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Chiriches wanted in Turkey, well Besiktas liked him!

7:59 pm


The player who simply didn't have the mental game for the Premier League and was a liability until he was moved to right-back too late is wanted by Antalyaspor report Turkish Football News.

Vlad Chiriches was a disaster for some of us but then others were blinded by his flick over a forwards head and thought he was brilliant. They were wrong. We somehow managed to ship the 27-year-old (28 in November) out to Italian side Napoli on a four-year deal for a reported £4.5 million (€7m at the time).

Last season the Romanian international (he has 45 full international caps) played just 698 minutes (7.76 fill games) of Serie A football over 8 appearances and 1,497 minutes (16.63 full games) over 17 appearances.

This season he has played 1,124 minutes (12.49 full games) of Serie A football over 14 appearances. In total he played 1,304 minutes (14.49 full games). He played 4 of the last 19 Serie A games since the turn of the year.

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Chiriches wanted in Turkey, well Besiktas liked him! Chiriches wanted in Turkey, well Besiktas liked him! Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:59 pm Rating: 5

Twitter reactions to Chiriches going

10:30 am
Incredibly some Spurs fans rated him, raved about him, the rest of us thought Vlad Chiriches was an accident waiting to happen. With an inability to head a ball, a weakness on his left-hand side, lack of mental strength and lapses of concentration he was always going to struggle.

He was given the Man of the Match at Old Trafford yet got skinned four times by substitute Javier Hernandez on his left-hand side, chances that Hernandez allowing us to win and that was his highlight.

It wasn't until WBA last season that the media actually caught up with his left side weakness when John Lacey, a former centre-half himself, pointed it out on commentary. In a league where he has got more time to think he should be able to stay out of panic mode, make less mistakes and get his career on back on track.

The one moment when Chiriches made fools of many a Spurs conning them into thinking he was quality.

However the reality of his passing was something else, take a look at this memorable moment against Sunderland to put them 1-0 up at White Hart Lane.

The sigh of relief that he has been seen in a Napoli training kit is palpable. The Naploi coach knows nothing about him which says a lot about the player himself.

Vlad Chiricheș looks just as confused as we are that he's sitting next to Gonzalo Higuaín and Pepe Reina.

Simply Spurs has posted a great little Vine, some of these you can watch without the sound but this one you need it on.

Napoli have spent €6,000,000 on Vlad Chiriches, and their manager has admitted he knows very little about him...

Next time someone calls you worthless remember to tell them Vlad Chiriches got sold for 6 mili

Astonishingly not 1 but 2 Italian clubs linked with flop (& that's being kind) Vlad Chiriches - good luck Napoli & Fiorentina

£6m for Chiriches!? Is Levy some sort of magician? (RW)


Our best signing so far has been Chiriches to Napoli IMO.

Sometimes you need to accept world class players don't always suit the Premier League: Veron, Crespo, Di Maria... Chirches

Thank goodness he is gone, what he does next doesn't matter, he didn't and couldn't do it for Spurs. He brought back memories of some players from the past, but I won't name names, you all remember the donkeys we have had.

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Twitter reactions to Chiriches going Twitter reactions to Chiriches going Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

48 hour virus

10:00 am
We seem to be in the midst of a 48-hour virus, everywhere you turn a deal is a medical is happening in 48 hours, where has all this come from.

First it is Vlad Chiriches finalised negotiations quickly with Napoli and is reported to have had a medical yesterday after being 48 hours from joining Fiorentina recently. The talk now is not of a medical in 48 hours but of being gone in 48 hours.

Now it's the turn of Emmanuel Adebayor, suddenly it's a medical for him in 48 hours with reports yesterday that Tottenham and Aston Villa have come to an agreement of his wages for a season-long loan, which will take him to the end of hos contract with us.

The loan fee will go some way to paying our percentage of his wages so if we get 50% off the books we'll be saving £2.6m of his £5.2m salary. A £2m loan fee would cover most of that so he may well end up costing us just £600,000 this season.

There were reports that he has been at Aston Villa today having a look around the facilities.

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48 hour virus 48 hour virus Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:00 am Rating: 5

Chiriches £4.27m to Naopli

7:40 am
Fiorentina have been favourites for Vlad Chiriches signature but the Italian were hoping to take him on a season-long loan with an option to buy.

Such a deal doesn't benefit Tottenham much and we prefer an obligation to buy if there has to be a loan. With an option to buy Spurs have all the risk. A loan simply runs down a year of a players contract and lowers their sale value, naturally you hope to counter that with impressive performances and therefore, increased transfer value.

Chiriches is not going to suddenly turn into a £20-million player after one season in Serie A so a straight sale or loan with obligation at a set price are the only deals in our favour.

Italy has always seemed to be the destination for the Romanian despite interest from Galatasaray and another club have now contacted his representatives to make a positive and swift move for him.

Napoli are said to have spoken to him yesterfay with further talks planned for today. They have agreed terms and a medical is imminent claims Alfred Pedulla. He is reporting that there was a meeting between Napoli and the players representatives and goes on to say that it was very positive, that there was just 'red tape' to finalise before a medical can take place.

Chiriches was not their first choice but a back-up option and with the season fast approaching Naopli want a swift resolution, as do we. There will have been previous discussions between the club and agents as back-up options are always sounded out, there is no point having a back-up option if there isn't any hope of signing him. Usually, you let them know the situation so that if they want to wait to see if your option comes off they can

It is claimed he will move for £4.27m (US$6.64m - AUS$9.08m - €6m). He joined Spurs for £6.75 million (US$10.52m - AUS$14.38m - €9.5m) at today's rates so the loss isn't as great as some may assume. Players are usually paid for over the term of their contract so the strengthening of the pound against the euro since 2013 has been beneficial to us.

