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Lennon to Newcastle or Everton

3:19 pm
West Ham can take no more loan players so 28-year-old Aaron Lennon could be leaving Spurs on loan for Newcastle United.

One season up there will benefit him as they have bought a striker who thrives on crosses and is good in the air, but quite apart from that it means Lennon will be a free agent in a year. He can then command a bigger salary than if a club had to pay a transfer fee for him and he stops Spurs getting a fee.

Everton have not given up and are hoping to agree a fee of £4.5-million (€6.12m)  fee with us for his services, we were asking £9-million (€12.25m)  which demonstrates why clubs wait until the last minute to buy players.

Lennon has always favoured a move to Everton but the Newcastle interest and the prospect of being able to command higher wages in a year may appeal, it would to Adebayor of course.

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Everton, West Ham, Villa, Liverpool ask for Lennon

5:00 pm
Surprise surprise, the reported sides chasing Aaron Lennon as the window winds down are Everton and West Ham, with Aston Villa making the main trio.

Everton, West Ham, Villa, Liverpool ask for Lennon

You'll recall the article in January where I pointed out the situation hadn't changed from what I reported right at the start of that window, West Ham, Everton, Southampton, and Liverpool were the only teams he was interested in.

On Saturday, I penned a piece which suggested that West Ham and Everton will be the two teams that will fight for his signature when the window draws to a close and he'll sign for one of them.  The Daily Mail and others have picked up on the story which reveals discussion are taking place, they have been for a while and fresh stories of Liverpool making inquiries.
Lennon to West Ham or Everton before the window closes

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For all you why does Daniel Levy late people, why is Aaron Lennon, Adebayor, Fazio, Lamela still here if nobody else leaves it late, why are Chelsea still chasing John Stones, Man Utd chasing Gareth Bale, Man City, PSG, Juventus etc etc.

It amazes me that fans still haven't figured out every club does it because it is basic business practice and business comes first for football clubs. Transfers have a definitive, you buy for a set fee you sell for a set fee, you are not gambling on points, just a balance sheet. You may shout it shouldn't be that way but it is, that 's the reality of the world we live in.

More transfers are done in the closing stages of the window than at any other time so the we do it more than other clubs is complete nonsense, you only notice what happens at Spurs because you follow Spurs, you don't follow WBA or Bournemouth so don't know as much about their transfer activity than you do ours, hence what you believe you see is a misconception.

Put simply players are cheaper at the end of the window when clubs must sell so have t be flexible, that will always be the case as ever club wants to pay as little as possible, simply wait a few weeks and you can get a deal, 4 games isn't going to decide a season, the other 34 are.

The media and the administrators are the only people who want the window open after the season has started, the vast majority within the game all want it to shut before the season starts, but that won't happen, there is too much publicity in it.

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Lennon to Everton or West Ham before the window closes

9:00 pm
The situation of Aaron Lennon hasn't changed since January, then I wrote at the beginning of the window there were only 4 clubs he would entertain joining despite the press throwing Hull City at the story constantly.

Clubs will make inquiries for him, and they have, but still he only wants one of four sides, West Ham, Liverpool, Everton or Southampton. He is a proven Premier League player at the top end of the league, there is little point him stepping too far down the league.

Michael Dawson went to Hull City and they were relegated, now he is being watched by 15 clubs with several keen to bring him back up a level. Tottenham have been asking too much for Lennon so clubs have been waiting until the closing stages of the window when we will have to lower the price to get him off the books, but of course it's only Tottenham who wait until the end of the window isn't it!

West Ham frequently inquire about our squad players and Lennon is one they have considered before, anything can happen at the end of a window as other clubs come to the fore, but if I had to hazard a guess I'd say he will end up at either Everton or West Ham.

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Negativity of Ade & Lennon banished

8:00 am
Mauricio Pochettino is a coach who talks about his squad having the right mentality and it seems if he feels you are a negative influence then you are packed off somewhere else, he only wants positive influences around the club.

Players who caused problems last season were frozen out to force them away from the club. It was a policy some complained about but given our record of unloading players it seemed at the time to me to be a sensible move.

This summer the transfer business so far suggests it was a policy that has worked, Younès Kaboul and Étienne Capoue have gone, the reports are that Spurs and Aston Villa have agreed a season-long loan for Adebayor and Aaron Lennon is training with the Development Squad, together with Emmanuel Adebayor until a move is completed.

It is a further demonstration that you are not a part of the first team squad here and a further push to leave. They were the four involved in the November bust-up with the youngsters after the Stoke City defeat.

It's a sad end for Lennon who has given us some great memories but we have a new era now and you either embrace it or leave I'm afraid. I hope he gets his move to Everton as he still has a lot to offer, despite the abuse he gets from our fans. Sentiment has no place in footballing success though when it's time to go it's time to go and as fans we have to move on.

Paulinho has also gone, chasing cash in China instead of pulling up with a mystery strain in training. To be negative you don't have to be vocal, it can be by the way you train and thus what your teammates think of you, whether they have faith ion you.

Sell Adebayor, Lennon and Chiriches and we can go into the new season on a positive upbeat note.

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5 sides after Lennon

10:30 am
Aaron lennon is among the players we Tottenham want to sell this summer and another who will be frozen out if he stays.

