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FA employee responsible for implementation of VAR should be sacked

9:07 am

The FA employee responsible for the implementation of VAR should be sacked

FA-employee-responsible for VAR-should-be-sacked
The FA employee should be sacked after the VAR farce in the Tottenham vs Rochdale game

The VAR system was an absolute farce last night in the Tottenham Hotspur verses Rochdale FA Cup tie and that is done to the FA employee responsible for implementing it.

I find it utterly incredible that the rulers of our game don't seem to have taken notice of other sports who use a video replay system.

The shambolic use of it last night, to not only get the wrong decisions, but take so long in doing so is totally unacceptable and, quite frankly, with proper management, should never have happened in the first place.

Look at rugby. The system isn't used unless the referee asks for it, that's the first thing. often, the referee will ask to look at a specific element in the build up to a try. Again here you are still ensuring the referee has control, you are not taking his authority away, as happened last night.

Cricket overuses replays now, giving teams too many chances to question an umpires (referees) decision and for the wrong reasons. Teams now do it as a tactic, not because they genuinely believe an incorrect decision has been made. In cricket you should have to state why you want a decision reviewed and only that aspect should then be reviewed.

The players have to make a clear signal, a 'T' to cal, for a review, a message on the screen informs the crowd and then everyone views it. The decision stays with the on-field umpire unless there is CLEAR evidence of a mistake, otherwise you uphold the authority of the umpire, even if his decision is borderline.

For instance, for a replay, more than half the ball has to be hitting a stump, or would have hit a stump using prediction software, for a decision to change. If less that half of the ball would have hit then, even though the umpire is technically wrong, his decision still stands,as with possible errors it is deemed not clear cut.

Look at the first goal last night. The Rochdale player had Llorente's shirt, he aimed a kick at Llorente and dived to the floor. You can not give a decision against Llorente for holding, if the other guy is doing so too. There is no clear foul by either player, it is six of one and half a dozen of another. There was no foul by either anyway, otherwise you are going to have to stop the game every five seconds for a foul.

The referee is rugby will often talk to the replay referee, but the crowd can hear what he says. There is no reason a referee can not watch a replay on a big screen and make the decision himself or in conjunction with a replay referee. BUT, and this is important, the on-field referee MUST have the last say on all decisions. otherwise you take away his authority.

VAR is to enhance refereeing, not take decisions away from an on-field umpire and give control of the game to a referee watching a screen.

All of this should have been discussed and agreed at management level before it was implemented and then the referees trained in it's use, clearly they have not had sufficient training, if any.

The lessons of other sports have not been heeded and they have tried to keep secrecy between the officials, obviously because officials make so many wrong decisions that they don't want to undermine them, yet that's exactly what the VAR did last night.

Whoever is in charge of the implementation of VAR at the FA should be sacked, as they are incompetent. Any half decent manager in the business world could have put a better system into place with this technology.

It demonstrates once again how so out of touch the FA actually are, it's an old boys network, a job for life, Gordon Taylor for instance should have been sacked. You can't tell players not to gamble and penalise them when they do if one of your own is running up huge gambling debts. It shoves two fingers up to the fans.

With VAR, the FA have once again shown they are clueless and couldn't care less about fans.


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Motivation the issue tonight

12:48 pm

Will Spurs be motivated on a freezing Wembley night?

Motivation-is-key - Tottenham-vs-Rochdale
Motivation is key for Tottenham tonight verses Rochdale

Spurs report the game is ON and why shouldn't it be, this isn't real snow, real snow is feet deep, not centimetres. Man up people.

Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.

That's why a coaches job is to discover what motivates each individual, a collective huddle or team talk doesn't last. A coach has to trigger the motivation in each player and that means triggering an emotion within them.

Do that and a player can keep motivating themselves. there has to be an agreed common goal. If a player hasn't bought into the goal or isn't emotionally satisfied, you are not going to get the best performance from them.

It is therefore important to keep squad players happy, to keep them involved, to feel a real part of the group, an important member with a role to play.

The FA Cup gives us another chance to massage some emotions. There is a trophy at the end of the road and performances can lead to opportunities for further performances. Twice now some of the players haven't been motivated.

