Results for Carling Cup

7 Years Happy

6:01 pm
Don't you just love upsets? Well done Birmingham!

I know this may be a bit premature, but it looks as though Arsenal could go yet another year without adding a trophy to their cabinet after just losing to Birmingham City in the Carling Cup Final.

I make it 7 years. Fair enough, they could win the Champions League, but let's face it, there's more chance of Tottenham Hotspur winning it. League? Forget it. F.A. Cup? Maybe, but I can't see it myself.

I suppose we'll have to wait another year for these young Arsenal players to mature, because we all know that one of these days, they will come good.

I am looking forward to welcoming them to The Lane in April. Thing is, when they lose to us yet again, what will be their excuse? I'll send a "7 Years Strong" T-Shirt to the best comment.

PS. RIP Dean Richards

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