Results for Pre-season tours

Winks outshines Carroll

7:00 pm
The game was certainly a training exercise and gave a few of the youngsters a reality check when it comes to playing men's football.

Marcus Edwards had protracted negotiations before he signed a two-year contract and he had to be given guarantees of cup football and a first team squad number. He got a taste of how far away he is, probably a lot further than he thought. He is only young, has growing and development to do. It will be interesting to see how far he comes in the next year.

Josh Onomah on the other hand, looked at home, he looks ready to play more cameo roles this season with full games in the cups. Harry Winks looked a better player than Tom Carroll who simply continues to look ordinary. He is more interested it seems in looking the part when he plays a pass rather than being effective at it.

There was one incident in our own half yet again, where under no pressure he played almost a reverse ball with his left foot to the player on his right. However, the pass was woefully inaccurate, nowhere near the player and the opposition simply collected the ball. That is Tom Carroll all over. Ir seems as if he has been over coached and looking the part is more important than playing the part. He failed once again to show ant reason he should be kept on the books with others coming through.

Harry Winks came on and was twice the player Carroll was, he was busy, he got stuck into the game , he was looking for passes. There were too many out there simply happy to pass sideways. I was thinking that throughout the game and had just watched Cameron carter-Vickers get himself out of a tight situation in the second half when I was saying, don't pass sideways, don't pass sideways.

He took his time and passes sideways. Tony Gale then piped up to tell us he has taken the wrong option, the initial work was good but the sideways pass was poor, he should have played the ball forwards.

If you have beaten a man, effectively taking him out of the game because he is in front of the ball (behind you) than you let him get back behind the ball between your team and the goal and back in the game. It nullifies beating him in the first place, in effect a waste of time.

Until substitutes came on in the second half our passing was often passing for passing sake, an abdication of responsibility. We have to keep the ball moving, but if it is sideways and backwards it isn't much use and certainly isn't going to hurt any decent opposition. When Harrison, Onomah came on we looked to try and create things and did create openings.

There was plenty for Pochettino to analyse and give individual videos to the youngster to learn from. Of course to pass forward you need movement off the ball and we were a little static at times, but then we were playing in unfamiliar conditions and are trying to gain fitness. However, weren't Juventus in the same situation?

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Eric Lamela so far

4:30 pm
The recent Tottenham pre-season tour to North America saw Erik Lamela emerge as if from ugly duckling to swan.

Here are the links to the individual performances of our 22-year-old Argentinian against MLS sides:
Erik Lamela v Seattle Sounders
Erik Lamela v Toronto FC

The third leg was against Chicago Fire and his performance is below. The important aspect of his performance is not just the skill or indeed the renewed confidence although that plays a huge part, but his vision.

There are several passes to pick out teammates that suggest there is more in the locker than simply being a good dribbler who has a shot on him. Players with vision separate themselves from the rest so his confidence to play the balls and start his Spurs career afresh is pleasing to see.

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Bemoaning pre-season tours is rather short sighted

It is important that the attacking players around him have the same vision, then a side becomes difficult to defend against. Pre-season has started well in tat respect with Lennon showing vision and touches, together with Eriksen and Soldado as a front man to bounce balls off.

We still need to develop and get Soldado in more striking opportunities but progress is being made.

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Bemoaning pre-season tours is rather short sighted

12:30 pm
Pre-season tours are an essential part of a football club, they are commercial vehicles but also a way to connect with fans who wouldn't normally see their team live and create new fans.

 Bemoaning pre-season tours is rather short sighted

They generally take two forms, the worlds major clubs playing each other for appearance money or individual club organised tours. Tottenham engage in the latter.

Instead of joining other clubs on a tour of the US simply stopping at a city to play a game, Tottenham arrange their own tours with community engagement in mind.  The summer has seen the third tour in five years to the USA, which stared in Seattle, then moved on to Toronto in Canada and finally back to the US and Chicago.

Spurs drew 3-3 with Seattle in the first leg and travelled there because an old player, Clint Dempsey was sold to Seattle by us. That helps to generate interest in an area where football gets the largest attendances. Growing support in an area that has engaged with the game and getting the Tottenham name across on as personal a level as possible promotes the club in the right light to individuals and businesses.

Moving on Tottenham beat Toronto FC 3-2 as part of a deal which took Jermain Defoe to Canada, part of that also was a 4-year advertising deal.

Tottenham are a more in touch club than the 'superstar' clubs and that is a deliberate ploy. Our players are more accessible to the fans and media, meeting the supporters groups and going out into the community. Michael Dawson and Lewis Holtby for instance went fish tossing in a market while Ledley King undertook multiple engagements in all cities, coaching, making pizza, casking beer, all chances for the club to engage on a personal level.

