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Ben Davies - unsung hero

6:00 am

Ben Davies has had an extended run in the side in the absence of Danny Rose


I'm guessing someone gave him these figures. Good to see unsung hero Ben Davies get on the scoresheet and Toby Alderweireld, he should score more often from corners.

33 different players scored today. The most on a single day in a 38 game Premier League season.

Ben Davies though, has had to play every game since Danny Rose was injured at the end of January against Sunderland. It's a deserved reward scoring in the last game,t he24-year-old (25 next April) has had a consistent season overall. he featured in 23 Premier League games and 34 overall, a total game time of 2,683 minutes.

We usually alternate full-backs, we have been doing so for two seasons and yet we have to listen to reports of a fallout between Kyle Walker and Mauricio Pochettino because he isn't playing every game.

The latest stories are that is someone stumps up £35 million+ () we will let him leave, even if it is to Chelsea or Manchester City. The rest won't be allowed to leave, indeed there is no suggestion any of them want to.

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Davies give Walker more attacking scope

7:00 pm


Plenty of transfer speculation simply because journalists think that if a player isn't playing as much as they think he should then he must want to leave. The Ben Davies to Chelsea or Crystal Palace or any other club stories never really had any ring of truth about them. There was never any concrete evidence just hearsay.

The 23-year-old (24 in April) Welsh international has now ended all that by signing a new four-year contract at White Hart Lane and is looking forward to a continued run in the side with Danny Rose out of action until early April.

We're delighted to announce that @Ben_Davies33 has signed a new contract until 2021! ✍️ 

He may not be as attacking as Danny Rose but he does offer a threat as his days in Wales showed. For Wales he plays in a back three so has the versatility Mauricio Pochettino likes and being more defensively minded, it allows Kyle Walker a little more attacking scope.

If you look where we attack with Davies in the side there is a marked difference to when Rose is in the side and he has a little less composure perhaps when in a goalscoring position.

With one game a week now h is getting plenty of rest between games and time to practice which should now help us for the run-in to the season. before that though is the FA Cup tie against Millwall with a place in the semi-final at stake.

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Davies give Walker more attacking scope Davies give Walker more attacking scope Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Wimmer was the obvious choice to replace Vertonghen

6:00 am

Wimmer was the obvious choice to replace Vertonghen

Kevin Wimmer stepped in for Jan Vertonghen successfully and I seem to have been in the minority in believing he would step in for him again instead of Ben Davies.

Fans and journalists alike don't seem to look at the bigger picture. As a coach you have to. Danny Rose simply can't play every game, he needs a rest. He left the Etihad stadium on Saturday in a leg brace!

He is OK by the way, he was moving around freely on the plane to Barcelona. The point is though, we try to rotate our full-backs when there are two games a week because they get a lot of work. If Ben Davies were playing at centre-back, he would be able to cover for left-back and as we saw against Chelsea, Kevin Wimmer is no left-back.

It made much more sense to draft him in and have Ben Davies play in the FA Cup, cover for Rose and in February play in the UEFA Europa League. We get the best from both players instead of stretching our squad to perhaps breaking point.

Last season when Wimmer came in our defence he played 16 games for Vertonghen and we conceded 14 goals, 5 of those against Borussia Dortmund. He does tend to get booked too much and usually in the first half. On Saturday it was very early in the game and he was taken off at half-time.

“It’s not the first time I had this situation. I train every day and learn a lot from the other guys, from Toby and Jan especially. I always try to look at what they do and when I get my chances, I try to copy them a little bit. Of course I try to do my best but it’s not easy when you don’t play every week. You always have to be ready as a footballer — and I am. 
“It’s not a good feeling when any of our players are injured, especially if it’s a bad injury. Jan is a strong guy, his mind is strong and he is always positive. Everyone hopes he will be back soon. With Toby, too, I think the injury is not too bad but it’s never good when such important players get injured. 
“A few weeks ago when we had two days off, I went to Cologne to see friends because I’m still in touch with them. I had a very good time there but this caused a problem because I was seen there and there were some discussions. But there was never a point when I thought about leaving. I feel very comfortable here and I never thought about going back to Germany.”

