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Toljan, Baldé rejects Spurs, Kane and Sherwood

12:30 pm


Tottenham continue the search for full-backs amid continued rumours over Danny Rose and Kyle Walker. The latest is 22-year-old (23 in August) TSG 1899 Hoffenheim left-back Jeremy Toljan.

The Nike sponsored German Under-21 international (he has 13 caps scoring 1 goal) is under contract until 2018. He is reportedly a target for Chelsea and Inter Milan, he has the versatility to play in either full-back position.

Italian newspaper Il Messaggero report Tottenham Hotspur had a bid in the region of £27-30m accepted for Lazio’s 22-year-old (23 next March) Senegalese forward Keita Baldé Diao but left winger rejected the move.

SPURS FACT: Harry Kane has scored 9 goals in his last 312 minutes for club and country. That's a goal every 35 minutes, quite incredible.

Ex Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood had left his post as Director of Football at Swindon Town. It was not an unmitigated success. They finished 22nd in League One and were relegated.

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Tim Sherwood stuck in the past

11:00 pm
Sherwood stuck in the past

I have seen plenty of articles recently surrounding Tim Sherwood suggesting Spurs have got their recruitment 'spot-on' because, basically, we sign one player from a lower league, Dele Alli, and promote youth.

His article in the Telegraph though is rather contradictory as he basically says that analytics are a waste of time. This is exactly the problem I talked about many times in previous posts discussing the use of sports psychologists. Some people like to cling to the past, this is how it was done in my day as a player so this is how it should be done now. Spurs don't just use scouts eyes, we embrace analytics.

Everyone in the game would agree that a player needs to be seen with the naked eye and Tim Sherwood was excellent in his development role for us. The problem with a solely eye approach is that you have to totally trust your scouts. You can not do everything yourself and when you are scouting, you are not working with your players, there is travelling to and from scouting games to consider, it isn't just a 90-minute exercise. What then if your trusted 'eyes' leaves for another club? Now you have to build trust again with someone else, it isn't an instant thing, which is detrimental to the club you are managing.

Times change and things move forward, analytics are here to stay. The only question how we use them. They are certainly a huge aid to searching for players, not only can you watch every game recorded from anywhere in the world, but you can break it down any way you like, visually or statistically. You can then compare against previous or past performance to see if what you saw was typical of the player. Analytics are not a tool for taking over scouting but they certainly are an aid. Football is still learning how best to use then so there is scope for some clubs to be better than others using them.

Tottenham far from taking the Sherwood approach embrace them. Rob MacKenzie wrote an article while at Leicester City about how he is introducing them, obviously he has brought his forward-thinking views and practices to Tottenham, we have after all employed him for a reason. Couple that with Paul Mitchell, who as we all know uses analytics to identify players and Mitchell appointing two new scouts for Spain and Portugal who use analytics to support their coaching, and you see Tottenham continue to believe in analytics, the opposite of Sherwood's views.

As with anything is life, you can not do it all yourself, there are only 24 hours in a day, you have to let go, delegate and find the most efficient way of operating. Man hours are not the most efficient method of operation in many cases. While the overall concept of what Sherwood says is right, eyes should make the final decision, it is more to it than that.

An expected goals statistics, a statistic that looks at how often a player was in a position to score but didn't is important to determine how many chances a striker needs before he scores. Your eyes and your mind don't record that accurately, you are guessing, a statistic and a showreel can determine how deadly a striker is and that is useful to know. You don't base a transfer solely on that, but you should take it into account and it may well help you unearth a gem that hasn't come to people's attention yet, especially if they are in a team who struggle to create chances.

People with open minds will always fare better than people with closed minds, one embraces improvement, one is reluctant to it. Mr Sherwood needs to open his mind a little more and embrace advancement, not fight against it.

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Adebayor play for nothing, you're having a laugh

8:30 am
Tim Sherwood has a unique perspective of the troublesome Emmanuel Adebayor who will not have had his whole years wages paid for him to leave, but an agreed figure.

Adebayor play for nothing, you're having a laugh

Spurs consistently refused to pay the full amount and Adebayor refused to accept anything less, probably believing Spurs would not follow up on telling him he would not be given a squad number.

Even on the final day of the window he refused a deal preferring money over playing. Once the window had shut and it was clear he would not figure at all for Spurs he agreed a deal, a deal that at the moment means he can't play in the Premier League until January without putting forward a case for special dispensation.

In the Daily Star Tim Sherwood has suggested Adebayor would play for nothing that is not the Adebayor anyone else knows. To suggest it isn't his fault his isn't a part of Spurs plans is laughable, it is down to a player to perform, have the right attitude and desire to make himself an indispensable part of any teams plans, if he doesn;t he only has himself to blame. The article sound like a bit of Sherwood PT to try and convince him Aston Villa is where he should be, butter him up a little bit.

Karren Brady in the Sun seems yo have sought out the advice of others and drawn a different conclusion, that while it may not be financial is still damning.

"Someone who worked with him told me he is supremely capable of making nothing out of something. There are things to be said in favour of the quarrelsome giant. But the conclusion of one of his old chairmen that he is his own worst enemy sadly appears true."

Adebayor is a prime example to those who think the mental side is mumbo jumbo, this giuy will only play on his terms when you pander to his ego, make him a central figure and treat him like the main man it would seem. That, of course, is detrimental to the rest of the team, especially the youngsters. It shows a mental weakness rather than the tough winners attitude.

Fight for something, no thanks I'll have it on a plate.

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Villa ITK says Ade a Done Deal

9:00 am
The best news of the summer, Emmanuel Adebayor is edging closer to leaving Tottenham and joining Aston Villa where he will be reunited with Tim Sherwood.

The only view Spurs fans want to see of him, the back.

Sherwood has made it plain this is the striker he wants to replace Liverpool bound Christian Benteke but the Villa hierarchy are not so keen on the idea. It seems as though Sherwood has got his way though and the former Arsenal, Manchester City and Real Madrid striker is likely to be seen in the Midlands next season.

The ITK from the Aston Villa end is that a season-long loan deal has been agreed, other sources are saying the same thing so fingers crossed.

