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Dele Alli less than 8 minutes difference to last season

12:54 pm

Dele Alli less than 8 minutes difference to last season

Dele Alli doesn't listen to his critics

I saw this tweet from Spurs Stat Man and immediately thought of all the media and fans shouting that Dele wasn't playing well, when in fact he was still creating goals for teammates.

He gets targetted by opposition players clearly, either to stop him creating anything or to try and wind him up and blow a fuse.

The 22-year-old (23 next April) England international doesn't measure a successful personal season by goals alone, as his critics seem to do, he has 14 goals and 17 assists. In the Premier League his goal tally halved to 9, but people forget he also had 11 assists while being a marked man this season.

That's a direct hand in 20 goals in 36 Premier League games. He had 9 assists in 37 games last season.

Premier League
Goal every 169.11 minutes
Assist every 338.22 minutes
Direct Hand in a Goal every 112.74 minutes

Premier League
Goal every 330.01 minutes
Assist every 270.09 minutes
Direct Hand in a Goal every 148.55 minutes

All Games

Goal every 182.45 minutes
Assist every 308.77 minutes
Direct Hand in a Goal every 114.69 minutes

All Games
Goal every 270.71 minutes
Assist every 222.94 minutes
Direct Hand in a Goal every 122.26 minutes

All games include the important UEFA Champions League games of course and his direct hand in a goal figure is not too dissimilar to last season, less than 8 minutes difference. His game simply meant he created more goals this season, a factor simply overlooked.

That isn't how we coaches look at things, there is more to a players game than goals so he has certainly come in for criticism he often hasn't deserved. he isn't bothered by it.

"Everyone has different opinions. If this is a 'bad season' for me then I'm happy to take that as a compliment.

"I am my own biggest critic. If you have the right focus, everything else is just noise.

"My focus is on being the best player I can be - when you expect that from yourself no one can expect more from you.

"I've worked hard to get this far but there's always room for improvement.

"I'm sure if you asked ­Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, the two best ­players in the world, they would say they can improve on something.

"I want to keep on ­improving, I'm working with a good manager in Mauricio ­Pochettino who is hungry to help every player."


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Kane and Alli worth €362m, Alderweireld going?

3:15 pm

Harry Kane and Dele Alli are now worth €362m

Spurs duo Harry Kane and Dele Alli now worth €362m

Always fun to have a look at the CIES Football Observatory figures and they have calculated the gap between what was paid for a player and what they are worth now, in the 5 major European leagues, Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.

Two of them are from Tottenham, so why are fans complaining out our transfer policy?
1. H. Kane 🦁— €198m (+€198m) 2. L. Messi 🇦🇷—€197m (+€197m) 3. D. Alli 🦁—€171m (€+164m) 4. A. Griezmann 🇫🇷—€158m (+€128m) 5. P. Dybala 🇦🇷—€155m (+€115m)

Whether you agree with it or not is pretty irrelevant. We simply don't have the money other clubs have and have to cut our cloth accordingly. Most fans would agree that we are doing rather a good job of it under Mauricio Pochettino.

There will always be players who want more, always players who will move on, it's part and parcel of football. We have seen that when a player has decided to leave that Pochettino puts him on the back burner. He no longer is a first choice as his replacement needs to settle into a rhythm.

Kyle Walker lost his place to Kieran Trippier and his performances went down when he no longer had that total commitment, Danny Rose hasn't recovered his place since injury and when he has played, again the total commitment doesn't seem to be there.

Reports from Belgium, where Toby Alderweireld is away with the national team, suggest contract negotiations have broken down and Spurs have decided to let Alderweireld leave. He is after one last pay day and we will not be breaking our wage structure to keep him.

We can't. If we did then every other player would demand similar increases and our finances would become stretched. We are improving because we are a well run club with a manager who improves players.

Davinson Sanchez has been bought and is learning his craft alongside the experienced Jan Vertonghen. A decent defender, there is still improvement to come. He now appears to be the first choice ahead of Alderweireld. Fitness may just be a smoke screen.

If he wants 180,000-a-week, good luck to him getting it. Someone will pay it, it won't be us. We move on.


