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It makes a change to get rid of deadwood

7:00 pm
Tottenham has a history of not being able to get rid of the deadwood, players that hang around for their wages even if they are consistently not figuring in the first team.

Since November Mauricio Pochettino has been making it quite clear to certain players that they have no future at the club and that they will not figure in the first team matchday squads. Daniel Levy has supported his manager to change the playing staff and it appears to be working.

Paulinho has gone to China and his £60,000-a-week (US$93,477 - AUS$126.083 - €93,561) wages are off the books. Etienne Capoue has joined Watford, Younès Kaboul is having a medical at Sunderland before he completes his £3 million (US$4.68m - AUS$6.3m - €4.29m) move.

Of other players, Emmanuel Adebayor will be frozen out again if he stays and reports suggest he won't even be given a squad number. Roberto Soldado needs to rediscover his goalscoring touch, but Pochettino likes him, Benjamin Stambouli is being chased by PSG.

The Frenchman has agreed to return home and has now agreed terms with the top club in France. All that remains is for Spurs and PSG to reach agreement over a fee which isn't expected to be a problem. Spurs want £6.20 million (US$9.66m - AUS$13.03m - €8.87m) while PSG are offering £4.50 million (US$7.01m - AUS$9.45m - €6.43m) so the club will at worse not be making a loss on him.

Vlad Chiriches is wanted by Galatasaray and again it is only agreeing a fee that is holding up a deal, Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Brad Friedel have also left.

That leaves Aaron Lennon on £55,000-a-week (US$85,753 - AUS$115,666 - €78,782) waiting to leave, Everton want our winger permanently but we will have to lower our fee, it seems a little crazy that we want over double the Younès Kaboul fee but then they have the same stance over Kevin Mirallas..

It has felt all summer that we are making significant changes to put together a squad for the next few years, a squad that is suited to the system we are now playing. The transfer window has only been open for 16 days, but everyone is trying to do early deals because the season starts on 8 August with the 2016 UEFA European Championships next summer.

This season should be a season where we continue to move forward, whether we can close the gap enough on the top four is another question, they can pay double our wages. We have to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts, if we can then we have a chance, if we can't we don't. It's only a couple of weeks now and we can start watching football again and get involved with the season, can't wait.

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Capoue bleats show his problem

9:00 pm
Here we have again the I didn't get a chance rubbish from a former player. Every player gets a chance every day, it's called training.

What you do on a training field determines whether you are improving your chances of selection. You have to train in such a fashion that you are busting a gut to get picked, if you are not then why should a coach select you above someone else? All these fans who say so and so wasn't given a chance are the same fans who would moan why did we play XYZ if their inclusion drops us points regularly. Then the argument we were only giving him a chance wouldn't wash.

It's a bit like politics, Labour tradition is charity, take from someone earning and give to everyone else. Conservatism is basically go out, make a difference and keep the earnings. new Labour, now just Labour again has tried to shed that image by trying to be more like Conservatives.

Étienne Capoue has trotted out the same charity line. He has always been guaranteed a place he tells us, he is not used to having to actually work to gain one, no, it should be handed on a plate. This charity approach is to the detriment of the team, besides which he was given plenty of opportunities and didn't perform as required, he performed slowly and at his pace.

"It was a difficult situation [at Tottenham]. In two years we changed the coach three times. I wasn’t in the plans of two of those coaches, it felt like a very long time for me [without playing regularly]."

Well if you have failed to impress three managers then you need to be looking in the mirror not for excuses, losers look for excuses, winners look at themselves and what they could have done better, they learn from it. Go talk to the coach, get his opinion, ask him what you need to do to progress in his eyes, what can you do to push yourself nearer the side. Analyse everything yourself, determine how to achieve that goal and out it into practice.

Simply doing what you do every other day isn't good enough so you need to change it or improve it. More effort, more energy, better interpretation of instructions, speeding up your game, improve your vision, the list goes on and on of the little things you can improve so why aren't you doing it? Get off your backside and make something happen, don't go through the motions and wait for charity, bleating when it doesn't come.

He is a decent player, he'll do well at Watford I would think but in football you don't rest on your laurels, you look to continually improve and we only need players at the club with that mentality.

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£1.94m loss on double deal

12:30 pm
Newly promoted Watford are preparing for life in the Premier League under new head coach, yes they have the same as we do, 50-year-old Spaniard Quique Sanchez Flores.

They have already made four signings, 27-year-old Lithuanian goalkeeper Giedrius Arlauskis from Steaua București on a free transfer, 28-year-old Austrian defender Sebastian Prödl from Werder Bremen on a free transfer, 23-year-old Czech Republic striker Matěj Vydra from Udinese for an undisclosed fee and 31-year-old Greek left-back José Holebas from Roma for a fee believed to be £1.78 million (US$23.34m - AUS$30.19m - €2.5m).

Étienne Capoue will be joining them shortly, personal terms have all been agreed, the only delay to the deal is their negotiations to take 24-year-old Frenchman Benjamin Stambouli as well. It is much the same situation as we had with Swansea City last year, do you negotiate a price for each or do you negotiate a combined fee.

Benji is one of the players we don't mind if we keep and don't mind if we lose either, Watford are keen to take him so it may well be in our best interests to accept a deal for him where we lose little or nothing.

Étienne Capoue cost Tottenham £7.81 million (US$12.19m - AUS$15.97m - €11m)
Benjamin Stambouli cost Tottenham £4.13 million (US$6.43m - AUS$8.55m - €5.79m)
Total: £11.94 million (US$18.62m - AUS$23.52m - €16.79m)

If the dual deal goes through and we know to our cost anything can go wrong we are said to be receiving £10 million (US$15.57m - AUS$20.71m - €14.01m).

