to a Championship club many seem to stagnate, what is happening with 22-year-old right-back Ryan Fredericks for instance. Having written this a few days ago, I now see we asked for £3 million (US$4.69m - AUS$6.19m - €4.23m) to sell him, rather than loan him to QPR. Now there is news Glasgow Rangers want to take him on loan but with only a year on his contract it doesn't benefit us.

We don't seem to loan players to Premier League clubs very often when they get to this stage, surely that is the season that is going to make them a more valuable asset. Should we not be targeting the promoted clubs, who play football in the right way, to take a youngster and give them a season's football. A player like Alex Pritchard would benefit from a season playing Premier League football, he won't get it with us, he'll just get cups, some UEFA Europa League games and cameos or the odd game.

We have seen a change in the coaching staff and a more professional outlook from the players with health and diet top of the agenda. As sports science improves making small adjustments to small parts improves the whole machine. The body is a players instrument of work, it has to be kept in tip-top condition, falling out of a nightclub is no longer acceptable, not that it ever was. The culture is still to have a beer, fun with the lads for many, that is not compatible with top level sport.

There is a slow gradual change at Tottenham where we are trying to position ourselves with the culture and mentality to challenge for and win trophies. While we have started to make progress with the loan system there is more we can do, not just for the individual player but for the club as a whole.

We have to build a better scouting network and develop a network of link clubs, clubs we can loan to such as the one former player Tony Mowbray is trying to develop at the moment. He and Tottenham had a three-hour meeting to discuss how this could work for the mutual benefit of both clubs as he told the Coventry Telegraph.

“I had a three-hour meeting with one football club about their young players and building relationships. We talked about developing relationships where they might bring some players up to our training ground and we might go down and play their team on their training ground. 
“But those sorts of relationships are going to be healthy. We need to progress to the point where we don’t want to feed but use each other as a vehicle so we use their young players and it benefits both. At this moment in this club’s history, that’s where we are.”

It is important there is something in it for everyone and a future path is discussed. If our youngsters go to Coventry City and the club does well, gains promotion perhaps, then they are going to need a better standard of player, which could be further development for the same players or others. There would be no point us wanting to send them the same standard of player as we had the previous year, it would take them backwards.

Paul Mitchell has arrived and is upgrading the scouting and analysis. I have long felt we need to look to Spain more, given how they are brought up to play team football retaining the ball and we have recently appointed two scouts for the region, clearly it's an area we are now taking a greater interest in.

It will be interesting to see how we use the loan system over the next few years. The big question for me is a player like Alex Pritchard. Take Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois who was sent to Atlético Madrid for three years to develop, now a top class goalkeeper he walked straight into the team. Alex Pritchard will not walk straight into our team, but shouldn't we also be creating players that can?

A season-long loan spell at newly promoted Bournemouth, for instance, would create a Premier League player quicker than a partial season with us. In one year, we may then not need to buy a wide attacker but a season of partial development may mean we delay a season finding out about him.

Staying worked for Harry Kane bit that's not to say it will work for everyone, there are only 11 places in a team and we are still trying to develop Andros Townsend, who should have been more advanced as a player than he is.

It's a dilemma and hindsight tells us with each player whether we were right or wrong, do we need a little more foresight though?

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Pochettino & Baldini

6:30 pm
It is amusing hearing newspapers claim Mauricio Pochettino has been handed the final say on transfer because that's a newspaper invention.

Nothing has changed at Tottenham, the process for transfers is the same, the manager/head coach has always had the say on transfers, if a manager doesn't agree to a player he isn't signed. All players that have been signed are agreed by the manager/head coach, if a player is offered to Tottenham in the wau Rafael van der Vaart was, then Daniel Levy rings the manager and asks if he wants him, if he says no the player isn't signed.

It's a complete fallacy that a manager has a load of players signed for him that he didn't want, he simply may not have got his first choice that is all, which is the same at every club in the world.

Paul Mitchell finds and analyses the players to Pochettino's specifications. Pochettino says yes or no, they are prioritised and valued then transfer negotiations start, which Pochettino does not conduct. If agreement can be reached we sign the player, if it can't we intensify the already commenced negotiations with the next on the list.

