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Pochettino press conference & root cause

8:04 am
Mauricio Pochettino looked very disappointed, even annoyed with his players at the press conference after throwing away 2 points when comfortable at 2-0 up with 20 minutes left.

We fell to pieces for a bit when Manchester United scored last week and this week we concede 2 goals in 5 minutes. That is a concern that needs to be addressed, frightened players won't perform at their best.

Without confidence you don't try to make a difference or you neglect duties you should be performing, you hide at certain times and that affects team mates. Without giving away a stupid and avoidable penalty we would have won, but we didn't.

Whether we win or whether we lose each player should be asking themselves what did I do well today, what did I do badly and how can I be better in the next game. Gary Neville summed Spurs up a couple of season ago, Spurs are what you expect Spurs to be. He was suggested we play lovely football but can be a soft touch.

Mentally strong sides, winning sides see out games like that, we have to acquire that mental strength. Stoke didn't grab 2 points because of their performance we simply handed it to them on a plate. We have to ask why and address it rather than just brush it under the carpet and say these things happen. Winners are ruthless, not casual.

At 2-0 up we have to be ruthless, we have to make it 3 or 4 not go away considering ourselves unlucky not to have scored more. Being content is not a successful philosophy, it is a comfort zone philosophy and staying in a comfort zone will achieve nothing, will improve nothing.

That is the impression you get with us, oh well never mind, let's forget about it. You take positives out of a game but you have to recognise and evaluate the negatives. Once you know what the negative is you can do something about it but if you con yourself into believing it's something else then it won't be turned into a positive.

Toby Alderweireld made a mistake, simply saying defend it this way next time doesn't solve the root of the problem, it only solves it's manifestation temporarily, it will simply surface in another area. You have to ask why he did it, answer that question and you'll find the root cause. Address the root cause and the manifestations (actual errors) are drastically reduced.

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Long standing reason why we dropped more points

8:17 pm
For 2 years here and a further on on Facebook I have received abuse for writing that Spurs have to learn to be clinical when we are winning by a couple of goals.

Fans not thinking of the bigger picture or beyond that one game argue you should be happy we won, I am of course when we do, but there has been a worrying trend at Tottenham to think we have done enough. Thus when we get the chance to make it 3 or 4 goals we spurn them and think it doesn't matter, it does and today showed why.

When you are winning you should bury sides, you should score, 3, 4, 5, 6 goals, the 6th goal should be as important as the first, but it isn't. We subconsciously train ourselves that missing glorious chances doesn't matter, when it does. I argue that if you train yourself to be clinical when you have already scored 3 goals then you are training yourself to be clinical in a tight game when it is 0-0 or 1-0.

We had a glorious chance to take the lead at Old Trafford which could well have seen us take three points but we spurned that opportunity, today we again were not clinical enough. A superb ball from Christian Eriksen from the edge of our box perfectly into the path of Chadli who controlled it and only had the goalkeeper to beat. What did he do, he blew it by making a schoolboy error, he kicked the ball to far in front of him.

Ryan Mason was through with a one-on-one with the keeper just as he was against Manchester City last season, again he allowed the keeper to save it.

There were other chances, the game should have been buried but the point I made after last week (Lesson taught, work to be done) the lesson we had to learn, we didn't. The lesson to take from last week was that we had to be mentally stronger when we conceded a goal.

When the opposition score we panic, we start playing with fear so the teamwork goes to pieces, when we concede we always look like conceding another very quickly. We survived that dodgy patch last week yet this week we concede two goals from a position of strength and throw away two valuable points. Two games gone and we haven't won a game, that adds its own pressure for the next game which could affect our performance.

You will hear it often, it's how you react to difficulty that determines how good you are as a player and as a team, anyone can play well when everything is going well, when it isn't is when you learn about a player. Mentality is not just about saying the right things, that is meaningless, it's about totally believing them and living by them. Put simply our players need to be mentally stronger and the only way that is hoing to happen is if they are trained to be stronger, we can continue the slow boat to China approach or we can call on a specialist to speed the process up.

Toby Alderweireld knows how to defend bit a lapse in concentration and a penalty. Stoke back in the game and we throw away two points, had we been clinical before that wouldn't have had the impact it did. This is all preventable by simply making work with a sports psychologist a compulsory part of every players training.

If you do the same thing over and over again, and make the same mistakes over and over again, which we have been doing for years, then you have to change what you do, not simply change the personnel doing it.

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What better way for your children to start the day than then by waking up in a Spurs bedroom and having their breakfast in a Spurs bowl while you enjoy your morning cuppa in a Spurs mug, simply go shopping at our Football Shop and make their day special every day.

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Annual Charlie Adam gauntlet race

12:30 pm
The annual Charlie Adam gauntlet race is upon us with just nine points left to play for i the race for European football next season.