A team of coaches work with the local community and in Toronto they went into a school, maximising media attention and bringing the club name to the fore. American Ambassador Brad Friedel played in all the games and was on hand for press conferences and quotes, again maximising exposure.

Compare that to AC Milan who flew to Toronto, played the next day and flew home again for a £2.79 million (€3.5m) appearance fee. The approaches are quite different. AC Milan lost 3-0 to Olympiakos of Greece in front of a sparse crowd.

The Tottenham game in Toronto was a sell out and Canadian fans who had never seen their club play live before got the chance to do so. Engaging with the community clearly was a pull and must have a far greater long term benefit to Tottenham than a short term appearance fee.

As part of the advertising deal official Spurs products will be available in the Toronto FC store which it is hoped will boost local support and increase membership of the Official fan club in Canada.

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Engaging with the community helps to establish ongoing grass roots relationships as Tottenham executive director Donna Cullen explained to local media.

“We’re not about playing one match and just picking up and leaving. Some children may want an alternative to the tried and tested clubs like Manchester United to come and perhaps support us.”

It's all part of selling a brand and engaging with children where possible, they are potential future supporters so the earlier you plant a seed the better. Meeting stars from a club and finding out they are nice people can have a lasting affect and who knows how many new supporters may be born.

Gareth Bale was big business commercially, a superstar which brought the Tottenham name to prominence, the North American tour helps keep the Tottenham name in the picture.

Many fans only think about football, but Tottenham is a business and without the business there is no football and certainly not football at the level we currently enjoy. The tour has been a roaring success from the outside, constant media attention and the opportunity to watch a team take shape.

 Bemoaning pre-season tours is rather short sighted.

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No debut for McGee with no tour

12:30 pm
Luke McGee made his Tottenham debut in the 76th minute against Chicago Fire on the North American tour.

No debut for McGee with no tour

The young goalkeeper got his chance because Hugo Lloris had been at the World Cup, so along with all the players that were playing in Brazil he has a holiday. Number 2 Brad Friedel took over as the first choice keeper for the tour which a sensible move as he is American and our US Ambassador so it generates additional interest.

The Tottenham game I believe was watched by around 30% more fans on US TV than the Arsenal game going on at the same time against New York Red Bulls, who have former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry. Friedel will have played a factor in the audience figures but the NBC poll I referred to in an article before the tour showed we were a more popular side in the States anyway.

The other keeper on tour was Jordan Archer but he came down with an illness on the first day of the tour and didn't recover leaving young 18-year-old Luke McGee as the reserve keeper on tour.

"I was a bit nervous before I went on against Chicago but I didn’t do too badly. It was a good start for me. It’s great to get a debut but I have to kick on from here. I don’t just want to make one appearance, I want to continue to improve and to build from here.”

It is unsurprising that he was nervous, last season he played 2 Development Squad games in the U21 Premier League and was on the bench for 3 others. He has 1 England U17 cap.

Without this pre-season tour he wouldn't have made his first team start, making your debut is important for any young player, whatever the game because it's only more hurdle you've overcome. He has now played in front of the biggest crowd of his life, some 17,156 people.

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Spurs bring youth in to train with the first team squad and tours like this represent a chance to spend time in an environment with experienced professionals, to learn from them and experience the atmosphere at games.

Players get introduced as part of the first team squad in the Premier League, then later as subs on the bench and finally an appearance on the field. Giving them a taste of first team environment is to encourage them, effectively showing them what they are aiming for, a carrot.

He should be happy wit his performance, he was comfortable with the ball at his feet and always looked for a pass rather than a simple kick up field to relieve his nerves.

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Beckham franchise offers opportunity to Spurs

8:30 pm
For Tottenham fans watching the US & Canada pre-season tour there were few downsides, young players emerged, players grew confidence, they got fitter, used a new system in a meaningful environment and no suffered no fresh injuries.

Beckham franchise offers opportunity to Spurs

North America is becoming an important market, the 19 MLS teams are averaging 18,716 fans per game this year, which is over 1,000 higher than the average attendance at NHL and NBA games last season.

MLS has an eight-year broadcast deal with ESPN, Fox and Univision reportedly worth £423.69 million ($720m). The TV deal with Fox Sports was £13.53 million ($23m) per year, the current deal with NBC is worth £147.11 million ($250m) over three years, that's £49.04 million ($83.33m) a year.

For the World Cup 18.22 million viewers tuned in for the USA vs Portugal match in Brazil. Everything points to massive growth and a company should ride the crest of a wave, Tottenham should ride the crest of a wave. They should take the bull by the horns and promote like mad.