Danny Rose had two different halves against Rochdale, average in the first half and a different player in the second until a lapse in concentration at the end when, it would seem, the players thought they had won it.

Back at Wembley on a freezing cold night being motivated is more important than ever. The Rochdale players will be motivated, we have to match that motivation.


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Midfield to blame for the goals

1:29 pm

Midfield must take their share of the responsibility

Replying to 
Yep. We all thought this would be the turning point. We seem to save defensive errors for these big games away too

The above quote is the generally perceived view, but it is wrong.

The first goal was not because we committed a foul outside our own box that we didn't need to make perhaps. That was not the cause.

As a coach, I have talked before about finding the root of a problem and solving that. What happens after the root of the problem is the effect of that so solve that any the problem doesn't arise.

The problem was on the edge of their box where we gave the ball away with a weak pass, something we did several times and something which I am constantly showing we do wrong. Passes should be zipped, not rolled so opponents do not have that chance to steal the ball.

I'd have to check but if I remember right the same thing happened for the second goal, so while the defence made mistakes (no excuse for Son's tackle), the root cause was in midfield outside their box. That is where responsibility initially lies. Had those errors not been made then players would not have been in the situations they were and would not have had to make the decisions they made.

Yes, decision making at that point wasn't of the standard we need, but we put them in that position by giving away the ball easily with an unforced error.

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No fear football on Saturday

6:00 am

No fear from Spurs

Spurs are the only team challenging them for the Premier League title, we were the only team challenging Leicester City last season and now the top two teams in the league are meeting in the FA Cup semi-final, having met in the League Cup Final in 2015.

Belgian centre-back Jan Vertonghen sees nothing to fear from our opponents at the weekend.

“We will play with a lot more confidence. Chelsea back then like now looked very strong and solid. I think we have improved a lot since then [2015]. 
“They [Chelsea] have played great and obviously Eden [Hazard] is a very special player but we have played against him this season and we have played against Chelsea this season and we won. 
“Obviously we lost away but I think our first half there [at Stamford Bridge] was maybe our best of the season and I think we’ve got nothing to be afraid of. 
“I think we have proved already we can beat big teams, we have done that last year we have done that this year. I don’t think we have got anything to prove on Saturday.
“I think we can reach the same level [at Wembley] as we do at White Hart Lane, we’re going to try."

Former Blues boss Jose Mourinho masterminded a tactical 2-0 victory over Chelsea on Easter Sunday and highlighted what he felt was the key to stopping them.

"We gave them double problems - problems when we had the ball and problems when we recovered the ball because we were really sharp and fast and aggressive in our transitions. 
"Mourinho added that the key to Manchester United beating Chelsea was eliminating the threat they posed through Eden Hazard and Pedro working behind Diego Costa and also their effectiveness in wide positions on the counter-attack."

Now Pochettino has beaten Antonio Conte before, we outplayed them at White Hart Lane and last season we used Christian Eriksen to take their defensive shield away from in front of the centre-backs exposing them to attack. They couldn't live with us in the first half but made tactical changes in the second half that made a difference. We conceded goals at the wrong times and will have to execute our plans better if we are to come out on top again.
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Rising importance of the FA Cup

2:30 pm


The sponsors of the FA Cup are absolutely delighted with this years competition and the exposure it has given them. Any sponsor wants the top teams contesting a final for maximum interest and this season the semi-final line up could well be four of the top five teams in the Premier League.

Emirates are the sponsors of the 2016/17 FA Cup, the 136th edition with it's final at Wembley lessened in importance by the semi-finals being played there. 736 teams compete in 149 matches for one to be victorious.

However, prior to getting there there have been big stories along the way. Everyone like a giant killing, they have become less frequent now there is more money in the game but this season has been different. For the first time since 1914 we have a non-league side in the quarter-finals and naturally Arsenal have drawn them, they so frequently get the easiest of routes.

