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Spurs looking to build player loyalty

6:00 am

John McDermott head of Coaching and Player Development expressed the sentiment to NBC that inner drive was important to Spurs. He said it isn't the pushy patent or the pushy coach, we look to develop that inner drive within a youngster so he will want to continually improve.

You can not expect to build player loyalty or a successful academy if you do not bring players through and give them opportunities in the first team. In are cases it can be achieved at clubs winning trophies and paying top wages, like John Terry at Chelsea, but the wages are not something we can compete on.

We had to find another way to compete and investing in youth was the answer we came up with. That means employing the best coaches, the best scouts at a very grass roots level and be better at it than our nearest rivals.

We have arguable overtaken Arsenal in terms of youth development, they are now all about buying players after growing so many of their own. Manchester United grew their own before buying to sustain success.

Our club has a real identity now, young English players abound in the first team where you look at Chelsea and they only play two English players a game, often the case with other clubs challenging as well. If you are a young English player living in London Tottenham must figure high on the places you would ant to go and learn simply because if you are good enough you are likely to be given a chance while other clubs won't give you a look in.

Long may we hear the Spurs fans singing he's one of our own, you don't seem to hear it anywhere else.

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Spurs looking to build player loyalty Spurs looking to build player loyalty Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:00 am Rating: 5

36,000 watch a Spurs youth game

1:10 pm
We recently played Chelsea in a youth game and there was a significant number of US TV viewers. It hints at the level of interest there in football and in Tottenham over there. The market clearly has massive potential for anyone breaking the back of it.

Spurs vs. Chelsea U21 game on Monday was watched by 36,000 people on NBCSN.

North America is simply a must-have market for any club. We as a club can't wait until the market is developed and then tap into it and the boat will have sailed. We have to instil Tottenham in the minds of everyone so they grow as Spurs fans and that their children become Spurs fans.

The sponsorship deals that come from America are huge, Manchester United Chevrolet shirt deal for instance.

You can see from these figures we are £31 million behind Manchester United per season, increasing ur popularity over there will allow us to look for a higher paying shirt sponsor, as well as future naming rights sponsors and commercial deals.

Having a stadium that has been built with an eye on their national sport is a potential goldmine. The importance of being beamed live into US homes can not be overstated. It offers us an unrivalled opportunity to turn the club into a major player, to turn the club into one of the major clubs in the world.

I am not exaggerating when I say we could compete with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United, perhaps in a way no other clubs can. PSG may be able to compete on money, as may Manchester City but they can not compete on glamour.

Obviously, it is important that Tottenham are in the UEFA Champions League when we are beamed into US homes, we need them to know we are a big club. Just as many English fans support the New England Patriots (Harry Kane's side), simply because they have England in their name, so many a US fan will follow Tottenham because that is the home of US football in the UK. I know it isn't now, but the clearly that is the plan and it is a plan we should do everything to encourage.

The pieces of the jigsaw are there. Mauricio Pochettino developing youth, the capacity to purchase the best youth ion the world, a new stadium as the UK home of the NFL, UEFA Champions League football, a massive American TV market and the potential huge sponsorship deals as a result.

If everything can come together we could have Spurs rivalling Real Madrid. Nothing is certain, but you have to aim for the stars to reach the sky, you have to aim for the title to reach a Champions League place.

Tottenham have dreams, Daniel Levy has a clear vision and if you are not backing that vision then you are not really a Tottenham fan are you. The clock can not be turned back, it is no longer a game for the man on the terrace, each club is a multi-million-pound industry in its own right.

If you don't want Daniel Levy, you don't really want to rival the best do you. The objective is obvious so why would you want to oust the man taking us there? 

Get on board the Tottenham Express.



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36,000 watch a Spurs youth game 36,000 watch a Spurs youth game Reviewed by THBlogNews on 1:10 pm Rating: 5

Yedlin, Kurzawa & Spurs youth

11:00 pm
DeAndre Yedlin is a bit of a forgotten man at Tottenham with Kyle Walker returning to form and Kieran Trippier as his backup.

It seems the sensible thing to do is send him out on loan to get a years playing experience under his belt and that may well happen. It doesn't have to happen yet though as loans can still be made after the window shuts.

Yahoo have a tale on the situation with a pros and cons article aimed at their American readers; As Tottenham's defense flounders, what does it mean for DeAndre Yedlin?
Yahoo Sports

The Daily Mirror, inventors of the £100,00-a-week for Berahino rubbish, believe we are going to miss out on a left-back we don't actually need. To be fair to the Mirror they are just reporting the news in the Sunday People, however they are under the same media company.

Layvin Kurzawa is 22-years-old and plays for Monaco currently with the Mirror and other outlets believing he will be signing for PSG, whose fans incidentally booed Benjamin Stambouli on his home debut. We could possibly need another if we believe Danny Rose wants to jump ship for Chelsea or Manchester City, both who have shown an interest in him this window. Click the link for the story.
Daily Mirror

Over to ESPN and another report on our Under-15 side winning the Lion City Cup in Singapore by thrashing Liverpool 4-0 in a game our youngsters apparently controlled. The four team tournament was another opportunity for our youngsters to travel and play in heat,.

These little tournaments abroad allow youngsters the opportunity to play against players taught id different ways and with different basic approaches as well as expanding their experience of handling new situations.

Many many factors go into making a footballer and it's not all about simply playing football, you have to be handle everything that goes with the profession and ideally retain a burning desire to be the best you can be, relatively few do though as we see from some of the players we buy at senior level. That makes it more and more important that we breed our own with the right mental approach.

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Yedlin, Kurzawa & Spurs youth Yedlin, Kurzawa & Spurs youth Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:00 pm Rating: 5
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