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Ardiles, Suárez, Spurs Academy, Lovren & Lukaku

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Good morning and welcome once again to Tottenham News Shorts, quick bits of bitesize news surrounding Tottenham and or the glorious game of football, soccer to some.

Tottenham News Shorts

Before we get into today's Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 15 here is a quick reminder of some recent articles you may have missed. Click on the links to find out more and share on your favourite social media sites.

I thought I'd have a little delve into the site and pluck some older articles you may have not seen.

The first selection from the lucky dip takes a look at What it takes to be successful, how to maintain success, suggesting we need a Head Coach and not a manager. It was written pre Pochettino.

The next selection suggests there isn't enough Gareth Bale in our players, an issue I hope Pochettino addresses. Simply giving your best on game day isn't enough.

Back in April I wrote that Les Ferdinand has to go and now he has gone along with Chris Ramsey.

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 15, recent news which concerns Ossie Ardiles, Luis Suárez, Academy players, Dejan Lovren and Romelu Lukaku.

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Ossie Ardiles has put his ten penny worth in on this summers saga, and thankfully it doesn't involve a Tottenham sale. We have hogged the limelight too often these last few years what with Gareth Bale and Luka Modrić, time to let someone else have a go.

Incidentally isn't it nice to see a shirt without sponsors names and logos all over it above. For the youngster among you that is Tottenham legend Steve Perryman and Ossie Ardiles lifting the FA Cup. Stay healthy guys.

Luis Suárez, as the world and his his wife knew before the World Cup, was going to Barcelona. His Chiellini snack has only hastened his Liverpool exit.

Barcelona would not sign someone who had not admitted to a wrong doing and so by sheer coincidence, upon reflection, Suárez stopped lying, admitted the truth and apologised. I haven't heard the Uruguayan FA apologise for condoning his behaviour though.

Former Argentinian World Cup winner and Tottenham midfielder Ossie Ardiles feels the transfer is still a certainty though.

"He will go to Spain, I bet my house on it! What Luis Suárez did was very, very wrong. That goes without saying.

"But I believe the penalty from FIFA was far too harsh."

Can't agree with you there Ossie, it wasn't harsh enough. The worlds children were watching so anything is acceptable on a football field is the message he was giving them. A British reporter was jailed for biting someone so Suárez has got away with a very lenient penalty.

He should have received a lifetime ban from all international football. This after all is his third offence so nobody is safe on a football field anymore when he is around.

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Spurs have awarded new contracts to Academy players Daniel Akindayini, Filip Lesniak, Aaron McEneff, Luke McGee, William Miller, Nathan Oduwa, Connor Ogilvie, Emmanuel Sonupe and Harry Winks.

Three Development Squad players have also been awarded new contracts, Alex McQueen, Grant Hall and Reuben Lameiras.

Tottenham News Shorts
Tottenham Hotspur Development Squad XI - October 2013

Tottenham say goodbye to Laste Dombaxe, Giancarlo Gallifuoco, Cameron Lancaster, Darren McQueen, Roman Michael-Percil, Liam Priestley, Kevin Stewart (signed for Liverpool), Lawrence Vigouroux (signed for Liverpool) and Kane Vincent-Young.

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We have heard it all before and sometimes it happens. Dimitar Berbatov went on strike while still on the field on play almost, Luka Modrić took to the field with great reluctance and went through the motions while Gareth Bale simply refused to play.

The Southern Daily Echo are expecting Dejan Lovren to be a be-show at pre-season training and will not return to the club this summer. The say this news comes from sources close to the player which basically means they don't want to name names and get their source into trouble.

Tottenham News Shorts

The story sounds oh too familiar to us Spurs fans, been there, done that, got the T-shirt. The Croatian though he had an agreement in place that if an offer came in for a certain amount he'd be allowed to leave. Southampton want to keep hold of him but the player has no desire to play for the club again.

Lovren feels the project outlined to him last summer and that he signed up for last summer has completely changed, he therefore wants no part of this new project.

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Atlético Madrid it seems have insisted that Romelu Lukaku be included in and deal for World Cup flop Diego Costa. His agent of course said he won't go on another loan spell but clearly Chelsea have insisted so they can sign Costa.

Tottenham News Shorts

That explains why we have suddenly stepped up our efforts to sign 25 year-old Wilfried Bony from Swansea City with 27 year-old Loïc Remy keeping his fingers crossed that Arsenal come knocking before we buy someone else.

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