The word is he has burnt his bridges with the club so Franco Baldini and his agent are making it clear to interested parties he is definately available. His Twitter profile does not mention Tottenham but shows him in an Everton shirt. Everton do not want to pay the £7 million (US$10.89m - AUS$14.82m - €10.04m) we are reported to be asking for the 28-year-old flying winger with a year left on his contract.

The Turkish media are reporting that Fenerbahçe are targetting Aaron lennon to help them make a challenge for the Champions League. They say Fenerbahçe have made some significant transfers so far this window, eight to date.

  • 26-year-old Danish centre-back Simon Kjær
  • 28-year-old Brazilian striker Fernandão
  • 25-year-old Turkish right-back Şener Özbayraklı 
  • 26-year-old Brazilian central midfielder Josef de Souza 
  • 24-year-old Senegalese centre-back Abdoulaye Ba on loan from Porto
  • 27-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper Fabiano on loan from Porto 
  • 28-year-old Portuguese winger Nani 
  • 31-year-old Dutch striker Robin van Persie

They are now looking to add Aaron Lennon to that but face competition from another Turkish club, Everton, Stoke City and a genuine interest from West Ham United. Back in January I reported that West Ham were two of the only four club Lennon would entertain joining outside the top four and his spell at Everton showed he was right to take that view. He still has pace and still has something to offer in a system that allows him ti use his pace.

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It makes a change to get rid of deadwood

7:00 pm
Tottenham has a history of not being able to get rid of the deadwood, players that hang around for their wages even if they are consistently not figuring in the first team.

Since November Mauricio Pochettino has been making it quite clear to certain players that they have no future at the club and that they will not figure in the first team matchday squads. Daniel Levy has supported his manager to change the playing staff and it appears to be working.

Paulinho has gone to China and his £60,000-a-week (US$93,477 - AUS$126.083 - €93,561) wages are off the books. Etienne Capoue has joined Watford, Younès Kaboul is having a medical at Sunderland before he completes his £3 million (US$4.68m - AUS$6.3m - €4.29m) move.

Of other players, Emmanuel Adebayor will be frozen out again if he stays and reports suggest he won't even be given a squad number. Roberto Soldado needs to rediscover his goalscoring touch, but Pochettino likes him, Benjamin Stambouli is being chased by PSG.

The Frenchman has agreed to return home and has now agreed terms with the top club in France. All that remains is for Spurs and PSG to reach agreement over a fee which isn't expected to be a problem. Spurs want £6.20 million (US$9.66m - AUS$13.03m - €8.87m) while PSG are offering £4.50 million (US$7.01m - AUS$9.45m - €6.43m) so the club will at worse not be making a loss on him.

Vlad Chiriches is wanted by Galatasaray and again it is only agreeing a fee that is holding up a deal, Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Brad Friedel have also left.

That leaves Aaron Lennon on £55,000-a-week (US$85,753 - AUS$115,666 - €78,782) waiting to leave, Everton want our winger permanently but we will have to lower our fee, it seems a little crazy that we want over double the Younès Kaboul fee but then they have the same stance over Kevin Mirallas..

It has felt all summer that we are making significant changes to put together a squad for the next few years, a squad that is suited to the system we are now playing. The transfer window has only been open for 16 days, but everyone is trying to do early deals because the season starts on 8 August with the 2016 UEFA European Championships next summer.

This season should be a season where we continue to move forward, whether we can close the gap enough on the top four is another question, they can pay double our wages. We have to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts, if we can then we have a chance, if we can't we don't. It's only a couple of weeks now and we can start watching football again and get involved with the season, can't wait.

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The Levy nonsense

8:30 am
Plenty of rubbish being written in the mainstream media surrounding Daniel Levy telling Mauricio Pochettino he has to sell before he can buy any more players, some even suggesting as much as six players.

All complete tosh of course, Pochettino doesn't sell the players, not does he buy them either, so it would be pretty pointless telling him. You can advise him that is what the club is going to do which is quite different from telling him he has to do it.

Daniel Levy and those responsible for selling the players, Franco Baldini has a part to play here, all know who is for sale and who they are happy to keep unless an offer that suits us comes in. The four main players in that bracket are Roberto Soldado, who Pochettino is quite happy to keep, Benjamin Stambouli, Federico Fazio and Andros Townsend.

The players up for sale all know they have to look for another club, Emmanuel Adebayor, Aaron Lennon and Younes Kaboul are three players the head coach does not want to keep and doesn't want with the senior squad. Lennon is waiting for Everton, who are waiting for us to lower our price, while they try to keep Mirallas's price high, Kaboul is wanted in Turkey and seems keen to move there while Adebayor is being Adebayor.

He held Manchester City to ransom for the only thing that seems to matter to him, money, and he is doing the same thing again. Rather than be loaned out, he wants his years wages and a transfer so he gets even more dosh. No wonder Pochettono doesn't want him anywhere near the other players.

The word from the inside is that we will buy anyway as those for sale will be frozen out if they don't leave so we have made it plain to them, go, now. We have always had a problem selling players we don't want as any move is often a step-down or lower wages so to avoid the problem we have taken a very hard line approach this time, fingers crossed it works.