Club captain Michael Dawson unwittingly reminded the club what a marketing opportunity there is just around the corner.

"I think the MLS was put on the worldwide map, certainly for myself, when David Beckham came here. And you look how many English-based players have played there and have come over to the MLS. Everyone you speak to is loving it, and the league's just growing."

David Beckham is big business, big exposure, he trained at Tottenham, his grandfather Joseph's ashes he spread on the White Hart Lane pitch after the family held a private service away from the glare of the media at the ground, he attended our school of excellence as a youth. The club have links with him and he is about to start his own MLS football team in Miami.

Tottenham should be in discussions with him now about matches between the two sides, even though their is no start date yet, and tie up deals for young loan players. If their is any club in America to partner with then it's a David Beckham franchise one. The media circus and commercial opportunities simply dictate it.

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Andros Townsend gave his verdict on football in North America after the second leg of the tour against Toronto FC in Canada.

"I think we saw at the World Cup, the U.S. is kind of getting behind soccer now and they're getting into it more. The two (MLS) games we've played so far, both teams had a good following, good crowds, and most importantly they've both given us good matches. 
"It's important for the country that more players come over to this league -- we've just seen Frank Lampard and David Villa come over, so I think the league is just going to grow year by year."

It has been a bonus, an important bonus to have an American laying for us that the US media has hone in on to promote not just the sport or MLS but Tottenham Hotspur as well. He understands the sport out there better than we do and his Ambassadorial role will become increasingly important.

"It's one of those unique countries where the U.S. National Team and the U.S. Soccer Federation and the MLS go hand-in-hand, so the success of one will help the success of the other, especially when it comes to the notoriety and the fan base and the fan participation. The sport just keeps growing and growing.
"We have so many people in this country and so many participants of soccer, I think we need to do a little bit better job getting the athletes in this country to play soccer and get them developed. How you get them developed is by better coaching at the youth levels. We should be developing more game-changing players. 
"We've got the players that will run through brick walls for you in abundance, we've got team spirit -- we always have going back to the 1990s -- in abundance, usually have a very good team camaraderie. That's just the American psyche. We have all of that. 
"I'd like to see us now start developing those No. 10s, the No. 7s, the No. 11s, the guys that are really going to add some flair to the team. And if we start doing that then we'll make a mark on the world stage."

Sounds very much what Spurs need to do themselves, develop game changing players, since bale departed we have been found wanting creatively and it's fingers crossed that new head coach Mauricio Pochettino can solve that.

We hear of our youngster going to youth tournaments across Europe, the Development Squad have just been to France but do they ever go to America? Is there not the opportunity for a Development Squad tour, play a couple of games and then a game against an MLS U21 side, perhaps in years when the senior squad tours Asia pre-season and there isn't a World Cup or European Championships.

Keeping the name in the frame is one thing but making it stand out is another and brand familiarity can only help raise our profile. I wonder how far in advance our marketing department are thinking but aligning ourselves with the David Beckham brand is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Ryan Mason next Spurs star?

6:30 pm
Nabil Bentaleb went from the Development Squad to a World Cup, thanks to Tim Sherwood having belief in him. Spurs now have a young midfielder with a very promising future ahead of him.

Ryan Mason next Spurs star?

Before he left Tim Sherwood said that there was plenty of talent coming through at Tottenham and it just needed to be given a chance. This year has been a World Cup year and our pre-season tour of USA & Canada was therefore missing 7 players, add to that Adebayor having malaria, then Sandro and Chiriches reportedly carrying injuries and suddenly Spurs are missing 10 players.

That has provided just the opportunity for other Development Squad players to step up and get noticed. They are training with Pochettino and his team every day and in the first team environment for a prolonged period.

To a degree Cristian Ceballos caught the eye, Falque looked competent and Carroll disappointed but another did step forward, 23-year-old Ryan Mason.

He spent last season on loan at League One outfit Swindon Town but took his chance with aplomb against Chicago Fire. They may have been the weakest of the three teams Tottenham faced but Mason hardly put a foot wrong in midfield alongside French international Étienne Capoue.

"I'm 23 now so if I didn't think I was going to make it I would have left by now. I still believe I'm good enough and hopefully I can get chances this season. 
"My goal was to impress the manager. I won't know how well I've done until I speak with him, but that was my aim."
NOTE: These quote were given to Mr Kevin McCauley who edits SBNation and funded Cartlidge free captain website, always worth a read to get the American perspective.

I would suggest he did rather well and further suggest he did it with the right manager or head coach as we have.

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Tottenham jave been trying to sign another French international, Morgan Schneiderlin who has been with Southampton since they were in the lower divisions. He is a defensive midfielder who has been converted from an attacking midfielder, thus he has a range of passing instead of the win the ball, pass 5 yards to the playmaker defensive midfelder.

