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It looks like we're back to talking about Rafa Benitez losing his job. Liverpool are out of the Champion's League and the world is about to go into meltdown. However, the Kopites don't see it like that and neither do I.

After hearing that Portsmouth had sacked (or removed) Paul Hart from the managers chair, I couldn't help but feel that the majority of Chairman seem to be as fickle as the rest of us. Fair enough, we all know that football has evolved into a business, wherein shareholders need to be kept happy, but where has the loyalty gone?

True Liverpool fans may not be happy with their current lot, but at least they're realists. Portsmouth, on the other hand, have decided to replace Hart. Let's remember that it was Hart that saved them from relegation last season.

After saving the club, Hart was given a new contract and basket of fruit in which to purchase players. The man worked with what he had. He brought in a few players that could not and would not cut the mustard, but then again, Hart worked with what was given to him.

Now here comes the part when all of us pretend to be little fickle bunnies.

Why did Hart not have the funds to bring in the players he wanted? I think we shouldn't be looking over at the manager in answer to this question. Maybe we should be casting our head over at the mishaps of the board.

Whether it was a self proclaimed doctor that was penniless, a Prince from Saudi Arabia that no one had heard of (including the Saudi Royal Family), or the alleged tax evading Storrie, the buck always seems to stop right at the managers door.

I also blame a lot of the Portsmouth faithful for the sacking of Hart. If they had the voice of the Kop, I believe Hart would still be in a job. Instead of calling for the heads of the board members that have truly taken the club down this dark path, many, called for Hart to be replaced.


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Harry's not to blame

I recently had a chat with Hank, a mate of mine that's a Portsmouth season-ticket holder. He's come along to The Lane a few times and you could say that he know's his football pretty well. The only downer is that he and a lot more Pompey fans blame Harry for their current plight. Now, call me stupid, but how is Harry to blame?

Last I saw, Harry took Portsmouth into Europe and transformed them into a respectable Premier League side. I'm not saying that all Portsmouth fans want to vomit at the sound of Harry Redknapp's name, far from it, but the few that I know, want nothing to do with the man that brought them the F.A. Cup.

It's at this point where the cliché of the common football fan being fickle comes to mind. The majority of us, whether it's Torquay or Tottenham fans, are fickle by nature and maybe it's the fickle ingredient within our game which adds to the spice. Nevertheless, some fans do go overboard.

Portsmouth, at the moment, are a debacle. As Spurs fans, we know a mess when we see one. We've suffered enough torment over the years to know a "mish mash" when we see one and make no mistake about it, Pompey are in one now.

Who's to blame? Surely their Chief Executive, Peter Storrie has to take some, if not the bulk of it on board? Then we have Sacha Gaydamak, a wealthy man that stems from a wealthier family. He though, lost interest in the club after seeing how much money it would take to make his club a force. Faced with a top capacity crowd of just over 20,000, a training ground that even cockroaches would have trouble with and spiralling wages, Gaydamak decided to shut up shop and ceased investing anymore of his cash into the club.

Up steps Sulaiman Al-Fahim, a self proclaimed Doctor (of Real Estate apparently). He was the guy that made us all laugh when he was involved in the City takeover. Talk of "we'll buy Ronaldo, Kaka and anyone we want" immediately set alarm bells off. After a brief love affair with Manchester City, he realised just how much he loved it in England and so bought Portsmouth. I say buy, but no money actually changed hands between Gaydamak and the Doctor. He simply took on the debt. Realising that he didn't have a pot to piss in, sold the club onto Ali Al-Faraj.

What was the one constant in all of this? Peter Storrie. He presided over the Gaydamak, Al-Fahim and is now set to embark on the Al-Faraj reign. We'll just have to see whether the new owner has any clout or not.

I think you get the picture though; Harry built up a team from nothing, yet fans bemoan his spending spree. When the likes of Diarra, Johnson, Defoe, Crouch and Distin were being ushered into the club, I didn't hear any "protect the clubs balance sheet" chants from the Pompey faithful. Instead, what we did hear, was Harry talking up his players and encouraging them to push on.

When a manager is given money to spend in an attempt to take his club on to higher levels, he will (unless he's Arsène Wenger). Harry asked his Chief Executive (Peter Storrie) to get him certain players. Storrie went out and got them. Peter Storrie was the one who brought the players in and escalated the wage bill into oblivion, not Harry.

All this talk about Harry needing ex-SAS bodyguards when he returns to Fratton Park is really beginning to wind me up. Peter Storrie should take a long hard look at his actions over the past few seasons and Portsmouth fans should also lay off Harry and take a long hard look at the real culprits.
Harry's not to blame Harry's not to blame Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 3:18 pm Rating: 5
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