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10:30 am


A good game to watch and three points on the board in a game was was comfortable, although Hull had some chances and if one had gone in, the game may not have been so easy.

Kyle Walker was again excellent, spraying cross field balls, balls inside players, covering and making tackles when danger showed as well as continually being a menace down the fight. He laid a goal on a plate for Eriksen, who had Verteonghen and Rose to thank for his first.

Both came as a result of balls over the top into space, something we haven't been doing enough of.

To watch either highlights or each half in its entirety visit the link below.

Spurs vs Hull City

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Link to watch the highlights or full game + MOTD Link to watch the highlights or full game + MOTD Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Team ethic still took individual brilliance to get a result

6:09 pm
The Hull City game today demonstrated the difference between the Spanish style of football, which we probably need to adopt and look to be doing so, and the Northern European style of football we traditionally see in this country.

From a child Spaniards are taught the team comes first, with a team you can achieve success. In this country and Northern Europe generally we rely o individual moments of brilliance mainly. We saw it in the Danny Rose goal, an exquisite chip from mason and finish from Rose.

Cast your mind back to Basel in the 2013 Europa League, they tore us apart with teamwork. Yes I know they are not Spanish but it showed what teamwork, running off the ball could do, if you grow as a team together with the right approach.

For Tottenham the development of youth who understand a system inside out when they get near the first team is essential. That takes time and takes implementing and not changing a system, therefore keeping a manager in place. Daniel Levy has settled on Mauricio Pochettino and the players are having to learn, through a tough time at the moment, how to cope with and handle pressure when things are not coming easy.

The experience will be valuable for next season. We have a youthful side, the older players not having bought into the idea of hard work. This summer we expect to see players leaving the club as a result of Pochettino making it clear with his squad selections who has no future at the club. In previous windows players have hung on at Spurs, we have seen it summer after summer.

Hopefully th approach the leaves them in no doubt will have the desired affect of clearing the decks and getting in the players Pochettino wants easier. It's a short sharp shock remedy, get them all in then build the style and stability with only minor changes in future required.

As the last couple of months have shown we need a squad of players who are willing to play the system. the three points we secured today still leave us just one point ahead of Southampton with one game to play. We are away to Everton and Southampton are away to Manchester City.

Europa League qualification is all down to the last game.

Team ethic still took individual brilliance to get a result  Team ethic still took individual brilliance to get a result Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:09 pm Rating: 5

Dawson vs Kane adds something to the game today

1:04 pm
The battle for Europe commences once again, now with just 6 points to play for. next up is Hull City, fighting for their lives with a few of our old boys in their ranks, Huddlestone, Livermore and former captain Michael Dawson, who deserves a tremendous cheer from the Spurs faithful.

Liverpool 62 points
Tottenham 58 points
Southampton 57 points

The last home game of the season the side will hopefully want to go out in a blaze of glory at home, but we hear the right noises before every game only to find out they are just PR words for the media.

No disrespect to Hull City, but we should be winning this game, but then we should be winning against Burnley and the like. Our current form is abysmal with the attacking players playing either on empty or mentally worn out. Chadli hasn't recovered from the death of his father and I can sympathise with that having lost my own towards the latter end of last year,

Eriksen was poor to average when he foirst arrived, had 3 months of brilliance under Tim Sherwood, winning the player of the year and has had another spell of brilliance for us. Alas for the last 2 months he hasn't had a decent game, fatigue must be playing it's part.

Erik lamela simply hasn't adapted to the Premier League and the faster pace of game. He came from a league where he has time to make his decisions, in the Premier League you don't get that and if you can't make quick decisions you are lost.

He is all effort and no end product I'm afraid. the simple solution is vision. he needs to be constantly looking around and training himself to know exactly where everyone is at any given time and what runs they couls make, then he can make quick decisions and have an impact on the game. test have proven that greater vision, attained by simply looking around more, results in a player more accurate in his passing ad more telling in his contribution.

Vision is a habit developed as we grow, it's not trained to the degree it could be. I often talk about making little changes and these changes all mount up to make a significant difference. Vision is minor in training terms but theoretically easy to supplement with specialised training.

Mentality in sport at the top level is everything, it separates the top quality player from the talented players who don't perform as well as they should, like Lamela and Mousa Dembele. Unless you work on their mentality and improve that then you are simply going to get more of the same, some good with plenty of disappointment thrown in, much like a typical Spurs season.

A sports psychologist working with individual players would resolve that. What happens though is a player will only work with a sports psychologist if he himself thinks he needs to, unfortunately these are the very people who need to, the ones that can't see the problem they have. because it is something that the individual has to buy into it's difficult to force them to do it.

A system needs to be put into place where it id the norm, where it is expected, where it is an integral part of improving a player and increasing his value. It's an area to give us an advantage over the teams with more money and make us an attractive proposition to any player who wants to be the best. That would enable us to sign players we perhaps wouldn't normally be able to get.

Still that's the future of football, hopefully we will see it first, but I don't hold my breath.

Back to today and we have no idea which Tottenham will turn up, presumably Danny Rose will be fit and slot in at left-back with Jan Vertonghen moving to central defence. Do we find a starting place for Dembele to rest a tired mind or stick with what presumably is preparation for next season.

Kane vs Dawson should be interesting and add something to the game if we can give Harry some opportunities, something we have struggled to do in the last few games. The final game at Everton will be a tough one so three points today is needed. Fingers crossed.