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Unnoticed Dele Alli contribution

8:27 am

Dele Alli contributes more to Spurs than people realise

Unnoticed-Dele-Alli -contribution
Dele Alli contribution often goes unnoticed

Mauricio Pochettino calls Dele Alli the best 21-year-old player in the world and yet a ill-informed section of Spurs fans who don't see him scoring every week or don't see a pass come off suggest he isn't playing well.

"Tell me one better than him, a 21-year-old, with all that he achieves. Tell me one. Now. A current player. Maybe you can find similar, but better than him?"

2017/18 10 goals 16 assists (one every 122 mins)
2016/17 22 goals 13 assists (115 mins)
2015/16 10 goals 11 assists (153 mins)

You have to look at the whole contribution a player makes.Can they play better, of course they can, every player can play better no matter how well they are playing.

If you look at the statistics that show a contribution he has made to a goal per minute of playing time, you can see he isn't far off last season at all, then he was a superstar.

122 minutes as opposed to 115 minutes.

It does rather show that fans forget, or don't notice his assists, equally as important as goals. It doesn't matter who scores, just as long as someone does and he has 3 more assists this season, with games still to go, than he did in the whole of last season.


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2 Spurs stars in Europe Top 10 MVP - Top 25 list

2:30 pm



Tottenham retain two players in the top ten (Europe Top 10 MVP) of the CIES Football Observatory transfer value rankings this week, Harry Kane and Dele Alli.

An explanation taken from the CIES website tells us that they have undertaken this exercise since 2012 and use a scientific formula that includes 'multiple variables on player performance'. They work by matching historical data on deals and do not include a subjective human element. Since 2013 their accuracy between prediction and actual transfer fee has seen 80% accuracy.

I think you'll agree that is a pretty decent benchmark to place player valuations against. Contract length is taken into account, minutes played, goals scored, age and many other factors. A full explanation can be found here.

Potential Transfer Values Top 12

The values are all in Euros and as you can see Harry Kane in the 6th most valuable player in Europe this week while Dele Alli is the 9th most valuable player.

Europe Top 10 MVP
6th - Harry Kane - £125.61 million (€139.2m - AUS$206.7m - US$163.9m)
9th - Dele Alli -  £99.71 million (€110.5m - AUS$164.08m - US$130.1m)

The figures for numbers 13 to 25 from the Top 5 European Leagues are below.

Gareth Bale has been talked about a lot and he is rated as the 14th moist valuable player in Europe with the press speculating that Real Madrid could use him to raise cash for their top target 18-year-old (19 in December) Kylian Mbappe, who isn't rated in the top 100 players.

Europe Top 25 MVP
14th - Gareth Bale - £75.8 million (€84m - AUS$124.73m - US$98.9m)

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New dele valuation miles adrift

3:19 pm


Tottenham Hotspur and England midfielder Dele Alli has been named the most valuable Under-21 footballer in the world. A study carried out by Soccerex found that the two-time PFA Young Player of the Year is worth £73.09 million (€82.6m - AUS$119.88m - US$95.27m) in the current market which saw him finish above several high-profile players in his age range.

That is the report from IBT Times, however the accurate CIES Football Observatory suggest he is worth a massive amount more than that. they suggest only Messi is more valuable and they take into account contract length. CIES suggest he is worth £136.63 million (€155.1m - AUS$228.79m - US$176.88m).

That is a vast difference and shows they must be using different criteria. If you look at the transfer fees being asked now, the upper figure appears more accurate. That is also shown by their valuation of the 18-year-old (19 in December ) Monaco forward Kylain Mbappe at £54.8 million (€61.7m - AUS$89.48m - US$71.07m).

Three clubs have bid £88.49 million (€100m - AUS$145.08m - US$115.35m) for him, Manchester City, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Incidentally, for those of you wondering, Ross Barkley doesn't make the 110 most valuable players in Europe, due to only having a year left on his contract, his transfer value is therefore diminished.

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Alli bid £100m too low and Suso left out of AC Milan squad

7:26 am


If it is true that Barcelona have submitted a crazy £39.64 million (€45m - AUS$66.36m - US$51.3m) bid for Dele Alli, they will have to up the offer by £100 million (€113.54m - AUS$167.39m - US$129.43m).

