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Sherwood more interested in players future than Spurs

9:26 am
Morning folks and what does it bring us with a quiet winter transfer window meandering to a close.

The stories all centre around a Manchester United player we have been interested in for quite a while. We have not put in a low bid in the hope of a bargain but Man U have contacted us and offered him.

Nani had been wanting a move to Italy and quite frankly he still does. If an offer came that's where he'd go. As an alternative he is interested in us. We would want a loan move but Man United want to sell him.

The move is a possible not a probable.

Andros Townsend Spurs NewsThe headlines today are Man U after one of our players Andros Townsend. The story is David Moyes has been watching him but didn't buy him in the summer because he felt £8 million was to much, a price that now looks cheap with his valuation now in the £15 to 16 million bracket.

The Independent have come out with a totally daft comment about it. They say that Tim Sherwood has worked with Andros Townsend right through the academy set-up. Well that is very true so he knows what he can do and has the potential to be a fabulous left winger and is likely to want to keep him.

However the Independent take the bizarre view that the Spurs Head Coach is thought to be considering what is in the players best interests as well as the club. Spurs are not some Championship side they are 5th in the Premier League. A manager, Head Coach considers what is best for his side and acts accordingly.

He does not consider what is best for the player and sell him because it in the players best interests and to the detriment of his own club. The suggestion that Tim Sherwood may be more interested in his players future than his own club beggars belief.

Daniel Levy is the one who will stop it they say. The lunatic who wrote that piece needs help.

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Sherwood more interested in players future than Spurs Sherwood more interested in players future than Spurs Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:26 am Rating: 5
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