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Now only a year left on Vertonghen's contract

8:00 pm
With the passing of June 30, another year has expired on players contracts and there are consequent, as of 1 July, a whole host of players entering the final year of their contracts.

Rhe Bosman ruling has now meant that the list of players entering their final year is the single most important piece of information during a summer transfer window. Having only a year left on the players contract deflates his value significantly, thus clubs can pick up players who they wouldn't be able to buy at full market value.

Morgan Schneiderlin is being sold by Southampton with two years left on his contract because he refuses to sign a new deal and the club want to, therefore sell him when his value is high, next summer it would be half what it is now. In the summer of 2014 Jan Vertonghen refused to sign a new contract. The press suggested he had been promised the captaincy, which in the end he wasn't given. Despite there being a two-year option on his contract that can only be exercised if both parties agree, a club can't force a contract on a player who doesn't want it and a player can't force a club to employ if they choose not to exercise the option.

I took a lot of stick from Everton fans yelling about an option in his contract which is entirely irrelevant if the player or club refuse to agree to exercise the option. His value does not increase by having an option because in effect it is meaningless until it's signed. He like Jan Vertonghen, Younes Kaboul, Emmanuel Adebayor, Tom Carroll, Alex Pritchard and Aaron Lennon are in the final year of their contracts and their market value to other clubs is thus diminished.

Agents, players and clubs all know a player's value is deflated and use it to snap up a perceived bargain while for some individuals it is a way a club demonstrates they are not wanted, they don't offer an extension.

Spurs are discussing new contracts with Jan Vertonghen and Alex Pritchard, the future of Tom Carroll remains unclear while the club want Emmanuel Adebayor, Younes Kaboul and Aaron Lennon to leave. Will some sign, will some go, it's a waiting game, we'll see.

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4 departed £16.84m raised

8:00 pm
A look at the squad numbers from when they were announced last season, 14 August 2014, reveals that numbers 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 16, 20, 24, 29, 30, 32 and 35 are either sold, have left the club or are up for sale.

Nine first-team squad players have left since then and since the January transfer window closed we no longer have as playing members of the squad Holtby £4.66 million (US$7.4m - AUS$9.5m - €6.5m), Paulinho £9.93 million (US$15.66m - AUS$20.41m - €14m) Ceballos and Friedel.

Sell-on clauses in the contracts on Iago Falque and Massimo Luongo have netted us a further £2.25 million (US$3.51m - AUS$4.59m - €3.17m).

Total Income this window: £16.84 million (US$26.28m - AUS$34.33m - €23.75m)
Total Expenditure: £8 million (US$12.49m - AUS$16.30m - €11.29m) - Wimmer, Trippier

There are a further six we are actively trying to sell with another two we would sell if the right offer came along, Stambouli and Townsend, which is unlikely.


44. Cristian Ceballos
14. Lewis Holtby
8. Paulinho
Bongani Khumalo
16. Kyle Naughton
20. Michael Dawson
24. Brad Friedel
30. Sandro
32. Benoit Assou-Ekotto
35. Zeki Fryers

Looking for a buyer

9. Roberto Soldado
10. Emmanuel Adebayor
7. Aaron Lennon
29. Etienne Capoue
6. Vlad Chiriches
4. Younes Kaboul

Roberto Soldado has been linked with Galatasaray, Valencia and Juventus but only the Turkish seriously.
Emmanuel Adebayor would be happy to reunite with Tim Sherwood at Aston Villa but wants a payoff from us. Villa are being sold anyway so are perhaps in a state of limbo for a month. He has one year left on his contract.
Aaron Lennon has one year left on his contract is wanted by Everton but not at our £6 million asking price.
Etienne Capoue is wanted by Watford who have been holding discussions with us over the fee, terms are believed to have been agreed between player and club it is believed.
Vlad Chiriches has had enquiries but only Basel with any seriousness, Italy looks the most likely destination.
Younes Kaboul has one year left on his contract and has been the subject of interest from three Turkish clubs, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş. There is also interest from an unnamed London club.

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Lennon and Miralles update

8:30 am
I wrote last summer about the fact that there will be more and more swap deals mooted and repeated that in January. This summer they seem to be all the rage.

Right at the beginning of January I wrote a piece saying Aaron Lennon only wanted to leave Spurs for four clubs and he would wait for one to come in for him. I then reported that that club would be Everton and that we would try a swap deal for Kevin Mirallas.

Aaron Lennon did end up at Everton as we know, scored a couple of goals, was credited with turning their season around and kept Kevin Mirallas out the team. Everton would like to keep the pacey 28-year-old winger but are refusing to meet our £6 million (US$9.46m - AUS$12.26m - €8.42m) asking price. Lennon only has a year left on his contract and is not interested in joining a club who will possibly be fighting relegation, he wouldn't for example want to go to one of the promoted clubs.

Everton, quite naturally, want to get Lennon on the cheap, they don't want to pay what his value might be and we naturally want as mush as we can get. This is not a Tottenham thing, it happens at every club, Everton quoted us higher figures for Mirallas, despite he also having only a year left. Everton fans will point out the club have the option to extend it, but each player has a veto option to that so for transfer price calculations, it's irrelevant.