I would point out that he is definitely reporting this in euros and not the £6m I'm seeing bandied about all over Twitter by incredulous Spurs fans and even broadcasters. It not just Spurs fans who don't rate him as a Premier League player.

Astonishingly not 1 but 2 Italian clubs linked with flop (& that's being kind) Vlad Chiriches - good luck Napoli & Fiorentina

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Chiriches £4.27m to Naopli Chiriches £4.27m to Naopli Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:40 am Rating: 5

Chiriches to Italy in 48 hours

4:00 pm
Sky Italia are reporting that Italian side Fiorentina have won the battle with Turkish side Galatasaray for the signature of Vlad Chiriches.

The Romanian has agreed terms in principle with both sides, but neither could agree a deal with Tottenham. Galatasaray were only offering £3.5 million (US$5.49m - AUS$7.43m - €5m) while Spurs wanted more, but Sky are suggesting a deal will be agreed in the nxt 48 hours with Fiorentina for a £707,589 (US$1.1m - AUS$1.51m - €1m) loan deal for this season with an option to buy next summer set at £3.5 million.

It would be an unusual deal for Tottenham, we would prefer an obligation to buy clause instead of an option to buy clause. A loan will run down a year on his contract and he will have to be a success to raise his asking price next summer. Fiorentina with an option to buy have no risk, should he fail there then his price will plummet further and they won't have to buy him but Italy does look better suited to his game than England so he should improve on what we have seen.

Having signed Kevin Wimmer and Toby Alderweireld to join Jan Vertonghen, Federico Fazio, and Eric Dier there is clearly no place for him in the Spurs squad.

Adebayor gone, Vlad Chiriches gone, two of the best bits of news Spurs fans could hear this summer.

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Chiriches to Italy in 48 hours Chiriches to Italy in 48 hours Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:00 pm Rating: 5

Berahino & Chiriches

8:30 am
Saido Berahino is keen to join Spurs but he is not the first name on our list and there is the problem of a fee to overcome.

Despite Pullis wanting to keep Saido Berahino, his agent and player himself want a move to Tottenham.

WBA are offering the 21-year-old (22 in August) striker a new double your wages £30,000-a-week contract in an attempt to convince him to stay at the Midlands club. He has only just changed his agent and has seemed set on a move away since January. Some sources suggest we have already made an informal £15-million (US$23.27m - AUS$31.84m - €21.17m) bid.

Fiorentina think Vlad Chiriches is overpriced and hope to wait later in the window to get him cheaper. They have enquired about a season-long loan with an option to buy at the end of it which has been turned down.

They hope we will agree if they include an obligation to buy, much as we did with Lewis Holtby. With Holtby we agreed a set fee and would want to do so again. The 25-year-old has a contract until 2018 and we are keen to offload him so as with the other players we have sold, if we can recoup all or most of our money we will agree to a deal.

Berahino & Chiriches Berahino & Chiriches Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

Fiorentina link continues

12:30 pm
It was only yesterday I wrote an article regarding our bid for the 'Skilled Giant' and our seemingly continual association with Fiorentina recently.

That story centered around a possible future bid of £5.57 million (US$8.69m - AUS$13.22m - €8m) for Josip Iličić as reported by one of Italy's oldest regional newspapers. Later that day further news linking the two clubs surfaces.

One of the 'Summer Seven' Vlad Chiriches started his Spurs career as a disaster waiting to happen and then turned into one. While external news of clubs interested in him has been brief there have been informal discussions with his agent. Previously I have written that Italy looks the most likely destination for him and it is Italians Fiorentina who are said to be very interested in signing him.

Galatasaray have looked at Younes Kaboul, who has now joined the club he would never join, Sunderland, before turning their attention to Chiriches. Turkey is not one of the top five leagues in Europe though, they are a second tier league so it would not seem like a step forward in his career as a step back.

Basel were reported as having an interest when they wee coached by Paulo Sousa and he is the new coach of Fiorentina, who Prosport say have been watching Chiriches for some time. Centre-back Stefan Savić has joined La Lida side Atlético Madrid and head coach Sousa sees Chiriches as his replacement. It is a move that would seem to suit all parties and may revolve around the fee we may want.

In Turkey Galatasaray were said to be offering just £3.61 million (US$5.60m - AUS$7.26m - €5m) for Chiriches and reported we were looking for £5.04 million (US$7.78m - AUS$10.43m - €7m) having paid £6.61 million (US$10.29m - AUS$13.98m - €9.5m) at the exchange rates today. Any offer in the region of our price is likely to be accepted to hasten his departure.

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Fiorentina link continues Fiorentina link continues Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

It makes a change to get rid of deadwood

7:00 pm
Tottenham has a history of not being able to get rid of the deadwood, players that hang around for their wages even if they are consistently not figuring in the first team.

Since November Mauricio Pochettino has been making it quite clear to certain players that they have no future at the club and that they will not figure in the first team matchday squads. Daniel Levy has supported his manager to change the playing staff and it appears to be working.

Paulinho has gone to China and his £60,000-a-week (US$93,477 - AUS$126.083 - €93,561) wages are off the books. Etienne Capoue has joined Watford, Younès Kaboul is having a medical at Sunderland before he completes his £3 million (US$4.68m - AUS$6.3m - €4.29m) move.

