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Nacer Chadli - The differing paper talk

7:38 pm
FC Twente winger Nacer Chadli is close to a move to White Hart Lane according to the Mail Online.
The Independent say Spurs are believed to be in talks with the Dutch side. The Metro quote his agent, Daniel Evrard, who says he doesn't think there are any talks.

"It has been known for a while that Tottenham are interested in Nacer. We would welcome this move, but I don’t think the two teams are in talks yet. We’re still waiting for a contract offer."

Hang on the Mail said a deal was close, how can that be if there are no negotiations? Someone here is telling porkies.

The Mail claim we have offered £6 million (€6.98 million) but FC Twente want £7.75 (€9 million). However the Metro say Twente want closer to £10 million (€11.63 million). Well make up your minds lads.

The Express claim sources in Holland suggest Swansea have had a £7 million (€8.11 million) bid rejected and that these sources claim we are prepared to go up to £9 million (€10.42 million).

The Independent throw in the suggestions of a 5 year deal, but with the way we have been stuck with deadwood 3 or 4 seems more likely.

Who is he? For his club the 23 year-old plays wide but the Belgium manager, Marc Wilmots, plays him centrally behind the striker. Last season he scored 10 goals in 22 Eridivisie games plus 5 assists. In total he scored 18 goals in 44 games with 12 assists, being substitute on in 12 games and off in 8. Clearly he has the versatility which seems to a requirements for the majority of our signings and he has an eye for goal.

How about a bit of ITK to clarify things, he's been to our training ground and he hasn't been to our training ground he's on holiday. Take your pick.

I'm sure that's cleared everything up

Now they can't both be right can they, but they could both be wrong.

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