The financial loss of the pair would be limited to £1.94 million (US$3.05m - AUS$2.81m - €2.78m) and leaves us requiring further midfield reinforcements.

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Suarez to Inter, Capoue to Watford £6.39m

8:30 am
A snippet from Spain suggests Inter Milan have won the race to sign Atletico Madrid defensive midfielder Mario Suarez. At this stage though they have not agreed to pay his £8.53 million (US$13.31m - AUS$17.55m - €12m) release clause. Inter tried to buy him last summer and refused to match it then, it is though now that an offer close to it will be accepted.

Link to story: Mundo Deportivo

French source Foot Mercato are reporting that Etienne Capoue will join Watford today and signing a four-year deal after undergoing a medical. New Spanish boss Quique Sanchez Flores is building a side to keep the newly promoted Hornets in the Premier League and Capoue is a good signing for them.

He will Watford cost £6.39 million (US$9.98m - AUS$13.07m - €9m) having cost Spurs £7.81 million (US$12.19m - AUS$15.97m - €11m).

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4 departed £16.84m raised

8:00 pm
A look at the squad numbers from when they were announced last season, 14 August 2014, reveals that numbers 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 16, 20, 24, 29, 30, 32 and 35 are either sold, have left the club or are up for sale.

Nine first-team squad players have left since then and since the January transfer window closed we no longer have as playing members of the squad Holtby £4.66 million (US$7.4m - AUS$9.5m - €6.5m), Paulinho £9.93 million (US$15.66m - AUS$20.41m - €14m) Ceballos and Friedel.

Sell-on clauses in the contracts on Iago Falque and Massimo Luongo have netted us a further £2.25 million (US$3.51m - AUS$4.59m - €3.17m).

Total Income this window: £16.84 million (US$26.28m - AUS$34.33m - €23.75m)
Total Expenditure: £8 million (US$12.49m - AUS$16.30m - €11.29m) - Wimmer, Trippier

There are a further six we are actively trying to sell with another two we would sell if the right offer came along, Stambouli and Townsend, which is unlikely.


44. Cristian Ceballos
14. Lewis Holtby
8. Paulinho
Bongani Khumalo
16. Kyle Naughton
20. Michael Dawson
24. Brad Friedel
30. Sandro
32. Benoit Assou-Ekotto
35. Zeki Fryers

Looking for a buyer

9. Roberto Soldado
10. Emmanuel Adebayor
7. Aaron Lennon
29. Etienne Capoue
6. Vlad Chiriches
4. Younes Kaboul

Roberto Soldado has been linked with Galatasaray, Valencia and Juventus but only the Turkish seriously.
Emmanuel Adebayor would be happy to reunite with Tim Sherwood at Aston Villa but wants a payoff from us. Villa are being sold anyway so are perhaps in a state of limbo for a month. He has one year left on his contract.
Aaron Lennon has one year left on his contract is wanted by Everton but not at our £6 million asking price.
Etienne Capoue is wanted by Watford who have been holding discussions with us over the fee, terms are believed to have been agreed between player and club it is believed.
Vlad Chiriches has had enquiries but only Basel with any seriousness, Italy looks the most likely destination.
Younes Kaboul has one year left on his contract and has been the subject of interest from three Turkish clubs, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş. There is also interest from an unnamed London club.

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Medical for Capoue Tuesday

4:41 pm
Movement is on the horizon folks and I'm referring to outward transfers rather than inward.

With the news we already have that Paulinho is set to join Demba Ba in China at Guangzhou Evergrand and news that Etienne Capoue has told friends he is leaving Tottenham soon, comes further news that Capoue is to undergo a medical for The Hornets on Tuesday 29th June.

Incidentally, Wikipedia says Paulinho plays for Watford!

Ettienne Capoue set for medical at Watford next Tuesday

The same lady, who appears to have meeting with many agents, also reveals that Joey Barton is seriously considering an offer from Watford as well. They certainly seem keen to build a side that may well be able to keep them up.

At least Capoue will get the guaranteed football he is after.

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Another day, another outgoing link

10:30 am
A new day so Watford must be linked to another of our players it seems, that are doing the rounds with our midfielders to see who they can pick up cheaply.

As a newly promoted club, with a new manager, Quique Sanchez Flores, looking to build a new side to keep them in a new division, the Premier League, quality players are needed. I applaud Burnley for taking the long-term approach last season. They kept spending and wages under control and while they struggled thy didn't put the club in financial risk.

They will have learned well from their season in the Premier League and will now get their parachute payment that presumably puts the club on a sound financial footing. From there they can build, or tweak the side to come straight back up. Too many sides put themselves at financial risk and their parachute payments only go to pay off the players wages until they can get rid of them. If that is the way clubs want to go fair enough, it works for some but the downside is perhaps another relegation from the Championship,

If you look at the bottom of the table Fulham flirted with relegation most of the season and finished 17th, Bolton Wanderers 18th, Reading 19th, Wigan were relegated in 23rd and Blackpool, who seem to have huge troubles, finished last. All of those were not long ago Premier League clubs.

What route have Watford taken? They seem to be happy to splash some cash, having agreed a club record £7 million (US$10.98m - AUS$14.21m - €9.82m) fee with Genoa for 26-year-old winger Diego Perotti, plus of course asking about every player we have it seems. They have offered to double the players wages to £30,000-a-week (US$47,075 - AUS$60,940 - €42,085) which is pretty standard for Premier League wages and for clubs in Italy like Napoli.