Adebayor has refused all offers we have made him to leave, wanting us to pay him his full £5.2 million salary, a loan deal negates us having to pay that and will mean Villa get a motivated player playing for a contract, we all know what happens after that. Nothing is ever cut and dried with Ade though so until he actually puts pen to paper there is still cause for concern.

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Adebayor to Villa, Benteke to Spurs

8:30 am
I read a story the other day about Christian Benteke interesting Spurs again and a different story that Aston Villa were interested in Emmanuel Adebayor. This smacks of two simple to put together stories that have little going for them but it did set me thinking if it could be possible in some way.

The suggestion was that Aston Villa would want Adebayor on a season long loan, which is probably the on;y way we will be able to get rid of him. The news is that his agent is looking for another club for him having realised that he is simply not going to play hardly any football at Tottenham next season. Tottenham have made it clear, with the full backing of Daniel Levy, that he is not going to play by leaving him on the sidelines and despite his desire to collect his wage packet he now appreciates if he wants to play he'll have to move.

If he moves on a season long loan then he will get himself a nice fat signing on fee at the end of next season when he signs for another club, that would be reduced if he moved permanently now and a club had to pay a fee for him, so a season long loan looks the red hot favourite.

The other option would be a swap deal but they are more difficult to arrange with both sides having to want each others players. Tim Sherwood got Adebayor firing when he was at Tottenham and has now got Christian Benteke firing again at Aston Villa. It's a pretty easy paper story to come up with but Adebayor needs to be guaranteed top dog to perform and with Benteke there, unless they play 4-4-2 that isn't going to be the case.


It would be good business for Tim Sherwood if he sold Benteke to Tottenham for £20 million or whatever figure, took Adebayor on loan and then signed him on a free the season after, assuming wages were not a problem. That would raise cash for further purchases and he would have no problem selling a player to Spurs, football is business not personal animosities.

The down side is that Tottenham are not going to be paying big money for players this summer and the disaster of 2013 when the 'Summer Seven' have struggled to justify their price tags. Lamela, Soldado, Capoue and Paulinho have made the club have a re-think and revert back to the youth policy we had before. While benteke fits the bill on age his price tag is possibly something we wouldn't want to pay, especially when you consider Javier Hernandez of Manchester United is available this summer.

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The nightmare FA Cup Final for Sherwood haters

8:30 pm
It's the FA Cup Final the Tim Sherwood haters were dreading, do they now want Arsenal to win or an Aston Villa team managed by Sherwood?

Just like at Spurs when he got Emmanuel Adebayor firing in goals he has got another out of form striker firing them in again, this time Christian Benteke. The man who downed Spurs did the same to Liverpool at Wembley in the semi-final. Personally I think it's totally wrong playing semi-finals at Wembley, it rather devalues the whole 'getting to Wembley' meaning but that's another topic.

Fifth and sixth places in the Premier League qualify for the UEFA Europa League so now that we are above Southampton beating them is vital to give us a gap. We may well need it as our goal difference is inferior. If we sink down to seventh then we would have to rely on Arsenal winning the FA Cup and we don't want to be in that position. Despite what some fans might want, players and the club want and need European football, without it Ben Davies for instance would hardly have played a game this season with Danny Rose being the first choice centre-back.

Why would another striker want to come to the club knowing they are going to be sitting on the bench? It just makes signing players that much more difficult and of course our income dictates how much wages we can pay under Financial Fair Play, as well as how much we are permitted to spend on transfers.

I will certainly be cheering on Villa, I don't want Arsenal winning a trophy.

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Sherwood certainly gets strikers scoring

9:33 am
This week sees Spurs take on old interim boss in all but name, Tim Sherwood. Our rivals for the essential UEFA Europa League place, Liverpool and Southampton, face Newcastle United and Hull City respectively, both at home.

In the away game we were atrocious, Aston Villa should have won the game easily but Christian Benteke couldn't hit a barn door at the time. He then managed to get himself sent off after Ryan Mason provoked him, which proved to be the turning point. We grasped the lifeline and scraped a victory we didn't deserve.

If we cast our minds back to Sherwood's time at Tottenham in the hot seat, he took Emmanuel Adebayor from the sidelines and got him scoring goals again, now we are back to the Adebayor who doesn't impress so is sidelined.

Adebayor has of course commuted his future to Tottenham. He tweets that he is very happy at Tottenham and will stay to fight for his place. That will be against Tottenham's wishes. What he actually means is he is happy with his wage at Tottenham. West Ham won't pay his wages and want him on the cheap while Chelsea talk seems a little far fetched. Can't say as I'm expecting him to leave, unless we can arrange a season long loan where a side pays 75% of his wages.

Playing for only half a season under Sherwood he became our leading goalscorer for the season with 14 goals. Now Sherwood is at it again with Christian Benteke at Aston Villa. before Sherwood arrived he had scored 3 goals in 18 games, since Tim Sherwood has arrived he has scored 7 goals in 8 games.

Sherwood has flaws, he has faults, but he does seem to get strikers scoring goals. We will need to be wary as we are still very vulnerable at the back and it seems to me that we are playing with nerves. Individual mistakes have been creeping into our defensive game again. We concede far too many goals, 45 in the Premier League, Liverpool have conceded 36 and Southampton just 22.

Next season we should be a bit tighter but it's now that counts and this is a game we need three points in. Fortunately Sherwood plays an open brand of football at the moment so while we will concede chances we will also create them. It's one of those games where you just try to score one more than the opposition rather than playing to win 1-0, a shoot=out as it were.

It's a dangerous game to play, sometimes it works and sometimes, as against Liverpool away, it doesn't. Fingers crossed.

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People should let go of their petty minded Sherwood hatred

11:45 pm
Some fans are pathetic with their petty minded hatred of Tim Sherwood, they show themselves devoid of football knowledge when they take to Twitter.

People should let go of their petty minded Sherwood hatred

It's sad that people have to hang on to hatred and are unable to move on with their lives, almost as if, if they don't have a hatred they don't have a purpose in life.

'Goal scored, camera pans to Tim Sherwood before the scorer, the fans, or the guy who picked the team.'

