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Spurs development coach Ehiogu in hospital after collapsing

4:49 pm

The Tottenham Hotspur development coach Ugo Ehiogu who looks after our Under-21 team in Premier League 2 has collapsed at our training ground and been taken to hospital.

Naturally he received medical treatment from our team before being transferred to hospital by ambulance, Spurs have confirmed. Rumours are circulating that he has had a cardiac arrest, but I must stress these are unconfirmed. The Spurs statement though does indicate it is rather serious.

"Everyone at the club sends their best wishes to Ugo and his family."

The 44-year-old (45 in November) was a centre-back with a playing career spanning 20 years from from 1989 to 2009. Ehiogu worked with the England under-20 team and was part of Peter Taylor's coaching team at the U20 World Cup. Following a period working part-time with the our Academy, he was appointed Under-21 Team Coach as part of Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Academy in July 2014.

I'm sure all our fans wish him a speedy recovery.

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Pochettino wants players who can find a way to shine

9:00 pm
Pochettino wants players who can find a way to shine

Prior to the Development Squad game against Leicester City on Monday afternoon, coach Ugo Ehiogu spoke to the official website about what he was looking for. What he said applies equally to the first team.

“As always it’ll be a physical and technical battle today. We have to do more to win the physical battle and show the basic requirements that you need to win a football match. 
“It’s a test for the boys but they’ve got to be able to enjoy coming through that test and still be able to hit their identities and play well, whatever that requires. 
“Whichever opponent you come up against, you’re looking for answers from the players and inevitably you get some anxiety when you’re in a bad run but that’s something that the boys are going to have to deal with in their careers – hopefully not too often. 
“We’re looking at characters to see who is able to adapt.”
They have got to be able to come through battle and be able to show their identity within it. The means producing the goods within a tam first environment, he talks about finding answers, handling anxiety, character and adapting.

Take those words and apply them to the first team squad, who did that last season and who didn't. Oh, he's been injured, oh he didn't get a run or any other of the excuses fans like to trot out and no good for a player who wants to be a success. It isn' going to happen by accident and nobody can do it for them, they either want it badly enough or they don't.

If you look for one aspect in a player that is the most important aspect of them all, do they want it badly enough. get a team, a squad together who all want it badly enough and trophies will be in the cabinet. Of course the players who want it badly enough congregate at the teams who can pay a salary commensurate with that desire, which we can't.

You, therefore, come down a tier and harness three or four of them with competent.but not so driven, players and have a success that will be fleeting as you are always fighting an uphill battle.

Desire shines brightest in the youth so seeking out youthful talent that has the potential to reach the top and harnessing that desire into a structure and system that allows it to shine will give you a greater chance of success if that group stays together and grows.

Certain players within the squad have been coasting along, it seems we have more of them coming out of their slumber now and realising that unless they can match the burning desire of the youth they will lose their place. The whole environment Pochettino has created is one of positivity, is one of we are going this way, you had better buck your ideas up if you are coming with us as we are not waiting for you.

Mousa Dembele is one that stands out there, he had started to try and have more impact on a game, but with an injury he now faces a big battle to get back in the side. To simply produce what he has been producing won't be good enough, he will even have to step up on the extra he has produced this season.

If you took a straw poll now for a central midfield role and asked fans who they would pick, Dembele or Alli, the large majority I suspect would say, Alli, I certainly would. Rose had to up his game, Davies has had to up his game, Vertonghen has upped his game, Walker has had to up his game, Lamela appears to be in the process of upping his.

This is all the result of the philosophies Mauricio Pochettino has brought to the club and the foresight of our hierarchy to engage his services. Out with the negative dragging us down and in with the positive to help us rise. If you look around the squad now you don't see deadwood everywhere that you can't get rid of, the playing staff has been transformed in little over a year in a way we haven't seen before.

Now it is no passengers, produce or leave, you buy into what we are doing or you get out. We now look as if Pochettino is getting a team together in the manner Ehiogu spoke of, a team who put the team first, but with players who can still find a way to shine within it.

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Pochettino wants players who can find a way to shine Pochettino wants players who can find a way to shine Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:00 pm Rating: 5
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