The story doing the rounds is that Étienne Capoue has told friends he is close to joining Watford which is certainly good news. There seems to have been a tightening up of information over Tottenham player sales with work done behind the scenes that isn't coming to light until late. To think that clubs aren't making inquiries for our unwanted fringe players is ridiculous, clubs constantly want our squad players, whether they can afford them or their wages is a different matter.

Let's hope the news of Capoue departing soon are spot on this time.

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The For Sale List

10:30 am
All players have a price of course, but if the price, which is usually higher than a buying club wants to pay, is not met the player is going nowhere.

Tottenham have a list of players who are to be sold. We have a second list, as do all clubs, of players they we will listen to offers for and only sell if an advantageous deal comes along. That list is not very large, indeed unless a silly offer was made then it probably only contains a coupe of names, Benjamin Stambouli being one.

The club  are happy to keep Kyle Walker and Andros Townsend despite recent media speculation suggesting they are offered in all sorts of deals. Players names crop up in meetings naturally but the scenario'will you take these two as part payment for him' is rare, how many do you actually recall happening.

The suggestion we are offering players we are happy to keep when we have a whole list of players we are desperate to get rid of, would mean we are trying to put ourselves ina crazy position of having to buy about eight players. There are seven on the must sell list, add to that Friedel retiring, Yedlin probably going on loan, Ceballos being released and you have ten gone before you add any others.

Dele Alli, Alex Pritchard, Tom Carroll. Kieran Trippier, Kevin Wimmer are five to add, then we have another centre-back, a central midfielder, a wide attacker and two forwards to buy, that's another five making ten changes in all. If we were then to start changing Walker, Townsend, Stambouli we are talking crazy numbers and let's not forget Manchester United are trying to wear us down in their pursuit of Hugo Lloris.

As Tottenham are in a better financial position than all but five of the Premier League, then sales within the Premier League are unlikely, the players wages are usually too much for other clubs.

The For Sale List

1. Emmanuel Adebayor

It doesn't take a genius to work out what Adebayor wants will all his hollow words about being happy at Tottenham and wanting to stay. He is playing games, just as he did at Manchester City to try and collect a years wages and then move this summer anyway. Greed sums it up. he is happy  because most of the time he is nor in a match day squad is he, that is hardly a winning mentality is it. He is happy to earn in a week what takes you 4 years or more and do nothing for the privilege.

Plenty of clubs will want him, none will want to pay his wages so will look to exploit the situation and take him on loan for yhe season, ptabably on 50% wages. Aston Villa are certainly interested nd that is one club Adebayor would haooily play for with Tim Sherwood there.

2. Aaron Lennon

Lennon has no interst in going to a team in the bottom half of the table and be embroiled in a relegation fight. As I said at the very beginning of January he is only interested in 4 sides, Everton, which is where I said he go, Liverpool, Southampton and West Ham United. The other 4 big clubs wouldn't want him of course. That situation still remains, Everton want him but not at the price we want so will no doubt wait until late in the window to bring the price down. Lennon knows he won't be in the match day squad at Spurs.

3. Etienne Capoue

Another who will not be in the match day squad and if h harbours any hope of an international recall for the European Championships in his home country next summer then he has to move and play. Perhaps someone will grant him the guaranteed first-team place he seems to feel is his devinp right. The have been tebtative enquiries but as with all players at Tottenham his wages could prove a stumbling block for clubs like Watford, WBA, Real Sociedad and Italian sides.

4. Younes Kaboul

Obviously committed a serious misdemeanour or he wouldn't have been removed from media duties in November, he is the club captain and therefore the mouthpiece of the club, the squad. To silence that mouthpiece speaks volumes. Another who knows he is not wanted at the club and will not be in match day squads. His representatives have contacted clubs in Turkey who will welcome him with open arms given his Moroccan descent. The big three, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş are all pursuing him and talks were held last week.

5. Vlad Chiriches

Chiriches hasn't improved since he arrived and the faster, more physical game in the Premier League has found him wanting. He is far more suited to the slower pace in Italy and I expect to see him end up there. There have been enquiries for him but nothing concrete to suggest a swift move.

6. Roberto Soldado

A goalscorer who can'r score goals, we know how to mess em up at Spurs. Spend a season not passing him the ball and have him playing for 2 seasons in a system where a lack of through balls means he has struggled to adapt. Now he would rather pass than shoot but he'll find his goalscoring touch. Galatasaray, Juventus and Valencia have all made enquiries, indeed Galatasaray representatives were in the country last week to discuss several transfer targets including Soldado and Kaboul.

There ar recent reports linking him with Atlético Madrid but the club fans have a huge problem with him. The tried to sign him last summer but the fans launched a campaign against the move, he was brought up through their hated rivals youth system, Real Madrid and in 2012 drove his studs into the head of Radamel Falcao causing him to beed stitches and miss several weeks. There is plenty of bad blood between the two.

There are suggestions that the fee is only half with the rest add-ons, having a contact in Valencia at the time of the transfer, I know that is not the case. Someone has mixed up instalment payments with add-ons. It would be the worse deal in Valencia's history if they sold a goalscorer for the figures being suggested, the fact he has failed to score since is irrelevant to the transfer.

Soldado will cost Tottenham £24 million (US$38.11m - AUS$49.05m - €33.48m) not the £13 million (US$20.64m - AUS$26.57m - €18.14m) suggested, that is just the instalments for 2 years, there are still another 2 years instalments to pay whether we sell him or not.

Name me one other deal that has has £13 million of add-ons in a transfer fee of that size. Valencia didn't want any add-ons at all and wanted payment over 2 years, they suddenly collapsed and agreed to an absurd deal.