Prize Money
Extra Preliminary Round winners (184) £1,500
Preliminary Round winners (160) £1,925
First Round Qualifying winners (116) £3,000
Second Round Qualifying winners (80) £4,500
Third Round Qualifying winners (40) £7,500
Fourth Round Qualifying winners (32) £12,500
First Round Proper winners (40) £18,000
Second Round Proper winners (20) £27,000
Third Round Proper winners (32) £67,500
Fourth Round Proper winners (16) £90,000
Fifth Round Proper winners (8) £180,000
Sixth Round Proper winners (4) £360,000
Semi-final losers (2) £450,000
Semi-final winners (2) £900,000
Final runners-up (1) £900,000
Final winner (1) £1,800,000
Total £15,132,000

We joined the competition in the Third Round proper so we have picked up £67,500 for beating Aston Villa, £90,000 for beating Wycombe wanderers and £180,000 for beating Fulham, a total of £337,500.

Lincoln, if my calculations are correct, have picked up £395,000 so far, gained tremendous exposure and as they are sitting comfortably on top of the National League, have set themselves up to be able to finance a real shot at staying in League Two at least.

The competition needed a fresh injection of interest with even Championship sides fielding weakened teams, this season has certainly provided it.

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Which side should face Millwall?

5:29 pm


The side to face Millwall holds a bit of a selection dilemma. On one hand the need to win the game is vital and there is only one game a week, on the other is the need to give some of the squad a game to avoid dissatisfied players in the summer.

We could play the same team that faced Everton, we did after all field a strong team against Fulham in the last round to ensure there were no slip ups. Do we play Michel Vorm in goal, is there an agreement that he keeps in the Cups until a certain stage? Vorm played against Fulham, is there any reason why he shouldn't play against Millwall, who are in a lower league?

Here is the line-up from the last round:
Trippier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies
Winks (Dembélé 79'), Wanyama
Eriksen, Dele Alli (Onomah 86'), Son Heung-Min
Kane (Sissoko 75')

Unused substitutes: Pau López, Wimmer, Carter-Vickers, Janssen

Will the side look similar? Trippier is in good form and putting in some excellent crosses so in such a game deserves a start and with Rose recovering from injury Davies can continue on the left, whether that be left-back o wing-back if we go for a back three.

Harry Winks has let nobody down and this is an ideal game to give him some more experience and let either Dembele or Wanyama a rest. Son Heung-min is often a substitute who has an impact when he comes on, again giving him game time to keep him ready should he be needed seems a sensible approach.

Does Moussa Sissoko get a start or Vincent Janssen to ensure Harry Kane doesn't get injured? There are certainly plenty of options for Pochettino to ponder.

Those changes don't significantly weaken us and the team should still be strong enough if we don't take the opposition lightly, as we did Wycombe Wanderers in an earlier round and Gent in the Europa League.
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We must be doing something right if our fiercest rivals are worried

7:45 am


You must be doing something right when a legend of your fiercest rivals starts saying he is worried that we are approaching success in the right way. It is a kick in the teeth for those living in the past fans who still want to moan all the time.

It is a prime example of not know how sustained success is achieved, in any walk of life. The unsuccessful will always complain or tell you you are doing things wrong as they want to drag you down to their level and keep you there.

All the Daniel Levy haters out there are against building a new stadium and against having NFL games stages at the ground. Daniel Levy is the brainchild so you can hardly be supporting what he is doing if you aren't supporting the man. It is as Hugo Lloris says, a classic case of living in the past.

Thierry Henry was the scourge of Tottenham, he scored many a goal against us and won Premier League titles. Unable to compete financially, we had to find a way to challenge the top four on a more consistent basis instead of trying to play catch up. We have achieved that through taking the infrastructure and methodology of working into a far more professional way of operation, allied to finding an above average manager who could improve players and create a club system of playing that gives us a chance for success.

“We always felt Spurs were looking at us, ­trying to copy us, concentrating on us — not doing their own thing. And we saw what happened when they were doing that: two trophies in 25 years

The Arsenal striker told the Sun that Spurs were now getting it right looking at the bigger picture.

“They are battling for the league now. Pochettino has drilled into them that they need to see the bigger picture. And I think they do. He is doing an excellent job and taking the club in the right direction. Their future looks bright. They are not far off. That’s what worries me — Tottenham are finally getting it right.”