Of other players, Emmanuel Adebayor will be frozen out again if he stays and reports suggest he won't even be given a squad number. Roberto Soldado needs to rediscover his goalscoring touch, but Pochettino likes him, Benjamin Stambouli is being chased by PSG.

The Frenchman has agreed to return home and has now agreed terms with the top club in France. All that remains is for Spurs and PSG to reach agreement over a fee which isn't expected to be a problem. Spurs want £6.20 million (US$9.66m - AUS$13.03m - €8.87m) while PSG are offering £4.50 million (US$7.01m - AUS$9.45m - €6.43m) so the club will at worse not be making a loss on him.

Vlad Chiriches is wanted by Galatasaray and again it is only agreeing a fee that is holding up a deal, Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Brad Friedel have also left.

That leaves Aaron Lennon on £55,000-a-week (US$85,753 - AUS$115,666 - €78,782) waiting to leave, Everton want our winger permanently but we will have to lower our fee, it seems a little crazy that we want over double the Younès Kaboul fee but then they have the same stance over Kevin Mirallas..

It has felt all summer that we are making significant changes to put together a squad for the next few years, a squad that is suited to the system we are now playing. The transfer window has only been open for 16 days, but everyone is trying to do early deals because the season starts on 8 August with the 2016 UEFA European Championships next summer.

This season should be a season where we continue to move forward, whether we can close the gap enough on the top four is another question, they can pay double our wages. We have to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts, if we can then we have a chance, if we can't we don't. It's only a couple of weeks now and we can start watching football again and get involved with the season, can't wait.

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It makes a change to get rid of deadwood It makes a change to get rid of deadwood Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Turks ask about Chiriches

8:42 am
Galatasaray are just one of a number of clubs looking to pick up a bargain as Tottenham try to clear the deadwood at White Hart Lane.

Vlad Chiriches was an accident waiting to happen from the very beginning and went on to prove the initial assessment accurate with a string of unreliable performances. In a different country, where the football suits him better, he will hope to resurrect his club career.

Galatasaray are after Younes Kaboul and have also made enquiries for the Romanian centre-back. Tottenham are looking to recoup £5.04 million (US$7.78m - AUS$10.43m - €7m) have suggested £3.61 million (US$5.60m - AUS$7.26m - €5m) according to Turkish site sporhaber7. Personally I think they have got their figures wrong and failed to convert pounds to euros, which is possibly the same with the Kaboul story.

The report says that Galatasaray asked us for permission to speak to several of our players, they have subsequently spoken to Roberto Soldado, who prefers a move to Spain and Younes Kaboul, who they are trying to a fee for. It is suggested Chiriches will be offered a four-year contract.

Fingers crossed there may be some truth and he departs soon, however it is far more likely that Galatasaray are going to sign just one of them and that Kaboul is the first choice with Chiriches a backup if they can't secure the Frenchman.

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Turks ask about Chiriches Turks ask about Chiriches Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:42 am Rating: 5

4 departed £16.84m raised

8:00 pm
A look at the squad numbers from when they were announced last season, 14 August 2014, reveals that numbers 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 16, 20, 24, 29, 30, 32 and 35 are either sold, have left the club or are up for sale.

Nine first-team squad players have left since then and since the January transfer window closed we no longer have as playing members of the squad Holtby £4.66 million (US$7.4m - AUS$9.5m - €6.5m), Paulinho £9.93 million (US$15.66m - AUS$20.41m - €14m) Ceballos and Friedel.

Sell-on clauses in the contracts on Iago Falque and Massimo Luongo have netted us a further £2.25 million (US$3.51m - AUS$4.59m - €3.17m).

Total Income this window: £16.84 million (US$26.28m - AUS$34.33m - €23.75m)
Total Expenditure: £8 million (US$12.49m - AUS$16.30m - €11.29m) - Wimmer, Trippier

There are a further six we are actively trying to sell with another two we would sell if the right offer came along, Stambouli and Townsend, which is unlikely.


44. Cristian Ceballos
14. Lewis Holtby
8. Paulinho
Bongani Khumalo
16. Kyle Naughton
20. Michael Dawson
24. Brad Friedel
30. Sandro
32. Benoit Assou-Ekotto
35. Zeki Fryers

Looking for a buyer

9. Roberto Soldado
10. Emmanuel Adebayor
7. Aaron Lennon
29. Etienne Capoue
6. Vlad Chiriches
4. Younes Kaboul

Roberto Soldado has been linked with Galatasaray, Valencia and Juventus but only the Turkish seriously.
Emmanuel Adebayor would be happy to reunite with Tim Sherwood at Aston Villa but wants a payoff from us. Villa are being sold anyway so are perhaps in a state of limbo for a month. He has one year left on his contract.
Aaron Lennon has one year left on his contract is wanted by Everton but not at our £6 million asking price.
Etienne Capoue is wanted by Watford who have been holding discussions with us over the fee, terms are believed to have been agreed between player and club it is believed.
Vlad Chiriches has had enquiries but only Basel with any seriousness, Italy looks the most likely destination.
Younes Kaboul has one year left on his contract and has been the subject of interest from three Turkish clubs, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş. There is also interest from an unnamed London club.

4 departed £16.84m raised 4 departed £16.84m raised Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

The For Sale List

10:30 am
All players have a price of course, but if the price, which is usually higher than a buying club wants to pay, is not met the player is going nowhere.