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Wimmer was the obvious choice to replace Vertonghen Wimmer was the obvious choice to replace Vertonghen Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:00 am Rating: 5

Davies might get the nod for the City game

12:30 pm

Jan Vertonghen has been exceptional this season

We can not hide the fact that losing everpresent Belgian Jan Vertonghen for up to 3 months is a big blow, but Kevin Wimmer was an able deputy last season and he played successfully in a back three against Arsenal at the Emirates earlier in the season.

Jan Vertonghen to miss:
Manchester City (A) 
Sunderland (A) 
Middlesbrough (H) 
Liverpool (A) 
Stoke City (H) 
Everton (H) 
Crystal Palace (A) 
Southampton (H) 
Burnley (A)

We saw him in the last game bringing the ball out of defence against WBA and stepping into midfield or occasionally venturing forward to have 3 attempts on goal. He made 64 passes with a success rate of 92.2%. Mousa Dembele would drop back to cover each time he went forward.

The options seem to be, change the system to two centre-backs or deploy Kevin Wimmer or Ben Davies in the Vertonghen role. Mauricio Pochettino explained after the game that Spurs would not be venturing into the transfer market as a result of the injury because Davies and Wimmer could both play there and we still have Cameron Carter-Vickers as cover.

It would seem therefore that we will be sticking with a back three, so who is going to be first-choice and play against Manchester City at the weekend?

Is Kevin Wimmer comfortable enough on the ball to bring it out of defence or is he a more stay at home defender?

Wimmer stands 1.87m (6ft 2in) tall, Davies 1.80m (5ft 11in) so remembering how we targetted César Azpilicueta against Chelsea because of his height (1.78m - 5ft 10in) could this be a factor in who we select to play against teams who hold an aerial threat.

Will Ben Davies replace Jan Vertonghen?

A poll on Twitter was overwhelmingly in favour of the 24-year-old (25 in November) Austrian, however this weekend City are a ground based team so might Ben Davies just get the nod.

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Davies might get the nod for the City game Davies might get the nod for the City game Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

Davies or Wimmer?

4:33 pm


Jan Vertonghen suffered an ankle injury when he twisted it stretching to try and keep the ball in play, how serious it is and how long he will be out is too early to say Pochettino told us after the game.

“It looks bad for Jan. We need to wait to assess him better on Sunday or Monday. He is very disappointed.”

That means if we retain the back three there is a clear choice between Ben Davies who plays the role for Wales or Kevin Wimmer who is the left-footed backup to Jan Vertonghen. Jamie Redknapp and Thiery Henry were both working as pundits for Sky and they were talking about Ben Davies playing the role, they didn't even mention Kevin Wimmer.

Wimmer played in the system against Arsenal and with the Europa League starting in February Davies might well be needed to rotate with Danny Rose, that could affect any decision to play Davies in a back three. We would surely be looking for continuity of selection at the back so perhaps Wimmer will get the nod in a weeks time

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Ben Davies rules out Crystal Palace or Chelsea moves

12:30 pm



Ben Davies has is wanted by Crystal Palace and there were reports of Chelsea interest as well, but the Welsh international has told the Hamstead and Highgate Newspaper that he is happy at Tottenham.

“I’m happy as it is at the moment.. I’m still young and I’m learning a lot here. The competition has definitely improved me as a player, and when I get the opportunities I have to try to do my best and make a mark and show what I can do. 
“When you’re competing with someone, you have that drive to do as well as possible. I like to think it works both ways - that Danny and I have both improved in the time that we’ve been competing with each other to be the best we can be. You can see with Danny, some of his performances have been superb this year.”