Dawson vs Kane adds something to the game today Dawson vs Kane adds something to the game today Reviewed by THBlogNews on 1:04 pm Rating: 5

A tigerish display keeps us at bay

7:30 pm
It wasn't great but it wasn't a loss. A little toothless, a dodgy left-back where most of Hull's best moments came from. Nabil Bentaleb switching off when he doesn't have the ball, plenty to improve upon.

Long for Hull looked a handful all afternoon, as he usually did for West Bromwich Albion. There was talk a couple of years ago that we were interested. He's an intelligent footballer who maybe just maybe could have thrived for us.

Our major problem today was a lack of movement off the ball. The man with the ball, often at the back had nobody to pass to and Hull simply pressurised them so we had to keep kicking long and give them the ball or delay our hoof until it was blocked.

I'm afraid Soldado wasn't at the races again, some nice touches but no where near enough end product. Lennon it seems spent half of the first half as a centre-forward we gave him so little of the ball in space on the right.

Nabil Bentaleb is going to make mistakes being so young and so inexperienced but he's learning and will be a better player for his early introduction into the first team. He is neat and tidy, does a lot of the graft in midfield but has awareness to learn when the opposition have the ball, mind you so does Danny Rose, still. Both were caught out sleeping by quicker thinking opponents today and when Bentaleb lost the ball in the middle of the field Hull could, should have scored but fortunately Dawson cleared up behind Lloris.

I quite like Bentaleb but Capoue is a better player, he can do all Bentaleb can do and more. Do we continue to develop Bentaleb or do we play Capoue? Do we pair Dembel and Paulinho? Where does Sandro fit in? Why have we got so many midfielders and such an unbalanced squad? I'm keen to see Sherwood's answers when all the players are fit.

Walker had one of those games with some good some bad. He seemed at times not to be suited to playing in a team with little or no system. He strikes as a footballer who needs guidelines and then he can excel. I doubt he's going to excel under Sherwood but we'll get average performances.

Paulinho has been out for a while and it showed but he did take his goal well after a quite frankly ridiculous shot from Danny Rose that found it's way to him by mistake. Adebayor had a bust game always knitting play together and contributing, he's certainly back to the Adebayor we bought. Eriksen was in and out, an OK performance but not that extra spark we need.

The team seemed to be missing desire, hunger, a work ethic. It is often said you have to earn the right to play. We sometimes look as though we feel we have the right and don't want to earn it.

Playing 4-4-2 Andros Townsend is probably crucial to how we'll get on. We need him on the left running at defences, with Lennon on the right we can stretch teams and counter attack quickly. That possibly means Dembele and Paulinho in midfield, which is a bit harsh on Sandro and Capoue really.

With Ade up front Eriksen would have the chance to play behind him and drop into midfield as required which leaves Soldado on the bench again, which is a shame as he's the one we really want to do well. If he's on form I think we'd score plenty of goals but we haven't seen that since he joined us.

Hull were tigerish and apart from a few exceptions we could pass the ball around quick enough in the first half. The second we took control for periods and applied pressure without creating good chances. I'm a Lennon fan but for me he had a poor game, he didn't shoot when he could and I don't remember a single cross, there must have been one, I just don't remember it.

Away from home and we didn't lose so that's a plus, I just have the feeling we are surviving all the time by the skin of our teeth. The remainder of the season is one without expectation, just a period of hope, the hope we used to have when we were a mid table team.

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A tigerish display keeps us at bay A tigerish display keeps us at bay Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:30 pm Rating: 5

Bruce has a simple game plan

6:37 pm
Hull were robbed, they came with a game plan to grab a point and quite frankly they should have done, glad they didn't of course.

They came with the same plan many sides you expect to see in the lower half of the division employ against us. Steve Bruce had an easy team talk and didn't need to change it much at half time.

I want everyone behind the ball. I want you to form two defensive banks close together so there is no space to operate between them and stay in that shape. If their midfield players drop back into their own half to collect the ball, don't get pulled out with them. Let them have the ball and pass it back there all they like, they can't hurt us from there.

Right back, you are facing Lennon today, what he's doing on the left I've no idea but all he can do from there is cut back inside onto his right foot, let him, he can't hurt us doing that, they'll just have to pass inside.

Left back you have Townsend who will cut inside and shoot most of the time so midfield be ready to rush to him. I want you to double up on him so he has nowhere to go on the outside. He dribbles with his left foot so when he is facing you shape your body to show him inside. If he wants to go outside then position your body so he has to kick the ball towards the touchline with his left foot, don't let him play it along the line with his right. If he has to play it with his left he has more chance of putting it into touch with no space to work with.

Vertonghen is at left-back and is not the quickest so if he is attacking and we win the ball back, look to attack the left channel. Pressurise Chiriches and he'll take risks, one slip up and we can nick a goal.

Just maintain your shape and they'll go from side to side in front of you.

Right any questions?

Brilliant first half lads, 0-0 that was textbook, you followed the plans to a T. They are playing the way we expected trying to get through the middle. At some point they are bound to switch wingers to try something new. When they do make sure you push Townsend inside onto his right foot and let the next man take him and jockey him across, he'll have nowhere to go.

For Lennon you are going to have to stay doubled up, Walker will be looking to play the ball in behind you so left-back stay with him, midfield man be ready to cut the attempted pass out.

Apart from that just stay in your banks close together and keep attacking the left channel when we can. Right that's it, out you go lads.

Boys you were robbed, that was never a penalty. You were brilliant out there today, you restricted them to one clear chance all game. If we play like that, with the commitment and determination to carry out a plan then we will be fine in this league. You can hold your heads up high on the way home lads and rest for Wednesday.

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Bruce has a simple game plan Bruce has a simple game plan Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:37 pm Rating: 5
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