Building for an occasional success will never provide sustained success, we have seen with Leicester City this season that the wrong mental attitude can be disastrous, we saw it with Chelsea in the previous season. Thus far under Pochettino we have lost a League Cup Final and last season we should have finished above Arsenal but for some of the players giving up when the title had gone.

Mistakes have to be made or you will never learn. We will find out this season if we have learnt from last season or not while we continue to build a squad capable of competing on more than one front. Next up is the FA Cup quarter-final against Millwall and it is a game we must not slip up in.

With no European football left we have three games which could see us lift a trophy, it must be taken very seriously. A total second team may not get us the victory we need, let's be honest we have rather struggled to get here.

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The magic of the FA Cup

7:51 pm


Millwall keeper Leslie punches clear from Alan Gilzean

The FA Cup draw has handed us with an excellent chance of making the semi-finals if we take the competition seriously.

The semi-final may well see four of the top five or six teams in the country going through to the next round which will be a sponsors dream for the interest it will generate. The cup has seen some of the magic return this year with the exploits of lower league teams and especially the non-league boys of Lincoln City.

Being the first team since 1914 to get to the quarter-finals, it reminds me of the only team to have won the FA Cup as a non-league side, Tottenham Hotspur. I think that record is safe though.

The Tottenham victory happened in 1900/01 when we were a Southern League club beating Sheffield United in the final 3-1 after a replay. The first game finished 2-2.

On the way we beat Preston North End (1-1, 2-4), Bury (2-1), Reading (1-1, 3-0), WBA (4-0) and Sheffield United.

The Millwall tie at White Hart Lane is on Sunday 12 March at 2pm and will be shown live on BBC1.

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Who will reach the quarter-final, odds and more

2:30 pm


Gary Mabbutt lifts the 1991 FA Cup for Spurs

Chelsea are the favourites with the bookies to lift the FA Cup together with Manchester City. Shopping around you can get 7/2 on either. The better prices on the rest are:
Man United 9/2
Arsenal 11/2
SPURS 13/2
Leicester City 20/1
Burnley and Middlesbrough 40/1
Huddersfield Town 80/1
Fulham and Wolves 100/1
Derby County and Blackburn Rovers 150/1
Millwall and Oxford United 250/1
Lincoln City 500/1
Sutton United 1,000/1

There are odds available for who will reach the quarter-finals of the FA cup ahead of tonight's draw, but a bet would be pot luck. The big clubs are naturally all short prices, but whoever draws non-league Sutton United have a great chance of going through and their odds will then look huge.

It is too much of a risk though and if you want to make money from he bookies consistently then you have to eliminate risk as much as you can.

To Make The Quarter-final Odds
Chelsea and Man City 1/4
Arsenal and Man United 2/7
Middlesbrough 8/11
Burnley 10/11
Leicester City 11/10
Wolves 5/4
Huddersfield Town 11/8
Blackburn Rovers 13/8
Fulham 7/4
Millwall and Oxford United 2/1
Derby County and Lincoln City 6/1
Sutton United 8/1

The Big 6 are 1/5 to lift the trophy with any one of the others a 10/3 chance.

Tottenham Hotspur are 11/10 to reach the semi-final, Arsenal 5/6, Man United 4/5, Man City and Chelsea 8/11.

To reach the final SPURS are 11/4, Chelsea and Man City are 7/4, Man United 15/8, Arsenal 2/1, Leicester City 8/1 and it is 9/1 or bigger for the rest.

The above prices are for information only, it is not encouraged that you have a bet on such risky outcomes. The prices produced by bookmakers who have all the statistical and inside information at their finger tips allow us to see what should happen, alas it isn't that easy.

Any bet you do have should be for fun and with money that you can afford to lose.

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FA Cup draw: Spurs ball number 1

7:00 pm


The FA Cup Fifth Round draw is taking place on The One Show on BBC1 on Monday 30 January with England manager Gareth Southgate.