The most valuable Spurs player in Europe only has Lionel Messi ahead of him according to the CIES Football Observatory is Dele Alli, with a predicted transfer value of £136.63 million (€155.1m - AUS$228.79m - US$176.88m).

When people are left out of pre-season tours it is usually to negotiate a transfer, unless of course there is a genuine injury.

Ross Barkley has been left out of the Everton trip to Tanzania and Tottenham target Suso has been left out of the AC Milan squad for the International Champions Cup in America. With news of a Tottenham bid being turned down and the Italian media once again regenerating their fixation with Erik Lamela, speculation is now rife.

Has Mauricio Pochettino finally given up on the weak minded Argentinian winger, who has only given us one decent season in all the time he has been here. He wanted to go back to Italy almost as soon as he had arrived and there are unconfirmed reports that Spurs have placed him up for sale.

We have been linked with many a winger, but a reported bid and a player subsequently not taking a pre-season trip do tend to give substance to the story. Previously it has been stated that the 23-year-old (24 in November) doesn't want to leave and that AC Milan don't want to sell him, that would now not appear to be the case.

However, he has been injured and it may well be that he is simply undergoing treatment as reports suggest that Spurs do not interest him.

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Enquiries made for Dele Alli, new Costa bid

8:30 am


AS Roma have made an enquiry for Dele Alli report Italian news aggregator website TMW. They sat the 21-year-old (22 next April) England international (he has 18 full international caps scoring 2 goals) is being tracked by Manchester City, Spanish giants Real Madrid and now French giants Paris Saint-Germain as well. Apparently they fear losing Blaise Matuidi and Marco Verratti this summer and so are scouring the market for replacements.

The Italians seem to think Tottenham will put Dele Alli up for sale for around £652.83 million (€60m - AUS$88.64m - US$67.23m) which is laughable. Alli recently made remarks to the press that he is very happy at Spurs and looking forward to next season with us.

BREAKING NEWS: Juventus have submitted a new bid for Douglas Costa according to the latest reports in the Italian media say TMW. The new bid is £26.45 million (€30m - AUS$44.43m - US$33.84m) while Bayern Munich are holding out for £35.27 million (€40m - AUS$59.21m - US$45.12m).

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Dele Alli 15 goals and 7 assists in 21 games, not bad for a midfielder

5:07 pm

Regular readers, and there are thousands of you, will know I talk a lot about a player continually trying to improve himself in training, a basic requirement for Argentinean manager Mauricio Pochettino and an element of a winning mentality.

Dele Alli has such a mentality and reveals he had to change his playing style as defenders had cottoned on to ho he played, his game had to develop further for him to continue his success. Going through the motions to maintain the same level wasn't an option, it shouldn't be an option for any player at Tottenham, if it is then a transfer is looming.

In a season where the 21-year-old (22 next April) midfielder scored 22 goals and had 13 assists (18 goals and 9 assists in the Premier League) he came to the fore in the second part of the season.

August, September, October, November and December, up until the 14th,  saw him contribute 3 goals and 3 assists in 15 Premier League games.

Then he scored against Burnley, banged two goals against Southampton, Watford and Chelsea, had an assist against WBA and scored against Manchester City. That's 8 goals and 1 assist in 6 games.

Three games with nothing was followed by a goal against Stoke City, a goal and an assist against Everton, a goal against Southampton, an assist against Burnley, a goal and an assist against Swansea City, a goal against Watford, an assist against Bournemouth, a blank game, a goal against Arsenal,  two blank games, an assist against Leicester City and a goal and an assist against Hull City.

In the final 13 games, he scored 7 goals in different games and chipped in with a further 6 assists. In the final 21 games he chipped in with 15 goals and 7 assists.