7. Paulinho

Paulinho went back to the World Cup in Brazil and all their fans were asking what we had done to him, he was a shadow of the player he had been a year before. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say he has bottled it ever since he was tackled by Charlie Adams. After that tackle he was a different player, he didn't tackle much, he went forward less, he started passing sideways an passing the buck. He didn't bother to learn the language and played as if he didn't want to be here. Hopefully this summer he will get his wish, we don't want him her either.

Did we scout him or was he a player put forward by an agency to us? he has already stated he is not going to return to Brazil so reports suggesting he could be going back there soon are wide of the mark, he wants to stay with the many other Brazilians where there is more money, Europe. He is another player who will probably end up in Italy and another we will make a loss on.

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Defensive Midfield shot time is damning on Dembélé

8:30 pm
The second article in the Shot Time Series, having looked at the defenders and seen why Danny Rose is preferred at left-back, sees us move on to the defensive midfield players, of which we have two types.

One has more defensive responsibility than the other and we have three players for each position, rather than how the commentators like to put it as a lot of midfielders. They don't seem to be able to make the distinction between the two different types.

Nabil Bentaleb, Étienne Capoue and Benjamin Stambouli are the three players charged with a more defensive role throughout the game, they are the third defender with the two centre-backs. If you haven't done so already jot down in which order you think our players will be, there will be a complete table in the last of the four article series.

Ryan Mason, Mousa Dembélé and Paulinho are the three charged with a defensive responsibility bit also to join the attack whenever possible, they are often referred to as the link player. It is the duty of both sets to switch play quickly to gain an attacking advantage, they receive from one side and give to the other.

Defences shuffle over depending upon which side the ball is so a quick switch of play diagonally forward allows the full-back or wide attacker time to attack space or an out rushing defender, given that he then has more space to operate in.

The more attacking of the three should all have a lower shot time than the three with licence to attack for the obvious reason they spend more time joining the attack. Is that the case though?

The players under the microscope are Mousa Dembélé, Étienne Capoue, Paulinho, Nabil Bentaleb, Benjamin Stambouli and Ryan Mason, so what order would you put them in?

The time is arrived at by taking the total amount of time on the pitch in the Premier League over the season and dividing that by the number of shots a player takes, thus giving us a time it takes him to have a shot. The lower the figure the more shots a player gets in, the higher the less.

Shooting Time Tables

Premier League Only
Defensive Midfield
Player - Mins Per Shot
Nabil Bentaleb 84.83
Étienne Capoue 128.14
Benjamin Stambouli 234.50

Defensive Midfield (Attacking Licence)
Player - Mins Per Shot
Paulinho 43.43
Ryan Mason 56.49
Mousa Dembélé 105.45

Overall Shooting Time Table
Player - Mins Per Shot
Paulinho 43.43
Ryan Mason 56.49
Nabil Bentaleb 84.83
Mousa Dembélé 105.45
Étienne Capoue 128.14
Benjamin Stambouli 234.50

The Mousa Dembélé shot time rather backs up his own claim not to like shooting and demonstrates why he doesn't score more goals. He isn't a goal threat to the opposition, when he should be. Nabil Bentaleb as the more defensive player still takes less time to have a shot and Dembélé isn't rescued by accuracy either, being only 33% accurate to Mason's 42%.

The had tells the feet what to do, the head is giving Dembélé the wrong messages because that is how he has programmed it, he needs reprogramming to unlock his potential.

How accurate were you in this section? Given you had some answers in the Mousa Dembélé player assessment, it should have been quite easy.

Shooting Time Tables

Premier League Only
Players To Date
Player - Mins Per Shot
1.   Paulinho 43.43
2.   Ryan Mason 56.49
3.   Nabil Bentaleb 84.83
4.   Danny Rose 98.75
5.   Mousa Dembélé 105.45
6.   Étienne Capoue 128.14
7.   Federico Fazio 161.45
8.   Eric Dier 191.50
9.   Younès Kaboul 198.00
10. Jan Vertonghen 216.23
11. Benjamin Stambouli 234.50
12. Kyle Walker 261.20
13. Vlad Chiriches 707.00
14. Ben Davies 898.00

The third of the four article series will cover the attacking three behind the striker, same time tomorrow night, 8.30pm GMT.

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Much maligned but Harry Redknapp talks sense

8:30 am
Heurelho Gomes, in a nutshell, recently said it is not up to a player to improve his game it is up to the football club to pamper to the players and guarantee them a place.

He went on to say that he wouldn't recommend anybody to join Spurs, yet he was quite happy to not play football and continue to take £50,000-a-week wages. Gomes, who will be back in the Premier League with newly promoted Watford, only backtracked after a backlash from Spurs fans but his thinking was clear.

Étienne Capoue has similar thoughts saying the English don't understand foreigners, he has always been guaranteed a place. Any player that wants a guaranteed place doesn't have a winning mentality, they want protection. If they had faith in their own ability they wouldn't have a problem having competition for a place.

Harry Redknapp had it spot on when he was asked about his former club Tottenham and what he thought about the under performing stars there.

"It’s up to them [big-money signings] to come and perform and Paulinho hasn’t. If they’re going to come over here they have got to produce the goods and Paulinho at the moment, like so many other lads at Tottenham who were bought for big money, hasn’t produced."

This is exactly what I have been saying since the Summer Seven failed to impress. We are starting to see something from some of them but throw Adebayor, Kaboul into the mix and you have a whole raft of players failing to perform.

Go back further and you have the like of Giovanni Dos Santos, a talented footballer who produced nothing. Too much money too young may have been the problem. Redkapp was his manager and commented that 'If Giovanni could pass a bar, like he can pass a football, he would be an incredible player'.

