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Police enforce policy of active discrimination

8:49 am
Police announced three men were charged on Tuesday for chanting "Yid" during several matches last October and November.

In a clear show of double standards, of victimisation and discrimination the Police let West Ham fans get off scott free, fail to charge Roy Hodgson with racism, fail to arrest Theo Walcott for incitement, fail to arrest Santi Cazorla for incitement and fail to arrest Robert Pires for incitement.

If you are going to arrest Spurs fans for chanting Yid, which in today's football simply means Spurs fan, then you need to arrest every supporter of every club who chants for their team.

If you are not going to look at a chant in context then you can not look at Roy Hodgson referring to Andros Townsend as a monkey in context.

As I said at the time you can not apply one rule to one and a different rule for the same offence. You have to be consistent. Are they going to arrest Roy Hodgson, of course not, he's not the easy target.

The Police have simply decided that a previous law now doesn't mean what it does when it was brought in, it has been twisted and distorted to invent a crime that doesn't exist.

The Police themselves are the ones who should be charged, they police the laws, they don't decree what they should be or invent new meanings for them simply to jump on a band wagon and earn more bonuses for upping the crime figures.

The Police themselves should be sued for harassment and wrongful arrest.

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