The fact that Charlie can't even stay out the way when he is not even playing demonstrates a confrontational mentality. If you are not eveb playing you should stay out of the way of players playing the game not be barging into them, but it does rather suggest that the ball is not always upper most in his mind.

Last year it was Paulinho, before that Gareth Bale who suffered injuries keeping them out the game for a while, coincident? If they are a coincidence and the tackle on Gareth Bale on his previous injury

Take this pre-season tackle when players generally avoid injuring an opponent, is it accidental?

Some of you may well remember this tackle which resulted in 3 months of ligament damage, another where Charlie and the ball are strangers. Do you stamp down if you are trying to play the ball?

Few fans can forget Adams tackle on the same ankle at White hart Lane with Bale virtually, if not, off the pitch by the sideline, the ball didn't seem to be the main priority. He was of course also sent off at White Hart Lane playing for Stoke City for a tackle on, oh yes Gareth Bale.

I'm all for a strong robust challenge, if it is fair, it's a part of football that shouldn't be lost, but a brand of football that crosses that line is not acceptable. Only Charlie really knows which side of that line he sits and how many trips, if any, he takes to the other side.

The poise demonstrated by the Stoke fans last season certainly made Stoke a tourist attraction for many, I'm sure guest houses have seen a boost in trade as a result, after all who wouldn't want to witness such gentlemanly conduct first hand.

No you are right, I don't like Stoke and I've lived through the football of the 70's, 80's and 90's so II have seen many a 'robust' tackle. Three points please lads.

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Unfortunately an obvious defeat to predict

8:30 am
The prediction that Stoke were the favourites wasn't difficult to get right, that Stoke would start quickly and defend a lead, in fact it was all too easy.

Unfortunately an obvious defeat to predict

We had Nacer Chadli spouting garbage that Spurs were 'more compact' followed by Mousa Dembele displaying the mental weakness that he doesn't even know exists.

Dembele demonstrates Spurs mental weakness

Spurs now sit 5 points above the relegation zone and are 26 points from safety, 40 points usually being considered the figure needed. Pointless looking up the table because for the next 2 months we are at best a mid-table team, at worst a relegation standard team.

Looking pretty in front of defences is fine, but it's chances and goals that win football games and both of those are in short supply for a team who have no idea what they are doing. The football against Aston Villa was shambolic and against Stoke City we demonstrated the same problems we have been showing all season.

Mauricio Pochettino pointed out immediately that we pass the ball to slow from defence to attack so I ask you to watch the speed of passes next time you see Spurs play. Watch the ball trickle to a team-mate who has to stand still and wait for the ball to arrive.

Asteras Tripolis, a mid table Greek team who kept creating chances at White Hart Lane and who should have grabbed a draw in the return leg, assessed our passing and players rushed in to make interceptions. The Stoke City layers were doing exactly the same thing, again ad again. Our players dwelt on the ball, not knowing what to do, who to pass to.

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The problem is a total lack of movement in front of them. Our players simply mill around waiting for a team-mate to find them and then it's down to the individual to do something special or find someone else to do something. A team movement is a bit of a rarity. Our modus operandi now seems to be pass the ball sideways again, ala AVB, in front of the oppositions two banks of defence.

We looked once again, devoid of ideas. There was little interchanging, that seems to be a thing of the past, as if Pochetino has given up with it, this lot being unable to master the art.

It looks seriously as if the players have decided that the system they are being asked to play they don't believe in and as these players aren't good enough, will mean a batch leaving and a new batch arriving.

If you are waiting for this team to click into gear, to suddenly 'get' what they are supposed to be doing or to suddenly 'gel' forget it, it is highly unlikely to happen. There are no signs at all that will happen and for it to happen the players have to totally believe, they don't.

The need for a professional to come in and sort them out mentally is becoming desperate because until you sort the heads of these players you won't sort the team problems.

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Stoke will fancy their chances strongly

10:00 am
Stoke City manager Mark Hughes has been speaking to their official website about the trip to London to face Tottenham Hotspur today and feels they have the versatility to approach and handle any situation in the game.

Stoke will fancy their chances strongly

"They made a few changes from their Premier League side on Thursday and you'd image that some of those will come back in. 
"You look at Tottenham's team sheet and they've got good quality and have spent a lot of money on individual talent. On their day they can beat anybody so it's up to us to make sure we don't allow them to have one of their better days.  
"We have got to be strong and solid ourselves. We have got threats that they will be worried about as well so in terms of confidence, we're looking forward to it. 
"The key is just to build the performance. Sometimes you'll need a certain type of play and you'll have to be offensive and at other times you'll have to be a little bit more defensive when the momentum shifts.  
"We've got the capacity to use a lot of game plans – we can play counter attack, we can play the possession game or we can be on the front foot as we were last week." 