Well why shouldn't the camera point to Sherwood, he is the news story after all and the media are there to report the news, Is he suggesting that Tim Sherwood ordered the cameras to point to him after a goal? He isn't in control of the cameras.

'BBC showing more shots of Sherwood today than in the entire series of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.'

Again why shouldn't they, it's a news story and he is newsworthy. The BBC want to see his passion and his reactions in a new role. Get over it.

'Sherwood will watch today's game from the stands. I find that a weak start. It's your club now. Get stuck in. Already excuses.'

Have you ever managed a club? Do you know anything about it? Why does Nigel Pearson watch most games from the stands? It is a sensible move as it takes him away from the limelight a little except of course you want to give him attention. I haven't heard him make a single excuse, didn't Aston Villa win? Is he making an excuse for winning?

'Sherwood is basically going to be the new Redknapp - a darling of the media with barely any major achievements to justify the love-in.'

In today's football you generally only win things with money so whether at manager today has won something or not is pretty irrelevant. Redknapp of course has major achievements, he has won two league titles, won a play-off to gain promotion to the Premier League, won the Football League Trophy, the UEFA Intertoto Cup and the FA Cup. He of course alo took Tottenham into the UEFA Champions League, something no other Spurs manager has been able to achieve.

Tim Sherwood developed the youth at Tottenham who are now in the first-team. Nabil Bentaleb was superb against Chelsea and Arsenal and we get performances like that now because of Tim Sherwood, Harry Kane is in the side because of Tim Sherwood introducing him last season. He has also won a league title and a Premier League title, more than most achieve in the game.

Being a darling of the media shows intelligence, they are vital to keep your club name in the media as that brings in sponsors. Does a sponsor want a club nobody talks about or one where the manager is always asked for his opinion by the media, in case you are struggling with the answer, it's the latter.

When you write a newspaper column then that gets quoted all over the media, it doesn't mean the manager is talking to each individual paper. Then there are the reporters ho ask them question because their comments are newsworthy, that's proven by the folk on Twitter whinging, thus the reporter is doing their job. The opinion of people like Sherwood and Redknapp help to sell papers. They know how to use it so good luck to them.

Tim Sherwood was probably the best player development organiser we have had, he has saved this club millions and therefore done a huge amount for the club. As an adult I can wish him well at his new club.

People should let go of their petty minded Sherwood hatred People should let go of their petty minded Sherwood hatred Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:45 pm Rating: 5

VIDEO 31 Bale goals & Spurs history today, Chivers, Sherwood, Villa, Henry

8:30 am
Morning Spurs fans we'll start the day with a look at pieces of our history as it happened today and we'll conclude with a video of Gareth Bale's 31 goal season in 2012/13.

First up let's wish a Happy 43rd Birthday to our former Spurs central defender David Tuttle who blessed our ranks between 1989 and 1994.

Double-winner Ron Henry, who sadly passed away in Dec (RIP), scored his only goal for us today in 1965 v Man U (h) 1-0. He collected the Football League First Division - 1961, FA Cup – 1961, 1962 and the European Cup Winners Cup – 1963 with us.

The double back then was considered impossible and in 1963 helped us become the first British side to win a major European trophy. As ever we have to show sides how it's done so they can follow in our footsteps.

In 1974 Big Chiv, that's Martin Chivers if you were unaware, smashed a hat trick against Birmingham City at White Hart Lane in a 4-2 win with Mike Dillon scoring his one and only goal for the club.

Martin Chivers scores a hat trick

In 1982 we beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 6-1 at White Hart Lane where Argentinean import Ricky Villa scored a hat trick to celebrate the opening of the West Stand by Sir Stanley Rous.

Argentinean pair Ricky Villa and Osvaldo Ardiles

In 1999 against Coventry City at White Hart Lane midfielder Tim Sherwood made his Spurs debut in a 0-0 draw.

In 2012 against Liverpool at Anfield Tottenham recorded the clubs 200th draw in the Premier League in a goalless game.

Also in the same game in 2012 against Liverpool at Anfield former star Gareth Bale made the 100th Premier League appearance of his career.

VIDEO 31 Bale goals & Spurs history today, Chivers, Sherwood, Villa, Henry VIDEO 31 Bale goals & Spurs history today, Chivers, Sherwood, Villa, Henry Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

A modern day Steve Perryman

12:30 pm
Tim Sherwood saw something in Nabil Bentaleb nobody else saw, a determination to succeed, a winning mentality and knowing that is the most important factor in a player, gave him a contact to join the Tottenham academy.

A modern day Steve Perryman

When Sherwood took over he knew exactly what he had in Bentaleb and exactly what he could expect from him so introduced him away against Southampton and Bentaleb immediately made people sit up and take notice.

The fact Tottenham had found a player was immediately obvious and Gary Neville wasted no time in saying so, even though he'd never even heard of him. His passion shone through, none more so than against Benfica away in last seasons UEFA Europa League. In a makeshift team he excelled, spraying passes to both wings, one which led to a Chadli goal and another to Lennon, who should probably have won the game in the dying moments. He shielded the patched up back four and bellowed at Andros Townsend after he turned a promising free kick at one end into a Benfica counter attack at the other.

In that game he showed leadership qualities and marked himself down as a future captain. That view is supported by Tim Sherwood who reveals to Goal the winning mentality Bentaleb has.

"He came at 15 years of age after he was released by a few clubs in France so it's not like he was always going to be great, he had to work at it. Not only does he have the technical ability but he has the attitude and well. He showed everyone else how to train – his mentality was top class. 
"He trains like every day is the last day of his life. He cries his eyes out when he loses a five-a-side match. He would die for the club. 
"That attitude is why he is a future Tottenham captain and there are no doubts he will have a successful career. Even when he's not playing so well, you know he will give everything and be brave. He won't hide, he will get about the pitch, he will demand the ball. 
"He works so hard on his game, he's a very intelligent player and wants to get on the ball. He can do a bit of everything. I tended to use him in a more defensive role, mainly because I knew I could trust him to do what I asked. 
"But in his development at Spurs, he has always been a box-to-box midfielder and he has always scored goals in the junior age groups. He's not the finished article yet but he can develop into more of a goalscoring midfielder."