The players on the list and all sounded out via their agents so the club have fall back options. That's as it has always been, the belief that Franco Baldini just goes out and sources players on his own is nonsense, Tottenham use statistics. If Baldini puts the name of a player forward, then they are analysed statistically against set algorithms and if the player matches up is put to the manager/head coach who says yes or no again.

All that has changed is that Tottenham are using a different team to determine which players to buy. The old guard wwere failing, we have new people sourcing players, still using the same statistics but hopefully evaluating them in a more suitable way to bring success to the club.

Baldini has never simply gone out decided on a player, convinced everyone he should be bought and bought him against the managers wishes. Newspapers have been writing that rubbish for two years and for two years the newspapers have decided that Baldini is on thin ice that his time is up at Tottenham and he'll be sacked. They have been saying he will be sacked for 2 years, he is still at Tottenham, that alone indicates they are talking rubbish.

His role oversees many things, he has been transforming the running off the club off the field and bringing it to a high quality level. He has had an input into diet, fitness, facilities for instance and it was he who wanted Paul Mitchell at the club. The media even tried to portray that as Mitchell coming in to take over from Baldini, getting it totally wrong again. It is Baldini who has assisted in overhauling how we source players, he continues to have off the record private chats to establish whether or not we may be able to get any of the targets on our list.

If you thing of the role as a managing director role then you'd be nearer the mark, throwing in the word football seems to confuse everyone, you could just call him director of sport. The overhaul of the football side at Tottenham was part of his role.

While other websites just follow what the media tells them I prefer to look at things objectively, asess them muself and come to my own conclusions. Newspapers exist to tell the public what their opinion is, the public then simply adopt what the media tells them as their own opinion, as if they have decided that themselves. That's how media works.

A director of football has a bust time ahead of him in the next few years, further improvements to the training facility, a new stadium and the changes that causes, off the field their is a lot for him to keep an eye on and ensure we continue to provide the best for the players. it is the head coaches job to get the team to perform, not the director of football's.

I wrote a series some 18 months ago and one of the aspects of that was the Japanese Kaisen approach to improvement. It's the same approach the England rugby union team used to win the world cup, the same the British cycling team used, the British Olympic team used, the Sky pro cycling team use.

You look at every single tiny little detail and how how you can improve it, some you can, some you can't. You implement all those tiny little improvements, both on and off the field and in every aspect of the running of the club.

The club have been making improvements off the field and Franco Baldini has played a big part in that. You don't have success and then create the environment for success, you create the environment first and success follows. Franco Baldini's role has been to create that environment.

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A meeting? Levy already knows who to sell

10:14 am
The Evening Standard are somewhat put in the guestimates of how Tottenham operate in my opinion. They ran a story where they guessed that 9 Tottenham players are up for sale this summer, players which we could all probably name and could have done so for most of the season. That is not the issue, we all know there is going to be a clearout.

Some players have kad it rammed home to them that they have no future at the club and that they will be left to rot unless they move. Players who have dug their heels in to stay, Adebayor being the prime example, have with the full backing of Daniel Levy beenconsistently left out of match day squads. Ig they want to play football they have to move, it's as simple as that.

Aaron Lennon didn't want to leave and as I reported on January 5th sisn't want to go to Hull City, he would wait for Everton, Southampton, Liverpool or West Ham. It was Everton that came to pass and he has proved his worth by revitalizing theur season according to manager Roberto Martinez. The Everton fans who said he isn't qorth the same as Kevin Miralles have had to eat their words and he has shown Spurs fans that in yhe right system he can thrive.

Has Erik Lamela at £30 million done any more than Aaron Lennon? Has Andros Townsend done any more than Lennon could have done? Sadly back in Novemver Lennon sided with Kaboul and Adebayor against Kane and the younger players. He apokogised to Pochettino explaining he was merely siding with his friends, however that appeard to be the nail in his coffin as well.

The aspect of the Evening Standard story that simply doesn't ring true though is that they imply Mauricio Pochettino has not already tols Daniel Levy and Paul Mitchell who he would like to get rid of. If that were the case then paul Mitchell wouldn't know who to be scouting for the last few months, which in a major organisation is simply unbelievable. Pochettino will know exactly what positions he wants to strengthen and Mitchell hs been working towards that.

There will be a meeting at the end of the season but that will simply be part of the ongoing meeting the two have. Levy has anctioned the ostracising of players so he has to have been told that they are surplus to requirements and why. It has been a deliberate policy to force them out the club rather than have them say nobody will match my wages so I'm staying.



