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Van der Vaart and Ginola comment

10:30 am
Van der Vaart and Ginola comment

Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Rafael van der Vaart spoke to French premium cable television company Canal+ recently commenting that Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was stifling. Van der Vaart played under him for Real Madrid in 2010/11.
"Mourinho is stifling, but very good. He knows perfectly what he is doing. At the time, [Mourinho] told me they were going to hire Mezut Ozil and that the best thing for me was to get out."
Another former Spurs favourite David Ginola recently commented that he could see Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho at PSG next season.
"I see Ronaldo being in Paris next year. Because they have the money and in terms of the challenge to win the Champions League. I know the Qatari investors would like to have Ronaldo at the club, no matter how much it will cost, they will pay for it."
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Tottenham take on more vital work

4:30 pm
Tottenham fans should be pleased and proud that their club does so much in the community and projects around the world.

Ossie Ardiles was recently in China, Ledley was in North America and now he and former Tottenham winger David Ginola have been a little closer to home.

The pair visited Bruce Grove youth centre to lend their support to the new ‘To Care Is To Do’ project. It is a constant battle for funding with centres like this, Bruce Grove youth centre is in Tottenham, all over the country. New and innovative projects are constantly having to be though and designed before funding applications, which may get turned down, hopefully bring in the money to proceed.

Having a major player in the area involved raises the profile of a project, brings it press coverage and therefore increased engagement from it's target market. Outcomes are essential with all funding but a project has to have an element of sustainability or a specific lifespan for a pilot scheme.

The Tottenham Hotspur foundation has secured six-figure funding over a three-year period from the BT Sport’s The Supporters Club (their charitable arm) and the Premier League to improve the lives of looked-after children and care leavers. BT Sport toured the facility and invited people to a Q&A session with former Tottenham captain and now Club Ambassador Ledley King joined by Frenchman David Ginola.

However it is the scheme that is the important element as it is designed to make a difference, including one-to-one mentoring, life-skills workshops and study assistance, work experience opportunities, and pre and post-employment support.

In today's society employment opportunities are one of the major outcome criteria that funders use to measure the success of a project and therefore the success of their funding. It is thus important to run a successful project as word does get round between funders and a track record of success helps secure funding for future projects where you may not have otherwise been granted it.

Club Ambassador King, who along with Ginola shot some hoops and enjoyed the radio room spoke with the Tottenham Independent about he value of the scheme.

“Its vitally important, as a football club, we realise our importance in the community and the need to give back.  
"This will allow youngsters to have better life looking forward and create opportunities for them whether that’s academically or to supply job placements, which will be brilliant. 
“To Care Is To Do will enable more young people in the local community to benefit from the opportunities and support delivered through Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, helping to change their lives for the better.
“Through football and through the club, we have an opportunity to engage with young kids like no others can, and we tap into them and try and give them many opportunities through football, not just to play football but to find a path that they may have never been able to find. So in that respect it’s really important.”

King went on to speak not only about this project but the regeneration of the area as a whole and the part Tottenham Hotspur were playing in that. The regeneration is coming about because Spurs are building a new stadium, coupling that with regimenting the area has made the undertaking a mammoth project, lots of scheme like this come about as a small part of that.

“The aim is to give back as much as possible. Obviously through the regeneration and the new stadium plans, we’re providing opportunities for people in the area. It’ll be a great thing for the area, it needs a lift after a difficult few years and it’s about looking towards the positives now and trying to create as many opportunities as possible for the people within the borough to be proud about where they live and what it stands for.”

David Ginola is a panellist on BT Sport and he showed he hasn't lost his footballing touch as well as having  a go at basketball. He explained how schemes make a difference on a daily basis to local children.