“I’ve had to think a lot more about my movement. Maybe in my first season, players weren’t used to me running into the box from midfield, so they weren’t expecting it. This season, they got a little bit more used to it. 
“So I’ve had to time my runs a little bit better, and I’ve had to be a bit sharper with the way I move off defenders. I’ve had to try to judge the flight of the ball a little bit better. 
“At the start of the season I struggled a bit, perhaps because I didn’t expect players to be so used to me, so I had to change my game. I started playing a bit higher up the pitch and scoring a few more goals. 
“There are still things I need to work on to make sure next season is even better. I want to be more clinical than I was this season. I want to up my numbers again.
“With the players we’ve got here, we don’t need to go out and spend loads of money. There is a good bunch of players here. Everyone is determined, everyone works hard and there is a lot of quality in the team. 
“It is important we stick together, keep working hard and keep improving. We have to take our form from the end of this season into next season, and start even stronger. Then, if we can finish as well as we did this season, we should be OK.”

It may only be a friendly game on Friday but I'm looking forward to seeing the lads in action again and having a further look at some of the youngsters. Lesniak made a decent debut and looked comfortable following in the footsteps of Hary Winks.

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Dele Alli Tweets North London is ours

8:11 pm


Tottenham were a far better team than Arsenal last season and when the title was gone the players, much to the supporters annoyance, gave up allowing Arsenal to finish ahead of us.

When you aim for a goal and miss you can still achieve, we achieved a UEFA Champions League position, we should have secured second place though. We had to retain focus by refocusing on something that was important to the fans. We didn't.

This season the lessons Pochettino has been drumming into the players about mentality and the experience of last season has made Tottenham a stronger side. Mentally we have certainly improved, there is still much to learn though and a piece of silverware is important.

Today we saw a one-sided game really, not in the possession stats, but it what was done with the ball. Arsenal hardly created anything and we were by a distance the better side, a distance of 17 points it seems.

The Dele Alli goal summed up the difference, he won a ball he shouldn't have and when Eriksen shot he was already making his way from the goal line into the six-yard box just incase something dropped there. It did and as he was anticipating, not reacting, he got to the ball first. It is all a part of the mental approach you have been reading about all season from me. It was the difference between scoring a goal and not scoring a goal.

A crowd favourite, Dele Alli sure knows how to get us on his side off the pitch too!

Atmosphere was amazing, thank you to all the fans.. north London is ours!! 💪🏽⚽️

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Flop Mitchell to PSG, what has that got to do with Dele Alli?

8:36 am


I see the kids HITC have come out with another daft article, Dele Alli to PSG because PSG might, only might, be looking at employing  Paul Mitchell.

It is well now, although not by the author it seems, that Mitchell did not find Dele Alli, David Pleat did so to attribute his signing to Mitchell is wrong.

According to the author Mitchell's record was impressive which is complete rubbish, both Victor Wanyama and Toby Alderweireld played at a mid-table Southampton side under Mauricio Pochettino and it will have been Pochettinio who decided Spurs should buy them, not Mitchell.

His recruitment record was not very successful. Moussa Sissoko, Clinton N'Jie, Kevin-Georges N'Koudou to name just three. Our Head of Player Identification left at the same time which clearly shows we were unhappy at the quality of player they were finding. It is one thing to find players for a mid-table club but quite something else to find players who will challenge for titles and play in the UEFA Champions League. The bottom line is they couldn't handle finding that level of player. We have even overhauled Mitchell's scouting set up, again showing it wasn't working.

Quite why Mitchell possibly moving to PSG would mean a possible move for Dele Alli is beyond the comprehension of most people. PSG will be watching Dele anyway, half of Europe is, so what difference does it make if they employ Mitchell?

Mitchell Recruitments
Kevin Wimmer - MISS
Son Heung-min - HIT
Georges-Kevin N'Koudou - MISS
Clinton N'Jie - MISS
Kierran Trippier - HIT
Vincent Janssen - MISS
Moussa Sissoko - MISS

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Flop Mitchell to PSG, what has that got to do with Dele Alli? Flop Mitchell to PSG, what has that got to do with Dele Alli? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:36 am Rating: 5

Alli and Liverpool

2:30 pm

What is it with all these websites, Dele Alli has not been blocked from joining Chelsea as the IBT Times claim, that is a complete misrepresentation of a story.

I have no problem with people finding a angle, but don't make it one that strays from the actual story which is basically Wayne Bridge saying wouldn't it be nice if Dele Alli were a Chelsea player. Bridge is an ex-Chelsea player so it really is rather a nothing story.