To sell such a player mid-way through the season would be rather disruptive, it would leave Danny Rose without specialist cover, which with the Europa League starting in February, simply isn't going to happen. We have a streamlined squad, far more so than in the past thanks to Mauricio Pochettino's desire for versatile players. It is enabling him to keep players happy, often a problem in big squads.

Ben Davies rules out Crystal Palace or Chelsea moves Ben Davies rules out Crystal Palace or Chelsea moves Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

No chance of Crystal Palace signing Ben Davies

6:00 am


No chance of Crystal Palace signing Ben Davies

Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew wants to take Tottenham left-back Ben Davies on loan in January, but there is virtually no chance of that happening.

The Guardian tell us he has only started 3 games this season and conjecture that he must be looking for games. Have they not failed to realize that the guy is injured and has been since the beginning of November.

When European football kicks in Mauricio Pochettino rotates his full-backs so the only reason the Welshman has not had more starts is his ankle injury, from which he has only just recovered. He has featured in 9 games this season.

The Guardian also speculate, almost certainly wrongly, that any loan move would depend upon Tottenham signing Ryan Sessegnon. If we did sign him it would no doubt be with a loan back to Fulham for the remainder of the season.

Should he be signed permanently then he wouldn't yet be ready for the Premier League or the UEFA Europa League. He is a player with potential, no more, he isn't the finished article and isn't yet a first team player.

Sessegnon is only 16-years-old, he doesn't turn 17 until next May. he has played 9 Championship games, started only 7, and had 1 League Cup game. That in no way qualifies him to take over from Ben Davies.

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Solid, but is solid enough?

2:30 pm

Ben Davies is a different player to Danny Rose, he doesn't have the same attacking qualities and is more of a defensive full-back. Last night N'Koudou was at times having to drop deep to collect the ball in positions you would normally see Danny Rose. That has a knock-on affect.

We have been linked with a few full-backs are closely watching Ryan Sessegnon, a player more in the Rose mold, although he has very little experience. Since the reported Chelsea interest, his performances seem to be up and down. You wonder whether he is being mentally affected by the rumours and of course we don't know if Conte has made a phone call to him to outline the plans he has for him, if the rumours of interest are genuine.

Generally, he has been a solid player overall and a decent backup to Danny Rose. He has played 4 Premier League games so has been a part of our unbeaten start, a couple of UEFA Champions League games and a couple of League Cup games.

If we signed someone like 16-year-old (17 next May) Ryan Sessegnon from Fulham then he would need time to develop so Davies as a backup would still be required. If we signed someone like 19-year-old (20 in December) Ben Chillwell from Leicester City then we wouldn't.

I can't see his future being decided until the summer though and he still has a big part to play in the remainder of the season. he'll certainly have better games than he had last night, but it wasn't a disastrous performance by any means.

Solid, but is solid enough? Solid, but is solid enough? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

Davies replacements

11:20 am


With Chelsea rumours of Ben Davies interest, Tottenham have been linked with several left-back replacements. It is normal to scout players in all positions, even if you don't need a player yet, but of course when there is a possibility you might lose a player the press love to latch onto that and start the suggestion rumour mill going.

There are the discussion with 19-year-old (20 next April) Brazilian Guilherme Arana od Corinthians, then there is 26-year-old (27 next May) Jonas Hector, the Cologne German international and now reports resurfacing of us watching Jordan Lukaku once again.

If truth be told we haven't stopped watching the 22-year-old (23 nxt July) Belgian international who currently plays in Serie A for Lazio. We have been watching him for a couple of years so apparently, according to our national press where two plus two makes five, we have been plotting a move on several occasions. Yes naturally they report we are plotting a move again.

Amazing the number of moves we are apparently plotting. There is of course no guarantee Davies will leave next summer, Pochettino will know the score. These rumours are unlikely to stop until next summer unless the press decide Chelsea have dropped interest.

Davies replacements Davies replacements Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:20 am Rating: 5

Chelsea interest in Ben Davies growing

12:30 pm


New Chelsea boss has been searching for defensive reinforcements with the possibility of playing a back three. He has been watching Ben Davies who plays the role for Wales and as a left-back for us so is seen as a potential left-sided player in the system.