Tottenham have a list of players who are to be sold. We have a second list, as do all clubs, of players they we will listen to offers for and only sell if an advantageous deal comes along. That list is not very large, indeed unless a silly offer was made then it probably only contains a coupe of names, Benjamin Stambouli being one.

The club  are happy to keep Kyle Walker and Andros Townsend despite recent media speculation suggesting they are offered in all sorts of deals. Players names crop up in meetings naturally but the scenario'will you take these two as part payment for him' is rare, how many do you actually recall happening.

The suggestion we are offering players we are happy to keep when we have a whole list of players we are desperate to get rid of, would mean we are trying to put ourselves ina crazy position of having to buy about eight players. There are seven on the must sell list, add to that Friedel retiring, Yedlin probably going on loan, Ceballos being released and you have ten gone before you add any others.

Dele Alli, Alex Pritchard, Tom Carroll. Kieran Trippier, Kevin Wimmer are five to add, then we have another centre-back, a central midfielder, a wide attacker and two forwards to buy, that's another five making ten changes in all. If we were then to start changing Walker, Townsend, Stambouli we are talking crazy numbers and let's not forget Manchester United are trying to wear us down in their pursuit of Hugo Lloris.

As Tottenham are in a better financial position than all but five of the Premier League, then sales within the Premier League are unlikely, the players wages are usually too much for other clubs.

The For Sale List

1. Emmanuel Adebayor

It doesn't take a genius to work out what Adebayor wants will all his hollow words about being happy at Tottenham and wanting to stay. He is playing games, just as he did at Manchester City to try and collect a years wages and then move this summer anyway. Greed sums it up. he is happy  because most of the time he is nor in a match day squad is he, that is hardly a winning mentality is it. He is happy to earn in a week what takes you 4 years or more and do nothing for the privilege.

Plenty of clubs will want him, none will want to pay his wages so will look to exploit the situation and take him on loan for yhe season, ptabably on 50% wages. Aston Villa are certainly interested nd that is one club Adebayor would haooily play for with Tim Sherwood there.

2. Aaron Lennon

Lennon has no interst in going to a team in the bottom half of the table and be embroiled in a relegation fight. As I said at the very beginning of January he is only interested in 4 sides, Everton, which is where I said he go, Liverpool, Southampton and West Ham United. The other 4 big clubs wouldn't want him of course. That situation still remains, Everton want him but not at the price we want so will no doubt wait until late in the window to bring the price down. Lennon knows he won't be in the match day squad at Spurs.

3. Etienne Capoue

Another who will not be in the match day squad and if h harbours any hope of an international recall for the European Championships in his home country next summer then he has to move and play. Perhaps someone will grant him the guaranteed first-team place he seems to feel is his devinp right. The have been tebtative enquiries but as with all players at Tottenham his wages could prove a stumbling block for clubs like Watford, WBA, Real Sociedad and Italian sides.

4. Younes Kaboul

Obviously committed a serious misdemeanour or he wouldn't have been removed from media duties in November, he is the club captain and therefore the mouthpiece of the club, the squad. To silence that mouthpiece speaks volumes. Another who knows he is not wanted at the club and will not be in match day squads. His representatives have contacted clubs in Turkey who will welcome him with open arms given his Moroccan descent. The big three, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş are all pursuing him and talks were held last week.

5. Vlad Chiriches

Chiriches hasn't improved since he arrived and the faster, more physical game in the Premier League has found him wanting. He is far more suited to the slower pace in Italy and I expect to see him end up there. There have been enquiries for him but nothing concrete to suggest a swift move.

6. Roberto Soldado

A goalscorer who can'r score goals, we know how to mess em up at Spurs. Spend a season not passing him the ball and have him playing for 2 seasons in a system where a lack of through balls means he has struggled to adapt. Now he would rather pass than shoot but he'll find his goalscoring touch. Galatasaray, Juventus and Valencia have all made enquiries, indeed Galatasaray representatives were in the country last week to discuss several transfer targets including Soldado and Kaboul.

There ar recent reports linking him with Atlético Madrid but the club fans have a huge problem with him. The tried to sign him last summer but the fans launched a campaign against the move, he was brought up through their hated rivals youth system, Real Madrid and in 2012 drove his studs into the head of Radamel Falcao causing him to beed stitches and miss several weeks. There is plenty of bad blood between the two.

There are suggestions that the fee is only half with the rest add-ons, having a contact in Valencia at the time of the transfer, I know that is not the case. Someone has mixed up instalment payments with add-ons. It would be the worse deal in Valencia's history if they sold a goalscorer for the figures being suggested, the fact he has failed to score since is irrelevant to the transfer.

Soldado will cost Tottenham £24 million (US$38.11m - AUS$49.05m - €33.48m) not the £13 million (US$20.64m - AUS$26.57m - €18.14m) suggested, that is just the instalments for 2 years, there are still another 2 years instalments to pay whether we sell him or not.

Name me one other deal that has has £13 million of add-ons in a transfer fee of that size. Valencia didn't want any add-ons at all and wanted payment over 2 years, they suddenly collapsed and agreed to an absurd deal.

7. Paulinho

Paulinho went back to the World Cup in Brazil and all their fans were asking what we had done to him, he was a shadow of the player he had been a year before. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say he has bottled it ever since he was tackled by Charlie Adams. After that tackle he was a different player, he didn't tackle much, he went forward less, he started passing sideways an passing the buck. He didn't bother to learn the language and played as if he didn't want to be here. Hopefully this summer he will get his wish, we don't want him her either.