The Premier League have given Liverpool a 2-year ban from signing any academy players after they made an illegal approach to a 12-year-old Stoke City youngster. Liverpool paid for the youth and his family to watch a game at Anfield and then spoke with them about moving clubs.

The Merseyside team have accepted the Premier League imposed£100,000 fine and the ban  which prevents them from signing any youngster from an English club. The second year of the ban is suspended for three years and will be activated if they breach the rules again. Naughty boys.

Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid recently received transfer bans for the illegal signing of foreign youngsters. It's a murky world football.

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Walker, Rose, Alli, Dier as good as Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, Busquets

7:00 pm

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola needs no introduction after his exploits at Barcelona and then guiding Bayern Munich to success. Now he has the task of rebuilding Manchester City and he wants to build it with an English identity.

The Spaniard compared four Spurs players, Kyle Walker, Danny Rose, Dele Alli and Eric Dier to the famous four, Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, and Sergio Busquets, saying the English players were on the same level.

“From my experience in Spain and Germany and now here, you cannot imagine how good the young players here are. Like I could not imagine the generation of Lampard, (Michael) Carrick, Scholes, (John) Terry, Gerrard, (Rio) Ferdinand, they had the talent to do something more. 
“As a spectator, I don’t understand. For example, compare it with Spain who always talk about the generation of Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, (Sergio) Busquets. 
“Those English players are of the same level. So you ask yourself, why not? Walker, Rose, Alli, (Eric) Dier, John Stones, Raheem, they are top. The quality is there and they have the quality at U19 and U21 too. The talent is there, I have no doubts about that. They need to make that step.”

Recent news has suggested that Guardiola has now turned his attention away from Danny Rose to 23-year-old (24 in June) Schalke 04 and Bosnia left-back Sead Kolasinac, no doubt having been told there is absolutely no chance of signing Danny Rose.

Danny Rose off Man City radar?

Rose has already expressed his desire to stay at Spurs at least until the end of his contract and is as close as any player to Pochettino, something the Spurs players all joke about. Equally Kyle Walker has an affinity with the club, while Alli and Dier are loving being part of a young talented group of players getting on so well and working in an environment where they are improving as players under the direction of a top coach.

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Walker, Rose, Alli, Dier as good as Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, Busquets Walker, Rose, Alli, Dier as good as Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, Busquets Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Spurs better than Saints in the art of winning a penalty

8:00 pm

A tale of two penalties

It seems after the game Southampton fans were looking for excuses and blamed the referee but in reality, they struggled to get past our midfield and had to play long balls towards Shane Long which all amounted to nothing. At one point he even had to chase his own header and that tells you all you need to know really.

You could argue two penalty decisions decided the game. The first was clever play by Dele Alli, he got to the ball first and with the Southampton players leg out he made sure he went over it instantly. All agreed there was no doubt it was a penalty, even the player who gave it away wasn't complaining. In the game today they are nearly always given.

The second nobody thought was a penalty until they saw the replays. Even all the experts working for Sky didn't think it was a penalty in real time. The problem was the Southampton player didn't go down immediately, had he done so he might have got the decision. Instead, he took a step forward and then decided to go down.

Like it or not, you have to practice these things in the modern game and you gave to almost put on a show for the referee. You can't be theatrical about it but you have got to ensure there is contact and immediately hit the deck. It is an art and while Spurs were the better side, they were better in the two decisive moments of the game.

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Spurs better than Saints in the art of winning a penalty Spurs better than Saints in the art of winning a penalty Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

Alli second in the goalscoring midfielder charts

5:00 pm

The weekend is nearly upon us and our FA Cup quarter-final against Millwall for a semi-final place and a prize of £380,000 - that would pay Dele Alli's wages for 5 months.

He currently sits second in the table of midfield goalscorers, his tally of 13 in 26 games only bettered by Scott Sinclair at Celtic, where goalscoring is a little easier in the Scottish Premiership, with 15 goals in 24 games.

For those looking for an angle Dele Alli has only scored the first goal once this season but scored the last goal 6 times.