Ryan Mason perhaps now has the same opportunity to develop along the same lines. He is an attacking midfielder but was deployed as one of two defensive midfielders. In the Pochettino system either one can act as the link midfielder while the other sits. Part of his requirement is that the defensive midfielders must be creative playmakers as well.

Ryan Mason has that in his locker and has done enough on this tour to suggest he has a future in that role, how Pochettino develops it I'll be interested to see.

Southampton have quoted £27 million for Schneiderlin, but if we can't agree a fee then that may give a chance for Mason to develop faster. A Championship loan is probably too low a grade of football for him now, a Premier League loan or retain him in the full squad with regular game time when the opportunity arises and European football may be the option.

Nabil Bentaleb looked at home straight away in the Premier League and ws Tottenham's best player at the World Cup in Brazil, Ryan Mason could be another to grasp the Premier League in the same manner.

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Will the day come when we have 2 pre-season tours?

4:30 pm
The 2014 Tottenham pre-season tour to the USA and Canada was the third in five years to the continent.

Tottenham pre-season tour

It is an important untapped market with many Americans now starting to get interested in the Sport with the help of the USA team doing well at the World Cup. The children who stated playing the game back in the 70's and now parents and their children are playing the game. Unlike the rest of the world who have been playing for generation after generation this is new to America, football is a merely baby.

Babies grow, they have to be nurtured and they form early attachments. Tottenham are trying to cash in on that attachment potential. Football is all about money these days and your ff field income is everything, it dictates what you can spend in transfer fees and pay in wages, the higher income, the more you can spend.

We have an American kit manufacturer, an American Ambassador and keep going over to get our brand seen. Mauricio Pochettino acknowledged for the players it's just about fitness but that he appreciates the importance to commercial activities that these tours represent.

As football grows so more and more American companies will want their brand displayed in front of worldwide audiences thus how we conduct ourselves, the type of football we play, our worldwide appeal and branding are all important factors.

Travelling to places like Seattle, currently acknowledged as the best side in America and the side with the highest average attendances are essential components. Playing on an artificial surface is not ideal preparation but was a marketing necessity.

Donna-Maria Cullen is an executive director at Tottenham Hotspur and knows the importance of growing the Tottenham brand in North America but appreciates the training facilities have to be first class for the players too, she was pleased with what they found in Seattle.

“The facilities have to be brilliant because it’s a serious time for the club because we only get one opportunity to get everybody fit and ready for the season. There’s a great setup here.”

Goalkeeper for the tour and Tottenham Hotspur US Ambassador Brad Friedel explained the Spurs brand.

“We want to expand. We want to get our message out and about into the American public because we are one of the clubs that are pleasing on the eye, if you like. We’re known throughout history to be a flair attacking football club.”

A trip to America takes in more work off the pitch than work on it and getting the Tottenham name in the papers is important for recognition so the events that Ledley King takes part in are important aspects, even if they don't interest fans in the UK.

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I read a story of how important a Spurs tour was for oversees fans who have no chance of seeing their idols live any other way. I have read many times in forums fans who seem to think the only people who care are the 36,000 who go to the stadium. That is quite a crazy notion, it isn't these people who generate the clubs income, it is the worldwide audience that sponsors want to market too.

Football is a commercial business, the games are just a product to sell, mush like a supermarket sells a packet of cornflakes. Obviously it means more than that to us and that is what drives the commercial side but the concept is the same, Tottenham sell a product, football.

There is life outside the Premier League and nine Premier League sides are undertaking tours to North America for pre-season games. The tour seems to have been a roaring success, certainly on the field there have been positives to take from it like Lamela's form and the promise of Ceballos and Mason in particular.

I'm sure the club would like to fit in two a year, one to North America, one to Asia, another massive market. Perhaps in the future we will see a big squad split and added to with the Development squad undertake two tours at the same time, one to America, one to Asia, we might as well maximise our branding awareness and commercial opportunities.

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VIDEO +Kane, Holtby, Friedel quotes

8:30 am
Tottenham players had nothing but praise for Major League Soccer, the facilities and enthusiasm of the crowds in America as football grows at a pace out there, even if they do call it soccer.


Harry Kane not only tweeted but gave a post match press conference.

"Great crowd out in Chicago tonight ! Good performance and win from the lads ! Always feels good to get on the scoresheet!"

“It’s very good. All the teams we’ve played have been top teams, it’s not far off [Premier League standard]. Everyone knows the MLS is getting bigger and better and there’s a lot of great players coming over here to play and we saw that.”

