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Former players Roberts & Archibald not impressed

9:10 am
Former captain and centre-back Graham Roberts has always seemed like a down to earth guy who obviously loves football and Tottenham but appreciates the fans as well. He doesn't feed PR talk on his Twitter account but speaks honestly.

There are many bad things to come out of Twitter but it has it's good points as well and honest assessments from former players who know the game inside out, both on and off the field, are a part of the good. Ex football players are football fans just like us and so when they are not impressed with what they see then you know the players aren't good enough.

Too often the second team are looking poor, they are playing together each week and but for rare moments look like a bunch on individuals rather than a team. Roberts was not impressed with what he saw last night.

Graham Roberts ‏@GrahamRoberts4  10 hours ago
we are very lucky that we have Lloris the best goalie in the world . Dier was good Kane very good but you can't win games with 3 players

Steve Archibald, who felt we were very poor against Nottingham Forest reserves isn't impressed with out new centre-back signing Federico Fazio, or at least he wasn't last night. For me that's because he is having to try and do Vlad Chiriches job as well as his own and he can't shine in a situation like that as Michael Dawson found out.

Steve Archibald ‏@SteveArchibald812 hours ago
Fazio, ball watching like a school kid, didnt know where the striker was !

Steve Archibald ‏@SteveArchibald812 hours ago
Fazio, looks to me like he punching above his weight, hope im wrong !

It will be vital that we buy a new centre-back in January or bring in DeAndre Yedlin or get Kyle Walker back so Eric Dier can be freed to play in the middle and Chiriches let go. Continuing to play him is just going to reduce his value further and further.

Ryan Fredericks ‏@RyanFredericks_12 hours ago
Harry, Harry Kanee.. Harry Harry Kanee!!!

Quite why some Spurs fans say Harry Kane should be sold is a mystery, he is developing and looks far more likely to score a goal than Roberto Soldado, who simply doesn't fit our system. The statistic last night that he didn't touch the ball once in the opposition penalty box is simply not good enough.

He is a mile away from coming good at Tottenham and has along with Paulinho and Chiriches proved to be money wasted. Who was responsible for picking these signings has some questions to answer. Daniel Levy does the deals but he isn't the one making the assessments.

I have said fr a long time now we need to become world leaders at assessing players and especially their mental attitude. If we don't we will continue to buy duds and only find out when it is too late and we are stuck with them, unable to get rid of them, unless it is at a huge loss.

Everything may not be right on the pitch but it's also not right off it too.

Former players Roberts & Archibald not impressed Former players Roberts & Archibald not impressed Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:10 am Rating: 5

A former striker & defender give their Spurs verdict

2:30 pm
Fans see one thing but what do former players see? Two former players tweeted during the Tottenham Hotspur vs Nottingham Forest League Cup tie at White Hart Lane last night, were they conned into thinking it was a good performance by three late goals?

One a striker who formed a great partnership with Garth Crooks, the other a defender seeing the game from a different perspective perhaps.

He was a great goalscorer who joined us from Aberdeen and was the top scorer in the old League One. He went on to play for Barcelona and help them win their first La Liga title for 11 years.

He scored 77 goals in 189 appearances for Tottenham, won the Scottish Premier Division in 1979/80, the FA Cup with us in 1981 and 1982 plus the UEFA Cup in 1984.

What did Steve Archibald think of the game, was he as impressed as some of our fans seem to have been with.

The Attackers View

Would not like to b Soldado absolutely no one looking to give him any kind of decent early service , he seems to b a last option

Spurs not convincing at the back and all of the midfield are playing 1 or 2 touch football , heads down with no thought 2 the striker so far

Maybe now the pace has slowed a bit we might get a bit more thoughtfull and better football

Poor spurs team, to win games u got to score goals, got to give more thought to early balls to striker , and striker hss to demand more

Forrest giving a good account so far

Spurs no real quality in midfield, no one taking resposibility and trying to create, just passes no one with head up looking to play a pass

Boring, with poor quality pretty much all over , no imagination , dissapointed, expecting much more second half, please !

Its a lottery for spurs tonight at this rate, no cohisive movement between mid and front, its like they are playing with no tstriker

Lets see what happens this half,

At last, fantastic strike from Mason !

Nice goalscores goal, will give him confidence !

Nice finish Harry Kane !

Out of jail tonight, got to play your best players and take nothing for granted

The Defenders View

And what about the view for the other end of the field, the game seen through a defenders eyes. Former centre-back Chris Perry's joined us in July 1999 for a club record £4 million, his verdict?

Well Spurs were absolutely average in the 1st half. Forest closest to scoring, Spurs lacked any pace to their play.

Well Spurs made hard work of it, but progress to next round. Fringe players failed to impress. Stambouli, Fazio need time, Paulinho poor.

Two formers players and neither impressed with what they saw. Thanks goodness we had some home-grown youth to save the day, amazing what a bit of desire can do, why weren't the other players keen to impress?

This was an opportunity for the fringe players to show they are worth a start, you have to feel sorry for someone like Jan Vertonghen having to watch to inferior players play in the Premier League ahead of him.

A former striker & defender give their Spurs verdict A former striker & defender give their Spurs verdict Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5
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