It will take place around 7.20 and will be beamed around the world on the BBC and the FA Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Spurs will be ball number one, a lucky omen for us winning the trophy one hopes. The last 16 ties will take place over the weekend Friday 17 February to Monday 20 February.

Premier League teams have been falling by the wayside with only seven left, five of which are currently in the top six. Fingers crossed for a good draw for us and some of the other big guns being drawn against each other.

The list of teams and their numbers

1  Tottenham Hotspur
2  Derby County or Leicester City
3  Oxford United 
4  Sutton United
5  Wolverhampton Wanderers
6  Arsenal
7  Lincoln City 
8  Chelsea 
9  Manchester United
10  Millwall
11  Huddersfield Town
12  Burnley
13  Blackburn Rovers
14  Fulham
15  Middlesbrough 
16  Manchester City

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Daft Aston Villa fans

9:00 pm

Do younger football supporters know their history? During the FA Cup tie, the daft Aston Villa away fans were singing 'Champions of Europe, you'll never sing that' to the Tottenham Hotspur fans.

If they knew anything about football they would know that Tottenham Hotspur were the first British club to lift a major European trophy! Oh how embarrassing.

The FA Cup Fourth Round draw has been made and Spurs have been drawn at home against Wycombe Wanderers after being the first team drawn by former Liverpool and England striker Michael Owen.

There are 16 ties in this round, then 8, 4, 2 and the Final. Six games to win a trophy, one game won, five to go.

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Quarter-final at stake, Wembley in sight again

8:30 am
Quarter-final at stake, Wembley in sight again

Good morning folks, it's matchday and we have a fifth round FA Cup tie at home to Crystal Palace to navigate.

We are playing against Emmanuel Adebayor, who will no doubt be fired up, but, far more importantly, the winners will be in the quarter-finals with Wembley in sight. If we want to be seen as a big club and if we want to be in the top four each year, be in the UEFA Champions League each year, then we need to be able to handle two games a week.

We have to have a squad that can take it, a squad that we can rotate and not significantly weaken the team. We are putting that together thanks to the restructuring of our scouting and recruitment. As written here a couple of years back we are placing greater emphasis on finding the right player mentally, it is now a key component we look for.

Having a manager who can handle a business is vital in today's game, a manager is more than just a coach, he organises the whole football side of a club. Yes, there are directors responsible but it is the manager who determines how successful the club are. He is the one who creates a playing style and how youth players are prepared for first team football. Mauricio Pochettino took a degree in business so understands how to manage a large organisation. Delegation and trust are essential. He brought his coaching staff with him, Paul Mitchell arrived and Rob Mackenzie. 

Gone are the days when a manager does everything himself, the scouting and deciding who to buy. Now he gives his requirements to people he trusts and they go our t and find the players for him. He then gets a list of players for each position and gives his yes or no to them, places them in order of preferability and hands the matter to others to arrange required purchases.

Being able to handle the infrastructure of a major business allows a coach to have maximum effect on a club, in the way Sir Alex Ferguson did at Manchester United. Giving up on competitions is not a winning trait. Giving it 100% while managing resources is. it is not a case of simply selecting a team for this game, just like a snooker player Pochettino has to think several moves ahead. he has to plan workloads. he'll have his core he wants to play and revolve around that, changing what personnel he can to maintain as much freshness as possible. Some roles are more demanding than others, we can see that in the squad rotation, especially at full-back where Rose and Davies are playing the same amount of football each.

Today will be another day of rotation, but the desire t win and progress we be as strong as ever.



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7th start for more confident Vorm

8:54 am


With an injury to club captain Hugo Lloris, Michel Vorm will play his second game in a row against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup, barring a freak injury in the warm-up.

Tottenham take on Palace and Emmanuel Adebayor on Sunday at 3 pm GMT, one of three FA Cup ties scheduled, Blackburn Rovers vs West Ham United and Chelsea vs Manchester City being the other two.

The 32-year-old (33 in October) Dutch international spoke with the club website, just as he did before the Colchester tie.

"We have a big group of players, everybody is so competitive and every game you are involved in is a joy. Playing matches is always great and the FA Cup is something special, so that only adds to the occasion. 
"Hopefully we can make it through to the next round because it's a very special competition and we want to do well in it."