Brad Friedel revealed that from a training point of view it has been a very successful tour and that is the primary focus of the players and coaching staff leaving the club to concentrate on the commercial aspects of the tour.

“We had very good crowds at all three venues and I know on the training pitch it was a big success. We trained twice a day most days, very hard, he’s [Pochettino’s] a very demanding manager, but also very enjoyable.”

Young 23-year-old German midfielder Lewis Holtby felt that Major League Soccer has some good technical players and as his country has just won the World Cup he ought to know.

"You see the three fixtures we had are decent teams that really play some good football, that are technically good, physically good. Yeah, big compliment to the MLS."

Mauricio Pochettino is developing his English, he speaks it well enough but is feeling his way through press conferences so keeps short and generally to the point. When asked about the MLS he was just that.

"It's growing and it's growing fast."

The tour has been a resounding success and Tottenham will have taken a lot from it, next it's welcome back the World Cup players and then move on to Helsinki in Finland where we play Celtic on August 2nd.

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Last game? Friedel gets a standing ovation

4:30 pm
Brad Friedel probably played his last game on American soil last night and put in a good display for the crowd, pulling off diving saves both to his left and right. He has played in all three games and always been available for a quote or an interview.

Friedel gets a standing ovation

Brad Friedel US Ambassador for Tottenham Hotspur has possibly played his last game on American soil and with the signing of Michel Vorm as number two has possibly played his last game for Tottenham Hotspur as well.

“It was very good, it’s always nice. I think this is one of the last times anyone in the States is going to get to see me play on home soil, so it was a very good reception and it was nice to be a part of.”

The American keeper has been preparing for the day when he would have to hang up his boots and has completed his UEFA A coaching license as a result. The 43-year-old was asked about the possibility of coaching in America perhaps and admits it is a possibility, he wouldn't discount it.

"You never say never to that, but when you look at stepping into coaching, it doesn’t matter what country it’s in; the city has to work. I have a family. I have three kids, and the owner, the director of football and general manager all have to fit in place. 
"But would I keep my options open for that? Absolutely. I would never, never turn away a conversation about it. At the time that I made a choice to go over to Europe, Europe was a far better league than MLS, and I don’t think anyone would deny that. 
"Now when you see the likes of Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey coming back here in the prime of their career, you can see that there are a few clubs over here that are very strong and very competitive. That wasn’t around when I was making the choice."

Friedel was reported to have been interviewed for the vacant head coaching role at his former club Columbus Crewe last October and feels Major League Soccer is growing year-on-year.

“The MLS gets better and better each year. Every time I come back I’m seeing something else has grown, whether it’s another team pops up, better players, the growth at the academy level, everything is vastly improved from five years ago, ten years ago, 15 years ago and it’s going to continue to be that way. I don’t think anyone in the US is going to rest on anything and they’re going to continue to try to grow things.”

You only have to listen to the reception he got when he was substituted late on in the international friendly with Chicago Fire at Toyota Park last night. He received a standing ovation from everyone in the ground which rather goes to show what a smart move it was in making him a Tottenham US Ambassador as part of his contract.

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Naturally the Americans love one of their own and he has been to three World Cups with them and helped to pave the way for football in America by showing their is quality talent in the United States that can thrive abroad. Others have followed in his footsteps and his example has spurred others to follow and grow the game as grass routes level.

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Falque lacks vision, Soldado is a worry

12:30 pm
Tottenham completed their 2014 USA & Canada Pre-season Tour with a 2-0 win against Chicago Fire which UK fans watched at 1am in the morning here in the UK.

Soldado is a worry

Toyota Park is a soccer-specific stadium located at 71st Street and Harlem Avenue in Bridgeview, Illinois, about 12 miles southwest from downtown Chicago. This was the second game on tour on grass and in a soccer-specific stadium which demonstrates how far the sport has come in the States in a short time.

New head coach Mauricio Pochettino said the heat and humidity made this a tough test for some of the players, particularly someone like Kyle Walker who is behind the rest in terms of fitness having only just recovered from his groin injury.

“I’m very pleased for the players because we’ve finished with a good win, a clean sheet and that’s a boost for the confidence. 
“It was difficult in the humidity but well done to the players, it was a good game out there. I’m happy for all of them. I thought we played well. 
“We’ve worked hard on this Tour and congratulations to the players, staff and the supporters, they’ve been fantastic.”

The 42-year-old Argentinian has now had a good look at large parts of the squad following his arrival, the only players he has not seen first hand are the World Cup players. He will know about them of course but said he will look at all the players before deciding the futures of any of them.

Some players have taken their chance to catch the eye on tout while others have confirmed views, Iago Falque for instance has skill but appears to lack vision so I doubt he'll have a long term future at the club. Roberto Soldado is paid to score goals and did so from a penalty in the first games, apart from that he hasn't looked like scoring which is a worry.