In a short space of time he has gained experience in the Premier League, at international level, in the heat of Africa, at the World Cup and now he'll be going to the African Cup of Nations. He'll need a rest when he comes back but the experience can only benefit him.

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A youngster who loves the club, who should be around for many years to come and may well end up captain, just what the club needs, a modern day Steve Perryman, Gary Mabbutt or Graham Roberts.

A modern day Steve Perryman A modern day Steve Perryman Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

11 games Pochettino vs Sherwood

8:30 pm
Far too many people like to make excuses, excuses are for the weak minded, they are not for winners. If you have a winning mentality you don't make excuses, you don't look to blame anyone else, you take responsibility for your own actions and their results.

The players are adapting to a new system, well they were under Tim Sherwood so there is an immediate comparison we can make with Mauricio Pochettino. These are not Pochettino's players, well 6 are they were bought during his first window, Sherwood wasn't allowed to bring any players in so none were his players, again an immediate comparison can be made.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not clamouring for the return of Sherwood or the sacking of Pochettino. Fans may not have liked the way he said things but what he was saying towards the end of last season was spot on, as is being proven now. Pretending there are not problems will not make the problems go away but as the players can't even see the major problem they have then there is no hope of it being cured while they remain at the club.

Tim Sherwood was charged with scoring more goals and entertaining the crowd more, which by and large he achieved. To improve sometimes you have to take a step backwards before moving forwards and we have certainly taken at least one step backwards.

The season is now 11 Premier League games old, over a quarter of the way through, both managers have had to contend with UEFA Europa League ties, albeit Sherwood having to cope with tougher ties in later rounds so each have had Premier League disturbances. All in all conditions are very similar for the pair.

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Mauricio Pochettino vs Tim Sherwood

Mauricio Pochettino
P11 W4 D2 L5 F14 A16 PTS 14 - Win Percentage 36.36%
Tim Sherwood
P11 W7 D2 L2 F21 A12 PTS 23 - Win Percentage 71.10%

After 11 games under very similar conditions a huge 9 points difference. Spurs currently sit 12th, Sherwood's points tally would have us sitting 3rd above Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton with only Chelsea and Southampton above us.

Sherwood Premier League Results

Southampton (a) WON 3-2
WBA (h) DRAW 1-1
Stoke City (h) WON 3-0
Man Utd (a) WON 2-1
Crystal Palace (h) WON 2-0
Swansea (a) WON 3-1
Man City (h) LOST 5-1
Hull City (a) DRAW 1-1
Everton (h) WON 1-0
Newcastle United (a) WON 4-0
Norwich City (a) LOST 1-0

Pochettino Premier League Results

West Ham United (a) WON 0-1
QPR (h) WON 4-0
Liverpool (h) LOST 0-3
Sunderland (a) DRAW 2-2
WBA (h) LOST 0-1
Arsenal (a) DRAW 1-1
Southampton (h) WON 1-0
Man City (a) LOST 4-1
Newcastle United (h) LOST 1-2
Aston Villa (a) WON 2-1
Stoke City (h) LOST 1-2

Record against the same sides - Sherwood vs Pochettino
Southampton (a) WON 2-3 vs (h) WON 1-0
WBA (h) DREW 1-1 vs (h) LOST 0-1
Stoke City (h) WON 3-0 vs (h) LOST 1-2
Man City (h) LOST 5-1 vs (a) LOST 4-1
Newcastle United (a) WON 0-4 vs (h) LOST 1-2

Tim Sherwood
P5 W3 D1 L1 F12 A8 PTS 10
Mauricio Pochettino
P5 W1 D0 L4 F4 A9 PTS 3

Whichever way you look at it Pochetino should be doing better with what he has. Tim Sherwood's results show us what Mauricio Pochettino should be producing. The worrying trend is that Fazio was sent off against Manchester City, Ryan Mason should have been sent off against Aston Villa and Kyle Naughton was sent off against Stoke City.

That rather shows desperation and that comes about because the side is feeling the pressure. When that happens we unfortunately turn into a team of individuals and team work goes out the window. Regularly you will see Younes Kaboul on the right wing which just throws everything out. You applaud his attitude that he wants to do something about the situation but there is a right way and a wrong way, turning up on the right wing is the wrong way.

I read in the comments from this mornings article that we are too good to go down and will finish safely in mid table. I got lambasted for suggesting that was where we will finish a couple of weeks ago when I could see we were no better than a mid table team but last season 13 teams were involved in a relegation battle for a good portion of the season, make no mistake we are already in one.

That may sound pessimistic but if a side doesn't create chances it can't score goals and if it can't score goals it's a relegation candidate. We are hopeless at home, we create nothing, we hardly troubled Asmir Begovic in the Stoke goal and we were so open a side with 5 losses on the trot with no goals was tearing us apart.

The next few games are very serious indeed, Hull City (a), tough, Everton (h) second favourites, Chelsea (a) very strong second favourites. How many points are we going to pick up from those games? 1,3,4, 6 looks unlikely. Where will we be then in the table?

We are staring a relegation battle square in the face. We had better react to that now.

11 games Pochettino vs Sherwood 11 games Pochettino vs Sherwood Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 pm Rating: 5

Sherwood - Home Grown vs Foreign Players

12:30 pm
On Sunday Englishman Danny Murphy, a former midfielder at Tottenham, said Spurs fans loved one of their own, a home grown player who has come through the ranks.

Sherwood - Home Grown vs Foreign Players

Last night Tim Sherwood said Spurs fans love a foreign player over one of their own, they prefer a Soldado over a Kane. He said that mentality had to change, the players who have longevity at a club bleed that club, Gerrard (Liverpool), Terry (Chelsea) and formerly Adams (Arsenal).

There is a little bit of truth in both remarks to be honest, yes we do like a player who has come through the Academy ranks but it seems to depend almost on their name and whether it gives off the right vibe.

Fans like Ryan Mason but a whole section hate World Cup player Nabil Bentaleb, almost certainly only because he was picked by Tim Sherwood over their favourite foreign player, fans love Carroll, yet he has done nothing to warrant it and are indifferent to Harry Kane who has scored 8 goals in 12 games this season.