We have heard all this Franco Baldini is ina vulberable nonsense for 18 months now, amazing he is still at Spurs if he is that vulberable. Regardless of what the media think and the stupid he has been sacked rumours that did the rounds a week ago, Baldini will only be leaving Spurs when Spurs have lined up a replacement. They have not done so yet so Baldini isn't going anywhere and with a summer of selling to do he is going to be a busy man. While it may be Levy ho finally agrees the figures it is Baldini who does the selling and he does some of the negotiation for Levy as well, he did for Soldado. it was he is Spain talking to one-on-one to Valencia officials not levy. It's a myth that Levy does all the negotiations.

The club decise what a player is worth and Pochettino is included in that, how the club want to pay and what can be offered are all known, Baldini has to know so he can initially talk round figures to start transfer negotiatons.

This summer doesn't look like being any different from the last two summers. levy will not be conducting all the negotiations, qith the type of player we are now seeking there is no need. Tottenham have returned to the pre 2013 policy of youth and have a £15 million ceiling that will only be gone over ifoe a special player, however the special players we have bought have failed. We have bid £15 million for Memphis Depay, if PSV want £25 million we won't be interested, nor will we be interested in paying £27 million for Morgan Schneiderlin.

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Dalglish - Pochettino & Baldini combination is working

8:30 am
Kenny Dalglish sees no problem with the technical director or director of football role at clubs, it's the way most clubs are going and managers have to,not just get used to it but find a way of making it work.

Dalglish - Pochettino & Baldini is working

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville discussed it and Carragher suggested that they should be a unit, you employ them together, you sack them together so the club always get the type of player the manager wants. Quite frankly any director of football should be capable of listening to a manager and taking on board the type of player he is looking for before bringing him names for approval.

To suggest the director of football just goes out and gets the players he wants and doesn't talk to the manager is laughable, yet some seem to think that's what happens and want to apportion blame accordingly. Liverpool legend Dalglish sees no problem with the system, after all it gives the manager more time to work with the team.

"It’s a system that is much maligned, but Pochettino has an advantage above many of the managers in the Premier League, in that he came from Spain and a situation working with a technical director. He understands how it works... and how to make it work for him. 
"That’s the key. 
"There’s nothing wrong with having a technical director if you can find a way of making it work with the manager, and I suspect that’s what happened at White Hart Lane – Pochettino addressed that before he went in."

All you need is clearly defined roles and plenty of communication. At Tottenham Paul Mitchell does the analysis and arranges scouting, Baldini puts his suggestions in from his contacts in the game and with Pochettino players are agreed or rejected then placed in order for Baldini to see what deals can be done within the constraints of Tottenham's finances.

We have had our splash the cash period, now it's the value for money and player development time.

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Transfer Process - Analysis & Valuation

6:30 pm
In the first part of this series we looked at scouting and how it has changed to become an analytical process in a room with software, in Spurs case Scout7, to assess players much more than the old visual scouting method.

Transfer Process - Analysis & Valuation

Today both methods are employed so when we hear of a scout at a game we don't actually know who they ate scouting, it could be any one of the 22 players, as they don't give up that information. The press will speculate as to whom but that is all it is speculations on their perceived requirements for that club.

The head of recruitment and his team will analyse a player using software having identified them through an automatic analysis of data. he and his team may also have analysed a player who has been recommended by a scout or by the manager/head coach or the director of football through his contacts.

The manager/head coach will inform the head of recruitment of the type of players he requires and the head of recruitment will use all his resources to identify those players.

Added into the mix are the requirements of the hierarchy, as any manager/head coach is working to an agreed strategy from the club as a whole. That may mean loaning short term players or building a sustainable future, as is the case at Tottenham.

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Once the players are identified that fit the profiles then the manager/head coach and head of recruitment then place each player in each position in order of preference, thus any player who comes to the club has been agreed by the manager/head coach.

The manager/head coach, the director of football, the head of recruitment determine a player valuation. at this stage a maximum valuation figure is determined and for players to be sold a minimum valuation figure is also determined. There will be input from the financial team and the board in this process so the additional figure on the committee could be any one of a number of people but quite possibly the head of football operations.

