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Spurs dodge Benteke bullet

11:25 am
Spurs may have dodged a bullet when Christian Benteke signed a new 'double your money,' contract if reports of the figures are correct, with Aston Villa.

Nobody denies he may go on to be an excellent goalscorer over time but he divides opinion, for many the jury is still out.

His only season in the Premier League produced 16 goals from open play, we discount the 3 penalties as they are handed on a plate to anyone who wants to take them and you don't pay £25 million for someone to take a spot kick.

Now we have to be a little careful with games because Defoe for instance came on for 1 minute in the League Cup and that counts as a game which distorts figures, (as do penalties) as well as having to get up with the speed of a game and work yourself into it.

Games started is always a key figure or we could consider playing minutes so I'll throw them in and you can pluck out the statistics that support your viewpoint.

Christian Benteke
19 in 34 league games (but 3 penalties and only 2 as sub) - 55.88% (inc pen figure)
23 in 39 club games (3 pens, 2 sub) - 58.97% (from open play 51.28%)
16 (open play) in 32 league games started - 50%
Scored in 15 different league games
176 minutes per league goal (from open play)
Played 2,819 league minutes
Played 3,299 Aston Villa club minutes

Jermain Defoe
11 in 34 league games (but 7 as sub) - 32.35%
15 in 43 club games (9 as sub) - 34.88
10 in 27 league games started - 37%
Scored in 8 different league games
240 minutes per league goal
Played 2,409 league minutes
Played 3,204 Spurs club minutes

Which ever way you want to look at it he stacks up well against Defoe whose value is about 28% of that of Benteke (£7m as opposed to £25m).

Remember a certain Nikica Jelavić (Everton)? Many fans were wanting us to buy him last summer but I don't hear to many suggesting it now. Let's have a look at his record for the season 2011/12 season he arrived at the end of the January transfer window.

Nikica Jelavić 2011/12
9 in 10 league games (1 pen, 3 as sub) - 90%
11 in 13 club games (3 as sub) - 84.62%
8 (open play) in 6 league games started - 133.33%
Scored in 6 different league games
106 minutes per league goal
Played 954 league minutes -
Played 1,220 Everton club minutes

Very impressive statistics that blow Benteke out the water. Spurs fans calling for his signing, but what happened next?

Nikica Jelavić 2012/13
7 in 37 games (11 as sub) - 18.92% - he got taken off 13 times
8 in 43 club games (12 as sub) - 18.6%
5 in 26 league games started - 19.23%
Scored in 6 different league games
347 minutes per league goal
Played 2,428 league minutes
Played 2,881 Everton club minutes

Yes not quite so impressive, not worth the £15 million price tag rumored at the time. In fact he was dreadful, he couldn't even get in the squad sometimes and rumours were Everton were trying to loan him to a Championship club.

Now that won't be happening to Benteke I'm sure, but it does highlight paying vast sums of money for a striker who has only done it once at the top level is a financial gamble, nobody would have expected Jelavić to flop, but he did. It's fine to gamble if you are a rich club, but Spurs are not, they are run soundly and transfer business mustn't put that at risk.

Benteke may well bang in the goals next season but there is no guarantee. Paying £25 million for a gamble is over the top for his achievements to date, £15 million would perhaps be more the mark.

He has undoubted potential but you can't get away from the fact that when it mattered to get his side to a cup final, he bottled it. He missed sitter after sitter after sitter in both legs and against Arsenal he couldn't control the ball or pass to his own side. He made Adebayor look like a world beater. His all round game needs a lot of work.

Adebayor was brilliant in his first season for us but then as we were told he would by Arsenal fans, he dried up when he'd signed a contract and got his money secured. Benteke moves from club to club and again seems money motivated. His agent has worked Villa well to double his wages, they'll have the same problem next season when he'll want more money.

If he bangs in the goals next season then yes he'll be worth £25 million then but you also have to look around and say which strikers can we buy for the same money. There are always plenty to choose from.

The possibles we have looked at arguably in order, some dismissed, some tried for:
Leandro Damiao - can't sort a deal
David Villa - went to Athletico Madrid (Spain)
Hulk - can't afford, loan deal offered not taken up
Gonzalo Higuain - cost too much
Robert Soldado - still negotiating
Gerard Deulofeu - went to Everton on loan
Alvaro Negrado - going to Man City
Heung-Min Son - went to Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Germany)
Christian Benitez - went to El-Jaish (Qatar)
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - went to Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
Christian Benteke - Aston Villa

I'd have been happy Benteke had signed but not at the figures Aston Villa were expecting. Roberto Soldado or a striker of that proven quality for the same money makes far more sense.

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Spurs dodge Benteke bullet Spurs dodge Benteke bullet Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:25 am Rating: 5

Soldado £20 million, a better buy than Benteke?

8:39 am
Reports are suggesting that Tottenham will make a renewed effort to sign Roberto Soldado after an initial bid of £17 million (€19.71m) was turned down by Valencia.

According to Spanish daily El Confidencial, Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas is keen on Soldado who scored 24 times in 35 La Liga games last season to further demonstrate his lethal finishing.

The figure usually mentioned by the press is £20 million (€23.19m) and yes yet again that is the figure being suggested we will, or have depending upon who you believe, increase our bid to. It is believed Valencia are holding out for £25 million (€28.95m) for the Spanish international though.

Valencia president Amadeo Salvo has made his stance and wants as much as he can. "The English team knows the situation. Valencia needs money. But we don't have to sell our best player" he says. Make your mind up, selling other players won't bring in the cash, sounds like PR for the fans and posturing.

It has been no secret that Spurs have been after two new strikers and with Christian Benteke being all the talk at the moment Soldado has rather been the forgotten man. Soldado however has a proven track record in top flight football over time, so would arguable a better choice than gambling on Benteke, if the club were to choose only one striker.

Six goals in 11 internationals, 59 goals in 101 Valencia games (24 in 35 last season) and 29 in 60 for Getafe. The former Real Madrid players strike rate is impressive.

The Sun report that Benteke is meeting Lambert in what they feel will be 'an explosive showdown,' sounds like something out of a Western.

Six goals for his country in 14 internationals and his only season in top flight football produced 19 goals in 34 games.

Aston Villa and Valencia want the same figure, £25 million (€28.95m), so in a straight fight which one would you choose?

The possible impending arrival of both arrival might possibly depend on offloading Emmanuel 'I'll play when I want a contract' Adebayor, but he seems reluctant to go to Turkey with wages being a stumbling block for Fenerbahce unsurprisingly.

It seems unlikely that given Spurs were trying to buy both Leandro Damiao and David Villa,they would suddenly change tack and only sign Benteke, who has now it seems worked his way up the potentials and possibles list to the top with others falling by the wayside.

Far more likely that two strikers are being worked upon with little news being leaked, personally I'm expecting Levy to go back in for Damiao on the final day of the transfer window if he hasn't already secured two strikers. Bale, Benteke, Soldado, not a bad front three, as 4-3-3 looks like being the new system for the coming season.

AVB wants his players in place ready for the season, Levy wants players at his price. With only a month to go before the first game against Palace, when we will get behind whoever is wearing the jersey, it looks as if Levy is doing what he can to make the Andre Villas-Boas wish come true.

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Soldado £20 million, a better buy than Benteke? Soldado £20 million, a better buy than Benteke? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:39 am Rating: 5
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