Did we scout him or was he a player put forward by an agency to us? he has already stated he is not going to return to Brazil so reports suggesting he could be going back there soon are wide of the mark, he wants to stay with the many other Brazilians where there is more money, Europe. He is another player who will probably end up in Italy and another we will make a loss on.

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The For Sale List The For Sale List Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Defender shot times throw up a surprise

8:30 pm
When undertaking the player assessment of Mousa Dembélé I created a rather telling and interesting statistic on my spreadsheet, shooting time. That has spawned a revealing four part series released over the next three nights at 8.30pm GMT.

How long is a player on the field, how many shots does he take and then calculate how many minutes it takes him to have a shot. Right now before you read any further you may wish to quickly jot down your own table and see how accurate it is. Andros Townsend will appear high on many but do the statistics bear out the perception?

Because there is comment to make and the article started to get rather long I have split it into sections and then I'll being it all together with an overall table so keep an eye out for that and see how accurate you are.

Now you can't really compare everyone together as, obviously, they all play in different positions so I have grouped them, defenders, defensive midfield players, second defensive midfield but box-to-box link player, attacking midfield players, strikers, before an overall shooting time league table.

I'll start at the back with the full-backs and central defenders, they throw up a revealing statistic. The players in this section are Kyle Walker, Eric Dier, Vlad Chiriches, Federico Fazio, Jan Vertonghen, Younès Kaboul, Ben Davies and Danny Rose.

The time is arrived at by taking the total amount of time on the pitch in the Premier League over the season and dividing that by the number of shots a player takes, thus giving us a time it takes him to have a shot. The lower the figure the more shots a player gets in, the higher the less.

Shooting Time Tables

Premier League Only
Player - Mins Per Shot
Danny Rose 98.75
Federico Fazio 161.45
Eric Dier 191.50
Younès Kaboul 198.00
Jan Vertonghen 216.23
Kyle Walker 261.20
Vlad Chiriches 707.00
Ben Davies 898.00

The big statistics for me there are the Danny Rose vs Ben Davies comparison, one offers a vital attacking threat and one doesn't. While everything is not cut and dried on one statistic, the huge difference tells a story. In football today the full-back has to be an attacking outlet, how you combine the two dictates how good you are.

Of course defending is his role but without offering an attacking outlet he then has to have a traditional winger in front of him and we don't play that system, successful sides don't play that system, they use inverted wingers or wingers who cut in to become a goal threat.

If you look when Hugo Lloris has the ball you will see the full-backs on the halfway line, the two centre-backs split the width of the penalty box with the two defensive midfielders in the space between. That's how we play, one of the defensive midfielders acts as a third centre-back when needed and holds up play for the full-backs and his partner to get back.

The misconception is that the full-backs are out of position, they aren't, the traditional full-back would be yes, but we don't play with traditional full-backs, everything has to be assessed with our system, not a system we don't, or fans would like us to play.

Ben Davies, as I said in his individual player assessment, needs to fins a way of having a greater attacking threat. he lacks the speed of Rose to get back, now that he's using it, so has to use intelligence to pick and choose his moments. He'll no doubt be deployed in the UEFA Europa League again, in which he was given rather a torrid time. Showing he can keep the ball for the side and be creative with his passing may be the only way he'll depose Rose.

How accurate were you?

Next up in the four part Time Shot Series atr the six defensive midfielder players, both split into two and grouped together. draw up your table and I'll reveal all at 8,30pm GMT, there is a pretty damning statistic for one of them.
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Do Basel really want Chiriches?

4:30 pm
Are Basel interested in Vlad Chiriches? The London Evening Standard report they are but offer no corroborating evidence at all.

Back in January Roma tried to sign the Romanian centre-back but Mauricio Pochettino refused to release him, retaining him as cover for the right-back position. It may have been best to let him go while the opportunity was there given that we have a few players to offload, we want to buy early and most clubs want to do deals late, it's cheaper.

Will Roma come back in for him, we can only hope so as it is quite quiet on the players leaving front. Swiss side Basel can offer him UEFA Champions League football but it is a lower league and he may not want to step down that far.

Clearly he isn't good enough for the Premier League but in a less physical league where he has more time he should do well. The Italian league has, I have always thought, been a better option for him that the Premier League. Fiorentina have also tried to buy him previously but now we are a little more flexible on price he may be easier to shift.

Whether they are interested or not it's important to get his name out there as he has been made available for sale and the figure of £7 million (US$10.83m - AUS$14.04m - €9.66m) shows we are willing to let players leave rather than hold out for the money we paid for them.

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Let's get rid of Marmite Man quickly

12:30 pm

Player Assessment: Vlad Chiriches

Next up in the assessment series is a centre-back some people thought was sheer quality, the rest of us were at the other end of the scale, there didn't seem to be too many people in between. Marmite man Vlad Chiriches.

Vlad Chiriches

You rate him, you don't rate him, Spurs fans were totally mixed about Vlad Chiriches after seeing his flick over a players head when one-on-one at the back. I was firmly and adamantly in the camp, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

His faults were many. I watched him closely, turned off the sound and evaluated him myself. He was poor positionally, he was weak in the air and he has a weakness on his left hand side, he was simply easily beaten but it took until WBA this year for the experts in the media to notice and comment on it.

He was made Man of the Match at old Trafford when we played and beat them in his first season but that was a travesty. He was beaten on his left hand side at least 4 times by Manchester United substitute Javier Hernández who then fluffed glorious chances deep inside our box. It was a game we could easily have lost thanks to that defending.