That just demonstrates how a player having talent simply isn't enough, the wrong mentality stops him becoming top class, remember Barcelona let Dos Santos go because of his mentality. I read a forum where someone said he wasn't allowed to show his best football. Wasn't allowed!

The player determines to show his best football, he produces on the training field and shows the rich attitude, a winning mentality, then he'll get a chance and then he has to take it. Boozing is not a winning mentality for a professional sportsman, they are not you ad me, they lad a different life in a different world and it is there responsibility to be professional at all times, it's what they get massive wages for.

Fans make excuses. Excuses never won a thing.

Erik Lamela is the latest, he's not a Giovanni but does he have the 'I'll do whatever it takes to be a success in the Premier League' attitude? He shows it sometimes. The first season was all about excuses, arrived injured, if so then our medical staff must be incompetent and I don't believe they are. He didn't adapt quickly and has public pressure taken off him then when he did get injured that was the end of the first year.

Year two and it's bee underwhelming again. I saw a statistic a site put up showing how good his tacking statistics were, he is an attacker, his job is to score goals and create goals. That's the bottom line, not looking good, not looking like quality, it's actually producing that matters, it's all that matters. Two goals and seven assists, that's his season, you could throw in chances created there as well.

Year three has to be about production. There has to be a finish product, there has to be goals and assists, look as fancy as you like,but with goals and assists. Nothing less is acceptable. Does he have the bottle to do that, does he have the mentality, does he have a winning mentality, after two years you'd say no, year three he has to change that to a yes.

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Inter pursue Capoue

8:30 am
Italian side Inter Milan have emerged as contenders to sign out of favour Tottenham Hotspur defensive midfielder Étienne Capoue.

The French international blotted his copybook when complaining the English don't understand foreigners which seemed to be prompted by the fact this was the first time in his career he had not been guaranteed a starting place. Having to fight to challenge for one seemed to be an alien concept to him and Tim Sherwood preferred to play Nabil Bentaleb.

Mauricio Pochettino after giving him a chance also reverted to Nabil Bentaleb and after November left Capoue on the sidelines. He isn't wanted at the club, not having the right mental approach to the game, but it perfectly capable of doing a good job elsewhere if he gets his guaranteed football.

He joined Spurs from Toulouse for £9.68 million (US$14.84m - AUS$19.02m - €13.19m) and Daniel Levy will want to recoup that interested parties. According to the Corriere dello Sport via Le10 Sport Inter Milan are very interested with David Moyes Real Sociedad known to be another interested party.

There are no indications whether Capoue would be agreeable to moving to Italy but if he wants to play football and have a chance of getting into the French squad for the European Championships he'll have to leave Tottenham.

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Which DM should Spurs keep?

8:30 pm
Upon his arrival Mauricio Pochettino highlighted the defensive midfield area as one that needed improving at Tottenham with the transgression for the back to the front too slow. He wanted his two defensive midfielders to move the ball quicker from the back forward.

In the Pochettino system the two defensive midfield players play staggered slightly, one is more defensively minded and the other in addition to his defensive duties, is also tasked with getting forward and assisting play in attack. Thus while both defensive midfield players they perform slightly different roles.

The three who are the defensively minded in the Tottenham squad are Nabil Bentaleb, who has been the first choice for most of the season, Étienne Capoue, who started the season in the role and Benjamin Stambouli.

Étienne Capoue is totally out of favour for a number of reasons and Benjamin Stambouli is wanted by Marseilles, although Spurs are quite happy to keep hold of him. We have looked at each player individually in the Tottenham Hotspur Blog News (THBN) Player Assessments Series so now it's time to compare the three.

Premier League Games Only

Bentaleb vs Stambouli vs Capoue
Played: 26 - 12 - 12
Minutes: 2,194 - 469 - 897
Pass Completion: 86.76% - 84.45% - 87.05%
Forward Passes: 61.74% - 63.96 - 67.05%
Key Pass Time: 1 every 156.71 minutes - 156.33 mins - 224.25 mins
Chance Creation Time: 1 every 137.13 minutes - 156.33 mins - 224.25 mins
Positive Attacking Action: 1 every 37.83 minutes - 58.63 mins - 59.80 mins
(Total Minutes divided by Shots, Goals, Assists, Key passes, Chances Created combined)
Tackles Won: 46.39% - 56.10% - 41.82%
Blocks: 9 - 1 - 3
Interceptions: 54 - 8 - 29
Clearances: 65 - 11 - 33
One-on-One Success: 84.85% - 71.43% - 41.67%
Heading Success: 59.65% - 47.06% - 66.67%
Defensive Action: 1 every 17.14 minutes - 23.45 mins - 13.89 mins
(Total Minutes divided by Blocks, Clearances, Interceptions)

Nabil Bentaleb comes our top in 6 areas: Games Played, Minutes Played, Key Pass Time (how often he makes a key pass), Chance Creation Time (how often he creates a scoring chance), Positive Attacking Action (how long it takes to have make an attacking impact) and One-on-One Success (how often he beats his opponent).

Benjamin Stambouli comes out top in 1 area: Tackles Won.

Étienne Capoue comes out top in 4 areas: Pass Completion, Forward Passes, Heading Success and Defensive Action (how long it takes to make either a block, interception or clearance).

Bentaleb is 20 (21 in November), Stambouli 24 (25 in August) and Capoue 26 (27 in July) so in terms of longevity and potential to improve Bentaleb has more to offer. Stambouli I feel, and so it seems does Hugo Lloris, has the game, the ability to play in the Premier League but whether he will be at the club remains to be seen.