The legal team have to begin the due diligence process so that the club don't find themselves in a situation like the one French club Nice find themselves. They have signed Hatem Ben Arfar after selling Darío Cvitanich to Pachuca in Mexico but have been refused permission to play him this season as he has already played for Hull City on loan and Newcastle Under 21's. In France U21 football does not count as a professional game but in England it does. Due diligence would have avoided this.

It is only after this assessment and valuation stage that a transfer truly begins.

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Misunderstood Director of Football

8:30 pm
Delving into forums, as is my want every now and then, I came across talk of Franco Baldini and Daniel Levy. It took just a couple of lines to see that the role of Director of Football is rather misunderstood by many a fan who still hanker for the good old days.

Misunderstood Director of Football

Very few managers run football clubs now, even in the Premier League and a Director of Football is not just a chairman's fall guy. They do not do the scouting and decide which player they want then negotiate deals to bring them to the club, as it seems some supporters think.

Liverpool finished second to Manchester City last year, both have someone doing a Director of Football role, so do Chelsea, Manchester United, their managers do exactly the same as at Tottenham. Managers/coaches do not have time to scout and negotiate deals while a club is playing twice a week and having to prepare the side for each game? How exactly are Portsmouth doing now after Harry Redknapp was in the negotiating chair?

All clubs now have an analytical department which has several roles. One role is to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition and what each opposition player is likely to do in certain situations. Those finding and the recommendations that arise from them are given to the manager/coach. He then formulates his plan how he is going to approach each game, how he is going to set his team up and the tactics he is going to use. That is imparted to the coaches and work on the training ground preparing the team begun.

The manager/coach knows what roles he wants filled in his side so the analytic department and scouts seek out players who can fulfil that role. The department may ask a scout to go and look at a player or the scout may recommend a player to the department that they have seen. The Director of Football may ask his contacts for the identity of such players and recommend them to the analytic department.

In order to survive clubs have to make money so there has to be criteria involved that allows for the increase in value of a player as well as him being able to perform the role the manager/coach requires. Alternatively you find an experienced short-term loan or free transfer, in other words a player whose contract is ending. If you are a club with huge resources then you can just go and buy the finished article but Tottenham don't have those resources to pay those wages.

The analytic department then make those recommendations to the manager/coach to say yes or no to. The manager/coach then puts these players in order, meaning we'll have him first, but if we can't agree a deal, then him, then him and so on depending upon how many there are on the list. That happens for each role that the manager/coach wants filled.

At Tottenham Pochettino also has his say in valuing a player, both our own and a prospective purchase. He agrees a figure we will not go above to buy, as was the case with Morgan Schneiderlin.

Misunderstood Director of Football

Only at this point does the Director of Football become heavily involved. It is his role to negotiate any deal within the financial boundaries the clubs hierarchy deem the balance sheet allows. It is also his role to sell all the players the manager/coach does not want, or is willing to let go to get one of his targets in. Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice to get what you want.

The Director of Football does not, as some fans seem to think, determine who the club should buy, go out and buy them before presenting them to the manager/coach. He is a negotiator, he knows football yes, but his primary role is to sell and negotiate deals.

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Even these deals are not simple though because, certainly at a club like Tottenham, you can't buy a player until you have also agreed the sale of another player. You don't have two sets of wages on the books for no return and you can only have a maximum of 17 non-home grown players over 21 in the Premier League squad. Thus we are in the realms of deals in principle until, like a house sale, a chain of buys and sales can be agreed between a series of clubs.

Remember if we buy a player from another club they have to replace that player so a third club is involved. If we are also selling a player to make room in the squad then that is a fourth club who also have to sell a player to make way for their purchase so that is a fifth club. Some deals can be simple with a small chain some can be difficult with lengthy chains.

It is not a case of we want that player so pay whatever the other club suggest to get them, that's the way to send your club into ruin. Apart from the fact you'd have no money left in future transfer windows, every club would simply hold you to ransom and slap millions on the price of a player, just like Southampton did slapping an extra £9 million on Morgan Schneiderlin after the World Cup.

Any player purchased has been agreed by the manager/coach, the team are still his players and success or failure is still his responsibility.

The Director of Football is just an easy figure to blame for people who don't understand the modern game and hanker for the good old days when managers did it all.

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January an important window for Pochettino

12:08 pm
Spurs are in a mess and at just the wrong time. With a new stadium to be built money is therefore tight, we can't just go and spend big money on transfers, we need to watch the purse strings to have the club in a position to obtain and service loans.