He has not improved, he is a centre-back who only wins 45% of his tackles and 4 out of every 10 headers, that's crazy. His mental aberrations this season will still be fresh in your memories. In his last game, Stoke City, he was sent off for two bookable offences, the first because he couldn't even judge the bounce of a ball. Thank goodness we have overhauled the recruitment side of the club if this was the standard of signing we were getting.

I was one of the voices clamouring for him to be moved to right-back as his only hope and he duly was. There he proved to be on a par with Kyle Naughton, adequate, could do a job and less likely to be dangerous to the side, our side not theirs, as his 42% take on success testifies.

Premier League Games Only

Vlad Chiriches
Played: 10
Minutes: 707
Total Passes: 395
Pass Completion: 81.52%
Forward Passes: 75.70%
Key Passes: 3
Key Pass Time: 1 every 235.67 minutes
Chances Created: 3
Chance Creation Time: 1 every 235.67 minutes
Shots: 1
Shot Accuracy: 0%
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
Positive Attacking Action: 1 every 101 minutes
(Total Minutes divided by Shots, Goals, Assists, Key passes, Chances Created combined)
Tackles: 33
Tackles Won: 45.45%
Blocks: 3
Interceptions: 26
Clearances: 27
Take On Success: 42.86%
Heading Success: 40%
Defensive Action: 1 every 12.63 minutes
(Total Minutes divided by Blocks, Clearances, Interceptions)

I thank him for doing a job at right-back when required and request a swift exit to a less physical league. Italian clubs have been interested in him for the last two windows so hopefully he'll be on his way there this summer.

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Central defenders - who was top for Spurs?

7:30 pm

Player Assessment: Central Defenders

We'll start the assessments today with a key points comparison of the five central defenders at Tottenham and then more detailed assessments with individual articles where I'll look at their performance and what they future may have in store for them.

I have settled on like for like assessments so only look at Premier League games, although Chiriches and Dier will have their figures distorted by playing at right-back.

Premier League Statistics Only

Fazio vs Dier vs Vertonghen vs Chiriches vs Kaboul
Played:  20 - 28 - 32 - 10 - 11
Minutes: 1,766 - 2,298 - 2,811 - 707 - 990
Pass Completion: 80.49% - 78.57% - 85.17% - 81.52% - 79.96%
Forward Passes: 82.93% - 69.97% - 81.07% - 75.70% - 79.96%
Key Pass Time: 1 every 592 mins - 191.5 mins - 937 mins - 235.67 mins - 247.50 mins
Chance Creation Time: 1 every 592 mins - 164.14 mins - 937 mins - 235.67 mins - 247.50 mins
Positive Attacking Action: every 104.47 mins - 54.71 mins - 147.95 mins - 101 mins - 76.15 mins
(Total Minutes divided by Shots, Goals, Assists, Key passes, Chances Created combined)
Tackles Won: 49.02% - 54.17% - 55.84% - 45.45% - 48.28%
Blocks: 27 - 11 - 21 - 3 - 6
Interceptions: 173 - 139 - 239 - 26 -85 
Clearances: 78 - 48 - 70 - 27 - 34
Take On Success: 63.64% - 64.71% - 92.31% - 42.86% - 88.89%
Heading Success: 60.38% - 71.65% - 66.67% - 40.00% - 48.78%
Defensive Action: 1 every 6.63 mins - 11.61 mins - 8.52 mins - 12.63 mins - 7.92 mins
(Total Minutes divided by Blocks, Clearances, Interceptions)

Jan Vertonghen wins 5 sections, the Games Played, Minutes Played, Pass Completion, Tackles Won and Take-On Success.
Eric Dier wins 4 sections, the Key Pass Time, Chances Created Time, Positive Attacking Action and Heading Success.
Federico Fazio wins 4 sections, the Forward Passes, Blocks, Clearances and Defensive Action.
Vlad Chiriches wins 0 sections.
Younes Kaboul wins 0 sections.

Those stats alone pretty much sum up the central defenders, we have had to play most of the time using just the three because a centre-back who can only win 40% of headers isn't much use, especially when you throw in his other faults and Younes Kaboul has clearly has done something wrong, which I won't elaborate on here. He has only put in one decent performance and that was against Arsenal.

Kevim Wimmer has been signed from FC Koln and we assume two will leave, Kaboul and Chiriches. Will we be going into the season with four centre-backs or will we be buying another and have five? That we will have to wait and see.

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Paulinho to Fiorentina but could Chiriches join him?

3:01 pm
Mauricio Pochettino has stated that the first seven weeks of pre-season will be vital to work on how he wants Tottenham to play next season.

That is not only to continue the education of the players already at Tottenham but to give the new arrivals the best possible opportunity of performing from the off. There will be a turnaround of players but to have new signings in the first seven weeks we need to shift the players we have.

What can't have to sets of players on the wage bill at the same time so Franco Baldini has been working on shifting the players not required as soon as possible. That means tying up deals for the beginning of the window.

One such deal is for Paulinho. He is still highly regarded despite fai;ling at Tottenham, where his game seems to consist of passing sideways and backwards, even when there is space in front of him to find a forward pass. At the World Cup last year Brazilians were asking what we had done to their player, he was a shadow of the one they knew.

He has never shown the right attitude, even saying he couldn't be bothered to learn English. If you can't be bothered in one area required for the game and for integration with a squad then you are not going to perform at your optimum. You do not have a winning mentality.