He was asked before the Colchester tie: We saw squad rotation come into play at Leicester in our FA Cup replay last week (won 2-0 with Vorm in goal). How well do you think it worked?

"The strength of the squad at the moment is such that we can make changes but it doesn’t really hurt us. We’re playing so well, everybody knows their jobs very well and I know mine so full compliments to the staff. I work very well with Toni Jimenez (Goalkeeping Coach) and Hugo every day to prepare for games and you want to see results, so to have kept a clean sheet and seen us score twice last week meant everybody was happy."

Vorm has played 6 games and conceded 7 goals, keeping 1 clean sheet. he has played 3 FA Cup ties, 1 UEFA Europa League tie, 1 Premier League game and 1 League Cup tie.

  • 18 Feb Fiorentina (a) Draw 1-1 Europa League Round of 32 1st leg
  • 30 Jan Colchester United (a) Won 4-1 FA cup 4th Round
  • 20 Jan Leicester City (a) Won 2-0 FA Cup 3rd Round Replay
  • 10 Jan Leicester City (h) Draw 2-2 FA Cup 3rd Round
  • 23 Sept Arsenal (h) Lost 1-2 League Cup 3rd Round
  • 08 Aug Manchester United (a) Lost 1-0 Premier League
He is looking a safer pair of hands now than he did when he arrived. He, like Lloris when he first arrived, was making a mistake a game and didn't look very comfortable with the sweeper keeper role. he is a traditional stay at home keeper controlling his box. Now though he seems more confident in his role and was unlucky to concede during the week. Travelling backwards is the most difficult skill for a keeper and with the ball spinning into the top corner he had little chance.

he'll need to be on top of his game with a fired up Adebayor undoubtedly out to put one over on us.



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Sides to make the 6th Round

9:16 pm
The FA Cup Fifth Round draw took place today and we have drawn Crystal Palace at White Hart Lane.

FA Cup fifth round draw

Chelsea v Manchester City
Reading v West Brom/Peterborough
Watford v Leeds United
Shrewsbury Town v Manchester United
Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool/West Ham United
Tottenham v Crystal Palace
Arsenal v Hull City
Bournemouth v Everton

Manchester City have not bee great away from home, although it is against the top sides that they have dropped points generally. Chelsea have settled down now Mourinho has been sacked so may well go through at the expense of City.

Reading vs WBA or Peterborough, naturally with the Spurs association (several ex-Spurs players) it would be nice to see Peterborough in the fifth round. Reading have a 6-5-3 home record, 17 for 10 against. With home advantage and a crowd behind them it won't be an easy tie whoever Reading have to play.

Watford have a good opportunity to progress. They have a solid defensive record while Leeds are stubborn away from home. They have drawn 7 of their 15 away games conceding 18 goals and scoring 17. In 12 home games Watford have scored 13 and let in 11. Two teams that like to keep it tight shouts 1-0.

Shrewsbury Town have never met Manchester United in a competitive game before and as every Man United cup tie is televised they are bound to get their day on the box. Should be a simple tie for United against the lowest ranked side left in the competition.

West Ham have a tie against Liverpool that could go either way. Liverpool are poor according to a supporter I know. They are learning a new system and West Ham are not easy to overcome at home. I have a feeling they will make it through to meet Blackburn Rovers who are a tough nut at home. They have drawn 7 out of 13 home games and conceded only 
9 goals, they have only scored 12 themselves. A 0-0 draw and a replay perhaps.

Having just played Crystal Palace we have to fancy our chances of progressing further with a home tie, although we have been known to struggle against them.

Arsenal shouldn't have difficulty getting past Hull City at home. The Championship topping side are bound to have one eye on promotion with the riches of TV money that brings.

Bournemouth have tightened up defensively but Everton have only lost 1 game away from home in the Premier League this season. They have to be favourites to go through with little to realistically play for in the league.

Sides to make the Sixth Round

  • Chelsea
  • Reading
  • Watford
  • Manchester United
  • West Ham United
  • Tottenham
  • Arsenal
  • Everton



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