“They’re so important because it’s not a miracle, but it feels like a miracle to see the smiles of the kids on a daily basis especially during the holidays when you don’t have to travel and enjoy themselves. It’s a great program for them to come here and play some sport, play some football, maybe some badminton and listen to music.  
It is just great here, you can see that Tottenham is doing a lot for the local community and now BT sport are also getting involved for local people. 
"You look at the kids here and they have plenty of things to do here instead of being out on the street doing nothing. They have so many opportunities and they can create their own opportunities as well for the future. 
"To give them different options and different routes is fantastic. I am pretty sure when they go back home in the evening, they have spent a beautiful day here and are able to feel good about themselves.

Ginola went on to urge other clubs to follow Tottenham's lead and set up more projects like this one across the country. Football is in a unique position to affect the lives of so many people and it should be of vital importance to every club.

“It’s important to do it for Spurs, but honestly this is something you can and should do for any club, for every single club in the Premier League. 
“If they did I think we would live in a better world and this is what I saw today. I realised today that through sport, through activities, a kid can have a smile on their face and this is what you’re expecting, this is what you’re looking for and that was an amazing afternoon for that. 
“If we can get all the cities across different countries to do that, it would produce a better world for sure. 
“The community around White Hart Lane and some areas especially during the summer holidays, it gives kids something to do rather than staying on the streets. It takes them away from trouble. They are marching away from trouble, and for some of them I can see that it’s really hard to be surrounded by rules, because obviously we have rules that you have to follow. 
“When you arrive you say good morning or good afternoon and say goodbye when you leave, say please when you want something and say thank you when you receive it. It’s the basic stuff to make better people, and sometimes if you don’t get this at home it’s better to be in an environment where you do get such things.”

That may sound trivial to some of you but so many children today grow up in an environment where those simple pleasantries don't exist and they can start to instill a respect that is missing. Nothing will change overnight but teaching children from a tough area is not an easy task and I can assure seeing a smile or seeing you have made a difference is supremely rewarding.

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That's why so many people give their time and volunteer or work within the community. Every little help they get and every little contribution you can make is important, even if that is only attending an event where you buy a couple of cakes. Every little penny helps and lots of people giving a little goes a long way.

Nikki Kelly is the head of employment and skills for the Tottenham Foundation and she a little about who the scheme would help.

“We will be working with Haringey virtual schools as well as schools in Enfield and Barnet, and it will also be going to support educational, sporting and life-style course. 
“This [the youth club] is a fantastic hub for young people, this is where it is all happening for young people. A lot of our mentors work here and it is great that we can continue to work with children in care.”

Anyone who has ever worked in community work will tell you hat a difference it can and does make, not to everyone , but to those who engage with it. The more that engage the merrier and seeking out groups in your area will open up possibilities you wouldn't otherwise know exist.

I would urge anyone to seek out community group and find what they have on, pop into your local church and ask them, they'll probably be able to put you in touch and may well run things themselves as well. You don't have to be religious to ask for help or advice but making yourself aware of everything that is available to help you ad your children is a sensible step.

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Ginola - It will be an enjoyable season for Spurs

12:30 pm
David Ginola is expecting a different Spurs this season, a year on Spurs have learnt about their signings, the signings have learnt about the club and the Premier League.

David Ginola

Now working with BT Sport David Ginola was a crowd favourite at White Hart Lane after joining us from Newcastle in 1997. The skilful French winger, now 47, stayed 3 years before moving on to Aston Villa. He was named PFA Players' Player of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year in 1998-99 while with us so knows a little about coming to the Premier League and what it takes to succeed.

With a new manager coming in there are new challenges, the aims are the same, top four, but with Pochettino bringing an exciting style it could be an exciting season for Spurs he believes.

“Hopefully Spurs are going to finish top four this season. It’s going to be a tough season again, for sure. They’ve learnt from last season. They sold Gareth Bale, they bought a lot of players, some of them were good, some of them were not good enough and at the end of the day you realise that you don’t have a return on the money you spend. 
“You learn from your mistakes and this season is completely different, and Pochettino will be completely different about that and if he can transfer the work he did at Southampton into the Spurs perspective, it will be a very enjoyable outcome at the end of the season."

