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The chicken and the egg scenario

8:05 pm
Tottenham have told the local paper, after speculation on Twitter, that there is no date planned for the start of the new 56,000 stadium.

Well that is hardly a surprise when we are not in the Champions League, the two are linked, that's why it's so vital the club qualifies for it and no excuses accepted.

Spurs New Stadium Delay
Spurs new stadium is still on the drawing board
Spurs said that it is still awaiting the outcome of the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), which will be decided by the secretary of state for communities and local government, Eric Pickles, later this month.

A club spokesman said: “This is a major regeneration project so it will take time.”

We can't build a stadium to increase our revenue, to buy the players, to get us into the Champions League because we don't have the money and sponsors won't cough up top dollar unless we have Champions League football.

Thus we have to get Champions League football to attract the sponsors, to afford a stadium, to increase our revenue, to buy the players to keep us in the Champions League. It's a vicious circle and come down the football economics again.

You do not gamble with a clubs future, you have to work within your means and devise a plan within that. It's the chicken and the egg scenario.

Daniel Levy has that plan. He brought in Andre Villas-Boas to carry it out but AVB was entrenched in his own world and the bigger picture he couldn't see. Now we have Sherwood, soon it will be someone else but the aim remains the same, Champions League first within our means, then we can start controlled expansion.

The good news is that we have a big new shirt sponsorship deal and are talking to the same company about naming rights for the proposed new stadium.

Asia is a massive market and one we wish to expand our brand into. The Hong Kong trip in the summer was to help this which is why when Gareth Bale wasn't seen everyone knew in their heads if not their hearts that he was leaving. Your biggest commercial asset in an emerging market doesn't want to be photographed in your shirt. It spoke volumes for anyone listening.

The name in the frame as you all know is AIA and I have to admit to being a little surprised there has hardly been a murmur that the logo is red. If they are going to give us shed loads of cash, around £16 million a season for 5 years then one shall just ignore it. Actually I don't find it to intrusive as the writing is thin.

Let's hope Levy can wangle some more money out of them for stadium naming rights, that would go a long way to enable us to get close to starting work. Once one sponsor is on board then the project can suddenly become viable, banks are happier to lend money and new investors get attracted.

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Our New Sponsor Has Red In It!

6:43 pm
autonomy sponsor tottenham hotspur, thbn
Our Chairman, Daniel Levy has done it again! This time, our shrewd boffin has got Software giant, Autonomy, to sponsor Tottenham Hotspur over two seasons. Apparently, the guys over at Autonomy have agreed to pay £10 million per season (£20 million over the duration of the sponsorship deal).

That's not bad business, seeing as they will only be sponsoring Tottenham Hotspur's Premier League matches. Our previous sponsor, Mansion, paid us a shade over £8.5 million per season, but that included our UEFA Cup, Carling Cup and F.A. Cup campaigns.

How does Levy keep pulling the rabbit out of the hat?

As you can see from Autonomy's logo, there unfortunately is a little red in the logo, but that's nothing to write home about.

Well done Levy and co.!

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Our New Sponsor Has Red In It! Our New Sponsor Has Red In It! Reviewed by PoshSpur on 6:43 pm Rating: 5
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