Marseilles is his home town, they wanted him before we signed him and still do, but he'll be a better player next season for us I feel. Capoue has the game but operates too slow for our system and the off the field happenings have affected his future as has his attitude. He is the one most likely to leave and will be a good player for somebody.

If we can arrange a player to come in early that doesn't involve a swap for Stambouli then news linking Capoue with other clubs will grow.

The media seem to be making a mountain out of a mole hill over Nabil Bentaleb and the wage increase being negotiated. The quotes attributed don't suggest a big problem, merely an agent saying he feels his client is worth comparable to other midfielders. It's all quite normal stuff, he certainly isn't leaving the club, still it sells newspapers.

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Someone will pick up a decent player relatively cheaply

4:30 pm

Player Assessment: Étienne Capoue

The second of the defensive midfield players we take a look at in the Tottenham Hotspur Blog News (THBN) Player Assessment Series is Frenchman Étienne Capoue.

Étienne Capoue

Étienne Capoue joined Spurs from French side Toulouse for £9.68 million (US$14.72m - AUS$19.29m - €13.46m today) in the summer of 2013, one of the Summer Seven who we hoped would take us up to the next level. In the beginning he looked an excellent signing, a player who could get up and down the pitch and will a bit of steel about him.

Before he joined us Barcelona scouted him, Arsenal, Monaco and PSG wanted him, he was a rising star of French football

Things however haven't gone according to plan. To be truthful, it is partly down to him, or so it would appear and partly down to us. I still think he will be an excellent player somewhere, he would probably thrive in an Italian midfield, Napoli made an offer last year, and David Moyes wants him at Real Sociedad. That is not to say he can't play in the Premier League, I'm sure he can. In January Leicester City, Aston Villa and particularly WBA all wanted to sign him on loan.

That deal, that at times looked on the cards, didn't materialise for whatever reason. Now he is clearly available again this window and Tottenham will want to sell, not loan him, with two years left on his contract.

He rather blotted his copy book by saying the English don't understand foreigners when French newspaper L'Equipe suggested Tim Sherwood didn't know enough about him.

"I'm not surprised. That's the English attitude. They don't know foreign players very well. It's tough. I've gone from first-team regular to someone who is putting themselves forward to play. It's the first time I've experienced this."

The message seemed to be that abroad he is guaranteed a first team place and at Tottenham he isn't, that appeared to rankle him and be the problem so he hit out. He had his chance early this season and was a regular but as Jamie Redknapp pointed out for Sky Sports, he will only do things at his pace and that is too slow for Pochettino, Mousa Dembélé has found a similar problem.

After the Stoke City defeat in November, since which Emmanuel Adebayor, Younes Kaboul, Aaron Lennon and Étienne Capoue have hardly played. His statistics from the Premier League show that when he takes on a player his success rate is over 40% below that of Nabil Bentaleb and wins a lesser percentage of his tackles too. It takes him 22 minutes longer to affect an attacking play, over 87 minutes more to create a chance and 67 minutes to play a key pass, hardly surprising then the young Algerian is preferred.

Premier League Games Only

Étienne Capoue
Played: 12
Minutes: 897
Total Passes: 695
Pass Completion: 87.05%
Forward Passes: 67.05%
Key Passes: 4
Key Pass Time: 1 every 224.25 minutes
Chances Created: 4
Chance Creation Time: 1 every 224.25 minutes
Shots: 7
Shot Accuracy: 50%
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
Positive Attacking Action: 1 every 59.80 minutes
(Total Minutes divided by Shots, Goals, Assists, Key passes, Chances Created combined)
Tackles: 55
Tackles Won: 41.82%
Blocks: 3
Interceptions: 29
Clearances: 33
Take On Success: 41.67%
Heading Success: 66.67%
Defensive Action: ! every 13.89 minutes

(Total Minutes divided by Blocks, Clearances, Interceptions)

Napoli were reported to have offered £7.18 million (US$10.95m - AUS$14.32m - €10m today) but Tottenham want to get the money back for him so an offer by any side closer to his purchase price will see it accepted, then it's a question of wages and will he take a drop to play.

Being left out in the cold was a clear message you have no future here, go. There should be plenty of clubs interested in him and within the right system, one that is happy to move the ball slower or play him in a different role, will see him thrive and return to the player he was. To me he can do more than just stay as a defensive midfielder, he can play as a more attacking midfielder as well. 

Somebody will pick up a decent player in the summer relatively cheaply.

Previous Assessments

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Moyes again after Capoue

2:00 pm
Etienne Capoue has basically been an outcast at Tottenham since November, the Stoke City game to be exact when there was an argument between Adebayor, Kaboul, Capoue and Lennon verses Harry Kane and the youngsters, according to the rumours coming out of the club at the time.

Those four have hardly played a game since then so you can judge for yourself whether they had bought into Pochettino's methods or not. Since then Capoue has played just 1 Premier League game, he has been confined to 1 Europa League appearance, 1 League cup appearance and 2 FA cup appearances.

David Moyes took over at La Liga side Real Sociedad and has steadied the ship there, with one game to go they sit comfortably in 12th. It was reported by Marca in January that Moyes wanted the French international in Spain and on Friday they have repeated the story.

You would have thought that Sociedad would not be able to afford his wages so he'd have to take a drop to go there. It is unlikely that they will be the only club in for him though as our players tend to get a lot of interest, most of which is not reported. A return to his homeland may appeal but you would think a move to Italy is more likely.

He cost Spurs £9.68 million, €13.62 million at today's exchange rate which is about £750,000 (€1.06 million) more than what it was at the time against the euro for clubs looking to buy him. I would expect clubs in Europe would want him for no more than €10 million (£7.11 million). With a loss being made on Roberto Soldado we will want to minimise the losses on Capoue.