Italian clubs were interested in Paulinho last summer and are so again. Fiorentina, who beat us in the Europa League, want him and according to their own website have had rwo meetings with Franco Baldini in recent weeks.

Now they don't actually state they are negotiating for Paulinho, although it is known they want him, could their be a double deal in the offering though. Italian clubs were very keen on signing Vlad Chiriches but because of the injury to Kyle Walker Spurs refused to release him, needing him as potential cover at right-back.

It is quite possible that Fiorentina want to revive that deal as well, it would certainly help Spurs if that were the case with FC Koln centre-back Kevin Wimmer arriving when the window opens. Roma also tired to sign him in January, there is sure to be interest from Italy again as they will all sense a bargain.

Younes Kaboul blotted his copybook, quite apart from his performances, and despite being club captain he has not been heard in the media since November time, that can be no coincidence. he has clearly been removed from speaking to the media. Fazio looked to be being groomed, constantly talking to the club website but his performances have not been as we would have hoped and there is speculation that he may also be up for sale this summer.

Paulinho to Fiorentina but could Chiriches join him? Paulinho to Fiorentina but could Chiriches join him? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 3:01 pm Rating: 5

Spurs won't allow Chiriches exit

12:30 pm
It will please some Tottenham fans, it will disappoint others but Vlad Chiriches is not allowed to leave this window.

Spurs won't allow Chiriches exit

The failed Premier League centre-back, who has now been overtaken in that department by Eric Dier, many of us felt would make a better right-back given his love of the ball. Thankfully Mauricio Pochettini eventually agreed and gave him a try there and he is now the back-up right-back, allowing Eric Dier to concentrate on centre-back.

He is not an ideal right-back, he still puts us in trouble regularly and is only of the Kyle Naughton standard but with DeAndre Yedlin not at match fitness and needing plenty of work on his own defending the Romanian captain has suddenly become a crucial figure to the squad, just as Naughton was with his versatility. He is vital because he provides cover and if we are to use Eric Dier as the back-up centre-back then we can't have him as the cover for right-back as well otherwise an injury would put us in a difficult situation.

Should anything happen to Kyle Walker it is likely he rather than Yedlin will step in, I suspect when Yedlin gets a cameo it will be on the right side of midfield or when we are winning comfortably.

Chiriches is the number one target of Rudi Garcia, the Roma coach and technical director Walter Sabattini has been working on trying to make a deal happen. The two sides are apart on a valuation but Spurs can't release him unless they can secure a right-back loan, hence all the stories earlier in the window about Miguel Lopes, out of favour at Sporting.

Italian outlet Corriere dello Sport however are claiming that Tottenham won't let Chiriches leave this window. Roma have met with his agent who is keen on moving him to Italy, Tottenham hope a deal can be revived in the summer.

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Two centre backs out, two in, two windows

12:30 pm
Over the next two windows Tottenham are in the market for two centre-halves to replace Vlad Chiriches and Younes Kaboul.

Two centre backs out, two in, two windows

Vlad Chiriches has been a disaster from almost the moment he arrived, conning some with a single piece of skill and sending alarm bells ringing in others, including Ledley King who suggested to the press he should cut that out. Unfortunately he still tries to dribble out of defence from his own box when surrounded by players or try to be too clever when a clearance is required.

His lack of ability in the air, poor game reading, major deficiency on his left hand side and panic mode mean he has too much to work on. As I and others suspected, given that he possesses ball skills and likes to get forward, he looks like a better right-back than a centre-back. He has had a couple of decent games there are one where he struggled but it's a new position so that is only to be expected.

At the moment he sits on the subs bench covering Walker and the two centre-backs because Younes Kaboul has shot himself in the foot.

A captain you can't rely on, a captain who is against what you are trying to do, a captain who causes mental problems rather than having the right mental attitude is not much use to a head coach. We had the smoke screen of an injury when he missed one game but, which was easy to see through knowing he'd had a meeting with Pochettino.

Now we are told it is for playing reasons, tactical reasons and it is. He has made a major mistake every game, apart from the Arsenal game, and demonstrated while he has a burning desire to win on the field, he doesn't know how to channel it. Most importantly though he does not have a winning mentality and can't see that it's needed. Now for those of you confused a burning desire to win on the field and a winning mentality are not the same thing.

A burning desire to win on the field means you try your best when playing but a winning mentality means you work hard every day to improve your own game to be the best player you can be. Couple that with a burning desire to win when on the field of play and you have a player. His contract runs until 2016 and he hasn't featured in the last seven Premier League games, not even being in the squad for four of those, including the last three.

Tottenham need to replace these two over the next two transfer windows before deciding on Jan Vertonghen's future. As such Paul Mitchell has been using his data and the scouting system, together with Baldini's contacts, to source replacements.

We already know that Pochettino wants Hector Moreno from Espanyol and that he can now be bought rather cheaply. Clubs in Spain have to consistently sell players to survive with bank loans and tax bills to pay, thanks to an EU instruction. They had hoped to maximise his price, was £8 million ($12.45m - €10.20m), after the World Cup but he broke his leg.

Since then Moreno has made a tentative recovery, he has sat on the bench three times in La Liga and had a 30 minutes substitute appearance when Barcelona were thrashing Espanyol 5-1. He played in the second-leg of the Spanish cup on December 17th and 74 minutes of the first leg. Tottenham obviously want to see how he has recovered and then can make a decision whether to arrange a winter or summer transfer window purchase.

