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West Ham & Millwall fans are special

12:14 pm
After watching yesterdays scenes from the West Ham vs. Millwall Carling Cup tie last night, I couldn't but think that it was a set from the production of Green Street 2.

What are these fans thinking of? I know a few may come on here and say that the perpetrators aren't real fans, and to be honest, they're right. Real fans sit in the Bernabeu. West Ham and Millwall fans like to rip out seats, throw bricks and stab someone.

In a previous article, a West Ham fan commented that Tottenham aren't their biggest rivals, but Millwall are. So was this all planned? Why is it that some of these fans see it as a pastime to cause such havoc?

Some of my closest friends support West Ham and they were disgusted by what went on yesterday. From what I'm told, West Ham didn't do enough to curb the expected violence. Not enough police or stewards were present. If this was the case, then the book should be thrown at the club.

I don't know how some of you feel, but whenever I visit Upton Park, I feel a bit uneasy with the whole place. I was there on Sunday and to be fair, the atmosphere was good. We got a few dodgy looks, but that's nothing new.

I just hope situations like this one are sorted out for the good of the game and as soon as possible as FIFA & UEFA take anything that happens in England as a right for dismissal, forgetting the racial and physical abuse suffered every week in Spain and Italy.

I hope these fans take a long hard look in the mirror at themselves. The only problem is that by this action, they won't be looking at how stupid they've been, but will be checking to see if the latest fake Burberry cap fits snuggly.

Article by Simon Cove
West Ham & Millwall fans are special West Ham & Millwall fans are special Reviewed by PoshSpur on 12:14 pm Rating: 5
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