January an important window for Pochettino

Once built again money will be tight and we will have to develop from within or seek bargains, exactly what we have to do now in fact.

Gareth Bale wanted to leave but was persuaded to stay for an extra year to try and get us in the UEFA Champions League, he almost single handedly did that, but then when Real Madrid wanted him there was no option for him. His dream move may never have come round again so he had to take it and forced through a big money move.

The clear plan was then to use that money to build a team that would see us through the next few years and the stadium building process. Unfortunately the basic plan didn't have the details worked out.

We had a manager who couldn't use the players and upset everyone. Emmanuel Adebayor and Benoit Assou-Ekotto were his two biggest critics. Now we don't know all the details but Assou-Ekotto was told he will never play for the club again and hasn't. That message, delivered by Andre Villas-Boas, must have come from above.

Adebayor however was banished to the Development Squad but had to be brought back on the insistence of the hierarchy who didn't want to waste his wages.

Jump forward a year and we have a new manager who has been told he can leave players to rot, whoever they are. The hierarchy, it seems, have now had enough of players playing for themselves and not the club, of thinking they control the football and not the manager.

Now at the time I speculated on the reason for Tim Sherwood's appointment and one of the theory's i came up with was that he had been appointed to sort the players out into basically two groups. The club knew they had duds and wanted to know who was playing for the club and who was going through the motions. Give it what names you like, Sherwood said some players were doing the club a favour playing for us and others would give it their best. That information has been taken on board.

Now I am not one of these Levy haters who simply pin everything at his door because they feel a new owner will automatically pump money into the club. That could well be just a pipe dream, many new owners don't pump money in and then we wouldn't be in any better position than we are now so the grass may not be greener. However the hierarchy, of which he is one, do appear to have changed their tune.

Daniel Levy didn't choose Pochettino, Joe Lewis did. But crucially the club drew a line and determined to stand by the new head coach squarely. He was appointed to transform the club, to turn it around, to bring through youth and operate on a tighter budget. He was able to make his own mind up in players and the club hierarchy made an about turn, allowing him to leave anyone to rot, even the highest earner Emmanuel Adebayor. Other managers/coaches have not had that backing.

Now Pochettino is no magician, he can't suddenly take a bunch of players with no winning mentality and suddenly turn them into winners, as some fans seem to think he should be doing. In reality, players with the wrong mental attitude are never going to take us anywhere, we need to fill the side with those who have a winning mentality.

Ask yourself why Manchester United were so successful, yes they spent money, but on players who had it mentally, how many late goals did they score? They never gave up, Arsenal score stacks of late goals to rescue games and points, again down to a mentality more than anything else. Look at us against Crystal Palace, we looked more like losing it late in the game than grabbing a winner.

We have a group of expensive players who are not worth what we paid for them now, who can't hack it in our team, our system. To suggest the system is totally at fault is a fallacy, Crystal Palace at the end of the game cut open our defence with a midfield runner and a pass so to open up a crushed defence is not impossible at all, it is if your midfield stay behind the ball as ours do. When was the last time you saw Eriksen for instance run past the ball into the box for someone to thread the ball through, or Mason, or Lamela or Paulinho?

That's not a problem with the system, that's a problem with the players playing the system, the midfield are trying to leave it all to strikers who get little service. Your striker then loses form and when you do give then chances they then miss. I mean no disrespect to Harry Kane, who is progressing well, but would he be playing as a sole striker for Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United or Liverpool? I do understand we are playing him to develop him for the future, there is an element of that and it may be that we decided we are going to lose anyway so we might as well develop him, it's not the short-term answer though.

Fans want to win every game but Pochettino has to have a long term plan and if that is to develop Kane as quick as possible so be it, but being dropped for the Chelsea game is hardly a ringing endorsement for the coaches faith in Soldado, how exactly is that going to increase his confidence?

The problem we now have is what do we do with all these players who are ether not good enough, have o confidence or are mentally not winners? We have to get rid of the majority of them, only those lacking confidence should be considered as possibles to keep. Then comes the problem of getting rid of them though.

A player doesn't have to leave if he doesn't want to and reports suggest Adebayor has already said he is not leaving, although that could all change if someone was daft enough to offer him bigger wages. For Ade it's all about money.

