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Beckham joins Kane call for England

6:30 pm
David Beckham has joined the growing clamour for Harry Kane to be selected for England with his recent comments in the Daily Star.

Beckham joins Kane call for England

Having now retired he is still an England fan and that comes through with many of the ex-professionals doing punditry work on the various channels these days. They are now like the rest of us, hoping we can build another winning team.
"Being English, and seeing someone like Harry and the way he's playing and the way he's played this season, he's having a stunning year.
"I think everyone is singing his praises, and rightly so. He's 21 years old, he's working hard and has got a good head on his shoulders, so we will see.
"It doesn't matter what age you are – if you're good enough then you should play."
At the weekend Michael Owen was saying that he has to be in third place behind Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturridge now. When you consider Roy Hodgson has been picking Ricky Lambert because of his aerial prowess, there seems little point in continuing with the Liverpool man now Harry Kane has shown he can score goals but also that he can score them with his head.

Former Liverpool and England striker Owen couldn't stop gushing about the header for the winning goal, yet it was only a couple of weeks ago he was saying Kane wasn't great at anything just very very good. He meant that as a compliment but he may have had to revise that opinion recently.

Another former Liverpool and England man, who like Owen had a spell at Real Madrid, was also full of praise for Kane's finishing as was former Manchester United and England man Paul Scholes.

There doesn't seem any way Hodgson can leave him out given the variety of goals Kane has scored.

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Spurs are missing a trick

12:26 pm
When I wrote the Beckham franchise offers opportunity to Spurs article back in July I didn't realise that Tottenham U18's were going to Florida for a tournament but I'm delighted they are.

The article talked about America being an important market, a growing market, which quite frankly is virtually untouched. The potential for growth is enormous and being in at the start of a growth surge is vital to establish a large popularity base. As the market grows, teams popularity will grow in relation to their base market so now is the time to be out there promoting the club, in addition to pre-season tours.

Tottenham have more fan clubs in America than any other Premier League team and more fans watched the Spurs game this summer than the Arsenal game that took place at the same time, considerably more, thus we do have something to build upon. In an NBC poll we came out as the most popular team in America so this is no time to rest on our laurels.

We have Brad Friedel in our ranks, soon DeAndre Yedlin will arrive and as a USA star of the future, we have a powerful marketing asset. US fans like to see one of their own and that can only increase viewers when he plays for us. Coming through the ranks is Cameron Carter-Vickers who represents the USA at U18 level so we have connections to build upon.

The Beckham article went on to suggest we should be looking to arrange a partnership with his franchise, have matches between the two and have a loan player agreement. I went further to suggest that our Development Squad should go on regular US tours culminating in a game against a US U21 side as a way to continue to market the club out there.

Right now we have Tottenham U18's on a US tour and they have just played US U17's in a game that was abandoned when they were losing 1-0. A brawl was not what I had in mind to grab attention!

The game was part of the IMG tournament taking place in Florida which has play-offs and a final to complete it.

Our results have been;
Spurs U18 6 Baltimore Celtic 1
Spurs U 18 2 Toluca FC 0
Spurs U18 0 USA U17 1

IMG Tournament Table

Spurs U18 - P3 W2 D0 L1 F8 A2 GD+6 PTS 6
Toluca FC - P2 W2 D0 L1 F5 A2 GD+3 PTS 6
USA U17 - P3 W1 D1 L1 F4 A4 GD +0 PTS 4
Baltimore Celtic - P3 W0 D1 L2 R4 A 13 GD-9 PTS 1

These tournaments are set in one place and develop the youth where I'd like to see an older group travelling, the players just below the first-team squad. They would play decent opposition and with one or two older players, including Brad Friedel, using it also as a marketing exercise.

We have coaching programmes in America and once again we could arrange local coaching for the areas youth surrounding each game, just as we did for the senior squad. The clubs or clubs that steal a march by looking ahead and planning for the future are the one or ones who are going to benefit and profit from it in the long run. Standing still is not an option in business and neither is trying to play catch up.

Another option is to have seniors games surrounding them as well. Playing in aid of a local charity, just as they do here, it adds to the marketing potential of such a trip and shows Spurs as caring about American football and local communities.