I wondered whether he would fit the system and wrote an article as such as soon as Mauricio Pochettino was appointed, this tour has done nothing to alter that view. He can play within it, but he needs to be having goalscoring opportunities within it and they are few and far between.

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Fitness, a new system etc can all be used as reasons or excuses, but in 3 games the bottom line is how many shots did he have on tour? I don't rule out him coming good but the longer it goes on without him even looking like scoring the more worrying it becomes.

You can see Adebayor perhaps fitting the system better with probably more movement and does rather highlight that we appear to be weak in attack at the moment. Erik Lamela for instance took his tour chance well, he has stood out, scored goals and boosted his confidence, you would have liked to have seen Soldado impressing in the same way, but he hasn't.

It may be that it's early days in a new system or it may need a change of personnel, time will tell.

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VIDEO: Goals Chicago Fire 0 Tottenham 2

8:30 am
Chicago Fire vs Tottenham Hotspur

Chicago Fire 0 Tottenham 2

Spurs XI: Friedel; Walker, Dawson, Veljkovic, Rose; Capoue, Mason; Townsend, Holtby, Lamela; Kane

Once again we saw Velkjovic starting the game at centre-back, lending weight to my theory that Mauricio Pochttino is fast tracking the 18 year-old Serbian. Against Toronto he was paired with Younès Kaboul, on this occasion partnered with club captain Michael Dawson.

After just 4 minutes the Chicago keeper Johnson passed the ball out to his centre-back who simply dwelt on the ball without looking around to see who was about. Lewis Holtby was about and came up behind him the steal the ball and run into the box. He unselfishly squared the ball to Harry Kane who calmly side footed the ball into the net to put Spurs 1-0 up.

After 20 minutes an excellent break after winning the ball in midfield saw Townsend running at the centre of the Chicago defence but his pass left to an overlapping Lamela was poor allowing a clearance. Lamels was showing skill, beating men, twisting, turning, took a couple of shots that drew fine saves from the keeper and was generally looking a quality player.

Lewis Holtby was everywhere and seemed fitter than anyone whereas Kyle Walker is clearly behind everyone in terms of fitness. Danny Rose stupidly got himself booked just before half time when pointlessly shoving Lovel Palmer  in the back, the Chicago player he had been having a running battle with the whole half. He just seems incapable of controlling his hot headedness.

Word has it he is not happy the club have signed Ben Davies, obviously feeling that Davies will be the first choice. That is rather a poor mental attitude and demonstrates further why he isn't a winner. The word is that he wants to leave and there are several clubs who will be happy to take him.

The player who caught mu eye against Toronto again caught my eye against Chicago, Ryan Mason. He looked accomplished in midfield, certainly wasn't out of place and can pick a pass. I thouht he looked a better player than Carroll against Toronto so it'll be interesting to see if he gets any European game time or domestic Cup game time.

I'd need to have another look at him closely to see how the 23-year-old fared in a defensive role but having been on loan at Swindon Town last season I had assumed he would be going on loan to a Championship side this season but he might be better than that.

Holtby played 60 minutes, Veljkovic played most of the game, Naughton came on at right-back in the second half and switched to left-back when Veljkovic went off with Ben Davies moving to centre-half.

Late in the second half Lennon and Soldado played one twos in our half and then Soldado played a long ball for him to run on to, just beat the defender, the keeper came out and he just beat him to the ball as well before firing it into the centre of the net. The goal was all about his pace.

Mason, Capoue, Dawson, Lennon all played the full 90 minutes in a game that was all about high pressing and slick passing.

Yep as pointed out at 3am when I wrote this with tiredness in my eyes I have mistakenly suggested Lennon played 90 when in fact he was a half-time substitute.

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Ledley King continues his tour, does he drop the dough?

10:00 pm
Tottenham legend Ledley King has had a bust time of it in America, signing autographs, taking coaching sessions, meeting supporters clubs, casking a beer, supping a pint so it's only right he has something to eat.

In this video Ledley learns how to make a pizza Chicago style in Giordiano's restaurant. It's a tough life for our globe trotting Ambassador.

"It was a great experience to visit such an authentic pizza restaurant in Chicago and I think I've found the ingredients to a signature pizza! 
"It was a lot of fun, maybe I'll try to make a few when I get home."

It looks more like a pie but the big question is when tossing the dough, did our Ledley drop it?

Ledley King continues his tour, does he drop the dough? Ledley King continues his tour, does he drop the dough? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:00 pm Rating: 5

VIDEOS: Training & Tour Round Up

9:30 pm
Tottenham had their third open training session, this time at Toyota Park in Chicago.