The 23-year-old (24 nxt April) will be a target for Chelsea in January sources have told ESPN as Marcos Alonso has not impressed Conte. It is highly unlikely that daniel Levy will want to sell one of our players to a rival.

Apparently, Chelsea tried to sign him this summer but were clearly unsuccessful, I don't see that much has changed. Davies is a home grown player something Chelsea continually struggle with so he would command a premium fee as a result.

Chelsea interest in Ben Davies growing Chelsea interest in Ben Davies growing Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

Fatigue, Alli and Davies

2:30 pm

It was Football Fancast wasn't it that wrote that daft article that Dele Alli was overrated. perhaps they didn't realise that he has scored or assisted more goals than any other Under-21 player in the top tier leagues in Europe.

Nobody in Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, LaLiga or Serie A has racked up the number Dele Alli has, 20 since the start of last season.

Not bad for an overrated player!

The fact that he took a while to find his form once again shows the problems of summer football for our internationals and that they need a summer rest to recuperate properly. Otherwise they miss the start of pre-season training, all being on holiday when it starts, and then have to start the season not fully fit.

We have seen the fatigue factor already this season with Hugo Lloris, Eric Dier, Danny Rose and Moussa Dembele all having muscle injuries, a rare occurrence for us last season thanks to Mauricio Pochettino's prevention training and game time management.

Ben Davies has had a lot of football and needed a rest at the weekend. He has played the European Championships this summer and been further than the England players, then he had a break, then he has had to play every game with Rose injured and with Rose still not fit yet, surely he deserves the night off. We don't need another fatigue induced muscle injury. Rose meanwhile has signed a new contract.

Fatigue, Alli and Davies Fatigue, Alli and Davies Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

Davies interst will have to wait until nxt summer

10:58 am


A surprising report appears in the Sun today suggesting that new Chelsea boss Antonio Conte wants ben Davies. They suggest our left-back has been put at the top of his wish list, maybe top of his left-back wish list. It is amazing the number of players who are top of a wish list according to our inventive press.

The theory is that Conte will want to switch to a three-man defence and Davies is seen as a player to fill the left side. He would increase their homegrown numbers and reduce ours. Is this why we were being linked with a German left-back during the summer?

It would be very doubtful if Mauricio Pochettino would be willing to let Davies go mid-season so if interest were firmed up into an attempt to sign him it would probably take place next summer. It the meantime it will be a case of seeing how the season pans out for the two sides.

Davies interst will have to wait until nxt summer Davies interst will have to wait until nxt summer Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:58 am Rating: 5

Ben Davies agrees

7:00 pm
Ben Davies feels that Mauricio Pochettino's dinner with Sir Alex Ferguson was just as I reported it to be, a chance for Pochettino to pick the brains of the best manager the Premier League has seen and one who knows what it takes to combine the Premier League with the UEFA Champions League.

Ben Davies agrees

The media and the anti-Spurs websites all got it wrong assuming Sir Alex was tapping up Pochettino to go to United, when they already had a signed agreement with Jose Mourinho. Had he not become manager they would have had to pay him compensation. He is a three-time winner of the Premier League and used to handling stars, something not every manager can do. It didn't make any sense that he was tapping up Pochettino.

Pochettino learning off Sir Alex made perfect sense. It amazes me that people look for the worst, especially those purporting to support the club.I much prefer the sane approach, to look at something and assess it from a building Spurs perspective.

The Welsh left-back spoke to ESPN and like me looked at it logically instead of sensationally.
"I like to think he [Pochettino] was tapping up his [Ferguson's] experience and there was no ulterior motive. 
"We have a club where everyone, players and staff, is trying to learn all the time. I think he spoke to someone like Sir Alex Ferguson to pick his brain as part of his learning and where he can improve."