If you took a straw poll more fans would like to see Soldado succeed then Harry Kane, why? Technically he's better, he is more pleasing on the eye, yet he doesn't score goals which is the bottom line all strikers are judged by.

Having seen the players in training every day Tim Sherwood sid that Harry Kane out trained Roberto Soldado every day and that Kane and Townsend were the two mentally strongest characters playing against Brighton last night.

Take the second goal, the Harry Kane goal, would Soldado have scored it?

Kane picked the ball up on the left wing where most players going away from goal near the touchline would have simply passed backwards to Ben Davies. Harry Kane however plays a reverse ball into the area to Andros Townsend who took the ball 14 yards to the byline to pull back for a near post stab from Soldado.

The ball rebounded to the far side of the goal. Harry Kane as soon as he had played the ball from the left wing set off for the penalty area and it was he who was sprinting and popped up at the far post to slide it home.

Would Adebayor have run all that way with that desire, would Soldado have done the same? No. Both would have jogged or ambled watching play and wouldn't have got anywhere near the back post in that time. Neither would have had the desire, heart, commitment to be there, neither would have scored.

Tim Sherwood is right that Tottenham have to start embracing their own more and change the mentality of buy a foreign player with a fancy name. You ask fans who their favourite player is and you will rarely get a home-grown name.

Virtually every fan will ell you the answer to any problem position is buy, then buy again when your first buy has failed, spend, spend, spend, why because other clubs have sugar Daddies and they are jealous. ENIC are not a sugar Daddy so they must go, it's pathetic.

There is nothing wrong with having an Ardiles but there is also nothing wrong with having a Perryman, players with heart, desire and a love for the club.

We need to see more players who care, rather than care for their pay packet.

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Tim Sherwood being proved right

1:15 pm
This Tottenham side needs help and it needs it fast, they are once again a soft touch, rarely able to score more than one league goal a game.

Tim Sherwood being proved right

This season, 7 times in 9 games we have scored 1 goal or less and the only times we have managed it are against sides currently in the relegation places.

Under Andre Villas-Boas in 11 out of the 16 Premier League games we scored 1 goal or less with inverted wingers.

Under Tim Sherwood we scored 1 goal or less in 11 out of 22 Premier League games.

But goalscoring simply doesn't mean replacing the striker and everything will be alright because we are not creating the chances for them to score. The main problem is behind them and currently the three behind the lone striker, they are not good enough, simple as that.

The problem has built up over time with a just do enough attitude instead of a clinical attitude, it is demonstrated whenever we are 2-0 up and Adebayor is playing he simply drops into midfield and starts passing the ball backwards and forwards as if he is suddenly the sides playmaker. It impresses some but it embodies all that is wrong with the Tottenham mentality.

It shall come to pass and it has, what Tim Sherwood was saying is correct, the players here are here as a favour for some cash. I did not want Sherwood as a manager but I accepted what he had to say and not just reject it because he said it, I'm beyond that petty mindedness.

Sherwood gave it to the fans straight, he probably knew he was there simply to give Levy some honest answers about this lot, which would explain why we are trying to convince the Sevilla director of football to come to White Hart Lane. That suggests the signing have been Baldini inspired, his replacement for Bale, Lamela. They are world apart.

The Italian league and the Premier League are worlds apart, in Italy you have all the time in the world compared to the Premier League, if you can't produce your skill at pace then you won't make it over here and so far Lamela can't and Eriksen is struggling.

How many shots did Tim Krul have to save? We had 2 shots on target, one of those was a header for the goal. Deposit a new striker doesn't change the fact the players behind him are not creating anything.

If Tottenham are to save the season then we can't continue to carry players.

If you want to improve a player you have to introduce him into a settled and successful team, what you can't do is introduce a whole bunch of them and say right, now you all improve together. That's what Tottenham have done and come unstuck and with a new stadium around the corner it's been fouled up at totally the wrong time.

Spurs can't now spend big money, it's too close to stadium building time, which we are seeing with the budget purchases we hope play better than the overpriced cash mercenaries we have acquired.

We are in no different position than we were a year ago,we haven't moved forward at all.

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Tim Sherwood's stock is rising

8:30 am
Tim Sherwood conducted himself admirably on Goal on Sunday at the weekend, worked for ITV on the Cup Final and has been speaking to TalkSPORT, an in demand guy at the moment.

Tim Sherwood's stock is rising

What he has had to say the supporters could see for themselves. His stock in many supporters eyes is rising because he is not bad mouthing a club he has always given his best for. To the radio station he said:

"I never had no bust-ups [with Daniel Levy], and I don't know if he took exception to anything I said [in interviews], but if he did, he knows Tim Sherwood. He's known Tim Sherwood for eight years previously, and if he thought I was going to change, then he was mistaken wasn't he.

"I think [Spurs] is bigger than any player or individual that goes in there and I think that sometimes it's right to act on behalf of the club when you think that there are players thinking they're doing the club a favour by turning out for them.

"A club like Tottenham should not have those players around the place, and I was trying sieve those players out and I would have done if I had longer to do it, and the club would have benefited from that."

Yet more common sense from Sherwood. It was abundantly clear that the mental attitude that is everything in football was missing at Tottenham. I looked at this in the Spurs Need To Go Mental series that covered a range of topics, including how to make 48 small improvements for each player.

Unless you have played sport and played sport to win, not just to enjoy, then the mental side is not something fans are really familiar with. Sandro, Vertonghen, Capoue and Paulinho were four classic examples this season.

All are quality players but all were nowhere near their best. Capoue expected to be first choice and bleated and tried to leave when he wasn't, hardle the attitude of someone fighting for the club.

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Sandro was 50% the player he normally is because he didn't want Sherwood there, Paulinho coasted, winged and let us know he has a lazy streak while Vertonghen simply went through the motions as if he were playing a pub team on a Sunday morning.

I don't care who the manager is, what your problem with him is, that is simply totally unacceptable. Backsides had to be kicked, so Sherwood kicked them.

The result, was a points tally only bettered by Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool during his spell in charge. By the time the Chelsea result came around I think he knew his time was up unless he produced results that the players hadn't a hope of producing thanks to their mental state. That frustrated him and he let them know and us. How he did it may not have been to the taste of everyone but there can be no doubt a few of them needed to hear it.

