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Spurs nearly sell out Wembley in a day!

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I read once again in a forum that the reason Spurs are using Wembley for UEFA Champions League matches is because of usable capacity at White Hart Lane.

That isn't the case. It may be a consideration, but with the North East corner of the stadium taken away, the stadium does not meet UEFA regulations for hosting Champions League football. I clarified this in an article earlier this week.

'The North East corner demolition has been necessary to install one of the concrete cores that are required to stabilize the new stadium structure. 
It sits within the footprint of White Hart Lane, so to make the build as fast as possible, it is necessary to demolish part of that corner. This means that White Hart Lane does not meet UEFA regulations on access, capacity and rights delivery.  
While plenty were suggesting we should still play our Champions League games there, that isn't allowed under UEFA regulations so alternative venues had to be sought.'

It is nothing to do with capacity, nothing to do with trying to bring in more money, it is simply not allowed by UEFA. With the rent we have to pay Daniel Levy has already revealed the club may not make any additional revenue for Premier League games, presumably we will for Champions League games.

Only Barcelona will have a higher CL capacity than Spurs should we fail to sell the rest of our remaining seats left.

It didn't take long foe Twitter to start telling us that tickets have hardly gone on sale and there are hardly any left. They went on sale for the Group Stages at 10am on Wednesday morning, by the evening most had gone we were told. In fact 41,000 have been sold with the club releasing them in batches. Still, that's not bad for a day.

The red sections mean tickets are either sold or are unavailable. it seems some have assumed that it means they are all sold out.

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