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Del Boy and Rodney + 'The Scam' VIDEO

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Quite appropriate while my son watches episodes of Only Fools and Horses that a shady Croatian tries to con us out of a bit of dosh.

In true Del Boy fashion Spurs were given a document claiming he had permission to sell Dutch Under-21 striker Luc Castaignos.

The wannabe middleman had forged a signature claiming it was FC Chairman Joop Munsterman and would no doubt then asked us for some cash up front to negotiate the deal.

"A player has been offered with this forged document," FC Twente confirmed.

"The forgery has been made known to the KNVB (Dutch Football Federation), with the request to pass it on to Uefa and Fifa and take the appropriate measures."

Gert-Jan Nijweide, FC Twente's finance director, said: "We have recently been informed of this scam from England.

"We have sent a letter to the persons who have used the false document, ordering them to stop immediately."

Sounds like a Del Boy stunt carried out with Rodney results.

Not the same guy who sold Ali Dia to Southampton claiming he was former World Player of the Year George Weah's brother. This character was Dia's agent claiming to be George Weah who phoned Graeme Souness the then Southampton manager and offered him recommended his 30-year-old cousin.

He claimed he had been capped 13 times for Senegal, played for PSG and was currently at an unnamed German Second Division side. In actual fact he has played for Blyth Spartans.

Dia himself turned up at the Southampton training ground and told Souness he had scored 2 goals for Senegal just days earlier and Souness fell for it hook line and sinker. He didn't do any checks, took everybody at their word and simply bought him!

It was like a comic relief sketch.

The reserve team game was cancelled so Souness put him straight in the first team squad against Leeds United. Matthew Le Tissier got injured in the first half so Souness threw Dia on.

He was shocking and Souness realised he had been had. Southampton were a laughing stock, quite what their supporters thought goodness knows.

His former Blyth Spartans manager Peter Harrison said: “Next thing I knew I was watching him on Match of the Day, playing for Southampton, which was pretty unbelievable at the time.”

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