He stressed it is not just talent you need to succeed, a manger has to be able to take talented players and mould them into something that works together as a unit.

“Lamela came in last season when he was bought by AVB and he had a lot of expectation on him, and he didn’t deliver much. So you never know. It’s something you can create as a manager in the dressing room. It doesn’t matter how many talents you’ve got, it’s are you going to make the talents work together as a team and be successful for the club.”

Let's hope Erik Lamela can light our fans up the way David Ginola did, both home and away if you would please Mr Lamela.

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David Ginola was speaking at the 'To Care |Is To Do' project, a Tottenham Hotspur Foundation project supported by BT Sport's The Supporters Club and the Premier League and run in association with local community partners like the Bruce Grove youth centre.

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Ginola - £26m for scoring penalties!

10:30 am
Frenchman David Ginola is another former player who echoes the thoughts of former Argentinian World Cup winner Ossie Ardiles, former skipper, England international and trophy winning centre-half Gary Mabbutt.

Ginola - £26m for scoring penalties!

“Can you believe that Spurs last year spent [over] £100million on players? 

“They bought players like Soldado, £26m, for what? For scoring penalties? 

“To be honest, I can find players who score penalties for less than that.
The Tottenham players will have to get used to hard work with Mauricio Pochettino employing two training sessions a day. Former winger Ginola, now a TV pundit but also taking his coaching badges, also feels the Ardentinian will need time to provide success.

“He had a great season with Southampton and we’re looking at a very promising manager. He works well with the players and he’s dedicated to his job. 

“I don’t want to see someone like Pochettino, or any other name, walking into the job and thinking he might be sacked in one or two years.

“You need to work for at least three to five years to bring success back to a club.”

His teams have to be supremely fit to play the style he wants so let's hope his muscle injury prevention training is as successful at Spurs as it was at Southampton.

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Ginola, King, Friedel, Parker as coaches

8:15 am
Former Spurs favourite David Ginola has been taking his coaching badges and is known to want to work with the Tottenham youth.

Ginola, King, Friedel, Parker as coaches

Installing someone like Frank de Boer as Head Coach may not mean all his backroom staff coming with him back high profile former Spurs players being asked to help develop future generations.

It is thought if De Boer were appointed that his twin brother would be coming as well. At Ajax his role is finishing players from academy to first team. The Dutch side have a coaching system full of former players and Spurs have former players as coaches in their ranks. Would taking on new coaches give added inspiration to our youth?

The 47 year-old Frenchman Ginola is seen on TV as a pundit and 43 year-old American Friedel a member of the playing staff. Add to them Scott Parker when he finishes playing and finishes his badges, plus Ledley King of course and you have a group of former players with different skill sets who would be shining examples to follow. Personally I think Scott Parker will be a superb coach, he seems tailor made for the role.

Someone needs to fill the Head of Football Development post Tim Sherwood had, i'd be interested to hear who it is going to be after we have appointed a new Head Coach. Perhaps that's a role for Ginola.

Ex winger Ginola has joined the growing chorus for stability at Spurs not only with the manager but with the coaching staff, when a manager leaves usually all his coaching staff leave as well.

“To be successful in the game you need stability and it doesn’t look very stable.

“I’m not saying it was the wrong decision on Tim Sherwood, I’m saying you can’t be successful if you change managers every two or three years.

“You need stability first of all, the same staff working together with a bunch of players, year in year out, for at least two or three years, to make sure they will create this momentum a club needs to get success in the end, that’s it.

“Tottenham did well with Harry Redknapp, then he went. They employed AVB, ok great, you have to take this.

“They spent 100 million last summer, sold Gareth Bale and in the end finish in roughly the same position. There was expectation, and fans were delighted to see the club spending money and pushing resources.

“It’s a disappointment that Erik Lamela didn’t play and Roberto Soldado didn’t perform.

“Now they need the right person for at least the next three to five years, that’s the most important thing, because success needs stability so that’s why I was a bit concerned when they got rid of Tim Sherwood, because he’s a young manager, brand new, who had never done things before.