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Capoue, Paulinho & Stambouli, Spurs to sell 1, 2 or 3?

8:30 pm
Tottenham are still looking to strengthen the defensive midfield with Nabil Bentaleb and Ryan Mason having had to do the bulk of the work, but how many players will Pochettino change?

Paulinho has been very poor  and I have covered before why mentally he is not the right player for Spurs. We all see what we want to see to justify our opinions, I'm no different so while the media were saying he was Man on the Match against Newcastle United, I saw him receive the ball under no pressure, only to turn and pass bacwards back behind the half way line to a full-back, simply to get given the ball back almost immediately 10 yards furthe back. That happened several times and sums him up for me. happy passing sideways and backwards but offers little going forward.

Statistically he passes forward 57.27% of the time but he is supposed to be the more attacking of the two defensive midfielders, the link man, the role Ryan Mason plays. The same statistic for Mason and the more defensive Nabil Bentaleb, 68.19% and 62.03% respectively. They seem to confirm my impression., he likes to give responsibility to someone else, that's not the hallmark of the mentality we need.

Etienne Capoue has been left to rot basically. he had an outburst under Tim Sherwood, complaining that the English didn't understand foreigners, then he showed himself to be too slow on the ball, against our foreign managers wishes, before siding with Adebayor against the youth in November. Result, banishment. Whatever his statistics (67.05%) are we all know he will be offloaded in the summer.

That leaves us with Benjamin Stambouli, who being French needs to be playing first team football with the European Championships in France on the horizon. He has proved so far to be nothing more than average. His forward passing statistic to be consistent with the rest is 64.37%. The player himself you would expect would want a move to try and force his way into the squad. Do Spurs want to sell? Unknown, but with Capoue certainly up for sale and a desire to get high earners off the books, Paulinho fits that bill better than Stambouli and would command a higher fee also, important if we want to make purchases.

For those of you shouting Tom carroll at me, I believe he'll be sold, he isn't a regular in the Swansea side so isn't an upgrade on what we have. he could of course come back as a squad player, playing the Europa League and Cup competitions.

Delli Alli has signed of course so he will be brought along next season, I would have thoughtb at the expense of Carroll. He may well be the better long term prospect as a defensive midfielder, it would however be interesting to know how Carroll would get on in a number 10 role.

The question is will we be offlosding one, two or three defensive midfielders. My guess is two.

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WBA & Aston Villa battle over Capoue

8:30 am
West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa will try to secure unwanted Spurs midfielder Etienne Capoue on loan on transfer deadline day after Real Sociedad and Sevilla failed.

WBA & Aston Villa battle over Capoue

Real Sociedad, now managed by David Moyes, would have like to take Etienne Capoue on loan until to La Liga but didn't have the finances to commit to buying him in the summer. Sevilla were not happy with Spurs for taking Federico Fazio in the summer and their president made discouraging words about the player and Spurs so the club so that deal was always unlikely. The transfer window in Spain has now shit so those avenues are not open any more.

That leaves WBA and Aston Villa to battle for his services, should Spurs be able get midfielder Adrien Rabiot on loan from PSG, which is doubtful. Both Midlands clubs have enquired about the French international but if a replacement can't be brought in then it's unlikely Spurs will let him go on loan.

Capoue has been largely out of favour since the Stoke City game at the beginning of November and the events after the game in which he was involved. Between now and the 7th March Tottenham have 8 games to play so are going to need every player they have and not have to worry about them integrating or learning how to play the system.

It seems to me therefore that he is highly unlikely to be allowed to go anywhere.

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Spurs Lodge, Capoue, Defoe

12:30 pm

Enfield Council decision on planing permission for Tottenham Lodge given tonight 

Tottenhan Hotspur will find out today from Enfield council whether they will be able to build the planned Players Ledge on ground the club own adjacent to the training complex.

Spurs plan to build a two-storey 45-room complex on Myddelton Farm, adjacent to Hotspur Way, in Bulls Cross. The council will make a final decision tonight but the application has been recommended for approval.

David Moyes has been trying to get Etienne Capoue to join him at Real Sociedad and wanted a loan move but as I've been pointing out all along, loan deals are of no use to Tottenham, all they do is delay a wages problem and put the club at a disadvantage when it comes to selling the same player in the summer.

Yes his value may increase but every club would also know we have to sell players so would hold us to ransom with low bids. In the end we would have no choice but to sell at a low price so unless a loan deal has a guaranteed buy at the end of the season clause then nobody will go out on loan.

Spurs will only let Aaron Lennon and Etienne Capoue go on loan if the guarantee buy clause, at a set price, is inserted, otherwise no dice. Capoue moves the ball too slow from defence to attack, has an ego and had a falling out with the younger players, for which he apologised but he has been on the fringes ever since.

Former Spurs favourite Jermain Defoe has picked his ultimate five-a-side team from players he has played with at club and international level. He spoke to the Sunderland TV channel explaining his selections.

Hugo Lloris
Ledley King
Steven Gerrard
Luka Modric
Jermain Defoe

"Hugo, for me, is unbelievable.  
'I'd have Ledley King (in defence). In fact Ledley King could play at the back on his own because he can do everything. He doesn't even tackle because his positioning is unbelievable, he just reads the game. 
"Steven Gerrard because it is Steven Gerrard, basically. Good finisher, just hits shots. 
"In my time at Tottenham with Luka, he was just unbelievable. Small, a low centre of gravity, sharp and never gave the ball away. 
"I'm just going to stand up front, not really move and just finish it!"