Pochettino has a great working relationship with Espanyol and Moeno wants to play for Pochettino so everything is ready and waiting for a deal. He is probably currently worth about £6 million ($9.33m - €7.65m), transfermarkt value him at £6.16 million ($9.58m - €7.85m).

Levy will want around £6 million ($9.33m - €7.65m) for Younes Kaboul, whose value will probably be more like £4 million ($6.22m - €5.10m) to buyers and to recoup the £8.36 million ($13.01m - €10.66m) he paid for Vlad Chiriches.

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Players sales need to help fund purchases, there have been reports of an additional £20 million ($31.12m - €25.50m) available for transfer. That all needs to be borne in mind when looking at targets and squad requirements. It's clear then that we are not going to be paying £10 million ($15.56m - €12.75m) for a player from weak football, thus the prices quoted for 23-year-old Dutch centre-back Virgil Van Dijk from Celtic, who is not even an international yet, are way off the mark. Half that fee would be far more realistic.

We have been linked with a summer transfer window move for 24-year-old Palermo defender Ezequiel Munoz, who is refusing to sign an extension to his contract which runs out in June. Currently transfermarkt have his value at £3.34 million  ($5.20m - €4.26m) but he could arrange a deal in January for a free deal in the summer and that would suit Spurs.

Given that there is a good deal to be had we are not his only suitors of course, AC Milan and Juventus are both said to be monitoring the Argentinians situation.

Whatever deals we eventually do they will have to be at the right price, I'm looking forward to seeing Paul Mitchell's solutions.

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Take a small loss to rid ourselves of Chiriches

9:04 pm
Absolutely delighted to hear Vlad Chiriches has agreed terms with Roma over a move to the more suitable Italian league for him.

Take a small loss to rid ourselves of Chiriches

He game has so many flaws that he simply isn't good enough to be a centre-half and my thoughts that right-back was the only option for him was born out against Hull City. Returned to centre-half in midweek he once again kept passing to the opposition deep in our own half.

The Italian league is slow and the weakest of the main European leagues. That will allow him the time to decide what to do, when rushed he just keeps making the wrong decision. Sky Italia tell us Walter Sabatini, director of football at Roma, will now travel to London ahead of the January transfer window to try to agree a fee.

That is the big stumbling block as Daniel levy wants to recoup the £8.36 million he paid for him. Roma are looking at a loan deal with a buy clause at the end of the season. There are loan deals with options to buy and loan deals with an agreement to buy build in, much like the Lewis Holtby loan. That is the only sort of loan that appeals to Tottenham, they need to remove him from the wage bill and free up a squad place for another non-home grown player.

Mauricio Pochettino can not buy any non-home grown players until we can offload some so getting Chiriches off the books is a step in the right direction. Levy may well have to take a small loss on the player but to get someone with a better mentality into the club, it's a loss worth taking.

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Chiriches to fly to the rescue

8:30 pm
Come back Kyle Walker, that's the cry from Spurs fans at the moment. Still no news when he may return but a recent Istagram photo suggested things were going well in the gym.

Chiriches to fly to the rescue

Kyle Naughton, like Danny Rose, had stepped up his game this season and was looking a reasonable right-back, now Tottenham are in a bit of a state with only Eric Dier available and he is a centre-back.

Tottenham are expecting Naughton to be out for three months thanks to Ryan Bertrand giving him 6 studs flush on his standing leg. It was not intended and he went straight to Naughton knowing it was a bad tackle, mind you he didn't get a yellow card for it.

It was a poor tackle and the commentator made the point that tackling is poor today, few players tackle properly. That may be of course because tackling is virtually banned from the game today compared with what it used to be. Someone brushes your chest you throw yourself to the floor clutching your face in a deliberate attempt to get someone sent off, that's the game today, one full of cheats.

Erik Lamela was no better and again the commentator had it spot with his remark when they showed the replay. Standing n his feet, oh yes just remembered he brushed my eye, collapse to the floor holding holding his head he did. Pathetic.

Touch someone it's a free kick, touch someone in the penalty area it's a penalty, football makes a laughing stock of itself at times. There are suggestions Younes Kaboul should have been sent off, quite why when he didn't even do anything wrong. A shoulder charge is still legal and that's all he did, it was a good piece of defending which a free-kick shouldn't have been awarded for.

Anyway beck to the issue at hand, we need a hero, superman to the rescue to help us out at right-back. Two games a week until Christmas basically, step forward Vlad Chiriches.

We know he can't play centre-back but as someone who loves to get forward he has now got to be the right back for the midweek games. Eric Dier will play there in the Premier League but he can't be expected to play every game.

Kaboul and Vetonghen will it seems be the Premier League centre-back pairing fr a while with Federico Fazio and one other playing midweek. Depending upon the opposition we may well see Milos Veljkovic getting a game or two alongside him.

Chiriches played right back briefly in a UEFA Europa League tie last season. It seems the obvious answer to the dilemma Pochettino now faces and it would keep him involved, plus take him put the firing line at centre-back. Plenty of us think he should have been shunted out there by now anyway, who knows it could be exactly what he needs.

The Romanian seems far more suited to the role than he does centrally and it will give him a chance to use the skill he clearly has with the ball at his feet more often. He will not be tested as much in the air, he can use the pace he has got, he may well make a decent full-back.

I don't believe DeAndre Yedlin or Ryan Fredericks can be recalled from loan spells until January so they are not options. Chiriches is our man, you won't hear those words too often.

Chiriches to fly to the rescue Chiriches to fly to the rescue Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 pm Rating: 5
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