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Victor Wanyama, Danny Rose, Erik Lamela and Georges-Kevin Nkoudou  were not training with the group this morning so we can safely rule them out of the Borussia Dortmund clash tomorrow. Lamela was doing work in the gym.

The first two away games have seen two clean sheets. We are a better side than some of our fans give us credit for, some are still stuck in the past. We have improved folks, get on board. You sound so sad moaning about how bad Levy and ENIC are, yet quite happy to accept the new stadium and our status as a top four club in the UEFA Champions League.

We haven't won a trophy
We won the League Cup
That don't count

An actual sequence of Tweets to one of these folk. In other words, facts don't count, they get in the way of opinion.

He then ignored the fact it is Levy getting the stadium built and the fact we lost in another final and have challenged for the title for 2 years so are clearly improving. Apparently that makes me a berk and blind. He ought to visit specsavers.

how can you moan about not having investment in the past and then Tweet to a Chelsea fan you don't live in the past!
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Harry Kane has reached 100 goals 12 games fewer than Thierry Henry did for Arsenal and he did it without scoring in August!

Harry Kane's 100 Tottenham Goals by numbers:

169 Games
50 Home
50 Away 
15 Braces 
14 Penalties 
8 Hat-Tricks 
1 Quadruple Premier League Golden Boot: 2 🏆

In 2017 thus far, his scoring record is better than a goal a game.
30 Games
32 Goals
5 Braces
5 Hat-Tricks

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