“But he’s been working at the club for some time in the academy and knows the club well. He’s got a good view; he had Les Ferdinand on one side and Steffen Freund on the other, so we’re talking about a former Spurs player there.

“And I think at the end of the season, with Man United, with Giggs, Scholes, Phil Neville and all those guys, it looks right, it sounds right. But those guys need time, not for them to learn, but they need time to work with the players.

“Louis Van Gaal is at Man United, good, he’s going to spend money on players, good, but he’s expected to bring back results for the club, so it’s a big task in front of him.

“And I think it’s going to be a big task for the next Spurs manager, it’s as simple as that.”

Andre Villas-Boas was expected to provide that stability but you can't work in a situation where you alienate everyone, Sherwood was then appointed as an interim boss so I may be one of the few who is expecting the next boss to be around for a while.

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Kaboul, Ginola, Payet, Eriksen, Alderweireld, Willian, Defoe, Bale

10:45 am
Younis Kaboul is delighted to have stepped out in a Spurs shirt once again and wants to be fit to play in the season's opener against Crystal Palace.

"It's been a long time for me since I played last. It's been a year now so I am fully happy to be back with the team."

Younis would support his teammates by turning up for home games and sitting behind the substitutes even though he didn't have to do so. It stemmed from missing the football and wanting to be involved.

"That was very hard. I was here to support the team, but it was terrible.

"Sometimes you just want to go on the pitch, take the ball and go and score. To sit there all the time was hard for me.

"When you see your team struggling, or winning, you want to be with them. Win or lose, you want to be with them and that was a big frustration.

"I missed football so, so much. I was very angry when I tore my quad at the end of last season, but this summer I got myself right to be ready for this season and now I hope the injuries are behind me.

"I was in good form so I hope to be back even better than I was when I left. Now I feel fit but I will have a good week again before the Crystal Palace game (on Sunday). I have to be ready for next Sunday.

"We are going to have to be in the top four this season.

"Last season we missed it by nothing so this year we have to be there.

"The new signings are very good. This season is looking very good for us.

"Andre has done a magnificent job for the club. He broke the points record last season and this season will be even better for him and us."

Of of our old boys, Frenchman David Ginola is currently taking his UEFA Pro License qualification which will enable him to coach in the Premier League in 2014. All new coaches must take their badges before they can take up coaching positions.

"I will soon get my Uefa A license, which will allow me to coach in the Championship, and I hope to get my Pro License by 2014 in order to coach in the Premier League," Ginola told L'Equipe.

"I'm ready for it. I miss the smell of the grass and I miss the players. This is closer to home for me and I could not see myself returning to Clairefontaine."

He did suggest to Daniel Levy a move for Dimitri Payet would be a good idea as he would have complimented Roberto Soldado and Gareth Bale, but unknown to David Marseilles were already in for him.

"I have seen Dimitri Payet play, he was excellent last year and is a great recruit for Marseille. "He has everything you need to be an excellent player and can make the difference at any time, a little bit like Eden Hazard.

"I recently mentioned him to Daniel Levy. I said he would have a dream attack if he plays with Defoe, Soldado or Bale - but Marseille had already bought him at the time."

Plenty of made up press stories about Spurs going in for Christian Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld, a player they have already deemed not to be good enough. Quite why you would bid for a player you consider not to be good enough is a mystery but then fortunately we haven't. According to the Dutch media, Russian outfit Spartak Moscow have.

ESPN Brazil say Man City are preparing to lodge a second offer for Willian having already had a bid in the region of £35 million turned down. At that price we won't be interested.

Reports suggest QPR have been quoted £6 million for Jermain Defoe, however reports are that they want him on loan. Just about zero chance of that happening, firstly Spurs would only want to sell ad secondly it's the World Cup at the end of the season so there is no way Defoe will want to be playing Championship football, neither would Scott Parker who they also want.