Informal signing session as part of coaching sessions they could assist our coaches in that are open to the public. There ought to be a mobile shop or a tie up with a local store so that there is merchandise available with orders can also able to be placed online.

If we want to be innovative and go further then why not have an ex player, used to formal speaking, give a talk to local businessmen, about the winning mentality in sport and how it can be imparted to staff to boost their companies success.

Then it's down to the PR department at the club to get their finger out and get maximum exposure for the goodwill tour. You'd want the local TV and media involved and talk with NBC about a programme surrounding the tour and how Tottenham are taking America seriously, together with updates and features throughout the tour.

Using the Development squad, retired players, ambassadors, coaches, it's not adding to the burden of for the senior squad and keeps Tottenham's name high profile. It fits in with the club brand of flair, style and adventure and shows us to be a club that makes things happen, as opposed to simply following in others footsteps. We have a long history of being the first, from the first amateur side to win the FA Cup to the first British team to win a major European trophy. We were innovators with Ardiles and Villa so it's a tradition we should look to continue.

I really do think we are missing a trick because once the opportunity to tap into the US market has gone, then it's gone for good, then it's catch up marketing.

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Beckham franchise offers opportunity to Spurs

8:30 pm
For Tottenham fans watching the US & Canada pre-season tour there were few downsides, young players emerged, players grew confidence, they got fitter, used a new system in a meaningful environment and no suffered no fresh injuries.

Beckham franchise offers opportunity to Spurs

North America is becoming an important market, the 19 MLS teams are averaging 18,716 fans per game this year, which is over 1,000 higher than the average attendance at NHL and NBA games last season.

MLS has an eight-year broadcast deal with ESPN, Fox and Univision reportedly worth £423.69 million ($720m). The TV deal with Fox Sports was £13.53 million ($23m) per year, the current deal with NBC is worth £147.11 million ($250m) over three years, that's £49.04 million ($83.33m) a year.

For the World Cup 18.22 million viewers tuned in for the USA vs Portugal match in Brazil. Everything points to massive growth and a company should ride the crest of a wave, Tottenham should ride the crest of a wave. They should take the bull by the horns and promote like mad.

Club captain Michael Dawson unwittingly reminded the club what a marketing opportunity there is just around the corner.

"I think the MLS was put on the worldwide map, certainly for myself, when David Beckham came here. And you look how many English-based players have played there and have come over to the MLS. Everyone you speak to is loving it, and the league's just growing."

David Beckham is big business, big exposure, he trained at Tottenham, his grandfather Joseph's ashes he spread on the White Hart Lane pitch after the family held a private service away from the glare of the media at the ground, he attended our school of excellence as a youth. The club have links with him and he is about to start his own MLS football team in Miami.

Tottenham should be in discussions with him now about matches between the two sides, even though their is no start date yet, and tie up deals for young loan players. If their is any club in America to partner with then it's a David Beckham franchise one. The media circus and commercial opportunities simply dictate it.

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Andros Townsend gave his verdict on football in North America after the second leg of the tour against Toronto FC in Canada.

"I think we saw at the World Cup, the U.S. is kind of getting behind soccer now and they're getting into it more. The two (MLS) games we've played so far, both teams had a good following, good crowds, and most importantly they've both given us good matches. 
"It's important for the country that more players come over to this league -- we've just seen Frank Lampard and David Villa come over, so I think the league is just going to grow year by year."

It has been a bonus, an important bonus to have an American laying for us that the US media has hone in on to promote not just the sport or MLS but Tottenham Hotspur as well. He understands the sport out there better than we do and his Ambassadorial role will become increasingly important.

"It's one of those unique countries where the U.S. National Team and the U.S. Soccer Federation and the MLS go hand-in-hand, so the success of one will help the success of the other, especially when it comes to the notoriety and the fan base and the fan participation. The sport just keeps growing and growing.
"We have so many people in this country and so many participants of soccer, I think we need to do a little bit better job getting the athletes in this country to play soccer and get them developed. How you get them developed is by better coaching at the youth levels. We should be developing more game-changing players. 
"We've got the players that will run through brick walls for you in abundance, we've got team spirit -- we always have going back to the 1990s -- in abundance, usually have a very good team camaraderie. That's just the American psyche. We have all of that. 
"I'd like to see us now start developing those No. 10s, the No. 7s, the No. 11s, the guys that are really going to add some flair to the team. And if we start doing that then we'll make a mark on the world stage."