You would image that Stoke will start fast and try to target the weakness we show week in week out, not being mentally ready for the start of the game. WBA, Liverpool are just two games where we could have conceded within 2 minutes of the kick-off.

The hope for them will be to grab an early goal which puts us under pressure and changes the nature of the game. Following that period, whether they have scored or not, they may well play on the counter attack or they could play possession football. We struggle against a defensive side because we don't have much width, unless our full-backs provide us with any the defence can crush together preventing any gaps on a small pitch.

You'd imagine the second-half would be much of the same. Stoke will want to come out of the box flying while we will want to have a kip and ease our way into it again. We did it in midweek against Asteras Tripolis and they had two chances in a minute and a half.

Stoke will then want to keep it tight and try to nick a goal to hold on for the three points. Despite being at home Spurs can't be made favourites because not only can we not be trusted but the football we are producing is pretty awful.

Having lost three at home already and lost the last three after UEFA Europa League ties, despite having different teams, Stoke City is not a game we can be confident about. If it boils down to who wants it more there is only one winner and it isn't us so let's keep the fingers crossed that moments of individual skill can win the day.

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Tim Sherwood post match reaction

5:59 pm
Tim Sherwood was naturally asked about Danny Rose after he scored the winner, was involved in the sending off of Ryan Shawcross, was booked, should have been sent off, substituted and told to go down the tunnel to diffuse the crowd. Quite a day for him.

"He's a match winner for us today. I didn't really want to bring him off, but I had to diffuse the situation and they were so hyped up."

Sherwood was asked about Rose raising his hands and pushing Cameron after he had been bundled to the floor. It was an over reaction to just being bundled into as he was kicking the ball.

"I've never heard a crowd so hyped up, so it was a case of out of sight out of mind."

"My heart was in my mouth, to be honest.
"Danny will grow from that and learn. He didn't need to make the referee make a decision and he shouldn't be putting himself in that position."

As for the sending off Sherwood felt the referee had little choice.

"I like tackling and I don't want anyone to get sent off but it was two bookings and what can you do?

"But if he hasn't been sent off I wouldn't be screaming."

Emmanuel Adebayor escaping any punishment for what appeared to be an arm into the of Shawcross early in the game and was then barked into by Charlie Adams who was not even playing, he was warming up but still had to show the true Adams everyone knows he is. Sherwood didn't see the incident and could only comment when asked:

"If he's raised his arm he's lucky."

Sherwood was naturally delighted with an away victory, the first for 2 months, adding:

"It seemed to give them the initiative after they went down to 10 men and the crowd were fantastic. They drove them on." 

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Match Video - Rose the hero and villain

5:42 pm
The hero and villain at the Britannia Stadium was Tottenham left-back Danny Rose who scored for Spurs and was booed throughout the second half.

Rose the hero and villainAfter Adebayor was played in and he far to easily beat the Stoke defender to cross for Danny Rose to power a header into the net. It was poor defending by Stoke who were beaten by a little left-back who wanted it more.

Then on 52 minutes Ryan Shawcross, who had been booked for stopping Christian Eriksen in the first half, went in slightly late for a dropping ball kicking Danny Rose in the leg. Rose then made a meal of it as players do now and the referee booked the Stoke defender for the second time and had to be reminded that he was already booked. He produced the yellow card again and then the red to send him off.

Unlike a lot of other Stoke challenges in the game or even Charlie Adams who was not even playing, there was no intent and he was unlucky to be booked. That riled the crowd and the Stoke players who continued their usual policy of niggling fouls to rough up players.

Cameron went into Rose just as he was about to clear the ball bundling him over and Rose reacted angrily. He went after Cameron and pushed him in the chest for which he was lucky to have escaped with only a yellow.

Constantly being booed he was not happy when Tim Sherwood took him off, replacing him with Zeki Fryers after 69 minutes. He was then told to go down the tunnel out the way of the fans and jogged off.

Spurs, who only had 51% possession, should have sealed it after that but as usual played to keep the ball and not to score goals, totally the wrong approach. Stoke had chance after chance to level the game but took none of them and when we created chances we messed them up.

Lennon was particularly poor around the box, Naughton looked vulnerable the whole game, Dawson marshalled the defence more like the Dawson of old and Kaboul looked more solid than he has been for a while.

Tottenham: Lloris, Naughton, Rose (Fryers,69), Dawson, Kaboul, Lennon (Townsend,78), Chadli (Sigurdsson,73), Paulinho, Eriksen, Adebayor, Kane.

Unused Subs: Friedel, Soldado, Sandro, Bentaleb

Goals: Rose 

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