The first video shows the ground and the Spurs players doing stretching exercises in the distance and the second video shows Tottenham in a training game, bibs, vs non bibs.

The third video gives a quick three and a half minute round up of the pre-season tour to date.

VIDEOS: Training & Tour Round Up VIDEOS: Training & Tour Round Up Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:30 pm Rating: 5

VIDEO: Tottenham Pre-game press conference

8:40 pm
Good evening everyone, if indeed it is evening where you are around the globe. Tottenham take on Chicage Fire tonight as I'm sure we are all aware on the third and final leg of the 2014 USA & Canada Pre-season Tour.

The video below is the 13 minute press conference which from a Tottenham viewpoint features Andros Townsend and Mauricio Pochettino. It starts with a preview from both sides before it opens to questions.

VIDEO: Tottenham Pre-game press conference VIDEO: Tottenham Pre-game press conference Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:40 pm Rating: 5

VIDEO: Chicago Fire Preview

2:30 pm
With the third and final leg of the 2014 USA & Canada Tottenham Pre-season Tour taking place tonight, Chicago Fire have asked a couple of their players what games against international opposition mean.

Spurs have drawn 3-3 with Seattle Sounders in front of over 55,000 fans, beaten Toronto FC 3-2 and now finish against Chicago Fire at 7pm local time.

This is a decent preview video as instead of just watching a player talk to a camera they break away to show some Tottenham highlights from various players.

VIDEO: Chicago Fire Preview VIDEO: Chicago Fire Preview Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

Your country TV listing Chicago Fire vs Tottenham Hotspur

12:30 pm
Wherever you are in the world you can catch the Chicago Fire vs Tottenham Hotspur international friendly. Below are the TV listings for a range of countries and there is also the internet for live streams of course, Wiziwig is a good starting point in your search there.

Where to watch the match – live stream, start time, TV channels, live scores

Watch Chicago Fire vs Tottenham live on Saturday, July 26, 2014:

In the US at 20.00 EST on:

On TV: ESPN Deportes, ESPN,
Online & Apps: WATCH ESPN

In the UK on Sunday at 01.00 BST on:

On TV: BT Sport 2

In Australia:

On TV: ESPN Australia

Chicago Fire vs Tottenham Hotspur Live Streams and TV Channels

Algeria - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Angola - SuperSport 3 Africa
Argentina - ESPN Cono Norte, ESPN Play Argentina, ESPN + Andina, ESPN HD Latin, ESPN Play Latin America
Australia - ESPN Australia
Bahrain - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Benin - SuperSport 3 Africa
Botswana - SuperSport 3 Africa
Burkina Faso - SuperSport 3 Africa
Burundi - SuperSport 3 Africa
Cameroon - SuperSport 3 Africa
Cape Verde - SuperSport 3 Africa
Central African Republic - SuperSport 3 Africa
Chad - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD, SuperSport 3 Africa
China - Guangdong Sports Channel
Comoros - SuperSport 3 Africa
Congo - SuperSport 3 Africa
Congo DR - SuperSport 3 Africa
Croatia - Sportklub 3 Croatia
Côte d'Ivoire - SuperSport 3 Africa
Djibouti - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD, SuperSport 3 Africa
Egypt - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Equatorial Guinea - SuperSport 3 Africa
Eritrea - SuperSport 3 Africa
Ethiopia - SuperSport 3 Africa
Gabon - SuperSport 3 Africa
Gambia - SuperSport 3 Africa
Ghana - SuperSport 3 Africa
Guinea - SuperSport 3 Africa
Guinea-Bissau - SuperSport 3 Africa
Hong Kong - Now 621
Iran - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Iraq - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Jordan - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Kenya - SuperSport 3 Africa
Kuwait - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Lebanon - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Lesotho - SuperSport 3 Africa
Liberia - SuperSport 3 Africa
Libya - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Madagascar - SuperSport 3 Africa
Malawi - SuperSport 3 Africa
Mali - SuperSport 3 Africa
Mauritania - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Mauritius - SuperSport 3 Africa
Mexico - ESPN Mexico
Morocco - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Mozambique - SuperSport 3 Africa
Namibia - SuperSport 3 Africa
New Zealand - ESPN Pacific Rim
Niger - SuperSport 3 Africa
Nigeria - SuperSport HD 3 Nigeria, SuperSport 3 Nigeria, SuperSport 3 Africa
Oman - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Palestinian Territory - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Portugal - Sport TV LIVE
Qatar - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Rwanda - SuperSport 3 Africa
Saudi Arabia - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Senegal - SuperSport 3 Africa
Serbia - SportKlub 3 Serbia
Seychelles - SuperSport 3 Africa
Sierra Leone - SuperSport 3 Africa
Somalia - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
South Africa - SuperSport 3 Africa, SuperSport 3, SuperSport HD 3, SuperSport Internet 3, SuperSport Maximo 2
South Sudan - SuperSport 3 Africa
Sudan - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Swaziland - SuperSport 3 Africa
Syria - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
São Tomé and Príncipe - SuperSport 3 Africa
Tanzania - SuperSport 3 Africa
Togo - SuperSport 3 Africa
Tunisia - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Uganda - SuperSport 3 Africa
United Arab Emirates - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
United Kingdom - BT Sport 2
United States - ESPN Deportes, ESPN, WATCH ESPN
Yemen - beIN Sports Arabia 11 HD
Zambia - SuperSport 3 Africa
Zimbabwe - SuperSport 3 Africa