Midfilders Goalscoring Chart

  • S. Sinclair (Celtic) 15 goals in 24 games (Scottish Premiership)
  • D. Alli (Tottenham Hotspur) 13 goals in 26 games (Premier League)
  • T. Ince (Derby County) 12 goals in 34 games (Championship)
  • S. Mane (Liverpool) 12 goals in 24 games (Premier League)
  • A. Knockeart (Brighton & Hove Albion) 11 goals in 34 games (Championship)
  • E. Hazard (Chelsea) 10 goals in 25 games (Premier League)
  • D. Edwards (Wolverhampton Wanderers) 9 goals in 31 games (Championship)
  • S. Armstrong (Celtic) 9 goals in 21 games (Scottish Premiership)
  • M. Ritchie (Newcastle United) 9 goals in 23 games (Championship)

A goal every 2 games for Dele Alli is not a bad return at all playing behind Harry Kane and shows his importance when you consider how highly rated Eden Hazard is. Tom Ince is of course a player we were very strongly linked with a few years back but his career hasn't hit the heights his Dad was suggesting it would with the price tag he was suggesting for him.

Not on that list but with 8 goals in 32 games is 23-year-old (24 next February) Norwich City winger Josh Murphy, who we have been linked with since last summer. With Erik Lamela disappearing from the first-team and Geroges-Kevin N'Koudou bought for the future we have a vacancy out wide, where we also sold Nacer Chadli and Alex Pritchard.

Gylfi Sigurdsson also has 8 goals, scored in 27 games for Swansea City this season. He didn't adapt to the wide role in the way Christian Eriksen did. While Eriksen has many assists to his name, goals are in a little shorter supply, especially as he hasn't scored from a free-kick for more than a year. Perhaps some extra training wouldn't go amiss.

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Players to watch

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Kevin Ball selects his players to watch tomorrow night

Anyone who has watched football for the past 30 years will know the name of Kevin Ball whether they support Sunderland or not. Born in Hastings in Kent he was a Sunderland stalwart and is now their senior professional development coach.

He has run the rule over Spurs for the official Sunderland website ahead of our game tomorrow and has picked out four players to watch, Harry Lane, Dele Alli, Mousa Dembele and Toby Alderweireld.


When I cast my eye over Tottenham Hotspur’s squad list, it’s great to see so many young British players they have coming through. Starting with Harry Kane in this week’s edition of my ones to watch, the striker has impressed me because he hasn’t had a straightforward development. I’ve mentioned that before, but I like the fact it hasn’t been plain sailing for him because that has served him well in the long run. A loan spell at Leicester City and a few other clubs saw him earn his stripes and for me that highlights his desire to develop. While chances were initially limited at Spurs, Kane took the one he had with both hands and is now one of the country’s leading strikers. He has excellent movement and can finish with both feet - you only have to look at his goalscoring record to see that with 13 goals in just 17 Premier League appearances.

You can find out what he has to say about Dele Alli, Mousa Dembele and Toby Alderweireld by following the link: Official Sunderland Website

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Kane and Alli not ready for Real Madrid

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I have had a trawl through the news in Spain recently and there are reports of Zinedine Zidane liking the Tottenham Hotspur pair of Harry Kane and Dele Alli, although both are not at Real Madrid level now I would suggest, despite their achievements.

Owen Hargreaves was asked if Kane would get in the Real Madrid side and he instantly replied he wouldn't get in the Real Madrid side, the Barcelona side or the Bayern Munich side, there were better strikers than him around at the moment. I'd have to agree with his assessment.

While this summer will be far too early for the pair to leave, the reports in Spain basically say it is only a matter of time before Real Madrid sign them. We'll see, I doubt they will sign Kane, he isn't mobile enough perhaps and Alli doesn't play in a way that suits their style of play, although I'm sure he could adapt.

The next couple of years are going to be important ones for Spurs. We need more UEFA Champions League football, a trophy, to get settled into the new stadium and take stock of where we are, challenging for titles hopefully. That might be the time to start wondering about their futures.

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Dier - "Alli will go to Madrid... On holiday"

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Alli has no intention of leaving Spurs

Anyone who has played team sports will know how important team spirit is. To be the best team you can be you need to socialise together rather than have players turn up, play and leave. I remember as a teenager our side was comprised of one teacher, one taxi driver and us sixth formers.

