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Wenger Talks Rubbish

I've just come across The Sun's rendition of Mr. Arsène Wenger's attempt at talking up his sides chances on Sunday against Chelsea.

"We are not any more a team that has to be considered to be young. We have the strengths and can show on Sunday that we are strong enough to compete."

Did he actually say that? I know this is a Spurs blog, but I just couldn't resist putting my neck on the line and stating that Arsenal will lose on Sunday. I can see Chelsea winning and winning comfortably.

The only thing Arsène and the rest of his merry men will notice after their demolition, is that they simply do not have a big enough squad.

The Woolwich Wanderers are without Van Persie, both left-backs (Gaël Clichy & Kieran Gibbs) and Gallas may miss out.

Anyone else think that we'll be sitting 3rd come Sunday evening?

Talking of which; we've got Villa coming up on Saturday. This will be a tricky one lads. Let's just hope Harry leaves Keane on the bench. Harry can't possibly think that Keano can do a better job than Kranny on the left of our midfield?

None of that silly diamond formation either. Villa are a strong side and will take us out to tea if we don't have a balanced midfield.

As I said, this is a tricky one. I can see us getting a point.

THBN Prediction: Aston Villa 0 -0 Tottenham Hotspur

PS. I'm counting on the low IQ Arsenal fans to come on here with the usual "how many Premier League titles have you lot won?", "when was the last time Spurs were in the Champion's League?". Please note that I haven't made this about "you and us". I'll do that when you lot come over to the Lane.

And fellow Yids, don't make turn this into a "you and us" debate either.


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