Regular readers will know there are certain transfer stories I'll generally steer clear of and leave the reporting of them to others. Anthony Martial was in that category when that story broke I didn't believe a word of it, the figures were all wrong to fit within our transfer strategy. There have been plenty of stories over Tottenham considering a move for Kevin Mirallas this summer.

This is an easy story because we tried for this swap in January, but our criteria has been set and Kevin Mirallas doesn't fit it. Wingers are ten a penny out there at the moment and a 27-year-old (28 in October) doesn't fit the bill, neither does he price relative to how we perceive his actual value.

There seems, as far as I can find out, to be nothing to this story at all, we do not appear to be interested in Mirallas, we have moved on. As for Lennon, this is a game of chicken. Everton will hang on and wait until his price comes down later in the window, we will be hoping that their need to have the player training will force them to pay more than they want, earlier in the window.

With our need to offload him you would expect the deal to happen at a lower price later, for now Lennon will just sit tight at Tottenham and wait.

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The For Sale List

10:30 am
All players have a price of course, but if the price, which is usually higher than a buying club wants to pay, is not met the player is going nowhere.

Tottenham have a list of players who are to be sold. We have a second list, as do all clubs, of players they we will listen to offers for and only sell if an advantageous deal comes along. That list is not very large, indeed unless a silly offer was made then it probably only contains a coupe of names, Benjamin Stambouli being one.

The club  are happy to keep Kyle Walker and Andros Townsend despite recent media speculation suggesting they are offered in all sorts of deals. Players names crop up in meetings naturally but the scenario'will you take these two as part payment for him' is rare, how many do you actually recall happening.

The suggestion we are offering players we are happy to keep when we have a whole list of players we are desperate to get rid of, would mean we are trying to put ourselves ina crazy position of having to buy about eight players. There are seven on the must sell list, add to that Friedel retiring, Yedlin probably going on loan, Ceballos being released and you have ten gone before you add any others.

Dele Alli, Alex Pritchard, Tom Carroll. Kieran Trippier, Kevin Wimmer are five to add, then we have another centre-back, a central midfielder, a wide attacker and two forwards to buy, that's another five making ten changes in all. If we were then to start changing Walker, Townsend, Stambouli we are talking crazy numbers and let's not forget Manchester United are trying to wear us down in their pursuit of Hugo Lloris.

As Tottenham are in a better financial position than all but five of the Premier League, then sales within the Premier League are unlikely, the players wages are usually too much for other clubs.

The For Sale List

1. Emmanuel Adebayor

It doesn't take a genius to work out what Adebayor wants will all his hollow words about being happy at Tottenham and wanting to stay. He is playing games, just as he did at Manchester City to try and collect a years wages and then move this summer anyway. Greed sums it up. he is happy  because most of the time he is nor in a match day squad is he, that is hardly a winning mentality is it. He is happy to earn in a week what takes you 4 years or more and do nothing for the privilege.

Plenty of clubs will want him, none will want to pay his wages so will look to exploit the situation and take him on loan for yhe season, ptabably on 50% wages. Aston Villa are certainly interested nd that is one club Adebayor would haooily play for with Tim Sherwood there.

2. Aaron Lennon

Lennon has no interst in going to a team in the bottom half of the table and be embroiled in a relegation fight. As I said at the very beginning of January he is only interested in 4 sides, Everton, which is where I said he go, Liverpool, Southampton and West Ham United. The other 4 big clubs wouldn't want him of course. That situation still remains, Everton want him but not at the price we want so will no doubt wait until late in the window to bring the price down. Lennon knows he won't be in the match day squad at Spurs.

3. Etienne Capoue

Another who will not be in the match day squad and if h harbours any hope of an international recall for the European Championships in his home country next summer then he has to move and play. Perhaps someone will grant him the guaranteed first-team place he seems to feel is his devinp right. The have been tebtative enquiries but as with all players at Tottenham his wages could prove a stumbling block for clubs like Watford, WBA, Real Sociedad and Italian sides.

4. Younes Kaboul

Obviously committed a serious misdemeanour or he wouldn't have been removed from media duties in November, he is the club captain and therefore the mouthpiece of the club, the squad. To silence that mouthpiece speaks volumes. Another who knows he is not wanted at the club and will not be in match day squads. His representatives have contacted clubs in Turkey who will welcome him with open arms given his Moroccan descent. The big three, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş are all pursuing him and talks were held last week.

5. Vlad Chiriches

Chiriches hasn't improved since he arrived and the faster, more physical game in the Premier League has found him wanting. He is far more suited to the slower pace in Italy and I expect to see him end up there. There have been enquiries for him but nothing concrete to suggest a swift move.

6. Roberto Soldado

A goalscorer who can'r score goals, we know how to mess em up at Spurs. Spend a season not passing him the ball and have him playing for 2 seasons in a system where a lack of through balls means he has struggled to adapt. Now he would rather pass than shoot but he'll find his goalscoring touch. Galatasaray, Juventus and Valencia have all made enquiries, indeed Galatasaray representatives were in the country last week to discuss several transfer targets including Soldado and Kaboul.