Sounds very much what Spurs need to do themselves, develop game changing players, since bale departed we have been found wanting creatively and it's fingers crossed that new head coach Mauricio Pochettino can solve that.

We hear of our youngster going to youth tournaments across Europe, the Development Squad have just been to France but do they ever go to America? Is there not the opportunity for a Development Squad tour, play a couple of games and then a game against an MLS U21 side, perhaps in years when the senior squad tours Asia pre-season and there isn't a World Cup or European Championships.

Keeping the name in the frame is one thing but making it stand out is another and brand familiarity can only help raise our profile. I wonder how far in advance our marketing department are thinking but aligning ourselves with the David Beckham brand is an opportunity not to be missed.

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David Beckham vs. Aaron Lennon

8:35 pm
Aaron Lennon, Tottenham Hotspur Blog News
Groin for concern
I read Rob Smyth's article about putting things into perspective and to be honest with you, I couldn't agree more with Smythee.

Fair enough, the fact that Beck's will miss the World Cup and could never play again, is of course, terrible. But for the life of me, I can't fathom why the English media haven't made more of Aaron Lennon's injury, which could, in effect, also rule him out of the final 23-man squad that Capello will pick?

Let's not beat around the bush on this one, Lennon has made the right wing his. He is a better winger than both Shaun Wright-Phillips and Theo Walcott. I'm not saying that based on my Spurs bias. The facts speak for themselves. He not only has the pace, but has an awareness about him, not to mention that his crossing has improved massively.

Harry Redknapp on the weekend, said that he doesn't even know when Lennon will be back. Surely that should be setting the alarm bells off in Fabio Capello's head? If Beck's was going to go to the World Cup, I very much doubt he would have had a large influence on the pitch. Rather, he would have been utilised as an inspiration for the rest of the players. No matter what you think of the lad, David has the respect of most of the England players, if not all of them.

If reports are right about him mulling over whether or not he should fly out with the team, even though he won't be playing, then I think he'd better realise and realise fast, that being an England mascot was his original role.

Anyway, I wish a speedy recovery to David Beckham and to Aaron Lennon.


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Pav is part of the plan

1:41 pm
Our Russian strikers' agent says that he is confident his client will be part of the Redknapp plan this season.

Can anyone shed some light on what this plan entails? I only ask as it looks like we really are linked with every player. Today I read that Beckham will join us or City. Give me a break.

Does this plan state how Crouch (possibly), Defoe, Bent, Keane & Pavlyuchenko will all be vying for a place up front? What about a left winger? We haven't had one of those since Ginola.

A lot of you have said that there will be some definite action in the next two weeks. I'll believe that when I see it!
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Munty or Beck's?

7:59 pm
It seems as though the media are starting earlier every season in anticipation of who Spurs will buy.

Yesterday we read the news that Inter's superb box-to-box midfielder, Sulley Muntari, was interested in a move back to the Premier League, so naturally, that meant him moving to Tottenham Hotspur.

Today, we're reading that it looks like David Beckham could be in line for a move to the club he turned down when he was 11.

If the above is true, and you had to decide between 24 year old Munty or 32 year old Beck's, who would you go for?

It's a no brainer isn't it? I'd welcome Muntari with open arms. If it means that Jenas is going to Inter in return, then it's a win-win situation.

You need pace in the Premier League and that's why I've gone with the lad from Ghana.

Although I do feel that Beckham would definitely do a decent job for us, we've got to look to the future.

With a midfield hosting Modric, Muntari, Palacios & Lennon, I'd be hard pressed to find a better partnership.

Knowing Harry, I'd put a bet on Muntari coming to our club. After all, he was forced to sell him to Inter while he was Pompey's boss due to the financial trouble they/are in.

Redknapp always rated Muntari as one of the best midfielders in the game.
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