Now that is not to say their attitude won't change next season with a new boss, Sandro has shown before he can give it everything. That's a decision for the new boss and he has to make it this summer, once the season starts it's too late.

On Goals on Sunday he said:

"I wouldn't do it if I knew it was a five-month job. I was happy where I was, I love the development phase of football, which I think is very poor in England because there's not enough kids getting opportunities. But the club was in a difficult position and it is a club close to our hearts. 

"We always knew if you go into the firing line as a manager your head is going to be on the block and it might be a short tenure. In the end it proved that but I didn't anticipate it would be as short as it actually was. If I had 18 months there I would definitely have taken that club forward."

What he says about youth development is very true, he transformed how we deal with youth which will impact on the club for years to come. Both Bentaleb and Kane showed that given the chance youth can play a part for the club, it doesn't always have to go our and buy a player.

If Sherwood's legacy is that we give youth a greater chance then his ytime as Head Coach will have all been worth the heartache it caused some.

"Gareth Bale has shown what he can do. Last night he scored his 20th goal in La Liga in his first season. He's missed a lot of games due to injury as well. He's top drawer. He's a game changer, not just a good player. We've had fantastic players in Luka Modric, who is a good linker but Bale changes games. It makes managers sleep easy with Bale in your team. He's a freak of nature. 

"You have to resist selling players of that quality because they don't come around. Tottenham could have kept him but you'd have to pay him way and above what anyone would ever be earning at the club. But is he worth it? I think the Tottenham fans would say yes and I'd certainly say yes. I'd have loved to have a season with Gareth Bale."

In an ideal world yes we would pay him £250,000 a week but we don't have that money and he was set on leaving anyway, refusing to play, train or do photo opportunities in the Far East showed that.

"Stats don't lie. When we got the opportunity, which we were very proud to have, from Daniel Levy, he didn't put any pressure on us to finish in the top four. I had a frank conversation with him and told him it was going to be very, very difficult to finish in the top four. I was honest with him. 

"He admitted that it was pretty much accurate, what I was saying, but what he did say was 'can you try to make us a little bit more attractive, score a few more goals'. In the remaining games in the Premier League we managed to score 40 goals so I certainly ticked that box. 

"Unfortunately we couldn't break into that top four. We got into the Europa League, played well in a large number of games and brought Tottenham back to the fans, we achieved that."

On a purely points basis Sherwood did a good job but you could never see the club competing against the top four with the football being produced. We were relying on a bit of brilliance from Eriksen and Adebayor instead of Bale. Two to paper over the cracks instead of one.

"The reasons are they want to choose another manager to take them forward. Tottenham have had eight managers under Daniel Levy. Every decision he makes is in the best interests of Tottenham Football Club. It's nothing personal against me or any other previous manager that's gone. He lives and dies by those decisions. 

"I didn't expect reasons. I'm not bitter about it. I'm sure they want a whole package. Obviously it's not only based on results because the results were there. Every club have got different ideas of what they want from their manager."

The points tally and the youth development can't be knocked but would Sherwood have been able to do both. Half the squad would have left, Vertonghen, Sandro, Paulinho, Capoue to name just a few apart from the ones Sherwood was going to weed out himself. That would have meant another upheaval this summer, not exactly what the club needed.

It really was a him or us situation so with last summers investment Sherwood had to go.

"I think he is [Levy good for Spurs]. You want to leave the football club in a better position than when you went in and if Levy left tomorrow Tottenham is in a better position than when he went into it. One million per cent. 

"We've got the best training facility in the league, we're in the process of building a new stadium which will be up there with the best in Europe. What he has to get right is what's happening on the field but all the infrastructure around that he gets it spot on. 

"Every decision he makes might not be correct but it's what he perceives to be for the best at the time and you can't knock him for that."

I entirely agree Tim, having supported the club for nearly 50 years I remember where we were and see where we are now. It's a different world. Back than it was more about football, now it's more about money buying trophies.

"All those new players will benefit and next year they'll be better. We can't write them off yet. You have to give them time. Christian Eriksen was the pick of the bunch and really did affect what happened on the pitch."

He did under Tim Sherwood for the last 2 months of the season but prior to that he was just an average player who showed flashes now and again. Hugo Lloris must be wondering what he would have to do to get player of the year!

"Speculation was always there. At the press conferences they were always asking about this one and that manager. A lot of managers got mentioned. Then the managers started to take the bait and get quoted on it which I thought was a little disrespectful. Then it became more rife. 

"There's no smoke without fire but it became an inferno in the end with the whole fire brigade from London needing to put it out. Then the players started talking about it. It was a difficult situation I was in but I just had to be professional." 

Towards the end it got silly, every other question was about his future in a press conference and Spurs did themselves no favours they way he was treated, phoning replacements up behind his back basically and lying, although technically not lying, to the public about it. It was a mess and you had to have sympathy for the guy.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve but if I felt that rant at Chelsea harmed the team I would have taken note of that and learnt from that. I'm here to learn, I'm new into management, but I think I'm good at the job and I think I've got a good team I could take to any Premiership club and do very, very well. But it's about getting the opportunity to do it. 

"I would consider any job that's out there. I'd like an honest conversation with the chairman of any club that's interested and see what the expectations are of that club. I'd tell them what I think I could deliver, what I can actually do and not try to pretend I'm someone I'm not. It's easy to tell them what they want to hear but then they'd be scratching their heads saying 'this is an imposter'."

Tottenham have had a series of imposters for which you have to raise questions about the recruitment process. Mentally Sherwood is a winner, some of the players under him at Spurs were not, telling them caused problems though.

Iv'e talked about how we need to become world class in assessing mentality if we are to steal a march on our competition and punch above our weight. Buying players who have a winning mentality is essential to success but they need a manager in the same ilk. Sherwood just need time to find the best way to get his message across. Louis Van Gaal is similar in attitude, you do it my way or get out the club.

