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Pochettino must resist the fans clamour for Onomah to start

9:03 am
Pochettino must resist the fans clamour for Onomah to start

Heung-Min Son, who has missed the last six games with a foot injury, is back in contention for the UEFA Europa League Group J match with Belgian side Anderlecht at The Lane.

Nabil Bentaleb has had an ankle injury and he like Son is now back in training. Bentaleb is not match fit yet. He will soon be off on international duty where he may perhaps get some game time.

Left-back Danny Rose is also a doubt after he had to be substituted with a dead leg late in Monday’s win against Aston Villa. Nacer Chadli and Alex Pritchard will also of course be missing.

“Sonny is in the squad and in contention, we now have to decide if he plays from the beginning or if it’s better to put him on the bench. 
“Nabil is training well but he’s not match fit yet. Danny is better, it was a dead leg but it’s not a big issue, he still has a chance, but we have a strong squad and if he isn’t 100% maybe we’ll wait until the next game.”

In the Premier League Tottenham are on a role, not having lost since the opening day when a mistake cost us a draw at Old Trafford. A lot is talked about in sport about momentum, what is basically meant when it is mentioned is that it has an effect on mentality. If you are in a successful run you are happy, you want to keep it going, life is good, everything is positive and that kicks over into the football you play. When you are confident you try things that you wouldn't do when your confidence was low. 

When you are in a losing streak everything seems harder, you play safe and don't try the difficult or perhaps creative pass, players stop making the runs off the ball. The players with strong mentalities continue to do the same things, those with weaker mentalities don't so the system breaks down.

The players let themselves down when losing to Anderlecht in the first game as this now makes this game much tougher. We now have to play a stronger side than we should have had to do which with a North London Derby after is not ideal. There seems to be plenty of talk that 18-year-old (19 next April) Joshua Onomah should start, which for me is nonsense. He is a youth player being developed and the next step for him is exactly wheat he is getting now, cameo substitute performances.

Mauricio Pochettino has indicated that he will be picking a strong side for the UEFA Europa League tie by telling the press that fatigue is no excuse, we have a schedule to play and complaining isn't going to change it. By doing so he is telling his players as well which a happy camp will accept, but an unhappy camp would have doubts about.

"We need to take the schedule and not complain about that. We need to accept the rules, the schedule, we knew the situation before. We're ready to compete. 
"It's true this is not the best condition but we need to be ready and we need to take the excuse away from the players - 'Maybe they are tired because they played on Monday?' - no. 
"We need to put this idea out of our mind. We're in a very good condition and we are fit and we need to be ready. 
"It's more mental than physical, playing every two days, and we're in a very good run - we need to keep focused because we have a very important game."
That strongly suggests players will not be rested and we are likely to see a strong XI put out with perhaps players like Ryan Mason given a game, Ben Davies for Rose, Alderweireld and Vertonghen to play in defence, Eriksen, Lamela and Kane all to start.

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Spurs XI - A low scoring affair tonight

4:56 pm

Thursday 22 oct - uefa EUROPA LEAGUE

Anderlecht v Tottenham

Spurs currently sit top of Group J which some are suggesting is trickier than it actually is. In the UEFA Europa League Tottenham Hotspur are considered big fish. We are expected to qualify from groups with comparative ease. Unlike Spanish clubs we do not take the competition seriously, neither do the Italians, hence the wealth of Spanish winners and sides in the final in recent years.

What we need to do is use the back-up squad players to qualify from the group and then take the competition seriously when we hit the knockout stages. If you look at our group it is fairly straight forward.

We should have and did beat Azerbaijani side Qarabag at White Hart Lane and secured a draw at Monaco where with better finishing we would have won comfortably. Monaco do not have the investment they did have and are having to sell players to stay within the Financial Fair Play rules. They are not a side to be feared as our game against them showed, we were easily the better side.

Tonight we play Anderlecht who have largely featured in the UEFA Champions League in recent years. That isn't as good as it sounds as they have a terrible record. They have won just one of their 22 European games since 2012/13.

The Belgian side have lost six of their last nine European home games with four of those defeats by more than one goal. Their home games in the Jupiter Pro League have not been goal-laden recently, their last five games have all had no more than two goals with three of those only having one goal

We do not often win away in the Europa League, we have won only one of five away games. Of those six games, four had two goals or less and we have failed to score in three of them. We are also drawing in the Premier League with four away games having had two goals or less, two of them with only one goal. 

Harry Kane is being rested we hear which presumably means Clinton Njie is at last going to play up front giving us some pace. He is clearly 'raw' and needs to improve in front of goal so the Europa League group games are an ideal opportunity to give him a run in the role and give Kane plenty of rest. Everything points to a low scoring affair tonight.

Trippier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose
Dembele, Dier
Lamela, Eriksen, Townsend

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Links to reports - Spurs fans attacked yet again

2:06 pm
There are some deranged people in the world who seem to think violence is big, it isn't, it's the resort of the neanderthal who doesn't have a coherent argument with which to fight his case.

Yet again on our travels Spurs fans have been subjected to violence. In Italy in 2012/13 you will remember the Police were mysteriously absent when Spurs fans were attacked by Italian thugs and took a remarkably long time to react. I'm sure you drew your own conclusions at the time, certainly the Police chief shouldn't have remained in his post after such incompetence.

If you have a meeting point for foreign supporters, an area where they are going to be drinking then you have a police presence, that is common sense or it should be. Our fans were attacked in France as well, now it's Belgium where our fans have had to run the gauntlet again. 

On this occasion they were attacked with bricks and bottles while having a quiet drink with no singing or chanting, indeed a local hotelier said Spurs fans had been no trouble at all. Reports suggest security will be stepped up after several supporters were injured in the incident. That suggests that security isn't and wasn't going to be good enough, certainly their intelligence wasn't.

You don't get 50 attackers without organisation and disgracefully the Belgian media are keeping quiet about it.

You can read reports at the links below:
Evening Standard
Daily Star
Daily Mail

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At last Njie at centre-forward

1:33 pm
Mauricio Pochettino has indicated that at last Harry Kane may well get a rest. No coach gets everything right and in my view he has mishandled Kane this season.

After the European Undre-21 Championships he needed a rest and should have missed the start of the season. That would only have happened if Pochettino himself had decided Kane would need a rest and asked the club to buy a striker by a set date. Clearly he didn't do that or we would have made greater efforts to do so, the fact we didn't speaks volumes.

It is rather nieve just to shout it's Levy's fault because Pochettino makes the playing decisions, not Levy. To compound his error he then keeps starting him, there was absolutely no need for him to play in the UEFA Europa League and particularly not against Monaco.

In France last season Clinton Njie started 13 games as a centre-forward and just 1 as a wide attacker. He should have been used as a striker before now, particularly the Monaco game so with Chadli out injured we might actually see him up front.

His finishing has not been great, one shot went for a throw-in and he has shown some promise from wide with one assist to his name already. In front of goal though he needs work and the only way he is going to develop is if he is given the responsibility of goalscoring. The UEFA Europa League is the ideal opportunity, we should always qualify regardless of which team we put out so having him sit on the bench for these games has been a strange decision.

We have to know what we have and see how he is going to react to the situation. Away from home win tend not to win in Europe and we are on a draw run at the moment. As with all the games in the current sequence and so often in Europe our finishing will determine the result.

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