Lamela is now worth half what we paid for him, he can't operate at the pace of the Premier League, at least not in our system. He needs the slower pace of Italian football to give him thinking time. Maybe in a better side he could perform, maybe he needs players around him with better movement than the limited players we have. That would give him more immediate options and therefore he could make a decision quicker, maybe he dwells on the ball because he has few options when he gets it.

The Paulinho who started with us ran into the box, the present incarnation doesn't. He however can probably still be sold close to his original fee and perhaps his reintroduction into the squad is to put him in the shop window and keep his price high. Not even being in the squad would reduce his fee.

Soldado is said to not be looking for a move in January, having failed to secure one last summer. Asking £6 million for a season loan seems a bit steep but then I suppose Levy has got to try and recoup some money on him somehow. Now side is going to pay anywhere the £26 million he cost us and yes that is what we have to pay for him, not the £11-13 million as some suggest. The fee was agreed in instalment, we have paid the second instalment now bit even if we sell him that fee still has to be paid to Valencia.

Italian clubs want him around the £11 million mark or on loan, neither help us much given that we will not be spending extra money on a striker. A swap deal with a little cash maybe, that's the Jackson Martinez proposal but there is no indication that Soldado would be willing to go to Portugal, I'd be very surprised if he did, it's not one of the top tier leagues in Europe.

Those few indicate the problems we have, overpriced players we have to recoup money on to be able to buy cheaper, better, replacements. Regular readers will know I have been banging on about improving our recruitment process since last season, that we need greater analysis, especially about a players mentality. The appointment of Paul Mitchell to head the recruitment team with his 'forensic' analysis is a step in the right direction and should aid the bargain hunting.

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Bargain hunting does not automatically mean cheap buys, Lamela could have been a bargain if he developed into the next Gareth Bale, which was the reason we bought him. Mentally he isn't Gareth Bale though.

It was Franco Baldini who suggested signing Paul Mitchell and naturally Mauricio Pochettino's opinion was sought, unsurprisingly he supported this idea. Mitchell has gained a reputation in a very short time and it is though his natural progression is to a Director of Football position. He will be given the opportunity to learn from Franco Baldini the art of negotiation, transfer dealings with agents and players, etc.

The way forward for Tottenham in terms of recruitment has now been mapped out. Mauricio Pochettino will decide on the roles he needs filled and thus the type of player he requires. Mitchell, the Head of Recruitment will then identify players suited to those roles be they young or established. He will then recommend the players he has identifies to Pochettino. The Head Coach will then approve or reject each player recommendation.

The players who get the Pochettino approval will be passed to Franco Baldini to go out and try to sign them in the order he is given them. It is not a case of Baldini deciding who we should buy when we can't get a first choice, the alternatives we then go for are approved Pochettino buys. Thus all purchases are Pochettino approved so he stands or falls by the performance of the team, his team, not a team of players he has been given that he doesn't want.

I'm not privy to he length of time it takes Mitchell to analyse and identify targets, given he has come to a new club that doesn't have the systems in place he had at Southampton. What we can be sure of is that when Pochettino arrived at Spurs he came armed with a list of players for set roles within a system he wants to play and that those on the list will have already been identified by Mitchell.

Presumably Hector Moreno, Mateo Musacchio and Federico Fazio were on that list. Ben Davies and Eric Dier were on our list and recommended to Pochettino, recommendations he then approved. I can't see that Stambouli was on our list, Vorm seems like an opportunity that just arose and was too good to miss.

Tottenham need an overhaul, January is the beginning of that overhaul now that Pochettino has had time to assess everyone. Baldini is going to be a busy man and he is going to have to earn his wage. Offloading some players and getting others in without it costing the club a packet is a tough task but that's the job.

What we can't do is simply send a bunch of players out on loan and buy a bunch more to replace them as in a few months your wage bill suddenly shoots through the roof as they return to the club. How do you sell players who aren't worth what we paid for them and won't get the same wages elsewhere?

Answers in January.

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Pochettino & Baldini on different hymn sheets?

12:18 pm
It is often amusing how the press report things, they need an angle to a story rather than simply providing the news and we have another example with Tottenham in yet another state of turmoil.

Pochettino & Baldini on different hymn sheets?