"We [Baldini] had a good relationship. I think he has a hand in picking the players but I would have to say I don't think he brings in a player who the manager does not sanction. It's a team effort. The players that are at the club at the moment were sanctioned by Andre Villas-Boas. 

"I think possibly they weren't the first choices in every case but they worked down the list of the types which were required. The role Franco does, it would be good for the supporters to realise what they do. He comes into play when it's the transfer window, he manages a team of scouts and helps with recruitment.

"I think these guys work in the right way but they have to see the merits in what the manager wants otherwise everyone's pointing the finger at everyone else."

Once again Tim is spot on, the supporters should know the role of each staff member at the club, I'd love to know what Steffen Freund's role is, he doesn't seem to have one at the moment.

With experience Tim Sherwood is going to develop into an excellent manager and one I would not be at all surprised at if he ended up in the England job in years to come. Perhaps Roy Hodgson should take him under his wing.

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Tim Sherwood interview

12:02 pm
An excellent interview with Tim Sherwood as he talks about his time at Tottenham.

He has no regrets and confirms the players he left out are the ones who were not pulling their weight, who were not giving the best for the club. Only after they started pulling their weight in training did they get back in the team.

He felt the players needed outing and many will agree but fans will of course take his comments and the interview both ways.

Check out the Tim Sherwood Sky Sports interview here.

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Player Exodus

9:30 am
If Tim Sherwood has stayed at Tottenham it would have been a summer of massive upheaval, there would have been a player exodus from White Hart Lane.

Player Exodus

Early in the season Andre Villas-Boas lost the dressing room and after a couple of months Tim Sherwood had lost it to. The Spurs dressing room has not been the happiest of places this season and that has shown on the pitch with a host of poor performances.

One unhappy man gained a new lease of life under Sherwood, striker Emmanuel Adebayor. The temperamental Ade had completely fallen out with AVB having had a bust up on the training ground over tactics. He wasn't the only one either, Benoit Assou-Ekotto got frozen out and Aaron Lennon had words as well.

Daniel Levy ordered Villas-Boas to use Adebayor and he refused which you don't do to our chairman. When Sherwood was appointed he immediately put Adebayor in the team and we all know what happened then, Ade carried us.

"Tim Sherwood today, for me, has become like a brother. I told him after the final game, straightforward, 'Listen, you have my support'.

"He has done a great job this year for Tottenham. Where we were before he took the job we were in very, very bad shape."

Adebayor feels Sherwood will need to tone down his criticism and learn how to get his point across in a more gentle fashion which will be easier to do at his next club with the security of a longer contract. He'll be able to relax a little and learn the ropes.

"With Tim Sherwood, he is too young. He is still young and still learning. He has that energy and that charisma - OK we all had to know he was a true guy and he said what he thinks. That is the difference between Harry Redknapp and Tim Sherwood.

"Harry Redknapp, even if you were doing something wrong, would find a way to tell you nicely, 'You know, that ball, you could have passed here'.

"Whereas Tim Sherwood is not like that. He will tell you in a straight manner: 'What are you doing?!"

That manner upset the dressing room which was a very very unhappy place. If Sherwood stayed then there would have been an exodus of players so even if it hadn't been the plan all along, he would have had to go anyway, the same way AVB had to go.

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Sherwwod - It was a wrench to leave

8:21 am
Tim Sherwood won't be short of job offers. He has proven himself with youth, has contacts within the game, is a winner and demands 100%.

Sherwwod - It was a wrench to leave

Any club that wants to improve will do well to appoint him and there are several likely candidates around in these time of almost monthly sackings. Brighton, Norwich and WBA are just three candidates mentioned, of those Norwich could be a good fit although Sherwood may want to stay in the Premier League.

Anyone who has ever left a job they enjoy that has been in it for a while will know it hurts to leave and it was no different for Sherwood.

"It is obviously a massive wrench to leave a club of the stature of Tottenham Hotspur, a club very close to my heart."

Genuine words from Sherwood that show up the mindless minority who have a hatred because he supports Arsenal. Do these idiots think that everyone else in football supports the club they are working for?

You do the best for the club you are at and Tim Sherwood certainly gave his best for Tottenham transforming an academy that didn't produce anybody since Ledley King. He grabbed hold of it and transformed the way Tottenham finish players, the aspect that was missing.

Youngsters now go out on far more loans to get first team experience against men instead of playing non contact football against boys. That prepares them for the real world, it makes them grow up, being away from the comfort of home and having to stand on their own two feet.

Tim Sherwood has left his positive mark on Tottenham and we are seeing the benefits of his work with Premier League standard players being produced.

Good luck Tim whichever club is fortunate enough to get you.

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Friedel - Sherwood was an interim appointment

7:30 am
Tottenham Hotspur reserve goalkeeper Brad Friedel has spoken to BBC Radio 5Live and confirmed that Tim Sherwood was appointed as an interim boss.

Friedel - Sherwood was an interim appointment

"I thought Tim, especially in his first managerial job, conducted himself very well.

"He wears his heart on his sleeve. He was asked to take control on an interim basis with players who weren't necessarily his and I think he did really well."

From the beginning it was clear to me that the 18 month contract was merely a smokescreen to prevent our gutter minority from hurling childish abuse at him. Every club has them, Rafa Benitez had to endure it at Chelsea so Levy sought to put up a smokescreen that fooled the press and many fans for a while.

Clearly however the players knew as Spurs were sounding out people behind the scenes. Agents within the game naturally tell their other clients and it becomes common knowledge within the game. Spurs players knew he was only a temporary boss until the World Cup as Sherwood himself pointed out, the players were telling him his future, not his employers.

Sherwood was naturally hoping that he performed a miracle with a set of layers who weren't his, he wasn't allowed to bring in any players in January, why would you have an interim boss buy players. The results he achieved would have seen us finish 4th over a whole season despite everything, that isn't worth the vile abuse he received.

"Yes, I think he's good enough to do the job in the Premier League, whether with Tottenham or somebody else. I think he has a great future ahead of him, as do Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey, who I'm sure he will have on his staff if he's fortunate enough to get another job."

Daniel Levy inserted a termination clause into the 18 month contract that allowed him to remove Sherwood at the end of the season, that was always the plan. Louis Van Gaal was to be the next boss, that verbal agreement was already in place.