Ben Davies agrees Ben Davies agrees Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Fatigue - it's not the issue fans think it is

10:45 pm

Ben Davies spoke recently about the tough training at Tottenham and how his Welsh teammates didn't believe him when he told them what he has to do to get and stay Pochettino fit.

He also explained a little of the process and how the players are tested more regularly than at other clubs so there is no slacking. Football today embraces sports science, there are heart rate monitors, stress levels assessed to determine when fatigue may strike (fans who suggest Kane is fatigued simply don't know what they are talking about I'm afraid).

A player has baseline tests that they can be measured against and all season they are continually monitored and tested to see how that measure, thus Pochettino always knows the physical capacity of each individual player and their workload is managed accordingly. 

The best form of injury treatment is injury prevention. Pochettino employs a device that reduces the risk of muscle injury, there have been relatively few since he arrived, even from the perennial Mousa Dembele who was always pulling up at the slightest twinge. 

Some of the tests conducted are to test speed, agility, change of direction, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance (Aerobic means "with oxygen," and anaerobic means "without oxygen."), strength, power and skill.

“We have body fat tests regularly, every two weeks. We used to have it [at Swansea], but not as often and probably not as strictly enforced. It’s obviously something we have to keep an eye on and, if we’re not at the required levels, you have to work on your diet. I think every manager has got to have that strictness about them, but you know, he’s got every player’s respect here and everyone’s bought into exactly what he wants. 
“I think, when you first start putting all the work in, it’s tough. You have to be determined enough to be able to put up with it every day to get yourself fit and maybe at times it gets hard but I think now maybe we see the rewards out on the field. 
“We’re covering more distance than teams, we’re able to press teams and not give them a moment on the ball. That’s not just for 20-30 minutes, that’s throughout the whole game. The amount of goals and way we play towards the end of games really does show with the fitness, and as players you’re able to keep going for longer. 
“We’re expected to get up and attack a lot more and that’s another reason for our fitness levels. You have to be a lot more cutting edge really, when you’re in the final third. You saw Trips [Kieran Trippier] get a goal for us at the weekend. Looking back on TV, he’s ran 80 yards from defending the ball to get up and get a goal, and that’s part of our job in this team. [The competition] keeps you on your toes every day in training. There’s no slacking, otherwise you’re not going to be in the team.”



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Fatigue - it's not the issue fans think it is Fatigue - it's not the issue fans think it is Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:45 pm Rating: 5

The national press are cottoning on

12:30 pm
I have been banging on about belief all season and the national press have now caught up, they are now starting to talk about Spurs having belief, probably because they haven't taken us as genuine title contenders until now.

Spurs wouldn't have got to where we are without belief all season, you can't just believe after three-quarters of the season, then it's too late. You have to believe from the start to put yourself in the position in the first place, it doesn't just happen.

Mauricio Pochettino was clear after the game, Spurs have a plan and we are following that plan. Clearly when you listen to the players that is one game at a time and treat every competition seriously. Ben Davies reveals that when he joined up with the Wales squad and told them about training under Pochettino that they don't believe him.

“Some of the players don’t believe it, but we’re not complaining when we’re second in the League and we’re playing better than a lot of teams in this League. It makes us feel proud of it.”

He then went on to talk about belief and the fact that there is no disbelief from the players that we are in this position.

“Maybe it’s a surprise to other people but, as a group, this is what we want to be doing. Everybody here is trying to push themselves as far as they can. 
“We haven’t discussed anything yet. We know we’ve put ourselves in a good position and as good as we could. It’s really about the next game and every game is massive for us from here on in."

The Manchester City game is history now, the fans can enjoy it and maintain the positive atmosphere that the name Tottenham Hotspur conjures up. That was part of the message I have been trying to get across to supporters, it isn't just a players thing, it is a club, a community and everyone has their part to play.

Why in this season would you be calling for a chairman's head, it is utterly ludicrous, especially when you look at the mess Randy Lerner has made of Aston Villa, who I believe were around 6th when he took over, or the mess Mike Ashley has made at Newcastle United.