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David Ginola Interview

9:21 am
The David Ginola interview.

"He [Bale] knows the team really well, he can rely on the players and the players rely on him.

"He's got importance and I think he likes to be important in the club. If he signed for a club abroad like Real Madrid, or if he goes to Manchester United, he's going to have to work everything up again. It's a big challenge.

"In the future, because the money on the table is so big, for [Spurs chairman] Daniel Levy, it's going to be complicated; £60 million (€69.72m) or £70 million (€81.34m) on the table for one player, sometimes you don't think twice, you take the money.

"I think we French can travel around Europe playing in different countries in an easy way, but you don't see many British players abroad. You have to start all over again, different language, different traditions, different way of life, different everything.

"For Gareth, for example, going to play in Spain, it's a bit too early. At Spurs he gets all the ball and all the expectation is on him - if you sign for Real, with players like [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Karim] Benzema, [Gonzalo] Higuain … it's a different world.

"Some players can cope, some can't. It's a question of how you feel mentally - are you prepared to face those issues in your career, and Gareth doesn't have any of those issues at Spurs."

"This is so important. If you want to be part of the best teams in the world or at least in Europe you need to secure a place in it every year.

"They've been unfortunate in the past two years, Chelsea winning the Champions League two years ago to take their place, and last year Arsenal were just above them. Hopefully this season they're going to different, but it will be a big challenge.

"What he's done at Everton shows everyone - first of all Alex Ferguson - that he's the right person for the job.

"[But Ferguson] is probably the most iconic manager in the world … [Moyes] has to show everyone he has the talent and ability, and the shoulders to cope with the pressure; being a manager at Manchester United is not the same as Everton. He's got everything, now he's got to show everyone that it was the right decision."

There are rumours ginola's former club, Paris Saint-Germain, are interested in making him their next director of football when the position becomes vacant next month.

"How do you know that?" he asks. "At the moment, it's just rumours … [but] there's no smoke without fire, so like the English say, 'Wait and see!'

"They just bought [Edinson] Cavani on a five-year deal for €60 million (£51.34m), Monaco bought [Radamel] Falcao for €60 million (£51.34m), too … in France it's a different world.

"We're now talking the same language [as England] in terms of money and now it's amazing the amount being paid."

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Pav is part of the plan

1:41 pm
Our Russian strikers' agent says that he is confident his client will be part of the Redknapp plan this season.

Can anyone shed some light on what this plan entails? I only ask as it looks like we really are linked with every player. Today I read that Beckham will join us or City. Give me a break.

Does this plan state how Crouch (possibly), Defoe, Bent, Keane & Pavlyuchenko will all be vying for a place up front? What about a left winger? We haven't had one of those since Ginola.

A lot of you have said that there will be some definite action in the next two weeks. I'll believe that when I see it!
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We may sign Andres D'Alessandro from Wolfsburg

8:29 am
D'Alessandro is thought to be unhappy at Wolfsburg and is looking to leave the German outfit.

Tottenham are understood to be leading the chase for the playmaker's signature with D'Alessandro's agent Marcelo Simonian revealing he has held talks with the White Hart Lane outfit.

"I have talked with Frank Arnesen and Spurs are interested in the player but there are a lot of things still to sort out," said Simonian.

"The Germans are not making things easy. They want the same money they paid River Plate for him two years ago."

D'Alessandro is attracted by the opportunity to play in England and feels he would have no problems adapting to The Premiership.

"The Premiership is hard but that doesn't frighten me. I am someone who likes challenges," said D'Alessandro.

"A South American player can triumph in England and Spurs have a good history of this with Osvaldo Ardiles.

"Things haven't gone so well for Juan Veron, Hernan Crespo and Diego Forlan, but that doesn't mean I won't be a success."

He is a great player imo (in my opinion). A player that would be of benefit when it comes to the flair side of our game. He would add a new dimension and craft not seen at the Lane since the days of Ginola.

I hope there are truths to these rumours.
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