Current events demonstrate how important the role of Director of Football is and if you appoint the wrong individual how it can impact on a club. Firstly let's tackle the obvious answer that clubs don't need a Director of |Football or Technical Director. The role is here to stay in football so fans will have to 'get with the times'.

With a club playing twice a week the manager or head coach has to prepare for those games so how much time is actually left for scouting new players, for watching them personally and making assessments before purchase? Very little. Today clubs have a scouting team or use scouts to put forward names for the type of player the club is searching for.

A club provides a guideline of what it requires from a player and in the course of his work the scout identifies a player and reports back. The club will have full-time scouts and part-time scouts, with the part timers working for several clubs at once.

The director of football is in place to provide the head coach with more time to undertake his specialism, coaching and less time spent on administration. More and more Premier League clubs are moving in that direction now, we have stolen a march but as yet failed to make it work. The director of football liaises with the head coach so that the players brought in are players the head coach is happy with and agrees to.

It is essential therefore that they are both singing from the same hymn sheet. The coach is determining the style of play, thus the director of football must source players that suit that style and not just players who may increase in value, although those considerations must be borne in mind.

When a new coach is appointed he generally brings his own staff with him, he knows and trusts them and they know how he works, they are a team. The obvious extension of that is having a director of football as part of that team so a club employs the group together.

Are Pochettino and Baldini on the same hymn sheet? Pochettino was not Baldini's choice, Frank de Boer was, Levy wanted |Anchelotti and failing that Rafa Benitez while Joe Lewis wanted Pochettino.

Lewis/Pochettino vs Levy/Benitez vs Baldini/De Boer
Waving a managerial magic wand won't fix Tottenham
Posted on 15 May and thus far depressingly accurate.

The press now report that Franco Baldini is trying to save his job by trying to finalise the purchase of Jay Rodriguez, who Tottenham discussed in the summer but unsurprisingly given that he was injured, couldn't arrange a deal for. He has not played this season either yet but Pochettino knows him and wants him.

Spurs were always going to go back in for Rodriguez in January, just as we would for Hector Moreno after his broken leg. Neither of these are new deals and neither should be deals that save Baldini his job, if they are Pochettino choices rather than his. Baldini is merely trying to broker a deal, something a hundred other people could do equally as well. The art of a director of football is not the deal brokering but the scouting network and ours is poor, given the mentally weak players we have bought.

There have been many reports suggesting Daniel Levy will overhaul the scouting network of the club and have an internal inquiry into Franco Baldini's part into the failed purchases that have cost the club millions and transformed us from top four chasers to a club wondering where the next points will come from.

The Telegraph suggest Paul Mitchell will soon be appointed and will not be answerable to Franco Baldini. He is the Head of Recruitment at Southampton so if he is appointed, that would surely make Baldini's position untenable. Will Tottenham continue to pursue Monchi, the Sevilla director of football, he build the Spanish club to win the UEFA Europa League on a shoestring but would surly be doing the same job as Mitchell.

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Our appointments smack of flavour of the month, he has done well, we'll sign him and then wonder why they don't replicate that at Spurs. Having said that, from Day One I have been certain that Pochettino has been employed for the long haul, that Levy knows we have bought hyped mediocrity only interested in their pay packets. It is my belief that he knows there are going to be some painful times while we try to dispose of them and bring in fresh players to replace them.

With a stadium to finance that will no doubt be on a limited budget with purchases funded by player sales but the players are not worth what we paid for them, another reason why you don't just overpay for a player simply because you want them.

Italy is a slow league and Baldini is used to recruiting for a slow league, thus far recruiting for a faster higher quality league he has failed abysmally. Can he and Pochettino sort the mess out? Every player we have bought lacks pace, the one thing that frightens players in the Premier League is pace.

You are not going to change the league, it will always be played at pace, the crowd demand it, the worldwide audience demand it, it's why it's the most watched league in the world. TV companies buy the rights to show it because it is exciting, there are frequent changes of possession, frequent mistakes, frequent goal mouth action.

Building a side to retain possession is fine but they must be able to maintain it being pressed faster and more often than they will be in other leagues. They have to be able to think quick, make decisions quickly and that takes vision, so the players must be those with greater vision than the majority.

There are so many aspects to player recruitment yet we just seem to look at what skill he has, the skill he has that you can't see is far more important and until we appoint people who appreciate and can assess those elements we will continue to be the nearly men of the Premier League.