We have talent coming through who are a year nearer being ready, Josh Onomah has been getting cameos to prepare him, Alex Pritchard is getting some game time under his belt for next season. Can you see Spurs players wanting to leave? I see them all signing new contracts. 

I had someone email me earlier in the season saying there is no pint developing youth because they will just leave, we will never have the pull to keep them, mind you he also said Jan Vertonghen was useless and Vlad Chiriches was a brilliant defender! There was a man who didn't have it mentally.

This side do not look like previous Spurs sides, they are having the right mental traits drilled into them and where we are in the table shows the tough regime approach works, that takes away any doubts and that improves players.

The run-in is not to be feared but embraced. You get the impression Davies couldn't care less what the national press think, the players believe in themselves.



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The national press are cottoning on The national press are cottoning on Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

United game suggested a fundamental shift from last year

9:10 am
A look at the statistics of the Manchester United game showed we had 50% possession with which we attacked 40% down the right and 35% down the left.

They were policed by Kyle Walker and Mousa Dembélé on the right with Ben Davies and Nacer Chadli on the left. Manchester United attacked 48% down our right so Walker particularly, but also Dembélé had more to do than Chadli and Davies on the other side, yet still attacked more.

Mousa Dembélé was dispossessed 5 times compared to Bentaleb, Eriksen, Lamela, Kane 2 times and Chadli 1 time, a surprising statistic given how good he is at keeping or shielding the ball. A look at the tackles made show Walker with 8 and Dembélé with 5 for a right-sided total of 13 compared to Nacer Chadli 1 and Ben Davies 0 for a left-sided total of 1.

Chadli and Davies affected 4 interceptions between them (2-2) compared to 8 for the Dembélé and Walker (2-6) partnership. Clearances saw 0 from Davies/Chadli compared to 6 from Walker/Dembélé (5-1). Walker was the only one of the four to make a block and he committed no fouls, Dembélé 3, Davies 1, Chadli 2. Those statistics just back up how much haeger Walker and Dembélé had to work.

Of our shots 33% came from the right, 22% from the left and a massive improvement over the last few years, 89% of our shots came from inside the area. That is a fundamental shift from the Andre Villas-Boas era when we were shooting from distance all the time, only rescued by Gareth Bale and his 49% accuracy from distance.

Last year the statistics were similar, our problem was that we were shooting from too far away from the goal and our opponents were shooting from too close to the goal. The aim this season is to turn those statistics around so 89% of shots from inside the area is encouraging, even though it is a little early to suggest a significant change. Incidentally 44% of Manchester United's shots came from outside the area. They are important statistics to keep an eye on.

It was no surprise given how much of the game was down the right that Toby Alderweireld and Kyle Walker were our two best players, right-sided centre-back and right-back. Quite amazing that some were still suggesting Walker should be replaced by Kieran Trippier, it just goes to show that performances are irrelevant when you have a prejudice.

Next up is Stoke City at home when you would expect to see a solid defence behind the ball making closer shots more difficult, but if we can create to shoot from closer then that, combined with a stronger defence, could see us get nearer the top four this season.

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United game suggested a fundamental shift from last year United game suggested a fundamental shift from last year Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:10 am Rating: 5

Still a bit for Ben Davies to work on

8:00 pm
An excellent first half from Tottenham in a quite entertaining game watching the youngsters play against AC Milan.

It was a training game let's be clear about that, players will have had less hard training over the last couple of days, one session instead of two with a game instead. Plenty of these players won't be playing at Old Trafford so can put their full energy into the game.

Yesterday I speculated whether Tom Carroll would take his chance the way Dele Alli has done in pre-season to shout to the head coach, 'I should be starting'. He is starting where I prefer to see him, further forward where he can create with through balls rather than as a defensive midfield playmaker.