We had a brilliant few years, got to a Kent Cup Final, went on a football tour, all together in a minibus each year, training every week and stayed together as a group after that and after games, also on a Saturday and many of us played together on a Saturday afternoon as well.

Cricket was no different, again the social side being important for building those key relationships within a team and the desire not to let anyone down.

It was those values at a higher level that we needed to introduce to professional sport, building a bond between the players that would make it harder for a player to leave. I got abuse for it of course but just look now at the team spirit we have.

Players do not want to leave, they have to be convinced to go, Chadli, Mason, Carroll are example.

Victor Wanyama was interviewed and he remarked upon it.

"The team spirit here is unbelievable. We kept on fighting even though we weren't playing to our level."

Kyle Walker - "Tottenham Till I Die"
Eric Dier - "Alli will go to Madrid... On holiday"

Those sentiments from Kyle walker and Dele Alli just show the spirit we have and Danny Rose has also recently said he hopes to be at the club at least until the end of his contract in 2021, then there is Harry Kane insisting he wants to remain at Spurs for years.

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Xavi: Alli is very special

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Xavi: Alli is very special

The English press do like to over hype a player but every pundit sings the praises of Dele Alli, each thinking he is a superstar in the making and perhaps the best English player of his generation in the same way Paul Gasgoigne was.

Barcelona legend Xav has also taken note and spoke to the Daily Mirror recently about our talented 20-year-old.
"There are some very promising young English midfield players - and there is no doubt he is very special. He is very talented, very technical. I can understand why The Tottenham fans are hoping he is the next Paul Gascoigne. 
“For me, Gascoigne was an inspiration when I was developing, one of the best midfield players I have ever seen. It is important not to put pressure on Dele with these comparisons - but I can see why fans are excited. 
“For him to be at the very top level, he needs to consistently play well and put in big performances against the big clubs both in England in Europe. He has the capabilities to be able to do just that.”

He performed against Chelsea, he played his part against WBA, he has been knocking in the goals before then and now it is the time to step up once more and put in a performance against Manchester City that makes the difference between the two sides.

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Dele All'si style doesn't suit Real Madrid or Barcelona

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Chris Waddle one of the BBC pundits told viewers that Tottenham could win the title and that we and Manchester United are the two best teams in the Premier League at the moment, which Chelsea fans might dispute.

Steve MacManaman then said that there is no better 20-year-old in Europe at the moment and that Real Madrid, one of his former clubs, and Barcelona would certainly e keeping an eye on him. At this very minute he is good enough to be in their squads, whether he would get into the team is a another matter.

Chris Waddle countered that by suggesting his style wouldn't suit either team as they have a front three that they both rely on to win games, the midfield players don't make the runs into the box in the way that Dele Alli does for Tottenham.

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Adidas pushing Real Madrid to sign Dele Alli

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Real Madrid have pinched a couple of players from Spurs that haven't gone down too well with the supporters but being realistic Tottenham Hotspur at that stage were a stepping stone club to something bigger.

Under Mauricio Pochettino that is changing, the players feel they can win things at Tottenham and are all signing long-term contracts to stay. There have been reports of Real Madrid watching Dele Alli and Sky Sports Spanish football expert, Guillem Balague, suggests the Spanish side wouldn't be looking to sign him for another couple of years when he has developed further.

Sponsor Adidas though, want Real Madrid to sign the young Englishman and are pushing for them to sign him according to the Spanish media. Who sponsors Dele Alli? Adidas.

He wouldn't be the first transfer funded by a sponsor. Adidas have reportedly signed but not yet announced a £122.9m-a-year shirt sponsorship for the next 10 years according to Marca, a newspaper based in Madrid and the largest sports-based paper in the country.

Adidas reportedly want big money signings who will sell big shirt numbers, much in the same way they bought Gareth bale as much for his marketing value as his football. Thus players who are highly marketable commodities and popular all around the world will become Real Madrid targets and that will include Dele Alli and Harry Kane.

We have seen that policy time and time again under president Florentino Perez.

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Adidas pushing Real Madrid to sign Dele Alli Adidas pushing Real Madrid to sign Dele Alli Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:03 am Rating: 5
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