There ar recent reports linking him with Atlético Madrid but the club fans have a huge problem with him. The tried to sign him last summer but the fans launched a campaign against the move, he was brought up through their hated rivals youth system, Real Madrid and in 2012 drove his studs into the head of Radamel Falcao causing him to beed stitches and miss several weeks. There is plenty of bad blood between the two.

There are suggestions that the fee is only half with the rest add-ons, having a contact in Valencia at the time of the transfer, I know that is not the case. Someone has mixed up instalment payments with add-ons. It would be the worse deal in Valencia's history if they sold a goalscorer for the figures being suggested, the fact he has failed to score since is irrelevant to the transfer.

Soldado will cost Tottenham £24 million (US$38.11m - AUS$49.05m - €33.48m) not the £13 million (US$20.64m - AUS$26.57m - €18.14m) suggested, that is just the instalments for 2 years, there are still another 2 years instalments to pay whether we sell him or not.

Name me one other deal that has has £13 million of add-ons in a transfer fee of that size. Valencia didn't want any add-ons at all and wanted payment over 2 years, they suddenly collapsed and agreed to an absurd deal.

7. Paulinho

Paulinho went back to the World Cup in Brazil and all their fans were asking what we had done to him, he was a shadow of the player he had been a year before. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say he has bottled it ever since he was tackled by Charlie Adams. After that tackle he was a different player, he didn't tackle much, he went forward less, he started passing sideways an passing the buck. He didn't bother to learn the language and played as if he didn't want to be here. Hopefully this summer he will get his wish, we don't want him her either.

Did we scout him or was he a player put forward by an agency to us? he has already stated he is not going to return to Brazil so reports suggesting he could be going back there soon are wide of the mark, he wants to stay with the many other Brazilians where there is more money, Europe. He is another player who will probably end up in Italy and another we will make a loss on.

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The Chadli vs Lamela shot time tells a story

8:30 pm
The penultimate in the Shot Time Series, that has been very revealing thus far of the Rose Davies battle and damning of Mousa Dembélé.

Tonight I move on to the attacking three behind the striker in Mauricio Pochettino's 4-2-3-1 system.

The six players in the section ate Andros Townsend, Érik Lamela, Aaron Lennon, Christian Eriksen and Nacer Chadli. In which order would you put them, who takes the least amount of playing minutes to take a shot?

If you don't shoot you can't score, pretty obvious, the Mousa Dembélé shooting time statistic showed why he doesn't score more.

The time is arrived at by taking the total amount of time on the pitch in the Premier League over the season and dividing that by the number of shots a player takes, thus giving us a time it takes him to have a shot. The lower the figure the more shots a player gets in, the higher the less.

Shooting Time Tables

Premier League Only
Attacking Midfield
Player - Mins Per Shot
Christian Eriksen 32.29
Nacer Chadli 44.65
Andros Townsend 47.19
Érik Lamela 60.53
Aaron Lennon 152.57

Eriksen, Chadli and Townsend are all similar times, two were in double figures, one scored from a miss-placed cross. Even the England commentators are cottoning on to his cut inside and shoot game, saying he has to be careful he doesn't become a one trick pony and therefore easy to defend against. Spurs fans will tell you it's a bit late for that.

The Chadli and Lamela shooting time should be about the same but it isn't, Chadli took 16 more shots in just 114 minutes more playing time. Our Argentinian has to up that statistic and give himself the chance to score more goals, Lennon, Townsend and Chadli are all more accurate when they do shoot.

Shooting Time Tables

Premier League Only
Players To Date
Player - Mins Per Shot
1.   Christian Eriksen 32.29
2.   Paulinho 43.43
3.   Nacer Chadli 44.65
4.   Andros Townsend 47.19
5.   Ryan Mason 56.49
6.   Érik Lamela 60.53
7.   Nabil Bentaleb 84.83
8.   Danny Rose 98.75
9.   Mousa Dembélé 105.45
10. Étienne Capoue 128.14
11. Aaron Lennon 152.57
12. Federico Fazio 161.45
13. Eric Dier 191.50
14. Younès Kaboul 198.00
15. Jan Vertonghen 216.23
16. Benjamin Stambouli 234.50
17. Kyle Walker 261.20
18. Vlad Chiriches 707.00
19. Ben Davies 898.00

Tomorrow the concluding part of the Shooting Time Series where I'll add in the strikers and give the overall table, usual time, 8.30pm GMT.

The Shot Time Series
1. Defenders - The Ben Davies Story
2. Defensive Midfield - The Mousa Dembélé Story

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Wass being watched, who'll leave, Lennon, Townsend & or Lamela

5:30 pm
Who will stay and who will go depends upon what deals can be worked out, it's not simply a question of we want to sell so that's it a player is gone.

An area Pochettino is known to want to improve is the wide attacking area, Chadli has weighed in with 11 Premier League goals and 5 assists, a decent haul that could have been even better had he not lost form following the death of his father. Clearly he is one who will stay but there has to be a question mark against the rest.

Andros Townsend flatters to deceive every time and is such a defensive liability he was taken off after 30 minutes against Manchester United. There have been rumours that he doesn't do as he is told by the coach, which if that is the case then puts his Tottenham future in serious doubt. With the talent he has he should be a better player than he is, he should be producing more, 2 goals and 2 assists is poor.