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Moyes wants Soldado & Capoue

2:30 pm
David Moyes, the manager at Real Sociedad, is keen on taking Roberto Soldado and Etienne Capoue on loan from Tottenham.

Moyes wants Soldado & Capoue

Tottenham however are not interested in loan moves, preferring to get players off the books permanently. rather than for six months and then get them back on the wage bill. Still if you don't ask you don't get do you. The new Capoue story comes from Noticias de Gipuzkoa, a local San Sebastian newspaper.

This story has been repeated around Spain and it claims that Real Sociedad have already contacted Tottenham to find out his availability. They also suggest that Moyes might be at White Hart Lane for the League Cup semi-final tonight against League One side Sheffield United.

Fellow Spanish newspaper Superdeporte recently reported that Roberto Soldado, still referred to as Soldier in Spain, could sign for Sociedad. They suggest that Sociedad would want a loan move and that Tottenham are willing to talk. The prospect of a loan is slim to say the least, it's believed that Tottenham want the misfiring striker to stay until the summer at least. The paper also suggests that Sevilla might be interested in a deal if they can sell first.

Moyes wants Soldado & Capoue

There has been speculation from Italy and Germany about loan moves and sales but the fee paid for Soldado makes a sale almost impossible at the moment. A swap deal would be more beneficial to Spurs but getting a goalscorer in return for a misfiring goalscorer is not exactly an easy task. The suggestion is that Sevilla striker Carlos Bacca would travel in the opposite direction but whether Tottenham are even interested in him is not known, at this stage it's mere speculation based upon a Spanish papers suggestion.

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Stambouli & Capoue fail their auditions

9:06 pm


Premier League


Crystal Palace 2  Spurs 1

Tottenham XI: Lloris (c), Walker, Fazio, Vertonghen, Rose; Dembele, Stambouli; Chadli, Eriksen, Townsend; Kane
Tottenham Subs: Vorm, Davies, Kaboul, Capoue, Lennon, Paulinho, Soldado
Tottenham Goalscorer: Kane

Too many Tottenham players had an off day, Andros Townsend spent the first half passing the ball into touch for some reason and was anonymous for the rest of the game. His only contribution was an easy ball to an overlapping Kyle Walker which resulted in a chance for Eriksen.

But Benjamin Stambouli is increasingly not looking the answer to me as a holding midfielder. he gives the impression of always being late which is a consequence of not reading the game quick enough. We can argue all day about the penalty, personally I don't think it was one, but from the referee's angle it was. The fact is he dived in and the referee had to make a decision.

If that was a penalty then so was Harry Kane's but he hasn't yet learnt how to fall, every time he goes over it looks like a dive. The Palace player deliberately moves into Stambouli to go over and Kane had his lower shin tapped above the boot and went down. Neither player needed to go down but today's game is all about acting and the Palace player won the award.

I'm more concerned with Stambouli always looking off the pace, not greatly but slightly and then Etienne Capoue came on to make matters worse. He is a poor tracker and he react to play rather than anticipating it, which is a prerequisite of the defensive midfielder position. It's no surprise we are looking at bringing in Adrien Rabiot.

It's typical Spurs, beat the league leaders, lose to a team in the relegation zone.

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Stoke City, the final straw

12:30 pm
We keep hearing how Tottenham have a big squad but they only have 25 Premier League players the same as everyone else. All we have done is develop youth and given them their chance.

Stoke City, the final straw

Mauricio Pochettino has arrived and just like Tim Sherwood has assessed the players and found those that want to try and those that don't, the only difference is that he hasn't come out publicly and said as much.

Some players have had to learn the hard way that you give 100% all the time or you rot and we are seeing that message come through now with Mousa Dembele being brought back into the fold and now Paulinho being slowly introduced. Both players have something to prove and their performance levels have increased as a result. Other players like Emmanuel Adebayor, Etienne Capoue and Younes Kaboul are not even being played.

Emmanuel Adebayor hasn't played since the Stoke City defeat on 9th November.

Etienne Capoue last appeared in the Premier League in the same game and hasn't played since the League Cup win over Newcastle on 17th December.

Younes Kaboul also played his last Premier League game in the same Stoke City defeat and was last seen against Besiktas in the UEFA Europa League on 11th December.

When did Kyle Naughton last appear in the Premier League? You guessed it Stoke City, he then played against Partizan Belgrade in the UEFA Europa League on 27th November.

Aaron Lennon last played in the Premier League against Crystal Palace on 6th December and then against Besiktas in the UEFA Europa League on 11th December. He hasn't been seen since.

The Stoke City game was not so much a defining game but probably the catalyst for the disagreement between Harry Kane and Emmanuel Adebayor that Pochettino had to investigate and resolve. The three that shall we say had a disagreement with Kane, rumoured to be Adebayor, Kaboul and Capoue, are now out of favour while Harry Kane has gone from strength to strength.

Now we don't know the content of the disagreement, bust-up, call it what you will, but it has been clear that the players that give 100% and follow instructions play and those who for whatever reason prefer not to are not playing. Danny Rose has recently said if you don't give 100% in training every day you won't be picked, simple as that.

When you look at five players there who are not figuring at all then the big squad talk is a bit of a myth. The players Pochettino relies upon is a lot smaller and he uses the others as scraps as and when he needs to give players a rest.

Since we have ditched those with the wrong mentality our results have picked up and as I wrote in the article about Adebayor on 11th November, the right mentality breeds the right mentality in others, as we are beginning to see with Dembele and Paulinho.

Related 11th November Article
Adebayor needs a few games of pool

If anyone ever wanted to know that mentality determines results and not just skill then they only have to look at Tottenham.

Stoke City, the final straw Stoke City, the final straw Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5
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