The spanner came in the form of Manchester United who tipped him off that they were going to sack David Moyes and asked him to wait for that job. Cesare Prandelli signed a new contract with Italy so Levy had to sound out his third choice, Frank de Boer.

That was when everything started to unravel and the truth started coming out. Sherwood knew he was going to be sacked whatever he did, whatever results he achieved. Naturally he was disappointed but in his heart he must have known that all along, we did.

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Departing with him are Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsay which means we have cleared the decks for the new boss to appoint his own team, there is even the position of Head of Player Development to fill, a role perhaps Ronald de Boer will be taking up if his twin brother does indeed become our next Head Coach.

To be honest I'm not sure Les Ferdinand is a good coach, he couldn't teach Jermain Defoe to attack the 6 yard box which is basic attacking, but I wish him and Chris Ramsey well.

I wish Tim Sherwood well and agree with Friedel, he has what it takes to become a top manager because he is a winner. At the moment he simply lacks the knowledge and experience.

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Sherwood was an Interim boss after all

1:47 pm
Daniel Levy confirmed that Tim Sherwood was an interim boss by revealed he had an end of season termination clause within his contract.

Sherwood was an Interim boss after all

“We appointed Tim mid-season as someone who knew both the players and the Club.

“We agreed an 18-month contract with a break clause at the end of the season and we have now exercised that option."

The extra year of his 18 month contract was simply a smokescreen for the media to give the illusion of a full-time post. Tottenham wanted to avoid the disgraceful treatment dished out to Rafa Benitez at Chelsea and largely successfully achieved that despite a gutter minority.

The quality of these people was displayed last night at Ledley King's testimonial match when they tried to ruin it by abusing Tim Sherwood instead of celebrating one of our legends.

“Since appointing Tim as Assistant First Team Coach in 2008 and then as Technical Co-ordinator in 2010 and Head of Football Development in 2012, we have been supportive of him during football management changes throughout that period. On behalf of the Club, I should like to state our thanks for all his efforts during his years with us. We wish him great success in his managerial career."

There is no doubting that Tim Sherwood has done some wonderful work at Tottenham revamping our youth development and utilising the loan system to great advantage. We now have young players breaking into the team that potentially will save the club huge sums in the transfer market.

Harry Kane is only 20 but has shown he has developed now to Premier League standard. Countless strikers from the Championship come to the top division and fail to score, yet Kane tucked away three goals in three games as well as showing some nice touches and awareness of players around him.

Nabil Bentaleb has been selected to go to the World Cup, yet was only a development player 5 months ago. The 19 year-old  has shown he can handle the Premier League and could become a stalwart of the first team in another season or two. As it is he can be included in a first team squad and play when Sandro needs a rest. It's important to have three defensive midfielders so he Sandro and Capoue can fill that gap.

Jake Livermore is expected to be sold for £6 million, then there is 21 year-old Tom Carroll, 21 year-old Alex Pritchard, 18 year-old Milos Veljkovic, 23 year-old Danny Rose, 21 year-old Zeki Fryers.

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The aim of youth development is to produce Premier League players to sell and to keep the best for the club. Most fans would like to see Danny Rose sold, well if you add his fee to Jake Livermore you have brought £10 million plus into the club and haven't been paying out massive wages while developing these players.

Wages play such a crucial part of football that every club needs a set of squad players that are on lower wages, top players won't do that job for the money so developing players has it's role. With the emergence of Bentaleb there is no need to spend £10 million on a defensive midfielder.

Kyle Naughton while not great has done a job, usually quite reasonably covering both full-back positions while helping us to keep the wage bill down and pay the wages of someone like Adebayor.

To not recognise the excellent work Tim Sherwood has done in youth development for the club would be churlish.

“Moving forward, now the season is over, we shall embark on the process of finding a new Head Coach. We have a talented squad and exciting young players coming through. We need to build on this season, develop our potential and inspire the kind of performances that we associate with our great Club."

Employment law had prevented us from acting before but now we can officially approach Ajax to speak to Frank de Boer and get him appointed by the end of the month. At the moment he is on a post season tour of Indonesia and doesn't return until Saturday.

He remains the number one choice and is said to want his own future sorted in the next 19 days so perhaps we will see a swift appointment and renewed hope for a successful season come August.

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Sherwood - The Summer Seven will improve

7:17 pm
Tim Sherwood spoke after the game today and felt now with a season experience under their belt the seven summer signings would be better next term.

Sherwood - The Summer Seven will improve

“It was hyped, it was ridiculous. You’re talking about taking out the best player in the world, or one of, in Gareth Bale, and replacing him with seven players who’ve never played in this competition previously – how on Earth were we meant to be title challengers?

“If you don’t know the game you could think that they would just all hit the floor running but it doesn’t happen - they need time. This club will be better with those seven players next season because they will have had a season playing in this competition, and experience, and they’ll improve from that.

“To take out a real match winner – eight winning goals he (Bale) scored last season, 21 goals. Jermain Defoe, ten goals, Clint Dempsey, eight goals – look at all those goals you’re taking away.

“And what are you replacing them with? Adebayor, who wouldn’t kick a ball for the club until I took over and was the only proven goal scorer in the Premier League we had, and Soldado who’s coming in and going to take time to settle.
“So it was impossible to think about winning the championship or even the top four. As much as I don’t want to pour water over it, it’s a fact.

“We’ve qualified for the Champions League once – why do we have a divine right to finish there? Where we’ve finished in the Europa League, in sixth, is where we should be – that’s where we are.

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“We all want to aspire to be winning championships but we’re not getting there at the moment with what we’ve got and to remove a match winner like Gareth Bale, we shouldn’t have expected it.”

The voice of reason is not what his haters want to hear but he is spot on with what he says, any club that takes away 38 goals from the team is going to have trouble replacing them.

We have European football and finished above Manchester United for the first time in 24 years, there are positives to take, not least of which is the development of the youngsters under Sherwood. It looks unlikely he will remain at the club is any capacity which is a shame. 

Sherwood - The Summer Seven will improve Sherwood - The Summer Seven will improve Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:17 pm Rating: 5
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