Regular readers will know I have looked at this over time and shown previously how is not mentally prepared for games when he comes on as a substitute. A sub should be mentally switched onto the game and have studied his potential opponent, plus what he teammates are doing. Townsend is more interested in the crowd when he warms up and seems to not mentally switch on until he has crossed the white line, which is far too late.

You have to be mentally motivated from the off, he doesn't appear to be, indeed Tottenham don't appear to be in general, especially when we play Newcastle United! It's a major deficiency in our game. We can finish well but we let ourselves down if we start both halves slowly. if you are mentally deficient as a sub then you are going to be mentally deficient in other areas simply because you don;t have the winning mentality required.

Aaron Lennon puts in a defensive shift and is a far better player than many Spurs fans think. It is the job of a winger to put the ball into a dangerous area, rather than to pick out a centre forwards head. It is the job of the centre forward to say that ball is mine and attack the dangerous area. If you have players like Adebayor who don't make the runs they should, Defoe never used to attack the six yard box, then your stats are not going to look good. Kane would be ideal for Lennon as he attacks and has the determination to get there first, the way Benteke did against Fazio.

Defensively he has the game but we don't play with wingers now so he doesn't look to have a future at Spurs. he has shown on his loan spell at Everton that he still has a lot to offer so his sale will provide funds for the transfer kitty.

Erik Lamela is an up and down case, again he flatters to deceive going forward, but he does sometimes put in a shift, other times he is defensively missing. Defending is not just about the defence. If Lamela leaves a hole to attack regularly then the opposition will exploit it, putting undue pressure on the fight-back and thus on the whole defence, which leads to mistakes and goals.

He played a nice pass for the goal against Hull City and was in the right place at the right time to score against Southampton. He has 2 goals and 7 assists in the Premier League, nowhere near enough goals, we need double figures from each side of the field as well as centrally. That would make the system extremely dangerous, at the moment there is only a goal threat from one side.

We have seen a mental weakness and we have seen him put in the effort to get ready for the season. talented undoubtedly, mentally strong enough, questionable. This summer will see whether the club, or more precisely Pochettino, believe he can effectively adapt to the demands of the Premier League.

He can excel in less physical football played at a slower pace, he has already proven that. There is reported interest from Atletico Madrid should they lose winger Antoine Griezmann, who has a £43.5 million buyout clause.

Jay Rodriguez, Yevhen Konoplyanka and Andre Ayew are the best known names to English fans who have been linked with a move to Tottenham. As ever though Spurs watch many players, another that has come to light is Evian winger Daniel Wass, who can also play full-back.

He is a 25-year-old so fits our transfer policy and will be up for sale this summer with the French club suffering relegation. Spurs have been watching him, as have West Ham, Chelsea and Liverpool, but that does not mean we are going to buy him of course. Christian Eriksen will be able to tell Mauricio Pochettino all about him as he is a fellow Danish international.

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Lennon to Everton is no foregone conclusion

1:16 pm
It has been assumed by many that Aaron Lennin to Everton is a foregone conclusion after his loan move there is January.

Players tend to make the right noises when on loan at clubs to show the fans they are medicated to their temporary home.. The assumption from Everton fans is that he joined them in search of first-team football, which is not actually the case. He joined because he was forced out of Tottenham, having played a part in the November arguments.

There are two pools of thought and thus two rumours came out the club, one that Pochettino had no problem with him after he explained his side of the story, that he was merely sticking up for his friends. He apologized it all was well. However he has hardly played despite the consistent failures of Townsend and Lamela so another school of thought is that he has burnt too many bridges at Spurs.

What has been clear throughout though is that he doesn't want to leave, he didn't want to go on loan but was informed he wouldn't be playing, even then he didn't want to go to Hull City and clubs at the bottom of the league. There wereonly four clubs he would entertain, Liverpool, Southampton, West Ham and Everton. West Ham would have been difficult but regardless of what some Spurs fans think, he is a top eight player, as he has once again proved at Everton. Everton do not play the Tottenham system, we do not play with wingers, but wide attackers. Whether Lennon could adapt to that role is arguable but in the right system where he can use his pace he is still a force.

Lennon will have one year left on his contract in the summer so Spurs will need to sell him rather than loan him out for a season, We need to raise funds for purchases of our own. Removing his £55,000 a week wages would allow them to be spent on someone like Andre Ayew, available on a free from Marseilles this summer.

Everton have always balked at the fee and his wages but he has surprised their fans and shown he is worth the same as Mirallas, who may not be on Pochettino's shopping list this summer. Our policy of buying players under 27 unless they are special rules him out, Mirallas is 28 in October and not in the Rafael van der Vaart bracket.

No doubt more posturing to be done by all sides to engineer a suitable deal but much will depend on how Lennon feels about his wages. Is he prepared to lower them, will he seek a move elsewhere, will Everton put their hands in their pocket or will Lennon dig his heels in at Tottenham.

Having been on loan you wouldn't expect to see him back playing for Tottenham, but this is football and anything can happen yet.

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Lennon to Everton, obvious

8:55 pm
The obvious move and the move I wrote about on January 2nd and January 9th happened, Aaron Lennon joins Everton on loan until the end of the season.