Franco Baldini has had enough transfer windows to prove his worth and has clearly failed to do so. If anyone departs it'll be he and not Pochettino going through the exit door. It may be early days to say whether the partnership is working but how many of the six summer purchases are actually playing in the first-team?

This may well be the last transfer window Baldini has at Tottenham so you hope he is motivated to make it a huge success. We live in hope rather than expectation.

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Is Pochettino or Baldini buying the players?

8:30 pm
Tottenham fans need to know who is buying the players at White Hart Lane, is it Franco Baldini or is it Mauricio Pochettino?

Is Pochettino or Baldini buying the players?

Is Mauricio Pochettino saying to Baldini, this is the type of player I want and the Italian then going to source them or is Pochettino giving Baldini a list to work down? Perhaps it's a joint affair, some Pochettino choices and some Baldini choices if we can;t get the Argentinians man for whatever reason.

Former Tottenham, England and Barcelona boss Terry Venables wrote in the Independent that Pochetino must be given total control of transfers, but it's not the way successful coaches do it abroad and increasingly clubs in the Premier League. Sevilla won the UEFA Europa League and the side was put together by the Director of Football, Monchi.

"I like the look of Pochettino, but I do worry for him. For the simple reason that he does not control all the transfers coming in and out at White Hart Lane. If you can’t do that as a manager, then what else have you got? Mauricio Pochettino Mauricio Pochettino should have more power in transfer dealings. 
"The manager has to rely on the players who come in. But I look at the signings at Spurs – Benjamin Stambouli, Federico Fazio, Ben Davies and Michel Vorm – and Pochettino has barely used them. So I wonder whether he chose them, or if they came more from technical director Franco Baldini. 
"Once Tottenham chose Pochettino, they have got to give him a chance to go for what he wants. He has to have complete autonomy over all football matters. Because he is going to be the one getting the sack if the side isn’t performing."

Perhaps we are going wrong because we sign a head coach and then a technical director, would it not work better if the technical director appointed the head coach so they had the same philosophy and could trust each others judgement.

We appoint foreign managers who have done well at clubs but should our next signing not be the best technical director/director of football we can find and start from there, if we are going o use this business model.

Is Pochettino or Baldini buying the players? Is Pochettino or Baldini buying the players? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 pm Rating: 5

Baldini & the coaching staff

6:56 pm
Technical Director, Franco Baldini, has a group hug with out Mauricio Pochettino and his backroom staff after the 2-1 victory over Aston Villa at Villa Park.

The victory takes a little pressure off Pochettino but the manner of the performance doesn't. It's Baldini who has been credited with bringing these players in, it's his responsibility to have the scouting network find the right players, although the head coach has the final say on any signing.

There is not one person to blame for the flops we have bought, especially Chiriches and Paulinho, but several people must take their share of the blame.

Stoke City next in the Premier League which has banana skin written all over it.

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Franco Baldini out Sevilla Sporting Director Monchi in?

12:25 pm
Tottenham are said to be keen to employ Sevilla Sporting Director Ramón ‘Monchi’ Rodríguez Verdejo when his contract expires.

Franco Baldini out Sevilla Sporting Director Monchi in?

Monchi himself is said to want a job at FC Barcelona and Barcelona-based sports daily Mundo Deportivo report that former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola has already had a meeting with him. That meeting they say was arranged by Guardiola's agent, his brother Pepe, to try and persuade the 46-year-old to join him at Bayern Munich.

He has turned down an offer to join Zenit St Petersburg and Jose Mourinho is known to have wanted him when at Real Madrid, clearly he is held in high regard.

Monchi is credited with compiling a low-budget squad that has gone on to win the Europa league and that appeals to Daniel Levy and the Tottenham board. His philosophy is broadly the same as Tottenham and Mauricio Pochettino knows his work from the time the Argentinian was with Espanyol.

Where does that leave Franco Baldini? Are Tottenham not happy with his work thus far given the players he has brought in have not exactly set the Premier League alight. Monchi has decided this will be his last season at Sevilla, he waits for Barcelona but if they do not come knocking then we can expect Daniel Levy to step up his efforts.

Franco Baldini out Sevilla Sporting Director Monchi in? Franco Baldini out Sevilla Sporting Director Monchi in? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:25 pm Rating: 5
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