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A Jolly time for Fulham fans

7:02 am
Fulham fans know Roy Hodgson left big shoes to fill as the club's manager, but they should be delighted that Martin Jol looks set to be the man given that task. No managerial shoes are too big for the burly Dutchman, who has all the attributes to be a major success at Craven Cottage.

English-speaking bosses with Premier League experience are a rare commodity and the Cottagers are right to emphasise Jol's success as Tottenham manager. Fulham's Premier League odds suggest they could face relegation this term, but Jol should be able to sort things out.

Two fifth place finishes with us, comprise an ideal CV for a prospective Cottagers boss and Fulham will see the poaching of a top level coach from a European giant as a significant coup. Ajax's loss would certainly be Fulham's gain.

The next manager football betting still makes Jol favourite to take the job, despite reports he has agreed to stay with the Amsterdam club. Clearly, Fulham need to do some work, but they seem confident of getting their man.

It might also be good news for Spurs fans. Not only will it give us the chance to see a much-loved figure up close again - he will be given the warmest of welcomes at White Hart Lane - but it also opens the door for a return to the club.

Jol stated that he had "unfinished business at Tottenham" when he was deviously driven out of the club and his dream of one day returning has come one step closer. A successful two or three years as Fulham manager might make him the ideal candidate to take over from Harry Redknapp, who has not-so-secretly been coveting the England job.

The relationship with Daniel Levy would need to be mended, but one senses the Chairman is not emotionally driven, especially after admitting that bringing back Hoddle as manager didn't work out as he had imagined. If bringing Jol back is the right thing to do for Spurs, Levy and co. will happily eat some humble pie. There are plenty of Tottenham supporters who hope that he does just that, if the chance arises.

To be honest, I am not one of them. I loved the guy when he was here. His charisma really rubbed off on you. I had the pleasure of meeting him via his nephew, Robert, at the Great Ormond Street Charity Dinner in December 2006. He was a real gentleman and his wife, Nicole, also loved living in London and seemed to know an awful lot about Spurs.

But for footballing reasons, I wouldn't want the Martin Jol that managed us previously. Martin himself has said that he made mistakes and has learned from them. If Martin has learned to inculcate a plan B, I would welcome him back. I suppose we'll have to see how he earns his spurs in the Fulham hot-seat.

Above all, if BMJ is to become the Fulham manager, I wish him the very best of luck.

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