Lennon to Everton, obvious
It was obvious to me, obviously not to those who hurled abuse, but for the experience and quality Lennon has fighting relegation was a pointless career move. Everton I knew were interested in him and wrote as much, we wanted Mirallas but when that wasn't going to come off as a swap deal the assumption from the press was he'd go to Hull, then Stoke but why?

He had nothing to gain by joining Hull City apart from playing regularly but half the teams in the Premier League would give him guaranteed game time. He has been used to challenging for the top four and playing that standard of football, naturally he would have wanted to maintain that if he could. He still has the ability to do so as pace is vital in today's game for most sides. We don't use pace but other sides do and the abuse he gets is unjust.

I applaud him for turning down deals unless the right one came along for him and wish him every success up there. He'll return in the summer when we can then look to sell him and bring in a replacement, of which we have several candidates.

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Lennon waits on Everton Spurs agreeing Mirallas deal

9:30 pm
It's a game of cat and mouse with Everton with Tottenham having to up our bid if we are to secure him this window.

Lennon waits on Everton Spurs agreeing Mirallas deal

Everton fans have been talking silly figures for a player who will be in the last year of his contract in the summer and whose value will decrease further.

Tottenham offered Everton £3 million plus Aaron Lennon, who is valued at £7 million, Everton want £5 million plus Lennon on loan, with an option to buy in the summer. Tottenham want a loan with a guaranteed purchase.

It is quite possible that this may go the way I have been suggesting all along and that Lennon will indeed end up at Everton, which makes more sense in footballing terms than Hull City, his destination that everyone else have been suggesting. Hull City are his fall back position if a deal can not be done with the Toffees.

Quite frankly the speedster would fit in at Everton quite well I think and he'll surprise a few Everton fans, a new lease of life and regular football with Lukaku to aim for could see Lennon make quite an impact. The trouble with our strikers and our supporters is that they expect a winger to put it on their head whereas a winger is actually supposed to put the ball into an area for the striker to attack. An Alan Shearer type powerful striker could have a field day with him.

Unless he is playing us of course I wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up.

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Mirallas pushing for a deal but Lennon to Monaco?

6:30 pm
The press in Belgium are running stories that their countryman, Kevin Mirallas wants out of Everton and is pushing for a move to Tottenham before the January deadline closes.

This isn't the first time we have heard that Miralles wants out at Everton. He only has 18 months left on his contract and is not thought to want to sign another one when a move to Tottenham would team him up with Jan Vertonghen, Mousa Dembele and Nacer Chadli.

Tottenham are looking to offload Aaron Lennon who like Miralles has a contract until 30th June 2016 and a straight swap is proposed just as I predicted earlier in the window. A few days we then had the press latching onto the news and stories started appearing. Spurs are once again trying to get Everton to accept Aaron lennon in a straight swap.

Hull City have been pushing hard to take Lennon on loan to join former teammates Michael Dawson, Tom Huddlestone and Jake Livermore and while that deal is close it is not certain. Spurs have been pushing for a guaranteed buy after a loan period and there is no indication that Hull want to buy him. If an Everton move and more money suddenly became possible then things would change rapidly. He is a much wanted player with a host of Premier League clubs linked as well as David Moyes at Real Sociedad making enquiries and Monaco opening talks with Spurs over a proposed move.

Tottenham are looking for £7 million for Lennon and Everton can only command a similar amount  for Mirallas because of the length left on his contract. The stories of Lennon plus cash have been wide of the mark and value the Everton winger as if he has longer left on his contract. It's an error many fans make when judging the value of a player, the press too.

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Lennon Spurs most creative player say stats

8:30 pm

We looked at the Premier League shot statistics which highlighted a problem we have, we shoot considerably less than Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. Also the shots we do have are from too far away, 16 teams shoot from closer to the goal on average than we do, suggesting a creativity problem.

Do we have enough of the ball to create, well stats show we sit 6th in the possession table but that again Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal are all above us, as they are in the pass success table, where we are a lowly 8th.

Simply put, the figures would suggest we need more of the ball, to use it better, get closer to the goal and shoot more often. All rather difficult if you play with not many players in the box though. Both defensively and in an attacking sense our midfield are not performing to the levels we need them to consistently enough.

WE may have a lot of midfielders but as a unit they are not effective enough which explains why Pochettino is looking to change personnel and bring in fresh faces.

Possession Stats
1. Manchester City 59.9%
2. Manchester United 58.7%
3. Everton 56.9%
4. Arsenal 56.7%
5. Chelsea 56.4%
6. Tottenham Hotspur 55.7%
7. Liverpool 55%
8. Southampton 51.9%
9. Swansea 50.4%

Pass Success Rate
1. Manchester City 85.2%
2. Manchester United 84.8%
3. Chelsea 84.6%
4. Everton 84/4%
5. Arsenal 84.1%
6. Swansea 83.1%
    Liverpool 83.1%
8. Tottenham Hotspur 81.3%
9. Southampton 80.4%

Spurs pass completion: Lennon 85%, Eriksen, Chadli 84%, Lamela 82%, Townsend 79%
Key passes by minutes of playing time: Eriksen every 36.3, Lennon 41.0, Lamela 51.5, Chadli 66.8, Townsend 76.8 minutes per key pass.
Spurs chances created: Eriksen 51, Lamela 30, Chadli 26, Lennon 9, Townsend 6
Chance created by minutes of playing time: Lennon every 31.89, Eriksen 35.59, Lamela 44.6, Chadli 53.95, Townsend 64 minutes per chance created.
Assists by minutes of playing time: Lennon every 143.5, Chadli 280.6, Lamela 334.5, Townsend 384.0, Eriksen 1,815.0 minutes per assist.