The commentator may well be right when he said he feels Pochettino has installed a new mentality in Carroll and boosted his confidence. He took his goal brilliantly, early and first time, compare that to Lamela who kept fluffing his lines. Lamela may be behind fitness wise, but he should have done better over the two games with the clear cut chances he had. The image above shows a lovely through ball to find Carroll who has made an intelligent run.

Luke McGee made a few saves and looked comfortable in goal, he is young but shows the promise that may see him develop into a future keeper, that's a way off yet though. Eric Dier still looks a little at sea at times as a defensive midfielder but he seems to be playing regularly there now so has to learn the role. he can play centre-back and right-back so has versatility about him, that can be good for the club but bad for him unless he is careful.

At right-back, Kieran Trippier looked more solid than Kyle Walker and with our defense needing tightening up he may well be the option leaving Walker to up his game in the UEFA Europa League. On the left Ben Davies was better but the worry is when teams switch play to a wide man just outside our area. Walker gets out to his man fast to close down danger, Davies doesn't.

It is essential in those situations to keep your opponent outside the box, but Davies continually lets them inside to cut onto their left foot to have a shot. He has to get out wide to his man quicker, but he doesn't seem to be learning that.

Josh Onomah was making some superb runs which demonstrate a reading of the game/ That intelligence together with the right mentality makes the difference for talented footballers. Harry Winks didn't look out of place and Dele Alli showed he has a big future again.

This is quite a crop of talent we have coming through and it augers well for the future. These lads are going to be first team regulars when the stadium is built. The opposition were poor and allowed us to play, but you still have to play, you still have to enjoy playing in a big arena in front of a big crowd, it's a bit of a difference to Burnley away in the FA Cup in front of 9,348 fans, boosted by a large travelling Tottenham contingent.

Some players get overawed and disappear or make mistake after mistake, but these youngsters seem to thrive, it all augurs well. No surprise Bayern Munich had a scout at the game and Pep Guardiola was watching intently, perhaps he sees a future some of our own fans don't.

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Crystal Palace want Ben Davies on loan

2:30 pm
Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew is keen to cement the Londoners are a premier League side and is bust in the transfer market trying to tie up deals to improve the quality within his squad.

The Daily Mail report that he has his eyes on Spurs out of favour 22-year-old (23 in April) left-back Ben Davies. The trouble is Tottenham need two players for every position, three for some and since his move from Swansea last summer Davies has had to be content mainly with a role in the UEFA Europa League.

The recent shot time statistics I produced show the problem he has. A lack of pace means he has to be intelligent with his overlapping as he doesn't have the speed of Danny Rose to get back. Davies therefore only had 1 shot in 898 minutes of Premier League football, where Danny Rose was taking a shot every 98.75 minutes. That is a huge difference in attacking threat. A full-back in the modern game can't just be a defender and especially not in out inverted winger system.

Despite this it is highly unlikely Tottenham would let him leave this summer.

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Defender shot times throw up a surprise

8:30 pm
When undertaking the player assessment of Mousa Dembélé I created a rather telling and interesting statistic on my spreadsheet, shooting time. That has spawned a revealing four part series released over the next three nights at 8.30pm GMT.

How long is a player on the field, how many shots does he take and then calculate how many minutes it takes him to have a shot. Right now before you read any further you may wish to quickly jot down your own table and see how accurate it is. Andros Townsend will appear high on many but do the statistics bear out the perception?

Because there is comment to make and the article started to get rather long I have split it into sections and then I'll being it all together with an overall table so keep an eye out for that and see how accurate you are.

Now you can't really compare everyone together as, obviously, they all play in different positions so I have grouped them, defenders, defensive midfield players, second defensive midfield but box-to-box link player, attacking midfield players, strikers, before an overall shooting time league table.

I'll start at the back with the full-backs and central defenders, they throw up a revealing statistic. The players in this section are Kyle Walker, Eric Dier, Vlad Chiriches, Federico Fazio, Jan Vertonghen, Younès Kaboul, Ben Davies and Danny Rose.

