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Set to steal Pompey

The Sun has said that Harry could be lining up a smart little mover for David James.

Let's just hope that a deal materialises this time round, although I do think Levy was right to not sanction a £2 million transfer fee for the 39 year old, even if he was the England keeper at the time, which, let's face it, isn't hard to be with the current crop of England keepers.

I know there are those out there that think Gomes is great and should be given more time, but I'll have to side with Harry on this occasion. James may also drop a clanger every now and then, but nowhere near the degree that Gomes has and probably will again, given the chance. I can see James definitely suring up our defence.

Speaking of our defence, word is that Woodgate is back in light training. The worry is that our medical staff still can't pinpoint the problem and so are giving him a concoction of injections. Should we be worrying? Hopefully King will be back to face Portsmouth at Fratton come Saturday. It feels like it's been ages since we last won a Premier League match and with Pompey on a mini revival, I can still see us picking up all the points.
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Who's Harry about to buy?

11:57 am
Our great win against the Brum was truly marred by The Modfather's leg fracturing and Ledley suffering a groin injury.

I suppose the one bit of good news is that Woody came through his first training session on Friday. I'm not sure how long he'll still be out for though, but seeing as we don't play for two weeks, he could be fit in time for our biggest test yet, Manchester United at home, although I don't think he'll be match-fit.

I hope we'll get to hear how long Luka will be out for and of course, we send him our regards.

As regards Ledder's, it all depends on what he's done to his groin. If he's torn it, then we could be looking at 4-6 weeks. A tweak can take him out for up to 3 weeks, as can a pulled groin. Either way, I can't see him being back for Man U game.

I was at the Lane on Saturday and saw that Charlie clearly isn't a centre-half. He's a very good full-back, but that's the extent of his game. He just didn't look at all comfortable, especially when being pressured.

So then, what do we do? I'm sure Harry will be looking to bring someone in. Maybe Sgt. Wilson's mate, Ozzie Chavez, can be brought in on a short-term deal?

As regards our goal keeping position, I think Harry's not too pleased with either Carlo or Gomes and may look to bring in James. I don't think James is the answer, but Harry knows him and so make take the plunge.

In relation to signing a left winger to replace Modric, I've got a feeling Keano will be filling that spot until Luka returns, with Crouch and Defoe playing up front. After all, Robbie slotted into that position fairly okay in Luka's absence.

Whist at The Lane on Saturday, I had a great conversion with a guy named Tony. He obviously knew his football and said that "Harry won't be in for that Dutch Real player (Van der Vaart) as Harry prefers to play two central holding midfielders with the other two midfielders being very attack minded.

I agreed with Tony. Azza is a right winger and The Modfather plays on the left but is given the freedom to do as he wishes. Even though I would love to see the likes of Van der Vaart at White Hart Lane, but what would happen when Luka returned to action? We would either have an unhappy Croatian or Dutchman.

If Harry is looking to bring in James, I would ask that Portsmouth take Cudicini as part of the deal. I would then try my damn hardest to sign another midfield enforcer. Unfortunately, both Sandro and Sissoko are unavailable.

I do believe that we need a short-term solution at centre-half, although that's way easier said then done.

Whatever happens, I think there will be some movement before the window closes.

Niko Kranjčar anyone?

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