Your country TV listing Chicago Fire vs Tottenham Hotspur Your country TV listing Chicago Fire vs Tottenham Hotspur Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

VIDEO: Loanee Ward looking forward to some familiar faces

9:01 pm
Tottenham have a youngster on loan with Chicago Fire, 19-year-old Grant Ward, who has now played 9 games during his loan spell scoring once against Pittsburgh Riverhounds in the US Open Cup.

Chicago Fire coach Frank Yallop was pleased to get him on loan for the MLS side.

"Grant is a young, technically-gifted player. I watched him play in England, and throughout our pre-season training camp Grant consistently proved that he has what it takes to do well in the MLS. We look forward to him joining our squad once he has recovered from his injury (fractured metatarsal)."

He did indeed recover from that, extended his loan until the end of the year and has scored his first senior goal while with them. He is now looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.

VIDEO: Loanee Ward looking forward to some familiar faces VIDEO: Loanee Ward looking forward to some familiar faces Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:01 pm Rating: 5

Cristian Ceballos vs Seattle Sounders VIDEO

4:30 pm
Let's wind the clock back to Seattle and the first leg of the 2014 Tottenham USA & Canada Pre-season Tour.

The game was played on an artificial surface in front of over 55,000 fans to create an excellent atmosphere playing against currently probably the best team in America, they lead their section of the MLS this season.

A 21-year-old Spaniard born in Barcelona and brought through the famed Barcelona youth system. He joined us in July 2011 and is a promising prospect. He spent last season on loan at Portuguese side Arouca where he played 19 league games and 5 cup games. He scored 2 goals in 1,645 minutes of football which is the equivalent of 18.29 games.

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Cristian Ceballos catches the eye

The video below shows his game against Seattle in which he is highlighted so easy to spot and concentrate on.

Cristian Ceballos vs Seattle Sounders VIDEO Cristian Ceballos vs Seattle Sounders VIDEO Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:30 pm Rating: 5

Lamela vs Toronto FC VIDEO

3:00 pm
Next one in the series Erik Lamela this time putting in an excellent display against Toronto FC on the second keg of the 2014 Tottenham USA & Canada Pre-season Tour.

His two goals will have done his confidence levels a power of good and was just what we and he needed from this pre-season tour. The season is only 3 weeks away after all.

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£20,000 would have avoided the Lamela fiasco

The third leg of the 2014 Tottenham USA & Canada Pre-season Tour is in Chicago when we tale on Chicago Fire, where we have youngster Grant Ward on loan.

You can watch Lanela's performance against Seattle Sounders (link in right hand lower menu) and at 16.30pm UK time I'll release the Cristian Ceballos vs Seattle Sounders game also.

Lamela vs Toronto FC VIDEO Lamela vs Toronto FC VIDEO Reviewed by THBlogNews on 3:00 pm Rating: 5

Lamela vs Seattle Sounders VIDEO

2:30 pm
Seattle was the first leg of the 2014 Tottenham USA & Canada Pre-season Tour and our first chance to see the new improved, upgraded, latest model with all added extras import that is Erik Lamela.

The game was played on an artificial surface in front of over 55,000 fans to create an excellent atmosphere playing against currently probably the best team in America, they lead their section of the MLS this season.

Erik Lamela cost £30 million and this season will be the season we get a return on that investment, there's confidence for you, getting behind a player and all that, for you must never say a doubtful word Charlies.

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Toronto game highlights
Lamela - Hitting the nail on the head
Lamela is like a new £30m signing
Soldado & Lamela self confidence the key
How strong is Lamela's confidence now?
£20,000 would have avoided the Lamela fiasco

Below is the video of his performance against Seattle Sounders and you can catch the video of his game against Toronto FC in 30 minutes time.

Lamela vs Seattle Sounders VIDEO Lamela vs Seattle Sounders VIDEO Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5
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