Major actions (goal, assist, key pass) by minutes of playing time: Eriksen every 30.76, Lennon 31.89, Chadli 42.52, Lamela 43.16, Townsend 54.86 minutes per major action.

The stats tell us Aaron Lennon creates twice as many chances as Andros Townsend and is one of our most creative attacking midfield player on a per minute basis, yet the little winger can't get a look-in.

Shots on target per game
1. Chelsea 6.2
2. Manchester City 5.7
3. Arsenal 5.5
4. Liverpool 5.0
5. Tottenham Hotspur 4.5
    Manchester United 4.5
    Everton 4.5
8. Southampton 4.4
    West Ham United 4.4

Only Crystal Palace (56%) shoot less times from the middle of the pitch as we do, 59% and yet if you listen to commentators they say we are always trying to go through the middle and have no width. To the eye we do seem to but we don't shoot, we always want the perfect opportunity, which with a packed midfield simply isn't going to happen.

We shoot from the right-hand side 21% of the time which is more than any other side and from the left 20% of the time, which puts us 8th.

For shots from inside the 6-yard box we sit 11th and from inside the penalty area we are bottom of the Premier League, from outside the box only Everton have a higher percentage.

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Lennon vs Mirallas

6:30 pm
I've talked plenty in this window about swap deals as Financial Fair Play has changed the transfer market and the Kevin Mirallas story opens us possibilities.

We know Everton are interested in Aaron Lennon and they have previously been linked with an interest in Younes Kaboul. Tottenham we know are interested in James McCarthy and now the news from HLN in Belgium that Tottenham have made an official enquiry for Kevin Mirallas.

Mirallas is 27 and has a contract until 2016, Lennon is 27 and has a contract until 2016, transfermarkt have both players valued at £10.56 million ($16.01m - €13.79m), but so near the end of his contract Lennon is now available for £7 million ($10.62m - €9.13m) so a swap deal is financially viable for both clubs. Mirallas earns about £1 million ($1.52m - €1.30m) less than Lennon.

Lennon vs Mirallas

Minutes played: 287 - 875 (Premier League)
Pass completion: 85.2% - 86.5%
Forward passes: 45.37% - 49.32%
Key passes: 7 (0.064%) - 11 (0.037%)
Crosses per game: 0.3 - 0.3
Long balls per game: 0.1 - 1.3
Through balls per game: 0.1 - 0.0
Assists: 2 - 1
Chances created: 9 - 12
Chance created every: 31.89 mins - 72.92 mins
Goals:  0 - 5 (1 from a free kick)
Shots: 2 - 32
Shot accuracy: 0% - 43%
Tackles won/lost: 8/5 (61.5%) - 10/14 (41.66%)
Take on success: 33.33% - 44.19%
Interceptions: 3 - 3
Blocks: 0 - 1
Clearances: 5 - 3

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Lennon, Stoke, the future

4:33 pm
The story of Stoke City this transfer window and the words of manager Mark Hughes reveal the way the game is going nowadays.

Lennon, Stoke, the future

Aaron Lennon has fancifully been linked with Stoke City but for Lennon it would be a step down and he is unlikely to want to take that step. We constantly hear, and hear from Stoke, that clubs want to take players on loan. Doing so means there is no commitment, they don't have to sell anyone they can just hand the player back and leave all the problems to the club ho own the player.

It's fine for a club taking a player on loan, as soon as they return them they no longer have the wages to pay and their is a free space in their squad, so in fact they are saving money. For the club sending the player out on loan it's a different story. At the end of the loan period they get the player back, have to pay his wages, indeed they may have been subsiding them t send him on loan in the first place.

It also means they now have an extra player as they will have brought someone in for the player on loan so they will have too many players in the squad, meaning clubs know they have to sell so offer bottom prices to buy. There are so few benefits it's not worth a club like Spurs loaning out the likes of Lennon, Soldado or Paulinho for instance. Unsurprisingly Daniel Levy insists on sales not loans.

Mark Hughes has told the Stoke Sentinel that his club are looking at loan deals this window unless the right player becomes available, obviously at the right price for Stoke.

“Names have been discussed and we will see where that gets us. I cannot say we are close to anything at the moment, but we are all eyes and ears, and the end of January is a long way off. 
“We are not just looking at players to do us a job between now and the end of the season. If the right player becomes available for longer term then we will obviously look at that too.”

There is nothing wrong with the loan approach, just that it doesn't suit Tottenham and the fact that you can't buy a player and immediately loan him out to a Premier League club anymore, a good step in my view, has made life a little more difficult for some clubs.

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A way needs to be found to stop clubs stockpiling players and prevent the situation going on at Chelsea with Thibaut Courtois, where they bought him and sent him on loan for three years having never played for the club. It's an abuse of what the system is intended for and an argument for banning consecutive loan periods without time spent at the parent club.

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