The time is arrived at by taking the total amount of time on the pitch in the Premier League over the season and dividing that by the number of shots a player takes, thus giving us a time it takes him to have a shot. The lower the figure the more shots a player gets in, the higher the less.

Shooting Time Tables

Premier League Only
Player - Mins Per Shot
Danny Rose 98.75
Federico Fazio 161.45
Eric Dier 191.50
Younès Kaboul 198.00
Jan Vertonghen 216.23
Kyle Walker 261.20
Vlad Chiriches 707.00
Ben Davies 898.00

The big statistics for me there are the Danny Rose vs Ben Davies comparison, one offers a vital attacking threat and one doesn't. While everything is not cut and dried on one statistic, the huge difference tells a story. In football today the full-back has to be an attacking outlet, how you combine the two dictates how good you are.

Of course defending is his role but without offering an attacking outlet he then has to have a traditional winger in front of him and we don't play that system, successful sides don't play that system, they use inverted wingers or wingers who cut in to become a goal threat.

If you look when Hugo Lloris has the ball you will see the full-backs on the halfway line, the two centre-backs split the width of the penalty box with the two defensive midfielders in the space between. That's how we play, one of the defensive midfielders acts as a third centre-back when needed and holds up play for the full-backs and his partner to get back.

The misconception is that the full-backs are out of position, they aren't, the traditional full-back would be yes, but we don't play with traditional full-backs, everything has to be assessed with our system, not a system we don't, or fans would like us to play.

Ben Davies, as I said in his individual player assessment, needs to fins a way of having a greater attacking threat. he lacks the speed of Rose to get back, now that he's using it, so has to use intelligence to pick and choose his moments. He'll no doubt be deployed in the UEFA Europa League again, in which he was given rather a torrid time. Showing he can keep the ball for the side and be creative with his passing may be the only way he'll depose Rose.

How accurate were you?

Next up in the four part Time Shot Series atr the six defensive midfielder players, both split into two and grouped together. draw up your table and I'll reveal all at 8,30pm GMT, there is a pretty damning statistic for one of them.
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Walker vs Davies vs Rose Comparison

7:30 pm

Player Assessments: Full-backs

Let's have a look at last season for the three main players for next season, Kyle Walker, Danny Rose and Ben Davies and how they performed in the Premier League against one another.

Premier League Statistics Only

Kyle Walker vs Ben Davies vs Danny Rose
Played: 15 - 14 - 28
Minutes: 1.306 - 898 - 2,370
Pass Completion: 80.38% - 79.60% - 78.43%
Forward Passes: 66.53% - 60.09% - 67.23%
Key Pass Time: 1 every 118.73 minutes - 128.29 minutes - 103.04 minutes
Chance Creation Time: 1 every 118.73 minutes - 112.25 minutes - 87.88 minutes
Positive Attacking Action: 1 every 48.37 minutes - 56.62 minutes - 27.88 minutes
(Total Minutes divided by Shots, Goals, Assists, Key passes, Chances Created combined)
Tackles Won: 56.86% - 53.13% - 56.00%
Blocks: 3 - 2 - 9
Interceptions: 48 - 49 - 101
Clearances: 33 - 21 - 60
Take On Success: 63.64% - 42.86% - 59.52%
Heading Success: 51.02% - 54.29% - 46.15%
Defensive Action: 1 every 15.55 minutes - 12.65 minutes - 13.94 minutes
(Total Minutes divided by Blocks, Clearances, Interceptions)

We have DeAndre Yedlin learning his trade, he is weak positionally, Walker we hope will recover and have a full pre-season, no news on that though and lately we are heavily linked with Kieran Trippier of Burnley.

There seems to be concern at right-back when previously it was left-back, Rose has gone a long way to resolving that and comes out on top in most of the categories above. In the modern game the full-back is an attacking weapon so his low Positive Attacking Action time of just 27.88 minutes is healthy.

Of the three Danny Rose easily comes out on top.

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