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Michael Dawson versus John Terry

12:20 pm
michael dawson john terry, tottenham hotspur blog newsI thought it was about ruddy time I wrote an article on Michael Dawson's exclusion from the England setup. Everyone has jumped on this wagon and so I thought it appropriate that I put this conundrum to you, the everyday Spurs/football fan.

Should Michael Dawson be included in Fabio Capello's World Cup squad?

Err, yes he should.

Imagine this...

You've been in a coma for the last 18 years (since the start of the Prem). You woke up at the beginning of this season and have been passionately watching football. If Fabio approached you and asked who the best English centre backs are, would you count John Terry in your list?

I am sure Tottenham's duo; Michael Dawson and Ledley King (if fit, but I'd take him anyway) would be in your list, as would Everton's Phil Jagielka. Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand would be a sure thing too, but you wouldn't pick John Terry surely? I mean, why would you pick him? What has the Chelsea captain offered (apart from great pub jokes) this season?

What about Matthew Upson? He's been in superb form, hasn't he? Who are we kidding?

Let's face the facts people; Fabio Capello has said that he would pick players that are playing regularly and in form. Well, we know our Italian likes his little white lies, for he picks Emile Heskey continually. This is a player that cannot get into a Villa side. Oh, and did I mention his inability to hit a barn door?

When are we going to have an England manager that doesn't yield to the power of agents and the F.A.? Probably never, although I have a feeling Michael Dawson could yet make the final 23.

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